KoreHealth SmartTech Bundle Reviews: Is It Worth The Money

Looking to lose weight or get in shape, the KoreHealth SmartTech Bundle Reviews, which comprises KoreScale Gen2 and KoreHealth Smart Watch, might be just what you need.

The device allows you to keep track of your weight loss progress on an interactive scale, as well as track your body fat percentage and body mass index over time to ensure that you’re losing weight at a healthy rate without losing muscle mass along with it.

But how well does it work? Keep reading this KoreHealth SmartTech Bundle Reviews to find out!

KoreHealth KoreScale Review

Regarding health and wellness, we’re all looking for ways to better care for ourselves.

And that means everything from brushing our teeth regularly to getting enough exercise to maintaining a healthy weight through proper nutrition.

With the KoreScale and Kore 2.0 (KoreHealth SmartTech Bundle), the road to better health will be less like wandering around in the dark and more like playing a video game.

The KoreHealth SmartTech app lets you see how your diet and workout routine affects your body in real-time.

As the saying “more knowledge means more power to improve your health.”

KoreHealth SmartTech now makes it easy to track your health and fitness progress with just a single tap, follow your health trends, stay on track, and close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

The truth is, one tool that can help you with the latter of those goals is the KoreHealth SmartTech, which can aid you in reaching your nutritional and weight loss goals while offering you an effective and affordable way to track your progress and keep up your motivation

Here comes the end of the summary of the KoreHealth SmartTech Bundle Reviews. Let’s get into the details.

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What is KoreHealth Smart Bundle?

(KoreHealth SmartTech Bundle Reviews)

The KoreHealth SmartTech Bundle comes with two revolutionary technology, KoreScale Gen2 (a weight scale) and Kore 2.0 (a smart wristwatch), and a KoreHealth App, which you can download from AppleStore and Google PlayStore.

korehealth smartwatch

KoreScale is the fastest-growing and revolutionary digital bio-metric scale that provides 14 vital body composition and fitness-tracking stats. With Kore 2.0, you can track your health, change your lifestyle, and be motivated to do more.

The KoreHealth SmartTech comprises an affordable & easy to use smart wristwatch and intuitive scale that does it all. It is easy to pair to any Apple and Android phone for quick and effortless connectivity.

With the KoreHealth app on your smartphone, you’ll access advanced health and fitness features.

The KORE 2.0 Smart Wristwatch allows you to keep track of your heart rate, activity tracking, blood oxygen, step tracker, and stress monitoring.

At the same time, the KORESCALE enables you to keep track of your weight, muscle mass, body water, skeletal muscle, and metabolic age.

Features of KoreHealth SmartTech

(KoreHealth Smarttech Bundle Review)

KoreHealth Kore 2.0 Smartwatch

Here are the features of the Kore 2.0 Smart Wristwatch

Heart rate: One of the best features I love in the KoreHealth Kore 2.0 Smart wristwatch is the ability to monitor your heart rate.

Activity tracking: This device and app monitor your daily activity levels by tracking steps, distance, calories burned, and active minutes.

Blood oxygen: The Kore 2.0 wearable device tracks your blood oxygen level, body temperature, and motion. If you suffer from chronic health issues such as sleep apnea, diabetes, or high blood pressure, this can be a great technology device to always have on your wrist.

Step tracker: Tracking your steps and movement can help keep you on track to reach your fitness goals, and the Kore 2.0 smart wristwatch helps you by tracking every step you take.

Stress monitoring: With its stress monitoring feature, you can instantly tell how much pressure you are feeling.

Here are the features of KoreScale Gen2

Weight tracking: Health professionals say that recording your weight is essential to losing and maintaining weight, and the Korescale helps you with this by keeping track of your weight.

Muscle mass: The Korescale also helps bulk up in the right areas.

Body water: The body water features available in the Korescale enable you to check how much water weight your body carries.

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Skeletal muscle: Another feature I love using the KoreHealth Korescale is the ability to measure your skeletal muscle. Your skeletal muscle comprises fibers, each of which is a bundle of protein strands called myofibrils.

Metabolic age: The Korescale also enables you to check your metabolic age.

Benefits of KoreHealth SmartTech Bundle Reviews

The following are the health and fitness benefits of the KoreHealth SmartTech Bundle.

KoreScale Kore 2.0 fitness tracker

It has a health tracker and electronic body scale

Would you like to know what is happening in your body? Check out these accurate body scales for weight.

Unlike other bathroom scales, the KoreHealth weight scale will measure your BMI and heart rate, among other readings.

The KoreScale is a digital scale that can do more than your typical bathroom scale; it is a bio-scanner and scale that are smart enough to understand your needs as you try to get in shape.

As a device for determining one’s weight, BMI, and more, the body analyzer scale is also a body analyzer scale.

It uses wireless Bluetooth to scale weight

This app does all the calculations for you, giving you easy and clear insights into how much you’ve accomplished. It is compatible with smartphones and can be linked via Bluetooth.

Unlike the more typical, one-time-use, home-based scales, KoreScale automatically stores your results.

Instead of simply telling you how much you weigh, this device will take multiple measurements and calculate how much your body consists of fat.

