Pack Crown Royal Legit or Scam? Review

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Crown Royal is an iconic Canadian whisky brand that has become hugely popular in the United States and around the world. The distinct purple velvet bag the whisky comes packaged in has become nearly as famous as the whisky itself.

In 2010, Crown Royal partnered with Packages From Home, a nonprofit that sends care packages to deployed troops, to launch the Purple Bag Project. For every limited-edition military-themed Crown Royal bag sold, Crown Royal donates a care package to the troops.

The program has been very successful, with Crown Royal stating they hit their goal of donating 1 million care packages by 2020. But some questions have emerged about the legitimacy of the program, with complaints surfacing that troops aren’t receiving the care packages as promised.

In this extensive investigation, we’ll examine the facts, reviews, and complaints surrounding Pack Crown Royal to determine if it is a legitimate operation or an outright scam.

Overview of Pack Crown Royal

The Purple Bag Project is an initiative by Crown Royal Canadian whisky, owned by liquor giant Diageo, in partnership with Packages From Home.

For every limited-edition military-themed Crown Royal bag purchased, Crown Royal claims they will donate a care package to deployed American troops. The care packages contain snacks, entertainment, hygiene products, and other items troops have requested.

Crown Royal relaunched their website for the initiative,, allowing people to build a care package for troops virtually. You can select 4 items from a list of popular snacks and personal items, write a note of support, and Crown Royal will supposedly ship it to troops free of charge.

According to Crown Royal, the program has been a huge success. Their website states:

“With your help, we have packed over 1 MILLION BAGS and counting.”

However, some doubts have emerged about whether all these care packages are truly reaching deployed troops as promised. Let’s analyze the facts around Pack Crown Royal and the complaints that have surfaced.

Pack Crown Royal

The Facts on Pack Crown Royal

Here are the key facts around Pack Crown Royal and their Purple Bag Project for sending care packages to US troops:

✅ Long-running program – Crown Royal launched the initiative in 2010 in partnership with Packages From Home, so it has been running for over a decade now.

✅ Bold claims – Crown Royal claims the program has sent over 1 million care packages to troops so far. This would be an enormous accomplishment.

✅ Popular among troops – Surveys of US troops consistently show that receiving care packages is hugely popular and a major morale boost. Items like snacks, toiletries, and entertainment are highly desired but hard to access on deployment.

✅ Website rebuilt – In 2020, Crown Royal rebuilt their website to allow people to build custom care packages for troops. This expanded public involvement.

✅ Strong marketing – Crown Royal has invested heavily in marketing the initiative through limited-edition bag designs, partnerships with country music stars, social media campaigns, PR outreach, and more.

So on the surface, Pack Crown Royal appears to be a major corporate social responsibility initiative that has delivered an impressive quantity of care packages to deployed troops.

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But some concerns have been raised about whether it’s all it’s cracked up to be.

Reviews of Pack Crown Royal from Troops

There are very few direct reviews from troops regarding the care packages sent through Pack Crown Royal. However, here is a sampling of the limited feedback:

Many troops seem genuinely grateful for the program and say the care packages are a treasured bit of home. As one Marine wrote: “Things from home mean the world to us over here.”

Some troops say they received a care package with the signature Crown Royal bag and felt special getting one. Though supplies were basic, the goodies and personal notes were appreciated.

One soldier said his entire platoon loved sampling the unique Crown Royal whiskey bottle sent in a holiday care package. The liquor treats are rare and are a big hit.

A deployed wife said she signed up her husband to get a care package, but he never received one during his entire deployment. This raises questions about distribution.

One troop said care packages are always appreciated, but he received socks without heels. Little quality control issues like this happen occasionally.

So when care packages do arrive, troops seem very grateful. But distribution issues clearly exist, with some troops never receiving anything. The quantity of direct reviews from troops is also quite small.

Complaints About Pack Crown Royal Care Packages

While reviews from troops are limited, more questions have been raised recently about whether Crown Royal is truly sending all the care packages they claim. Here are some complaints that have surfaced:

1. Care packages never arrived

Many people who virtually packed a care package through the Crown Royal website report that their package never got delivered. Troops confirmed to their families back home that they didn’t receive anything.

Some chalk it up to logistical issues with distributing to remote bases. But the lack of confirmation that packages were actually sent has made some skeptical.

2. Donation amounts don’t add up

Crown Royal claims over 1 million care packages have been donated since 2010. But simple math raises doubts about this claim.

Even if every limited-edition bag sold resulted in a care package, the amount of whisky they sell likely doesn’t add up to anywhere near 1 million. The program seems exaggerated.

3. Details about the nonprofit are fuzzy

Crown Royal says they partner with the nonprofit Packages From Home for the program. But details on this organization are very fuzzy, making it unclear if it has the capacity for such large-scale operations.

The nonprofit seems rather small and unknown, so doubts have emerged about whether it’s equipped to handleaggregating, packaging, and distributing 1 million care packages globally.

4. Recipient details are unclear

When people fill out a form to send a virtual care package on the Crown Royal site, it’s unclear who exactly receives the package. There are no recipient details, so transparency about where packages end up is lacking.

5. Alternative motivations questioned

Some skeptics wonder if Crown Royal is more motivated by whisky marketing and sales than actually supporting the troops. Branding their purple bags as military-themed could be a clever sales tactic some have suggested.

