Cloud Nine Keyboards: Are they truly ergonomic? (See features)

The questions you ask about the Cloud Nine Keyboard series: how best can you describe this trending brand? Are they ergonomic or just a mere overpriced and overhyped keyboard pumped with ads all over the web and attracting loads of countless sales? Read on!

Firstly, let us digress a little on why people go for ergonomic keyboards. Having suffered RSI resulting from using the old conventional keyboard for over a decade freelancing on Fiverr and Upwork, I suffered more from the law of diminishing return; where I spent more of my life savings looking for possible cure and solution. In the process, I discovered that the cause of my problem was the way I type using my old conventional keyboard for decades – There was never a way I could have ever changed my typing method while I maintained the old-fashioned keyboard style. I had placed research online and then I discovered that ergonomic keyboards do exist and should serve as a replacement for the standard flat keyboard.

A repetitive strain injury (RSI) is one of the most common injuries related to long periods of computer usage. Shortly said, repetitive strain injury is a term that refers to a variety of conditions that entail pain in the arm or hand that is produced by repetitive action – such as typing on a keyboard or clicking on a mouse.

The split keyboard design reduces the likelihood of wrist and shoulder strain while typing. Because it keeps your hands and arms in the appropriate alignment, this ergonomic keyboard allows you to type pain-free for up to eight hours a day. The Cloud Nine Keyboards are ergonomically designed for modern-day computer tasks.

A standard keyboard is shaped like a rectangle, with the keys arranged in straight rows across the top and bottom. This is a little strange because when you bring your hands together in front of you, they are at an angle, which is one of the major ways it affects your typing, and probably, not what you want. As a result, ergonomic keyboards are often built in the shape of a V. This enables you to type at a slight angle, which is more natural for the human hand. Muscle strain and related disorders are reduced as a result of this.

Some keyboards go a step farther and divide the keyboard into two halves, one for each hand, rather than just two hands in one. They are called the “ergonomic split keyboards” because of the way the keys on this sort of keyboard are designed, very little hand and finger movement are required to operate them. If you have been accustomed to typing on a traditional keyboard, it will take some time to get used to them.

According to research, also from the designers and makers of these keyboards, they claim that their Ergonomic keyboard lowers the risk of Hand injuries and the occurrence of carpal tunnel syndrome. However, only a limited amount of scientific data supports these assertions. It all comes down to personal preference in the final analysis. A person who is having arm and hand strain may wish to experiment with a different keyboard to determine if it is more comfortable for them and lessens their muscular tension.

Ergonomic keyboards are normally more expensive than regular keyboards, but if they provide you with a little more comfort, the additional expense may be well worth the pay.

A combination of built-in tenting and palm support ensures that your hands remain comfortable throughout the day. Due to the 7-degree angle integrated into the wrist rests, this full-sized keyboard allows you to type in complete comfort because your hands remain in their natural posture as you type.

Do you have sore wrists, RSI symptoms, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, or Arthritis in your hands? This keyboard can help because it can be separated by up to 6 inches, allowing your arms and wrists to remain in an ergonomically correct position. This helps to alleviate the stress that comes with typing for extended periods of time.

Cherry MX Brown switches are an excellent choice with a low activation force and a nice tactile sensation used in the making of most Ergo Keyboards. Using ergonomic keyboards with backlit keys (RGB backlit keys), you can be confident that all of the characters are illuminated and easy to see. Each illumination color may be selected quickly and easily using the supplied app.

This keyboard is suitable for use as a business or gaming keyboard. This PC keyboard is ready to serve you whether you’re at the office getting work done or at home playing a first-person shooter game. It offers advanced features such as a full numeric keypad, 10x programmable macro keys, and a USB pass-through designed for professionals.

What Characteristics Distinguish an Ergonomic Keyboard?