It can also act as a fitness tracker but provides much more information.

It has a digital weight scale to measure health, composition, and metrics

This special product contains details about your body that most scales leave out.

In addition to weight reading, KoreHealth electric scale for body weight also measures body mass index, water levels, body fat, skeletal, visceral fat, regular muscle mass, bone mass, protein levels, and metabolic age.

Trust yourself more with the most trustworthy weight scale this year, the KoreHealth Scale!

It uses electronic scales for body weight to help you reach your fitness goals

In addition to measuring your weight, you need to know the key health and fitness indicators.

KoreHealth BMI weight scale allows you to glance at the vital statistics you want to know. Keep track of your health with KoreHealth’s accurate bathroom scale, which helps you adjust your workout to yield better results.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight or improve your fitness, this body weight scale will assist you in your health regimen.

You can exercise right with the best scales for body weight

Bring your workout routines to the next level with a scale that will provide the most accurate results and tracking. KoreHealth scale measures your body weight, fat percentage, and other body fat ratios.

The KoreScale is not just a weight scale device; it’s a wireless device that monitors and records important vitals. With this digital body scale, you’ll be able to achieve your weight-loss goals much faster.

KoreHealth App (KoreScale Review)

You can easily learn how to use the KoreHealth app; it’s easy to use, and you can move through it intuitively.

Korehealth app - korehealth smarttech bundle

You can track any metric you want using KoreHealth (BMI, Weight, BFP, etc.) and choose how often you want your daily, weekly, or monthly tracking period.

The KoreHealth app allows you to monitor your data on an app.

On the app, you’ll also find a different mode you can choose, and the scale can take up to 395 pounds.

One of the fun aspects of the KoreHealth app is that it clearly explains each metric, lets you view your metrics, and lets you compare to others so you can see how you compare.

Further, it demonstrates how a healthy body size compares to yours, which will let you know what type of hard work is necessary to achieve your goals.

How Does KoreScale Gen2 Work?

(KoreHealth SmartTech Bundle Review)

The KoreScale Gen2 is one among the KoreHealth SmartTech Bundle.

KoreScale Gen2 analyzes your body’s composition with 14 key health metrics through advanced biometric sensors.

Each weigh-in yields more data that you can use to prepare yourself better, and the stats are automatically saved and visualized so you can easily identify patterns and keep tabs on progress.

Why should you use KoreHealth SmartTech KoreScale?

The KoreScale that comes with the KoreHealth SmartTech Bundle helps you stay focused on your individual fitness goals and offers daily updates to keep you on track.

It is far more pleasant than weighing yourself and just remembering your numbers for the day – you’ll look forward to tracking your progress with KoreScale.

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The KoreScale analyzes your body in detail. You can be confident with the results for making smart, healthy decisions.

It also breaks your weight down into the following category and knows ‘exactly’ what your body needs to get the results you want:

  • Muscle mass: It makes sure you are bulking up in the right areas
  • Body fat: It assists you in setting goals for shedding pounds and slimming down
  • Body water: It checks how much water weight your body carries
  • Protein: It sees if your diet has sufficient muscle fuel
  • BMI: To put your weight in perspective with your body type

KoreHealth VS Other Leading Brands

FeaturesKoreHealth SmartTech BundleOther Leading Brands
Multiple user profiles (Scale)YesYes
Up to a week of battery life (Smartwatch)YesNo
Basic Bluetooth connectivity (for Smartwatch and Scale)YesYes
Weigh less than 3lb (Scale)YesNo
14 key health metrics (Scale)YesNo
Sweat and splash resistant (Smartwatch)YesYes
PriceUnder $150 (With 50% Discount)Over $200+

The report above shows that the KoreHealth SmartTech Bundle is much better than leading brands.

Now, let’s take a look at KoreHealth Bundle pricing.

KoreHealth Smart Tech Bundle Review Pricing

These are the available pricing and packages for the KoreHealth SmartTech Bundle Reviews.

Note: These discount prices are valid as of the day of publishing this KoreHealth Smart Tech Bundle review. Click here to visit the KoreHealth official store to verify if this discount price is still working before purchasing the product.

Also, you cannot buy this product anywhere other than the manufacturer’s website (directly). Do not pay any vendors claiming to have this product. Here is the official company website.

How to Buy KoreHealth SmartTech Bundle

To buy your KoreHealth SmartTech Bundle, kindly head to the official website and use the links to buy it through them. This link above would ensure you purchase from the official KoreHealth website to avoid losing your money to scammers.

Follow this step-by-step guide to buy your KoreHealth SmartTech Bundle from the official store.

Step 1: Go to the website and select the watch you like to buy

KoreHealth Smarttech bundle product

The first step is selecting the number of KoreHealth Smart Bundles you want to buy. You can get a 3x KoreHealth Smart Tech Bundle for just $291.99. That’s about $300 savings (Click here to claim your discount)

Step 2: Fill in your information and Enter your Deliver address

You need to fill in your information (name, email address, and phone number). The information you provide will be what the company will use to send your order. So you want to cross-check the data (email especially) before moving to the next step.

