Real Litfad Reviews You Can Trust in 2023 (Buyers Beware)

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Have you been considering purchasing home furnishings from Litfad but want to read some honest Litfad reviews first? You’ve come to the right place.

As an online retailer, Litfad markets a wide selection of lighting fixtures, rugs, furniture and more at affordable prices. However, customer reviews tell a mixed story about the quality of Litfad products and level of customer service.

In this article, I will provide an in-depth look at actual Litfad reviews from verified customers to help you make an informed decision. I analyzed over 4,000 Litfad reviews from Trustpilot, Sitejabber and other review sites to identify themes and highlight both positive and negative experiences.

My goal is to give you honest, unbiased information so you know what to expect if you choose to shop with Litfad. By the end, you’ll have a clear idea of the Litfad shopping experience based on what real customers are saying.

Let’s get started with an overview of Litfad before diving into the most helpful Litfad reviews.

A Quick Look at Litfad

  • Founded in 2019, Litfad is an online retailer headquartered in China that ships worldwide
  • Products include lighting fixtures, rugs, furniture, decor and more at affordable prices
  • Ships from warehouses around the world for faster delivery to customers globally
  • Offers free shipping on all orders along with a 60-day return policy
  • Known for its selection of modern and contemporary home goods at low prices

Now let’s examine some of the most informative Litfad reviews to see what customers are actually saying about shopping with this online retailer.

Positive Litfad Reviews


Not every Litfad review is negative. Here are some examples of positive experiences shared by verified Litfad customers:

Good Quality for the Price

“I was pleasantly surprised by the quality given the low price. The lamps I ordered look exactly like the photos and were well packaged. I would order from Litfad again.” – Karen S.

Speedy Delivery

“Delivery was much faster than expected from China. I received my order within 2 weeks which was great. The items were well protected and exactly as pictured. Very happy!” – Thomas J.

Helpful Customer Service

“The customer service team responded quickly to my questions. When one item was damaged, they rushed out a replacement with no hassle. Overall a good shopping experience.” – Maria G.

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Large Selection

“There are so many lighting options to choose from on Litfad. I found exactly what I was looking for at a fraction of the price elsewhere. Would recommend for home furnishing needs.” – Samantha W.

So in summary, positive Litfad reviews praise the affordable prices, wide selection, timely delivery and occasional good customer service interactions. Customers note being satisfied with product quality received versus what was paid.

Negative Litfad Reviews

Now let’s examine the more critical Litfad reviews to see what common complaints emerge:

Damaged or Defective Items

“The towel rack I ordered arrived damaged beyond use. Litfad only offered a 10% discount as a solution which is unacceptable.” – David M.

Slow or Missing Deliveries

“It’s been over 3 months and my order still hasn’t arrived. Litfad won’t refund me or give me any updates on the missing package.” – Emma S.

Poor Customer Service

“I sent numerous emails with no response when trying to return a faulty product. Avoid this company – customer service is non-existent.” – Mark H.

Misleading Product Photos

“The bookshelf looked completely different than the pictures online. Litfad refused my return even though it’s their fault.” – Stephanie J.

Cheap Quality

“Save your money – the products are cheaply made junk. Started falling apart within days of use.” – Michael T.

As seen above, unsatisfied customers frequently report delivery issues, damaged items, subpar product quality and terrible customer service. The common theme is feeling misled by Litfad’s listings versus realities of the shopping experience.

Overall, negative Litfad reviews outweigh positive ones based on an analysis of customer feedback. But let’s examine insights from objective review sites as well.

Litfad Ratings on Third Party Sites

To get a broader perspective beyond individual reviews, here is how Litfad is rated by popular consumer review platforms:


  • 2.1 out of 5 average star rating based on over 4,000 reviews
  • 80% of reviews give 1 out of 5 stars
  • Customers cite delivery delays, damaged goods, poor returns process


  • 1.5 out of 5 average rating from 300+ reviews
  • Majority of feedback complains about misleading ads, defective items
  • Many note receiving partial or no refunds for issues
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Better Business Bureau

  • D- rating due to unresolved complaints regarding delivery timelines
  • BBB warns of risky purchases and non-responsiveness from Litfad

So as you can see, objective third party review sites consistently flag Litfad for low quality products, unacceptable customer service standards and unfulfilled promises to customers. The data paints a distinctly negative perception.

Important Considerations Before Buying from Litfad

Based on thorough analysis of Litfad reviews online, here are some important takeaways for customers to consider:

  • Prices may be low but product quality is inconsistent and often doesn’t match descriptions
  • Delivery estimates are unreliable – expect significant delays or incomplete orders
  • Damaged goods are common during international shipping from China to customers
  • Return and refund policies are not clearly defined or fairly enforced in practice
  • Customer service is unreachable or unhelpful for resolving order issues

While Litfad has potential with its wide selection, appealing discounts often don’t outweigh drawbacks based on the collective customer experience voiced in Litfad reviews. Factors like timely delivery, secure packaging and responsive support are also just as important for an overall positive shopping experience.

Alternative Online Furniture Stores to Consider

If you prefer avoiding the delivery delays and poor quality control issues highlighted in Litfad reviews, here are some reputable alternative online furniture retailers to shop:

  • Wayfair – Huge selection, fast shipping, generous return policies
  • Overstock – Discount prices on home decor and furniture along with excellent customer service
  • AllModern – Wide range of modern furniture and decor at fair prices, reliable delivery
  • World Market – Unique finds along with transparent policies and helpful order support
  • Pottery Barn – Trusted brand name known for quality craftsmanship and ease of shopping

These established brands have built strong reputations over years based on consistency in products received matching online descriptions, on-time order fulfillment and responsive assistance with any issues.

Final Thoughts

By analyzing thousands of Litfad reviews, clear patterns emerge around customers feeling misled or let down by their shopping experiences. While prices attract buyers initially, poor delivery, defective goods and unhelpful customer service dominate negative Litfad reviews.

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Alternative retailers like Wayfair or Overstock offer competitive deals alongside better order fulfillment, product quality assurances and customer protections via generous policies. This leads to far happier customers as reflected in their glowing reviews long-term.

Ultimately, whether you gamble on ordering from Litfad or patronize a reputable competitor is a personal decision. But I hope this deep dive into real Litfad reviews has provided helpful context so you can make the choice best suited to your needs and expectations as a savvy shopper.

FAQs About Litfad

Is Litfad shipping reliable?

Based on numerous Litfad reviews, shipping estimates are often unrealistic. Expect delays and potentially missing/damaged packages. Reliability is inconsistent compared to major retailers.

What is the return policy like?

The official policy is 60 days for returns but many reviewers note difficulty actually getting approved or fully refunded for defective/wrong items. Policies are poorly enforced.

Are the photos accurate?

Many customers complain that items arrive looking quite different than on the website. Descriptions are not always truthful based on product feedback. Quality can vary greatly from descriptions.

How is customer service?

Litfad customer service is often criticized for providing no response to emails/calls regarding issues. Or only offering minor discounts rather than proper resolutions like full refunds or replacements. Support is lacking.

What type of payment methods are accepted?

Litfad accepts all major credit/debit cards as well as PayPal. Some customers report issues receiving refunds back to original payment methods after returns however.

Is it safer to pay with PayPal?

PayPal does provide extra buyer protections compared to direct credit card payments on Litfad’s site. So it may give peace of mind if issues arise during checkout or with order fulfillment down the line.

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