Sonnet Insurance Reviews: A Detailed Look at Pricing, Coverage and Claims

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Sonnet Insurance has been a relatively new player in the Canadian insurance market since 2016. Sonnet aims to provide a streamlined and convenient insurance buying experience as an online-only insurer.

But how does their service really stack up?

In this comprehensive review, we’ll look in-depth at Sonnet insurance reviews, including their auto and home insurance. We’ll cover pricing, coverage options, claims processes, customer service, and more to help you determine if Sonnet is the right insurance provider for your needs.

Sonnet Insurance Reviews: Detailed Overview

Sonnet Insurance was founded in 2016 and is based in Waterloo, Ontario. It’s owned by Economical Insurance, one of Canada’s larger insurance companies that’s been around since 1871.

As a purely digital insurer, Sonnet sells policies directly to consumers through their website. You can get a quote, purchase a policy, make changes, and handle claims completely online without ever talking to an agent.

Sonnet currently offers the following insurance products:

  • Auto insurance
  • Home insurance
  • Condo insurance
  • Renter’s insurance
  • Landlord insurance
  • Pet insurance

The company operates in most Canadian provinces, with the exception of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nunavut, Northwest Territories, and Yukon.

Sonnet Auto Insurance Reviews

Let’s start by taking a close look at what customers have to say about Sonnet’s auto insurance.

Sonnet Car Insurance Quotes and Pricing

Most reviews mention that Sonnet offers competitive pricing, especially for newer drivers. Many customers report paying significantly less than with other insurance providers.

For example, according to Sonnet’s website, the average car insurance cost in Ontario is $1,458 per year. Sonnet claims drivers can save up to $504 per year by switching to them.

User reviews seem to confirm Sonnet’s affordable rates:

“I was skeptical about online insurance. The other day I was backing up in a parking lot and got stung by a bee. I backed into another car. I’ve never had a accident before and was terrified. I did very little damage to other car but when I called Sonnet they were amazing! Calmed me down and handled everything.”

However, some customers indicate Sonnet raised rates significantly upon renewal:

“Stay away from Sonnet. They will give you a great low price your first year with them, and once it’s time to renew, they’ll up your price without reason.”

This echoes other reviews reporting rate hikes of 30-50%, even with no claims or changes. So, while Sonnet offers competitive initial pricing, it’s important to compare renewal costs as well.

Coverage Options

Sonnet provides standard auto insurance coverage like collision, comprehensive, liability, and accident benefits. Add-ons include rental reimbursement, roadside assistance, and OEM part coverage.

One unique perk is Sonnet’s First Claim Forgiven accident forgiveness — they waive your deductible on your first at-fault claim.

Reviews indicate customers are generally happy with the coverage options:

“Sonnet’s auto insurance policies are standard and offer coverage for collisions, liability concerns, and accident benefits and forgiveness.”

However, a few people felt coverage limits for rental cars or other benefits were too low. Make sure to understand policy limits before purchasing.

Claims Process and Customer Service

The claims process is one area where customer reviews are more mixed.

Many are very positive about Sonnet’s claims handling:

“I was recently in a not-at-fault incident and try to claim the damage with this company…The claims adjuster that was handling our claim WAS NEVER IN OFFICE. I had to wait 2 hours to talk to customer support just to be hung up on because the agent told me he wouldn’t keep the conversation going after I was requesting to talk to the adjuster because he was taking forever to reply to our questions in our emails.”

Two common complaints are long response times and low initial claim settlements. Some customers had to negotiate or provide additional documentation to get claims approved.

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While there are certainly positive reviews as well, claims satisfaction seems hit or miss according to user comments.

Sonnet Home Insurance Reviews

Now let’s look at what home insurance customers have to say.

Home Insurance Quotes and Pricing

As with auto insurance, most reviews mention cheaper premiums compared to other home insurers. Sonnet insurance advertises annual savings of up to $423 for homeowners.

Initial home insurance rates appear very competitive. However, some customers experienced surprisingly large rate increases upon renewal:

“First year price was little bit better then what we have for 7 years with TD so we switch over 2 homes and 2 cars on first renewal price for homes went up 50 % with some non sense explanations like increase sever storms in our area etc”

This is quite common with insurance providers — they offer low introductory pricing and then increase premiums once customers are locked-in. It’s important to compare renewal costs, not just initial quotes.

Sonnet Insurance Reviews: Coverage Options

Sonnet provides standard homeowners insurance coverage for perils like fire, theft, vandalism, wind and water damage. Optional add-ons include sewer backup protection, overland flood insurance and coverage for hail damage.

Unique perks include a deductible waiver for claims over $10,000 and guaranteed replacement cost coverage. Reviews indicate customers are mostly satisfied with options and appreciate the flexibility:

“Sonnet’s home insurance also offers excellent coverage along with other coverage for some extreme weather events. A big perk to Sonnet Insurance coverage is that they forgive your first home insurance claim.”

Just be aware of policy limits for things like sewer backup or jewelry — a few people reported hitting caps after large claims.

Claims Process and Customer Service

Much like with auto claims, home insurance claims reviews are mixed. While some customers report smooth, hassle-free claims resolutions, others faced delays getting settlements approved and paid out.

Two common complaints are untimely adjuster responses and unsatisfactory claim payouts. As one reviewer put it:

“I have home and auto insurance with Sonnet (now Economical). Our dishwasher leaked and we paid $2,000 deductible to have replacement completed. Economical sent our their preferred restoration company, Service Master Durham to complete the work and the flooring contractor they brought in did a terrible job.”

Positive reviews mention friendly service reps and relatively simple claims procedures. But based on user comments, claims satisfaction can vary widely.

Pros of Sonnet Insurance

So in summary, what do customers like about Sonnet Insurance?

