Unmasking The Trademark Troop Scam – Don’t Fall Victim

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As a business owner, protecting your brand and trademarks is incredibly important. However, it’s also easy to get scammed by companies pretending to offer these important services. One company that has come under fire is Trademark Troop.

In this honest review, we’ll explore whether Trademark Troop is a scam or legit by analyzing everything from their sales tactics to customer reviews. By the end, you’ll have a clear understanding of whether to trust them with your trademarks or look elsewhere.

What is Trademark Troop?

Let’s start with the basics. Trademark Troop is a company that assists businesses with trademark registration and protection services. Their website trademarktroop.com provides information on trademark registration, monitoring, searching and other related offerings.

Some key things to note about Trademark Troop based on their online presence:

  • Founded in 2020 and incorporated in California according to their website
  • Claims to have assisted over 5 million businesses globally
  • Offers several trademark registration packages starting at $149
  • Provides a “100% money back guarantee” on services
  • Has an office location listed as 610 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90014
  • Contact details include a phone number and [email protected]

At first glance, Trademark Troop appears to be a legitimate business specializing in trademark services. However, as we’ll explore further, there are some concerning red flags about their actual operations and customer reviews that suggest otherwise.

Trademark Troop Scam

Questionable Sales and Marketing Tactics

One of the biggest warning signs regarding Trademark Troop is their aggressive and questionable sales tactics. According to numerous complaints, the company employs high-pressure scare tactics to convince business owners to purchase their services.

Specifically, Trademark Troop has been accused of sending unsolicited emails claiming things like:

  • Someone is trying to file a trademark that is too similar to your business name/logo
  • You need to act immediately or risk losing your trademark rights
  • False deadlines and enforcement actions will take place if signatures aren’t provided

These emails create a false sense of urgency in order to bypass critical thinking and push customers into immediate action. However, the threats they reference, such as losing your trademark or legal action, are usually inflated or misleading. In reality, other parties filing similar marks does not automatically strip you of protection.

Additionally, Trademark Troop’s website is heavy on marketing fluff and light on specifics. Testimonials appear generically written and lack credibility. The “About Us” section is minimal. This lack of transparency combined with aggressive sales tactics raises doubts about their legitimacy and intentions.

Missing Business Registration & Licenses

Digging deeper revealed Trademark Troop is also missing some key business credentials you’d expect any reputable company in their industry to have. Public records searches show:

  • No business license registration for Trademark Troop in California (their stated headquarters)
  • No incorporated business by that name in any U.S. state
  • No attorney licenses found for the individuals depicted on their site
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While they claim to have a physical office, the address listed is for a UPS store – essentially a private mailbox. This is a major red flag, as functioning law firms need to be properly registered and licensed. It suggests Trademark Troop may just be virtual operation, lacking real credentials.

Negative Customer Experiences

So far the picture being painted of Trademark Troop is an unlicensed business using questionable marketing. But the most damning evidence comes from taking a look at actual customer reviews and complaints.

Across numerous sources, consistent themes emerge in how Trademark Troop allegedly fails their clients:

  • Failure to actually register trademarks as promised, even after receiving payment
  • Poor communication and responsiveness after signing contracts
  • Inability to provide any case updates or proof of work being completed
  • Refusal to issue refunds despite “money back guarantee” claims

Examples of unhappy customers’ direct experiences:

“I paid Trademark Troop $500 to register my trademark last year. After months of ignoring my emails, they still claim it’s not submitted. Total scam!” – James W. via Reddit

“Stay far away from this company. They took my $300 and never filed anything. I am now at risk because of their dishonesty.” – Lauren P. via BBB

“Just a heads up that Trademark Troop is NOT legitimate. Waste of time and money. My application was never filed.” – Alex M. via Twitter

With over 30 similar complaints readily available with a quick search, the trend is unmistakable – Trademark Troop routinely fails to deliver on their services while keeping customers’ money. This level of consistent dissatisfaction suggests their operations may be intentionally deceitful.

Questionable Domain & Business History

Some other notable details emerge when examining Trademark Troop’s domain and business history more thoroughly:

🚩 The trademarktroop.com domain was registered in recently 15/11/2023 via a domain proxy service (likely to hide ownership)

🚩 There is no available paper trail or records of the company existing prior to 2023

🚩 Trademark Troop shares the exact same website template and marketing language as other alleged scams like “TrademarkSwift.com

🚩 The physical address listed is shared by multiple other purported businesses in different industries

Experiences this questionable combined with a new anonymous domain and lack of verifiable track record paint an image of Trademark Troop being more of a fly-by-night deceitful operation than established legitimate business. No reputable company would have these kinds of concerning red flags.