How comfortable a keyboard is for the user, especially after extended periods of usage, is a strong indication of whether it is truly ergonomic. An ergonomic keyboard design helps the user maintain the most natural posture and positioning of the body while working on a computer screen. A significant reduction in muscle and joint discomfort occurs as a result.

According to the dictionary, ergonomics is defined as the study of how productive people are in their respective work environments. While ergonomics used to be limited to the office, it has now expanded to include a variety of settings. The term can apply to working or learning virtually from any location, be it at home or anyplace else in the world. Aspects of the overall design of the items and tools we use for gaming and entertainment are also covered under this term.

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Comfort and reduced pain associated with sitting or typing for long periods of time are ensured by the use of truly ergonomic equipment and accessories.

What to Know About Manufacturer of Cloud Nine Keyboard

With its headquarters in Torrance, California, Cloud Nine Ergo is an up-and-coming provider of ergonomic solutions. The company is dedicated to producing pleasant and healthful accessories that allow for pain-free gaming and working environments.

While working on their keyboards, Cloud Nine C989M and Cloud Nine ErgoTKL, Cloud Nine Ergo spent years perfecting their ergonomic split mechanical keyboard. The Cloud Nine C989 promises to alleviate wrist pain, fatigue, and even related injuries such as back and shoulder pain caused by awkward posture and positioning while typing.

The company was founded in 2009, and since then, they have been dedicated themselves to providing users with creative solutions in the world of tech. The Cloud Nine Electric Height Adjustable Desk Converter, which works perfectly with the Cloud Nine Keyboard, is currently available for purchase from them with very few numbered left in stock.

Cloud Nine Keyboards – What Are Lists of Cloudnine Ergo Keyboards?

As of the time of getting the review out, Cloud Nine only have two major keyboards in the market. They are;

  1. Cloud Nine ErgoFS Ergonomic Split Mechanical Keyboard (Cloud Nine C989M ErgoFS) and
  2. Cloud Nine ErgoTKL Ergonomic Split Mechanical Keyboard

While Cloud Nine C989M ErgoFS is the most popular of the Cloud Nine Keyboard series, in this review, we shall be reviewing both the Cloud Nine C989 ErgoFS and Cloud Nine ErgoTKL.

Cloud Nine C989M ErgoFS (Cloud Nine Keyboard Review)

Video credit: Tech Support Guy

Cloud Nine C989M ErgoFS mechanical keyboard system is a one-of-a-kind professional-based automated keyboard system. The three wheels that move have an ergonomic deformation with a half that can be placed on both sides. A large hole allows you to rearrange the pieces in any order and make the perfect circle for you. You can also create up to thirty-two levels of single profiles, which allows you to create a plethora of configuration possibilities. Cherry-MX switches are also available in a wide range of configurations. It is possible to spin the switches on the board without having to turn back, which is a great feature.

The Cloud Nine C989 ErgoFS keyboard is a fantastic and contemporary piece of equipment designed in order to place you in the best possible position while you type. It is well-constructed and equipped with a wide variety of mills that are excellent for gaming purposes. This sort of keyboard performs exceptionally well in all situations, especially when used by experienced gamers who spend an excessive amount of time each day in front of a computer.

This ergo keyboard has improved ergonomically so well that it now offers good resolution plus many other viable features. Although, its wide layout and numerous choice of settings can make it difficult to use at times. The idea is for you to be able to enter your fingertips without having to type in a little date.

Features of Cloud Nine C989 ErgoFS (Cloud Nine Keyboard)

  • Crisp Mechanical Keystrokes: The Cloud Nine C989 ergo keyboard is composed entirely of Cherry MX switches, which are known for being fast, responsive, and crisp to the touch. As a result, each keystroke produces a profoundly pleasant pressing sensation.
  • Perfect Tenting Angle: The Cloud Nine Keyboard is designed with the ideal amount of support, including a 7° tenting angle to assist in maintaining a natural position for the hands and fingers. Expert ergonomists believe that typing with the proper, natural posture can help decrease typing strain and damage.
  • Split Design Comfortably Separates Hands: The Cloud Nine C989 mechanical keyboard allows users to type comfortably by spacing their hands wider. Gamer or programmer who need to utilize their keyboard for long periods of time.