Affordable pricing — Especially for newer drivers or homeowners, Sonnet offers competitive premiums. Many customers report significant savings compared to other insurers.

Convenient online experience — The ability to get quotes, purchase and manage policies completely online is a major plus. Sonnet’s paperless model appeals to tech-savvy customers.

Wide product selection — With auto, home, condo, renters and pet insurance, Sonnet offers all the major personal insurance products.

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First claim Forgiven — Sonnet waives deductibles for one at-fault accident, which provides added peace of mind.

Cons of Sonnet Insurance

However, Sonnet does have some downsides to consider as well:

Premium increases — While initial rates are low, many customers see surprisingly large rate hikes upon renewal. Sonnet’s pricing model seems optimized for new clients rather than loyalty.

Inconsistent claims experiences — From delays getting approvals to unsatisfactory claim payouts, reviews indicate claims satisfaction is hit or miss.

Limited availability — Sonnet doesn’t offer insurance in several Canadian provinces or territories. Availability is limited compared to national insurers.

No in-person support — As an online-only insurer, Sonnet doesn’t have brick and mortar offices or offer face-to-face agent support. Customers must manage policies through the website and call center.

Is Sonnet Insurance Right for You?

Sonnet offers a convenient way to buy insurance digitally at competitive rates. But customer reviews suggest pricing increases and inconsistent claims experiences are common complaints.

Here are a few things to consider when deciding if Sonnet is the right insurance provider for your needs:

  • If pricing is your top priority — Sonnet delivers some of the lowest rates around, especially for newer drivers and homeowners. Just be prepared for potentially large renewal premium hikes.
  • If you want an easy online experience — Sonnet’s website and app make managing your policy a breeze. Tech-savvy customers will appreciate the paperless digital experience.
  • If you need strong claims support — While some Sonnet customers report smooth claims resolutions, enough complaints exist about unsatisfactory claims handling that you may want to consider more established insurers if making a claim is a top priority.
  • If you want access to in-person support — With Sonnet, you won’t be able to sit down face-to-face with an agent. If you prefer personal guidance and human interaction, Sonnet may not be the best fit.
  • If you live in certain provinces — Due to availability limitations, Sonnet won’t be an option if you live in certain parts of Canada. Double check they provide coverage in your province.

At the end of the day, your insurance needs are unique. Weigh factors like pricing, claims handling and digital experience based on what’s most important for protecting you and your family.

Sonnet offers advantages like discounted rates and seamless online management. But frequent complaints around renewal price hikes and claims service suggest buyers should enter cautiously and read reviews from multiple sources.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sonnet Insurance

How much does Sonnet Insurance cost compared to other providers?

In general, Sonnet offers some of the lowest rates in Canada, especially for newer drivers and homeowners. Exact Sonnet insurance pricing depends on factors like your age, driving record, location and more.

To get a quote, you can easily enter details on Sonnet’s website. We recommend comparing Sonnet’s rates to other top insurers like TD, Belair, or your current provider to see how pricing stacks up. Sonnet delivers significant savings for many customers, but not in all cases.

Does Sonnet Insurance have good customer service?

Reviews are mixed when it comes to Sonnet’s customer service. Many appreciate the convenience of managing policies through Sonnet’s website and mobile app. And Sonnet offers 24/7 emergency claims service which is a major plus.

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However, a common complaint is long wait times to speak to a Sonnet agent by phone. Additionally, based on reviews, claims handling satisfaction seems inconsistent — while some customers report prompt and satisfactory claims resolution, others face delays and unsatisfactory settlements.

So, while Sonnet modernizes insurance with digital convenience, traditional customer service components like timely phone support and claims handling get mixed reviews.

How do I lower my Sonnet Insurance premium?

The main ways to save on Sonnet insurance are:

  • Bundle auto and home insurance — Sonnet offers up to 20% off when you bundle multiple policies.
  • Take advantage of group member discounts — check if you qualify for savings through an employer, university alumni program, or other group affiliation.
  • Maintain good driving habits — Sonnet’s Sonnet Shift program provides discounts for safe driving behavior.
  • Adjust coverage limits — raising deductibles or removing optional coverages like rental car reimbursement can potentially lower premiums.
  • Compare rates annually — shop around at renewal time to see if Sonnet still offers the best price.

What do people like about Sonnet Insurance?

Here are some of the most common positives mentioned in Sonnet Insurance reviews:

  • Affordable premiums and rates, especially for high-risk drivers
  • Convenient fully online quote and policy management experience
  • Modern, easy-to-use website and mobile app
  • Wide range of insurance products beyond just auto and home
  • Accident forgiveness which waives deductible for the first at-fault claim

What are common complaints about Sonnet Insurance?

Some drawbacks and complaints frequently cited in reviews include:

  • Large premium increases upon renewal despite no claims
  • Inconsistent claims handling with delays in getting settlements approved
  • Limited availability in certain provinces and territories
  • Lack of in-person agent support
  • Long phone wait times and slow customer service response

The Bottom Line: Is Sonnet a Good Insurer?

Sonnet Insurance offers discounted rates and innovative digital convenience that will appeal to many customers. For tech-savvy consumers who want an easy online insurance experience, Sonnet delivers.

However, common complaints around renewal premium hikes and inconsistent claims handling suggest smarter choices may exist for insurance buyers who prioritize long-term affordability and claims satisfaction.

Ultimately, there’s no definitive “right answer” — it depends on your individual priorities. Weigh Sonnet’s pros and cons carefully against your own insurance needs. Sonnet represents a promising new approach, but the company’s still maturing when it comes to service components like pricing fairness and claims handling.

This blog post offers general information only. For specific legal or professional insurance advice tailored to your unique situation, we recommend speaking with a licensed insurance agent.

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