Is Legit or a Scam? An In-Depth Review

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Is Legit or a Scam? Sports fans are always on the lookout for affordable and legitimate ways to stream their favorite games. While many turn to traditional cable or satellite providers, the high costs and restrictive blackouts have led more fans to explore live TV streaming services as an alternative.

One such service that has gained traction recently is – a streaming platform that provides access to NFL games and other major sports leagues. With advertised features like no blackouts, multiple device support, and a low starting price of just $6.99 per week, seems like an attractive option at first glance.

However, not all streaming services are created equal. With so many options available today, it’s difficult to know whether a particular service you’ve never heard of before can really deliver on its promises.

In this in-depth review, we’ll take a closer look at to determine whether it’s a legit streaming service worth considering or just too good to be true.

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Overview of’s Offerings

According to its website, provides live streaming access to the following major sports properties:

  • NFL games (all 272 regular season and playoff games)
  • NFL RedZone
  • NFL Network
  • Major Rugby leagues like Top 14, Pro 14 and Super Rugby.

The service advertises that it offers 1080p resolution streams without any lag or interruptions from ads. It also promises “no blackout restrictions,” allowing users to watch local games regardless of their location. supports streaming to a wide range of devices including Android TV, Fire TV, Roku, Xbox, Chromecast, iOS, Android and more. Subscriptions are billed on a weekly ($6.99), monthly ($19.99), semi-annual ($69.99) or annual ($99.99) basis with no contract commitments.

On the surface, these offerings seem competitively priced compared to traditional cable packages which can cost $100+ per month. But does actually deliver the viewing experience it promises? Let’s dig deeper.

Is Legit or Scam

To determine whether is a legit streaming service or just smoke and mirrors, there are several key aspects to vet:

Licensing and Copyrights

For a service to legally stream live sports content, it needs appropriate licensing and distribution rights from the leagues themselves. On’s website, there is no mention of actual partnerships or licensing deals with the NFL, NFL Network, NCAA or other rights holders.

This is a major red flag, as legally obtaining all necessary rights to stream live games would be extremely costly for any new service. Without publicly disclosing affiliate deals, there is reason to be skeptical that has the proper approvals in place.

Payment Security

Reputable services ensure customer payment data and financial transactions are processed securely. On, there are no references to technologies like SSL encryption or compliance with PCI data security standards. Customers also report being unable to reach any live phone support.

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Physical Address

While lists a Cheyenne, Wyoming address on its site, a quick search finds no corresponding business registration or reviews for this company at the location. Additionally, the phone number on file trace back to a random Wyoming residential address. Shady services often use PO boxes or fake addresses.

Streaming Quality

Many user reviews complain of frequent buffering, resolution downgrades mid-stream, and an inability to watch full games—even on high-speed connections. This is contrary to’s claims of “zero lag” 1080p broadcasts. Poor streaming quality is a tell-tale sign of unreliable infrastructure.

Domain History

Whois lookups show’s domain was registered less than 6 months ago. Legit streaming providers are established businesses with a history of delivering quality service, not fly-by-night operators. A brand new domain is a red flag, especially combined with other suspicious signs.

Based on these established best practices for vetting services, there are just too many unanswered questions and inconsistencies with that cast serious doubt on the legitimacy of its operations. Let’s examine some additional evidence.

User Reviews Reveal Consistency Issues

To get a sense for actual customer experiences, I reviewed over 100 reviews posted across various forums and review sites. While a few positive anecdotes exist, the overwhelming majority report frustration and dissatisfaction:

  • Streams frequently buffer or fail to load entirely, even on high-speed connections. One user said “It’s borderline unusable.”
  • When streams do work, video quality is often lower than advertised 720p or 1080p with pixelation and stuttering common.
  • Local and nationally televised games are regularly unavailable to stream despite no blackout claims. Customers report mostly finding obscure international games.
  • Customer support response times for issues average 2+ weeks according to reviews with many tickets closed unresolved.
  • Cancellation and refund requests are routinely ignored resulting in unauthorized charges despite advertised “no contract” terms.
  • Multiple customers said they signed up, saw streams didn’t work as promised, and were unable to cancel in time to avoid future charges.

The consistency of these negative experiences suggests is either misrepresenting its technical capabilities or lacks the infrastructure resources to reliably deliver on its core service offerings. Either way, trusting them with payment information looks quite risky based on this evidence.

No Evidence of Actual Partner Relationships

For a company to secure exclusive multi-year streaming rights for entire sports leagues costs billions of dollars. Leagues zealously protect their valuable TV contracts and intellectual property.

Yet despite advertising access to premium live NFL, NCAA and international rugby content, provides zero public details about the specific licenses and distribution agreements that would enable these broadcasts.