Why go for the Cloud Nine C989 ErgoFS Keyboard?

  • Keyboard Layout: The C989’s keyboard has a classic layout that is easy to learn. So getting acclimated to a new keyboard layout should be easy. During testing, the layout was easy to operate; however, setting the keyboard at the appropriate angle required some getting used to.
  • Size: At first appearance, the Cloud Nine keyboard appears to be too huge for an ergonomic keyboard. The term “ergonomic” is usually connected with a slim, streamlined design. But the C989 is much larger and heavier, with 115 keys and a length of over 22 inches. It’s not designed to be portable, and it’s meant for a large workstation in a permanent location. The C989 is not for frequent travelers looking for a compact keyboard.

    So, is bigger really better? Yes, globally. Many gamers (casual or professional), programmers, and computer users prefer full-size keyboards for their comfort and more room for their hands and fingers. The full-size keyboard’s ergonomic design promotes natural hand movements. Also, smaller keyboards frequently lack tenkeys. For the uninitiated, this means the keyboard lacks the number pad and arrow keys. However, full-size keyboards have the advantage of having all keys in situ.

    The Cloud Nine Keyboard may not be suitable for those with small hands. And this is what we discovered during our testing. The Cloud Nine mechanical keyboard was not comfortable for smaller hands/fingers, and they said they might get used to it after a while.
  • Split Design: The split keyboard design is credited to inventor F. Heidner, who introduced it in 1915. (U.S. patent 1,138,474). The standard QWERTY keyboard might be split in half, reducing arm strain for typists. However, Kroemer released an article in 1972 stating that the split keyboard design can actually increase typists’ comfort and lessen chronic discomfort. Split-type keyboards are now widely available and are found in almost all ergonomic keyboards, regardless of brand.

    The Cloud Nine C989 is a superbly ergonomic split mechanical keyboard. The Cloud Nine keyboard’s broad wrist rests are fairly pleasant, even if they are unpadded. The keyboard may be adjusted to a height of 14′′. Wrist posture feels natural and relaxing once set to your preference. Those with tiny hands didn’t feel as comfortable as our larger-handed testers.
  • Support: The Cloud Nine C989 ErgoFS is equipped with rubber feet that provide stability. Although it is pretty robustly constructed, it is nevertheless flexible enough to allow you to maintain the keyboard in place while simultaneously sliding it to the position of your choice. Although, it was time-consuming to make the necessary adjustments. Perhaps as a result of its sheer magnitude. Finding the most comfortable posture for your mechanical keyboard can take some time, as it does with most ergonomic keyboards.
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Pros of Cloud Nine C989 ErgoFS Keyboard

  • Anti-ghosting keyboard
  • Authentic Cherry MX Brown switches
  • Keybinds are customizable
  • Large, comfortable wrist rest
  • RGB effects
  • Ten programmable macro keys
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • 9″ braided cables

Cons of Cloud Nine C989 ErgoFS Keyboard

  • Cost (but actually more fair compared with other brands)
  • Keys are responsive but may feel slippery
  • Some issues with usability and installation
  • Some individuals may have issues with its full-size build
  • Tenting angle is not flexible
  • The universal design may not be suitable for people who have smaller hands/fingers (it could take some getting used to).

Where to buy

You can either buy the cloud nine C989M ErgoFS from their Amazon store or Get directly from their website.

Cloud Nine ErgoTKL Ergonomic Split Mechanical Keyboard (Cloud Nine Keyboard)

Cloud Nine ErgoTKL Video illustration

Another Cloud Nine Keyboard is the Cloud Nine ErgoTKL Ergonomic Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard, which is similar to the Cloud Nine ErgoTKL. In order to assist you in achieving your optimal typing posture, this small tenkeyless ergonomic split keyboard is designed to allow you to alter the split, angle, and tilt in an unlimited number of ways.

