Scam Shop: Beware !!! Don’t Fall Victim

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  • Post category:Reviews is an online retailer claiming to sell high-end shoes and apparel at heavily discounted prices. With unbelievable deals like 80% off designer brands, it’s tempting to want to shop at But is this too-good-to-be-true website legit or a scam?

This investigative article will analyze in detail to determine if it is a trustworthy business or an online scam.

Overview of sells shoes, bags, clothes, and accessories from brands like Clarks, Coach, Kate Spade, and more at prices up to 80% off retail. The site claims to offer such extreme discounts by buying overstock and surplus merchandise directly from the brands.

The website itself looks professional with product images, descriptions, customer reviews, and payment processing through Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Paypal. However, looking below the surface reveals some concerning red flags.

Signs is Legitimate

There are a few signs that point to being a legitimate business:

Customer Reviews has over a hundred customer reviews on Trustpilot giving it an average rating of 1.6/5 stars. While low, the volume of reviews adds some credibility. Scam sites rarely have any reviews at all.

Contact Information

The site provides a phone number, email address, and physical address in Delaware, USA. This shows they are reachable and accountable.

Secure Payment Processing uses standard payment gateways like Stripe and Paypal which offer buyer protection in case issues arise. This is safer than shady sites using obscure payment processors.

However, most of the evidence points to being an outright scam as explained next.

Signs is a Scam

There are numerous red flags indicating is very likely a scam:

1. Hidden Ownership Information

While provides basic contact details, there is no information about who actually owns or operates the business. The domain registration is hidden through proxy services. This lack of transparency is concerning.

2. Artificially Low Prices

The site claims to sell premium brand name products at prices like $39 for a $200 purse or $59 for $300 shoes. These prices are impossibly low, even with bulk surplus buying. This tactic hooks shoppers with unbelievable deals that are clearly too good to be true.

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3. Fake Scarcity Tactics

The site displays messages like “Only 3 left!” or “Limited quantities!” to create a false sense of urgency and pressure customers to purchase before these unbelievable deals are gone. This is a common scam tactic.

4. Fictitious Shipping Logistics claims items ship directly from brand warehouses within 1-3 days. But the provided tracking numbers are fake or reused and lead to obscure shipping sites unrelated to major carriers. This suggests no items are actually being shipped.

5. Clone of a Real Website

The domain was registered in 2022, but it copies the branding, images, and product info from the real Clarks website ( This cloning is done to appear legit, but reveals the site has no real relation to the genuine brands.

6. No Social Media Presence has no social media links or activity. A real brand selling premium merchandise would have an active social media presence to engage customers.

7. Hundreds of Negative Reviews

While does have customer reviews, they are overwhelmingly negative with consistent complaints of never receiving items. Many also report getting cheap knockoffs if any product arrives at all.

8. Credit Card Fraud

Those who purchased from the site report unauthorized credit card charges even after cancelling orders. This suggests the site is harvesting card data for fraudulent purposes.

9. Website May Suddenly Disappear

Shady sites like frequently disappear without warning once enough customers complain. This prevents angry customers and authorities from pursuing legal action.

With multiple clear indications of fraud and deception, is undoubtedly an online scam.

Conclusion: is a Scam

Based on this detailed evaluation of multiple factors, fits the pattern of an online scam website:

  • Deceptive marketing with fake discounts and scarcity
  • Lack of legitimacy and transparency
  • Reports of non-delivery and credit card fraud
  • Overwhelming negative customer experiences
  • Tactics to avoid accountability
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How to Safely Shop Online

While scams like are rampant, there are steps you can take to safely shop online:

  • Verify legitimacy by looking up reviews from multiple trusted sources. Avoid sites with overwhelmingly negative feedback.
  • Research the domain age, registrar details, and social media presence. Scams tend to have recently registered, private domains with no social proof.
  • Price check deals that seem too good to be true. If the discount is unrealistic, it’s likely a scam.
  • Be wary of limited offers or expiring discounts to create false urgency.
  • Only use secure payment methods that offer fraud protection and never directly wire cash.
  • Check shipment tracking directly via carrier sites, not just the retailer’s tracking link.

By being an informed shopper and verifying legitimacy rather than jumping on unbelievable deals, you can avoid falling victim to online retail scams.

Protecting Yourself if Scammed

If you placed an order through and suspect you have been scammed, take these steps right away:

  • Contact your bank and card issuer to report fraudulent charges and have payments reversed. Many major cards provide fraud protection for scam purchases.
  • Place a fraud alert on your credit reports in case your card data is misused. Monitor your accounts closely for any suspicious charges.
  • Change account passwords in case your login details have been compromised by the scam site. Enable two-factor authentication wherever possible for added security.
  • Watch out for phishing emails claiming to be related to your order, shipping refunds, or requests for personal information. Delete these scam messages.
  • Report the website to the FTC at and BBB to help warn others. The more reports filed, the faster action will be taken against the scam.

While being scammed can be disheartening, acting quickly helps limit damages. Monitoring accounts closely and enabling security protections reduces further risk.

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Additional Resources on Secure Online Shopping

For further reading on identifying and avoiding online scams, these resources from consumer protection agencies are very informative:

Reviewing guidance from government consumer protection resources helps identify warning signs of scams and teaches how to shop online safely.

FAQs About Legitimacy

Is related to the company Clarks?

No. has no affiliation with the legitimate shoe company Clarks. It is fraudulently using the Clarks brand name and imagery without permission.

Can I get a refund if scammed by

If you used a credit card, report fraudulent charges to your card issuer immediately. Under consumer protection laws, you can likely receive a refund by stating the purchase was through a scam website.

Is the contact information on real?

No, the phone, address, and email on are likely fake. This information is only displayed to appear legitimate.

Should I trust the customer reviews on

The few positive reviews are highly suspicious. The overwhelming negative feedback clearly indicating a scam are likely real customer experiences.

Can I get in legal trouble if I purchased from this scam website?

No, purchasers are seen as victims of this scam. However, once you suspect it is a scam site, you should immediately cease all activity to avoid potential crimes like receipt of stolen goods.

The clear signs of deceit by make it undoubtedly an online scam. This detailed investigation can help consumers identify key warning signs when evaluating an unfamiliar ecommerce site. By using secure payment methods and avoiding unbelievable deals, shoppers can protect themselves from online retail scams and make safe purchases.

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