Raycon Earbuds: Are Raycon Waterproof?

In recent years, Raycon Earbuds have been in the Top 20 list of Best earbuds within budget, yet with the best quality guaranteed. The Raycon brand has transitioned in several ways towards providing you with the best valued Wireless Earbuds. Now you see several questions trending on the web, asking: Are Raycon Waterproof? Which of the Raycon Bluetooth earbuds is waterproof?

Rating from Raycon E25 (the everyday earbuds), the E50 that was upgraded to E55 in 2019, the E85 (the work earbuds ultra), the E100 (Raycon the fitness earbuds), the Raycon gaming earbuds – we would be giving you their significant specifications, features, and consumer reviews. So, sit and read while we take you down the Raycon Global, answering all frequently asked questions.

What are Raycon Earbuds?

Raycon Earbuds are sleek-fancy-looking earbuds with premium sounds at the best price. The earbuds are produced and marketed by the Raycon Global company worldwide. The Raycon wireless earbuds come in a variety of models (about 3 of its models are currently on active sales) – while some like the e25 series are for everyday activities, others like the Raycon E85 are perfect for getting the work done with more intuitive noise cancellation and other great functionalities.

The Raycon earbud and its relations were first introduced in the market in 2017. The name was coined from the founder’s name: “Ray J” as he was professionally known. His actual name is William Ray Norwood Jr. You can read more about Ray J’s early life, career, achievements, and storyline on Wikipedia.

Are Raycon Waterproof?

Yes, Raycons are waterproof. As stated on the Raycon official website, While the E25, E50 (Now E55), Raycon E85 are built with IPX4, IPX6, and IPX5 water-resistant rating, respectively, they are only best fit for use along the poolside or workout. They are for grade protection against weather, Water splash, and sweat; they are not to be used for swimming or directly during shower time.

The International Electronic Commission (IEC) assigns IP ratings to electronic devices and certifies the company for the device indicating its actual rating after all tests are completed. That IP number indicates if an electrical gadget can withstand exposure to dust or water and at what strength. From the above, you will see that The Raycon everyday (E25) and Performer (E55) earbuds numbered 4 to 5 on the IPX waterproofing scale of 1 to 9, and this makes them “water-resistant” Instead.

Raycon E85 is built for office choice, so the company focused more on its outdoor feature without putting much concern on its waterproof rating. Rather they made it water-resistant with an IPX4 rating and added outdoor functionalities such as the “noise cancellation” feature and more.

However, Raycon the fitness earbuds (E100) are made for more tough weather conditions with an IPX7 waterproof rating. With the IPX7 rating, be rest assured that your Raycon E100 is good to go for diving not more than 3.2 feet (1meter) deep into the pool according to IEC qualification.

Which Raycon Earbuds Are Right For You?

Let us briefly discuss each of the Raycon earbud models, their features, Pros, and Cons; then, you should be able to make your choice.

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The Everyday Earbuds

Are Raycon Waterproof
Raycon E25 Earbud

The Everyday Earbuds (E25) are Raycon’s entry-level offering earbud. They are the cheapest in price and ideal for everyday use, with a battery life of up to 6 hours for listening to audio and making or receiving calls, and a charging case with a capacity of up to 32 hours.

Here are key highlights of the E25 earbuds features:

  1. LIGHTWEIGHT WITH A COMFORTABLE FIT: The Raycon Everyday (E25) Earbuds are light and so comfortable to wear. They are ergonomically intended to provide a secure fit while preventing fatigue and providing long-lasting comfort.
  2. 32 HOURS OF QUALITY SOUND: The E25 offers up to 8 hours of playtime on a single charge, with a compact charging case that comes with an inbuilt 400-mAh rechargeable battery. This case can hold the battery for up to 24 more hours and can be recharged on the go. The case can also be replaced in case of damage.
  3. THE TRUE WIRELESS EXPERIENCE: The earbud comes with superb Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which guarantees you a stable connection. They connect with all Bluetooth devices and can stay a far range of up to 33 feet apart.
  4. WATERPROOF: The Everyday earbud comes with IPX4 water-resistant technology. This feature allows you to wear them in the rain, during a workout at the gym, hiking,  running, yoga, jogging or traveling.
  5. BASS YOU CAN FEEL: The Raycon earbud pride itself on the wonderful bass it produces.

PRICE OF E25 EARBUDS: The e25 is currently sold for $79.99

The Raycon E55

  • The Raycon E55 comes as an upgraded version of E50.
  • It is lightweight and have a comfortable fit just as the E25.
  • It comes with a 36 hours battery lifespan. Better than the E25
  • Wireless charging case
  • Powered with Bluetooth 5.2 technology
  • IPX5 waterproof rating
  • A good base that can make you feel better.

The Raycon E85 (the work earbuds ultra)

The Raycon E85, also referred to as “the work earbuds ultra,” is built for office use. It has all E25 and E55 features, plus an advanced noise cancellation.