It is a form of QWERTY keyboard that does not have a 10-key numeric keypad, which is typically placed on the right side of a regular keyboard (hence the term “tenkeyless”). Mechanical switches or membrane switches may be used in the construction of tenkeyless keyboards.

Gamers appreciate Tenkeyless keyboards due to the fact that they take up less space on a gaming console. Some people choose to use a tenkeyless keyboard because it saves space on their workstations, while others prefer to use one since they don’t need to use the number keypad very often.

When you use our Cloud Nine Keyboard, you can say goodbye to painful wrists, fatigued shoulders, and typing discomfort. Once you’ve experienced the typing difference that the Cloud Nine Keyboard provides, you’ll never want to use a normal keyboard again.

Features of Cloud Nine ErgoTKL Ergonomic Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard

  • Compact: Since the Cloud Nine ErgoTKL is designed to be small in size, it may be installed in small workstations or gaming stations that have limited space availability.
  • Ergonomic Design: The split form of the keyboard, as opposed to traditional tenkeyless keyboards, makes the keyboard very ergonomic. You can type in whatever position is most comfortable for you. You may adjust the position of the keyboard halves so that you are typing with your arms at shoulder width, eliminating wrist cramping. Your wrists are in a natural and proper alignment because of this.
  • Magnetic Snaps: Unlike other split keyboards, the Cloud Nine Keyboard’s magnetic snaps allow the keyboard halves to be put together fast and effortlessly, allowing for a more ergonomic typing experience.
  • Thick and Soft Palm Rests: The combination of fat palm cushions and a negative tilt allows you to type naturally while keeping your hands at rest.
  • Extra USB Port: Because the keyboard may be divided, you can place accessories such as a mouse in the center of the keyboard. Because of the easy USB port, you are connecting accessories with short cords is not a problem.
  • Cherry MX Mechanical Switches: The Cherry MX Red switches make faster, smoother, and quieter typing possible without compromising on accuracy. It is possible to press and register up to ten key presses at the same time using the anti-ghosting feature.
  • Customizable: The Cloud Nine Keyboard can be customized to meet your specific needs. As an example, you can switch to the game mode by deactivating the Windows key on your keyboard.
  • Macros: To increase productivity, boost efficiency, and program complicated executions, the Cloud Nine ErgoTKL can be programmed with as many as four macros that can be designed and assigned to the M keys.
  • Hotkeys: The Cloud Nine ErgoTKL contains separate hotkeys for the CUT, COPY, PASTE, and SELECT ALL functions, allowing you to type more quickly and uninterruptedly while using the keyboard.
  • Smart Wheel: You can easily adjust the volume of your videos and music files thanks to the central smart wheel on the device. This feature is not available on the majority of conventional tenkeyless keyboards.
  • RGB LED: The RGB LED lights that can be customized make using the keyboard more enjoyable and intriguing and more interactive and thematic. If you are playing computer games on your keyboard, this is extremely important to remember. In addition to the 19 pre-programmed patterns, you may further modify the lights by downloading the Cloud Nine Keyboard software.
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Why go for Cloud Nine ErgoTKL Ergonomic Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard?