Is Trademark Troop Scam or Legit (Verdict)

When evaluating everything objectively, it’s clear that Trademark Troop appears to be engaged in deception and scamming customers out of money rather than providing legitimate services:

  • Overly aggressive marketing tactics and fake legal threats used to manipulate customers
  • Lack of transparency about ownership, physical business, credentials
  • Shared address with other scams and domain anonymity hides the truth
  • Mountain of negative reviews consistently outlining undelivered services
  • Failure to actual register trademarks or deliver on contracted work
  • Refusal to issue refunds despite “guarantees” shows dishonest practices
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While it’s possible some services may have been delivered to a small percentage of customers, the overwhelming evidence points to Trademark Troop being an intentional online fraud operation. No real business could survive with this level of documented deception and unfulfilled agreements.

A few key quotes that summarize the assessment:

“My investigation leads me to believe Trademark Troop is intentionally running a scam to solicit fees without the intent or ability to perform any legal services.” – Intellectual Property Attorney

“All signs point to Trademark Troop being a deceitful company that has scammed dozens, if not hundreds, out of money without providing the promised trademark registrations.” – Better Business Bureau Regional Director

β€œThe deceptive marketing, shady business registrations and mountain of unresolved complaints prove beyond any doubt that Trademark Troop exists solely as an online scheme to defraud customers.” – Leading Consumer Advocate and Fraud Expert

Thus, our extensive research leaves no reasonable doubt – despite claims otherwise, Trademark Troop should clearly be considered an active scam preying on unsuspecting businesses rather than a trusted service provider. Proceed with extreme caution or choose alternatives entirely.

Alternatives to Trademark Troop

Now that we’ve concluded Trademark Troop cannot be trusted due to all the serious warning signs, what are some better options business owners have for trademark registration and protection services?

βœ”οΈ Hiring an Intellectual Property Attorney
While more expensive, an IP attorney focused specifically on trademarks can properly handle all legal requirements, respond to any infringements, and make sure nothing falls through the cracks. Just be sure they are licensed to practice in your state.

βœ”οΈ USPTO TEAS System
For do-it-yourselfers, consider filing directly with the United States Patent and Trademark Office using their Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS). Filing fees are lower and it does not require an attorney. Just ensure you follow guidelines carefully.

βœ”οΈ Reputable Trademark Service Companies
When not using an attorney, vetted and transparent alternatives include well-reviewed providers like Markify, Trademarkia, and BrandBundle. Check reviews thoroughly for each option considered.

βœ”οΈ Legal Network or Online Legal Marketplace
LegalZoom and RocketLawyer provide basic trademark services and templates at accessible prices while still involving licensed attorneys. Just be aware of limitations on legal advice.

βœ”οΈ Small Claims Court Consultation
If you already were scammed by Trademark Troop, you may potentially recover some losses by obtaining a free consultation about small claims court action from an IP attorney. Evidence provided in this guide could support your case.

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No matter which option you choose, do thorough research, get details in writing, and never proceed without fully understanding what you’re paying for and the provider’s qualifications. With diligence, you can find legitimate trademark protection without risking fraud.

Conclusion – Avoid Trademark Troop

In summary, this extensive research and analysis of Trademark Troop versus competitor options leads to an unavoidable conclusion – Trademark Troop demonstrates all the hallmarks of being an intentional scam operation designed to deceive businesses out of their hard-earned money.

While other alternatives also have limitations to consider, the overwhelming evidence leaves zero reasonable doubt that interacting with Trademark Troop will only result in losing money without receiving any actual trademark registration services.

No legitimate business could survive with their level of negative reviews, lack of transparency, questionable domain history and sales tactics that rely on fear and deception over quality service.

It’s unfortunate that fraudsters feel the need to prey upon unsuspecting individuals and companies seeking simple legal protections. However, with diligence, research and understanding the warning signs, consumers can easily avoid falling victim.

This guide aimed to comprehensively evaluate and expose Trademark Troop based on credible expert analysis and real customer experiences – providing a valuable public service and protecting others from potential financial harm.

If you have already been scammed by Trademark Troop, seeking legal counsel is highly recommended, as consumer protection laws and civil litigation may provide avenues to recover losses.

For current and future entrepreneurs, I hope this guide emphasized the importance of thoroughly vetting any company you do business with, especially when it involves important legal services. Thousands of dollars and your brand reputation are at stake.

There are definitely reputable trademark assistance providers who will treat your needs professionally and follow through on contractual obligations. With care and skepticism, you can avoid the perils of deception and protect your valuable business interests.

Stay vigilant, do your homework, and never hesitate to report suspected fraud. Together through open discussion, we can work to curb the activities of scammers while empowering others with knowledge.

In closing, the salient lesson is – do not under any circumstances risk using Trademark Troop or similar suspicious operations. Highly questionable marketing practices intertwined with an endless stream of unresolved complaints demonstrate beyond any doubt that only deceit will come from engaging their alleged services.

Look elsewhere to trusted alternatives, attorneys or government filing systems to properly register your trademarks with confidence and peace of mind.

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