It has a good battery lifespan and a powerful Bluetooth technology for connectivity as well.

It is portable and comfortable to fit in the ear.

The Raycon E85 only has one colour which is carbon black with over 1K 5-star ratings

The Raycon Gaming Earbuds

raycon gaming earbud
The Raycon earbud

Here are the core features:

  1. Your voice is heard live and clear with optimized gaming built-in mic
  2. 31 hours battery life
  3. Three (3) sound profile
  4. Touch control access
  5. Hypersync low latency (Lossless, streaming, lag-free gaming.)
  6. 4.5 average star rating from over 174 reviews,
  7. Available colour: Carbon Black, Cyber Blue, Digital Purple, Jet Silver

Raycon the fitness earbuds (The Raycon E100)

raycon the fitness earbuds
Raycon the fitness earbuds

Raycon the fitness earbuds bangs with these core features:

  1. More comfortable to wear with better function than the E25, E55, E85
  2. Perfect fit stabilizer
  3. 54 hours of useful battery lifespan
  4. IPX7 waterproof (Can withstand water up to 3.2 feet (1meter)in the pool)
  5. Three (3) sound profiles.
  6. For crystal clear phone calls.
  7. With over 37K 5 star rating from active buyers

Are Raycon Earbuds worth the high cost Price?

Many will keep repeating this question countless times: Why are Raycon Earbuds so Expensive?

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Raycon Earbuds are reasonably priced in a very competitive Bluetooth headphone industry, where most worthwhile wireless earphones cost more than $100.

Raycon Everyday E25 earbuds will set you going for a price less than $80. They’re small, lightweight, and exceedingly comfy. The headphones come with a charging capsule and are intended to be used on a daily basis, hence the name.

Raycon’s Performer E55 headphones are the highest-end earbuds in the company’s current lineup. They cost more than $100 and include a wireless charging case as well as up to “36 hours” of battery life.

Raycon earphones are similarly compact, yet they adapt well to your ears. They are often comfortable, even when worn for lengthy periods and look terrific.

The Work Earbuds are currently the most expensive Raycon headphones, and they cost about $139.99. However, this purchase includes a wireless charging case, as well as some really intriguing features on the headphones themselves.

The Work set is noise-cancelling; however, it is simple to alter to “Ambient Mode.” That is, when you need to concentrate on your task, the noise-cancelling feature will block out distracting noises.

When it’s time to talk, you may instantly switch to the ambient setting to hear outside sounds clearly.

We prefer Raycon the fitness earbud, as it has the highest IPX rating of 7 amongst all Raycon’s earbuds. Also, have good battery life, comfortable to fit and at the best price. Maybe, because I am a sports lover, you are always cool to make your best pick among all.

Does Raycon Have an App?

No, Raycon does not have an app for now. Although, you won’t be able to connect the Raycon earbud through one app, but with a  Bluetooth-enabled device, you can pair with the earbuds pretty quickly. 

Does Raycon Have a Mic?

Yes, Raycon does come with built-in microphones. They are also compatible with Bluetooth connectivity and can withhold a longer range of connections.

Raycon Earbuds Consumer Reports

From each of the product pages on Raycon’s official website, we found numerous real customer reviews – on average, there are over 5k total reviews and at least on a scale of 4.5-star average rating.

Raycon made their review process open and transparent. Here are a few of what consumers reported after purchasing one of the Raycon earbuds.

I recently purchased the Gaming Earbuds as an alternative to my full gaming headset, as to give my ears and hair a break from a full clunky model. Also, to wonder around the streets like a cool kid and listen to music.

Overall, it was worth the purchase. The sound quality is excellent, and admittedly not as vibrant as full chonky pro headsets, it sounds beautiful when immersion isn’t 100% critical to your experience (and even then, the noise canceling and quality is very immersive).

My main concern going into the purchase was related to possible latency issues while gaming, as I sometime rely heavily on sound as a key indicator. In all modes, the latency was non-existent; this was true for both my PC and my PS4 (after purchasing a Bluetooth receiver).

The only “problem” I experienced was with the battery. The initial advert for the earbuds claim a 31 hour life, but this is while not in use. The active life for the earbuds is around 7 hours. While much shorter than 31 hours, it’s a standard life and probably a good time to be reminded to take them out and do something else anyway.

Chris S. – United States

I have small ear holes so it is very hard to find a pair of ear buds that fit properly. But these sit so perfectly in my ear, without being uncomfortable and the sound is also top notch!

Johnny T. – Canada

Love them, especially with ANC mode. The case stays charged forever, very happy with them. Dropped the right earbud in a glass of wine accidentally. Fully submerged in Cabernet Sauvignon for 5-10 seconds. Rinsed, let dry for 48hrs. Factory reset and works like a charm.