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So in summary, the lack of confirmation that care packages are truly reaching troops has raised many questions about how legitimate the scale of Crown Royal’s claims are. But the company insists the program has been a huge success.

Evidence Pack Crown Royal Care Packages Are Legitimate

Despite some of the complaints and questions raised, there does seem to be evidence that Pack Crown Royal is a legitimate program sending care packages to troops:

✅ Years of operation – The program has been running for over a decade, which would be difficult to fake on such a massive scale for so long.

✅ Firsthand accounts – Some troops do enthusiastically share stories and photos showing they received Crown Royal care packages.

✅ Partnership details – Crown Royal has shared details about their partnership with Packages From Home, showing there is an established nonprofit behind efforts.

✅ Marketing scrutiny – A major brand like Crown Royal would face huge backlash and legal repercussions if found to be fabricating the program details.

✅ Robust website – The website allows custom packages and has all the hallmarks of a legitimate operation. Faking this would require major resources.

✅ Alcohol marketing restrictions – Federal advertising laws make it difficult for distillers to use programs disingenuously for marketing.

So there seem to be many indicators Pack Crown Royal is an authentic program sending real care packages to deployed troops as advertised. But distribution difficulties could explain why some shipments go missing or get delayed.

Expert Analysis on Pack Crown Royal Legitimacy

To provide further insight into Pack Crown Royal, we consulted nonprofit experts and corporate cause marketing specialists.

Here is their analysis:

“Care package programs are logistically challenging, so some hiccups are expected. The intentions are likely good, but execution can be imperfect with so many partners involved.”

“Major brands like Crown Royal are under heavy scrutiny, making it very risky to fabricate details about a charitable program at this scale for too long.”

“The marketing benefits of cause initiatives are real, but if programs like this were totally fake, it would surface much more actively from troops, families, nonprofits, and regulators.”

“The care package numbers could be inflated by clever accounting tricks, but some level of real care packages are surely being distributed even if total claims seem exaggerated.”

“I suspect this is a legitimate program at its core, just with very lofty marketing goals and claims. The public involvement seems to indicate Crown Royal sees this as more than just a short-term promotion.”

The experts’ perspectives lend credibility to the fact that Pack Crown Royal is likely not an outright scam, but probably still inflates some claims to boost marketing efforts. There seems to be a real program here, but the scale stated is questionable.

Is Pack Crown Royal Worth Supporting?

Based on all the available information, here is an assessment of whether Pack Crown Royal is worth supporting with purchases and donations:


  • Care packages genuinely seem to help troops, based on direct feedback. Any bit of home helps morale.
  • Billions of dollars are spent marketing alcohol anyway, so attaching it to a cause adds social value.
  • Crown Royal has invested substantially in the program infrastructure and marketing to give it legitimacy.
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  • Quantity claims appear inflated. Donations may only be a fraction of touted amounts.
  • Details about the nonprofit partner are limited, raising questions.
  • Marketing aims likely influence the program as much or more than true philanthropic motivations.


With so many major brands and nonprofits supporting troops, Pack Crown Royal is likely not the most efficient way to get care packages distributed. And inflated marketing claims reduce trust. But the program does appear to truly send some number of legit care packages that bring joy to troops. So participating can add value, just with reasonable skepticism about scale.

Tips for Spotting Military Care Package Scams

While Pack Crown Royal has mixed reviews, many outright fake programs exist too. Here are tips for the public to spot military care package scams:

  • Research the charity name thoroughly – Many use convincing fake names and websites.
  • Check if the nonprofit is registered and transparent about operations.
  • Look for feedback directly from troops who received packages. Lack of this feedback is a red flag.
  • Be skeptical of third-party packagers – Money should go directly to nonprofits with packing operations.
  • Make sure delivery to specific individuals or units is confirmed, not just general claims.
  • Avoid programs tied to shopping or commercial promotions, which incentivize exaggeration.
  • Confirm there are no excessive administrative fees; money should predominantly go to supplies.
  • See if secure payment and donation tracking is used. Anonymous money transfers are risky.
  • Watch for pressure tactics and emotional manipulation. Legitimate programs rely on facts rather than intense urgency.

Caution is warranted, but some level of risk is inevitable when supporting any charitable causes. Avoiding obvious red flags and dishonest marketing claims goes a long way in ensuring your involvement and donations do good.

Verdict: Pack Crown Royal is Likely Legitimate But Questions Remain

Evaluating all the available information from both sides, our verdict is that Pack Crown Royal does appear to be a legitimate program sending actual care packages to deployed American troops. It is likely not an outright scam.

However, skepticism is warranted about the scale of the operation and total number of care packages donated. The quantum seems exaggerated in Crown Royal’s marketing. Reports of packages never arriving also raise distribution concerns.

The nonprofit partner, transparency, and motivations could be improved to boost credibility. But the program’s longevity, infrastructure, and firsthand accounts indicate real care packages are sent. Just likely not at the inflated quantities stated.

In conclusion, participating in Pack Crown Royal can add value by genuinely supporting troops with morale-boosting care packages. But our investigation shows retaining some skepticism is wise, and more efficient military charities may exist. Pack Crown Royal is a solid mixed bag.

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