  • Backlit Keys: Cloud Nine’s illuminated keyboard makes it easy to type in any location, even in bright sunlight. A total of 19 different backlighting patterns and colors are available on the Cloud Nine Keyboard, which features premium CHERRY MX (Brown) RGB mechanical switches. The Cloud Nine Keyboard is available in black or white. Alternatively, you can use the app to create a custom color. Furthermore, the Cloud Nine Keyboard is not monotonous as a result.
  • Engineered to Fit: Your hands are kept comfortable by the Cloud Nine ErgoTKL, which separates them at a natural width apart and allows you to type organically. By including 7° of built-in tenting, the Cloud Nine Keyboard also helps to maintain your wrists aligned at their natural inward angle.
  • Hotkeys: The Cloud Nine Keyboard helps you increase your productivity by providing dedicated hotkeys for CUT, COPY, PASTE, and SELECT ALL. The app also gives you the ability to create your own custom functions that may be used in other applications. What’s more, there is more. The Cloud Nine Keyboard comes with an extra set of “M” keycaps for creating unique assignments, allowing you to work more efficiently at your desk.
  • Made for Standing Desks: With a forward tilt of 0°/4°/7°, you’ll always have palm support, whether you’re sitting, standing, or transitioning between the two throughout the course of the day. So whether you’re sitting or standing, the Cloud Nine ErgoTKL Ergonomic Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard will keep you productive and comfortable.

Pros of Cloud Nine ErgoTKL Ergonomic Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard

  • Backlit with RGB LED lights
  • Braided PC cable
  • Built-in smart wheel for volume control
  • It can be split into two halves
  • Cherry MX mechanical switches (3 separate models to choose from)
  • Customization options using the cloud nine app
  • Ergonomic design
  • Extra USB port
  • Includes hotkeys and Macros
  • Magnetic snaps for secure joining of the two halves
  • Thick and soft palm rests
  • 0, 4, or 7-degree tenting
  • 19 built-in lighting patterns

Cons of Cloud Nine ErgoTKL Keyboard

  • Causes wrist cramps when joined.
  • It is inconvenient when it comes to numbers (an additional numeric keyboard may be needed).
  • More expensive than other conventional or split keyboards
  • Split design demands additional cables in addition to the to-PC cable
  • Uneasy for individuals used to type on ordinary keyboards.

Where to buy

You can buy the Cloud nine ErgoTKL keyboard from their Amazon store, or directly from their website.

Why Choose Cloud Nine Keyboard? (As a brand)

Quality Features

The Cloud nine Keyboard company guarantees you quality design and astonishing workflow. Their keyboards are packed with mind-blowing features for a fairly priced range.

Returns Policy

For any reason you are not satisfied with your Cloud Nine keyboard, they provide a simple, risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee. If your item is deemed defective, they will gladly replace your mechanical keyboard with a brand new one, provided that it is returned within 180 days of receipt of the product. You will, however, be responsible for the delivery charges. Nonetheless, we believe this is a reasonable deal because you will have a full 180 days to assess whether or not the product is functioning properly.

If you choose not to receive a replacement, you can still receive a store credit in lieu of it. During regular business hours, you can reach out to the Cloud Nine team to learn more about how their shop credit program works: 888-232-5824.

Shipping Policy

Cloud Nine Keyboards are only available for free shipping inside the 48 contiguous states of the United States of America. So far, there have been no problems with the shipment process. Some verified Cloud Nine Keyboard purchasers reported that their keyboards came within the specified 48-hour time frame.


The Cloud Nine Keyboard is backed by a limited one-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. On the other hand, their standing desk is backed by a three-year warranty.


The split design of the Cloud Nine Keyboard, which is large and modular, alleviates discomfort points as you use it. Although it has some disadvantages, such as a hefty price tag, it is reasonable to conclude that the numerous features and functionalities it offers make the investment worthwhile.

The ergonomic elements of the keyboard, such as the tenting angle and general positioning, were also uneasy to get accustomed to at first, but after the user has become used to the keyboard in the correct position, it is smooth and comfortable to type from that point forward.

The Cloud Nine Split Mechanical Keyboard, on the other hand, has a perfectly level slope at the sides of either half, but the Cloud Nine Split Mechanical Keyboard does not. The angle climbs to 14 degrees in the midpoint, which is quite significant. You may type with your wrists at a natural and comfortable angle as a result of the slope created by the keyboard.

To top it all off, the Cloud Nine keyboard boasts a spacious and wide wrist rest that provides comfort for your hands as you type.