Alex K. – United States

I love these earbuds. I am neurodivergent, so it can be tough focusing at work if I can’t control sensory input, but the ANC mode is great for listening to my podcasts in peace. If I’m listening to music, which is much noisier, at work, I’ll do so in Awareness mode so my coworkers can still get a hold of me if they need to. I had a cheap pair of Bluetooth earbuds I was using before that were great to me for about a year, but they had a much shorter battery life, so I’m loving the Work Earbuds and their long life. They last just about my whole work day where I have to charge my old pair around lunch time. I’m really happy with them and will definitely recommend them to others. I’m sure next time I need earbuds, I will be a repeat customer! ❤️

Jean L. – United States

The battery life is good, sound nothing out of this world but good, comfortable for long hours, the mic for call is nice and clear and the controls easy to learn but once in a blue moon it may miss a tap. The one thing which is holding it back is noise blocking and awareness mode both are not that good, is the block there is not that much difference from normal and awareness has a bit of buzz hum and not good with the music up.

Sion W. – United Kingdom

They are very good with my Samsung phone. Pair immediately and work great. I love the awareness mode and all of the touch commands. You can also use one earbud at a time if you were wondering and the controls will change to skip forward and turn up volume on the one your using. I recommend these for ppl that want airpods pros but don’t have an iPhone because that’s what they compare to for half the price. I know this because I like tech and comparing them. Have a great day!

Mark C. – Canada

using the earbuds for about a month now and im happy with the product overall.

didnt fell out of my ear once although they kinda hurt a little bit after 1 or 2 hours. but thats why they have multiple sizes. Good price, good quality

Kerstin Z. – Germany

I struggle to find earbuds that fit my small ears and don’t cause my ears to hurt after wearing them and these cover both of those! I can wear them for hours and they never fall out and they don’t cause my ears to hurt either!

Christi F. – United States

Where can I buy Raycon Earbuds?

Raycon earbuds are sold on Amazon and also on the raycon’s official website. Do not that the Raycon’s product frequently finishes in stock on Amazon, in this case you will have to wait for a restock or you buy directly from the official companies website.

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The Raycon earbuds and other gadgets are available for shipment to We currently ship to anywhere within the United states, and also ship internationally to the following countries: Canada, Poland, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Ireland, Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, Austria, Romania, Finland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Hungary, and Croatia.

All those buying from the US gets a free shipping for orders above $30USD while those buying from other countries will attract small amount of shipping cost.

Shipment may be extended to other countries not listed here if you are buying from their Amazon store.

Is Raycon a Scam?

No, Raycon is not a scam. It is a US based company owned by Ray J. You can him out on Linkedin here, and on Wikipaedia here. They have been on active operation in the tech industry since 2017 and ever since then, they have recorded thousands of great positive reviews from different customers around the world.

Probably, if you have been following different entertainment social activities on Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok, and Facebook, you would have seen one or more of your favourite celebrity rocking one of the Raycon’s brands. It’s stylish, fun, and fashionable. You can view some compiled lists of celebrities that have rocked and still rocking the Raycon earbud here.

Take Away

A lot of people like Raycon Earbuds because they’re easy to wear, are small, and have a lot of bass. They have different varieties of options to fit each consumer need. The earbuds are small and lightweight, so they’ll stay in your ears as you work out or go about your day at work.

If you like your music to have a lot of bass, Raycon can help. Their music is pretty loud, but not so loud that it hurts your ears. Bass doesn’t get in the way when you’re talking on the phone; your caller will sound normal in this earbud.

Beyond these features, Raycon has become a big name in the tech world. Their company has been functional for half a decade now and still growing. They have recorded a substantial amount of customer reviews on all their products and they listen to customers feedback to bring follow-up upgrades and versions.

You getting to know about Raycon for the first is a big win and hopeful shall return with great testimony too.

It is also cool to let you know that Raycon earbuds come with 1year warranty covered in a terms of use. So you feel glad and confident ordering your best earbud without any special risk attached. If you would prefer to buy through an escrow, buying the Raycon earbud through Amazon will serve you this purpose at will. If you don’t like your purchase, you feel free to return through your purchase source and get back your full refund. Do not forget to drop your review just after your order is received, and tested.

You don’t have to intentionally deep you raycon earbud into a deep water to know if they are waterproof or not. Although for the earbuds and other Raycon’s product with IPX7 rating and above, it won’t likely have any issue with water. Nonetheless, the warranty doesn’t cover water damage as all raycon products have a peculiar specifications and the maximum IPX rating for the earbuds. Currently, for their earbuds, the Raymond fitness earbuds still features the highest IPX rating. We expect more upgrade in the coming months from Raycon Inc

There are still other Raycon alternatives like the BLX buds BY Quality Performance Limited. The BLX Buds earbuds are sold for $59.99 and offer good features as well. You can check out the BLXBud company here