KoreHealth Smarttech bundle customer information

You also need to enter the address you like to receive your package. These include filling in your country name, town/city, house and apartment number, state or province, and zip code.

Filling a wrong delivery address may result in your package not arriving. So make sure your delivery address is correct.

Step 4: Make your payment

The last and final step to complete the purchase is to make your payment.

KoreHealth Smarttech bundle checkout

You can pay for your KoreHealth SmartTech Bundle by using your credit card or PayPal. Whichever payment method you choose, fill in your card information and click ‘complete secure purchase’ to place the order

Depending on your location (country), your order should arrive at your delivery address between 4-7 days. That is from the date of receipt of your properly completed order (excluding applicable processing time).


You have up 30 days return policy which means you can test the product. If theirs is any defect or you don’t get what you expect, you can send the product back to the manufacturer, and they will return your money (in total), providing that it’s not beyond 30 days after product delivery.


You can reach out to the manufacturer behind the KoreHealth SmartTech Bundle for more personal information about KoreHealth. And don’t worry, they have a friendly customer service team.

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Company Address: Quality Performance Limited, 377 Valley Rd #1123, Clifton, NJ 07013

Email:  support@ korehealthofficial.com

Phone: +1(855)-219-4892

Expert Review on KoreHealth Smart Bundle

Here are some of the expert reviews on the KoreHealth SmartTech Bundle.

“The Kore 2.0 is extremely easy to use. What I like most about it is the design. It is extremely sharp looking and not bulky. Such a design allows me to complete all my workouts without taking them off. I recommend others to check out the Kore 2.0. Great quality and very affordable.” – Dr. Tyler Van – Physical Therapist

“Whether I am warming up my body or cooling down [KoreHealth products] help me never to take a day off and always be performing at my best.” – AJ McKee – Bellator Fighter

“KoreScale Smart Gen2 provides advanced analytical measures on your health and body makeup. Weight is mass quantity, whereas the KoreScale offers insight into mass quality using advanced metrics. The ease of tracking makes this scale smart, where data is stored on the app.” –Dr. Chris Durante – Physical Therapist

“Just got my KoreScale Gen2, and I can’t wait to use it! I’m excited to have this for my upcoming fights—it’s going to be a huge help, tracking my weight to be on point!” – Edmen Shahbazyan – UFC Fighter

Consumer Review on KoreHealth Smart Bundle

Here are some of the consumer reviews on the KoreHealth SmartTech Bundle.

Melissa J.  | Verified Customer

What I love about Kore 2.0 is the insane battery life! I can be active and track my sleep without worrying about charging and missing out on data I’m trying to track! I’ve been through other options, and this is what sets this one apart for me. Not having to worry about one more thing can often be priceless!

Amanda N.  | Verified Customer

Having the KoreHealth SmartTech Bundle is like having a personal trainer. When I do a quick weigh-in after every workout, I see exactly how much progress I’ve made. It’s great to see your real-time results mapped out on a graph, making it easy to set goals and stay motivated.

Brendan S.  | Verified Customer

I recently read about the health benefits of reaching 10,000 steps a day, so I invested in the Kore 2.0 to help track my steps, but I wasn’t ready for all the other things it could do! It tracks many metrics and vitals, a great watch for the price.

Final Thought on KoreHealth SmartTech Bundle

It’s hard to balance your health and fitness routine with your busy lifestyle, which is why KoreHealth SmartTech Bundle looks so appealing.

The device promises to help you track your workouts and improve them based on how much weight you lift and how long you exercise.

These KoreHealth SmartTech Bundle reviews, consumer reviews, and expert reviews all give positive reviews and show that this product is worth your money and can help you keep track of your weight and health nutrition.

Moreover, the bundle, although not relatively cheap, comes with a 30days money-back guarantee system, which means you can try the product for 30 days and if you don’t like the product, return it, and you will receive your money back.

Frequently Asked Question (KoreHealth SmartTech Bundle Reviews)

Is Kore 2.0 a fitness tracker, smartwatch, or fitness tracker?

Both! By mixing features of a smartwatch with fitness tracker features, Kore 2.0 becomes the perfect wristband for everyday living.

How does the KoreScale calculate body metrics?

It uses a range of biometric measurements such as your weight and electric current to calculate your water levels, fat percentage, muscle weight, and bone strength.

Is the KoreScale waterproof?

Although we don’t recommend wearing it when in a pool or shower, Kore 2.0 is sweat and splash resistant, so it is safe to wear it around other places where there may be water.

Can I use the KoreScale Gen2 and Kore 2.0 and without my phone?

Yes, you can. That is to say; Kore 2.0 will store up to 30 days of data before being updated. The app will also sync with your phone when it next comes within Bluetooth range, and you will also be able to sync again.

How do I get to know if the metrics from KoreScale Gen2 are healthy?

Every measure on the KoreHealth app is assigned a color code to illustrate your fitness level. They are correct.

Is there any other available color for Kore 2.0 wristband?

Yes, there are many other Kore 2.0 bands available in a variety of different colors. The straps can be purchased right here!

How long will my order arrive?

Your order should arrive, and you should receive it within 5-7 business days.

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