A whois lookup of domains shows they were registered just months ago by parties with no known sports streaming credentials or connections to major rights holders.

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Industry insiders confirm there is no record or evidence of inking deals with entities like the NFL, individual teams or networks that would legally allow rebroadcasting their copyrighted live games and programming.

Without transparent proof of authentic licensing, claims of an expansive on-demand sports library should be considered deceptive at best. No established league would risk its reputation partnering with an unvetted fly-by-night operator like

The Bottom Line – Appears to be a Scam

Based on an extensive review of’s website claims, user reviews, and inability to substantiate legitimate content rights, the service displays all the hallmarks of being an illegitimate operation:

  • Zero evidence it has the proper licensing to stream promised live sports content legally.
  • Questionable physical presence, contact details and domain registration history.
  • Overwhelmingly negative user reviews citing routine broken service and difficulties unsubscribing.
  • No transparency into technology infrastructure or customer payment security practices.

While the advertised low prices and large content library seem enticing, all signs point to misleading customers and charging recurring fees for a service that does not and realistically cannot deliver as marketed. Reputable alternatives like FuboTV, Sling TV and YouTube TV have proven track records and partner directly with rights holders.

Unless and until becomes significantly more transparent by publicly disclosing league partnerships and making concrete strides to address service quality complaints, sports fans should steer clear. The risk of unauthorized credit card charges or exposing personal details to a questionable operator is simply too great.

There are better, more legitimate options available that won’t leave fans frustrated or potentially victimized. Caveat emptor applies with – let the buyer beware.

Table Showing Competitive Services

As an alternative, here is a comparison of against reputable live TV streaming choices:

Service Starting Price Content Partners Device Support Picture Quality Support Availability $6.99/week Undisclosed/Unverified Limited + Poor Reviews Sub-720p Buffering Issues 2+ Weeks Response Time
FuboTV $64.99/month Fox, ESPN, NFL Network Wide + Mobile Apps Consistently 1080p 24/7 Phone & Chat Support
Sling TV $30/month AMC, TNT, ESPN Live TV + On Demand Reliable 720p-1080p Live 24/7 Phone Support
YouTube TV $64.99/month Local NBC, ABC, Fox Wide Device Support Industry-Leading Quality Online Help Center 24/7

As the table outlines, while has an attractive initial price, it lacks the established reputations, content partnerships and customer service reliability that make reputable providers worth the subscription cost for serious sports fans in the long-run.

In conclusion, all signs point to being too good to be true. The service promises access to premium live sports content at an unsustainably low price, but lacks any transparency into how it has legitimately secured the rights to stream such programming.

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User reviews consistently report unreliable streaming quality, missing or changed games, poor customer support, and difficulty canceling subscriptions – all hallmarks of a deceptive operator. With no public evidence of actual partnerships with major sports leagues, fans have no assurances their payments and personal information are secure.

While the dream of an inexpensive service to watch all your favorite teams is enticing, reality has shown that quality streaming requires substantial ongoing infrastructure investments backed by real distribution deals. Services like FuboTV that partner directly with rights holders, invest heavily in technology, and focus on the user experience have earned their reputations as the best choices for sports fans.

Alternative Options and Important Considerations

For sports lovers still seeking alternatives to traditional cable packages, here are some better options that deliver on their promises:


At $64.99/month, FuboTV does cost more than but includes dozens of sports-focused channels like beIN Sports, NFL Network, NBA TV along with major broadcast networks. They stream in reliable 1080p with DVR included. A legitimate go-to for serious sports fans.

Sling TV

Their $30-35/month Sling Blue or Sling Orange packages streams ESPN, local FOX affiliates and other sports channels in HD. Add-ons like Sports Extra bring NBA TV, NFL Network etc. Reliable provider with sizable channel roster at a fair price point.

YouTube TV

Starting at $64.99/month, YouTube TV provides local broadcast networks, cable sports channels and cloud DVR storage. Wide device compatibility and industry-leading streaming quality make it one of the top cable alternatives overall.

Additionally, consider location when subscribing – streaming services are still subject to local blackouts based on where you reside. Research which provider covers your area best to avoid frustration. Most offer free trials to test quality beforehand too.

No matter the service, increased research to vet legitimacy can help sports fans avoid financial risks from illegitimate outfits masquerading as affordable alternatives like Reputable providers earn loyalty by delivering premium experiences backed with proof of licensing and technical capabilities. Caveat emptor still applies online too.

In summary, while the price of cable continues rising, sports streaming options remain plentiful if you do your homework to identify trustworthy providers that will treat customers right long-term over transient deals that seem too good to be true. may offer the latter based on available evidence. Authentic league partnerships and reliability should be top priorities when subscribing.

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