Is Blitzhandel24 Legit or a Scam? Buyers BEWARE !!

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Blitzhandel24 is an online retailer specializing in software and IT products, but is Blitzhandel24 legit? In this comprehensive review, we’ll take an in-depth look at Blitzhandel24 to determine if it’s a trustworthy source for software purchases.

Let’s dive in

Blitzhandel24 is a German company that sells software licenses and digital products online. According to their website, they’ve been in business since 2011 and have served over 500,000 customers.

Some of the software products they offer include:

  • Microsoft Office suites
  • Windows operating systems
  • Antivirus and security software
  • Design and creativity suites like Adobe Photoshop
  • Utility software

The company promises quick delivery of products, usually within a few hours of ordering. They also offer free remote IT support and have customer service available.

How Legit is Blitzhandel24?

When buying software online, it’s critical to purchase from legitimate sellers that provide authentic products. There are a few key factors we can examine to evaluate Blitzhandel24’s trustworthiness.

Company Standing & Verification

Blitzhandel24 seems to be a well-established company – their website states they’ve been around since 2011. Searching business registries, we can find an entry for:

  • Blitzhandel24 GmbH
  • Registered in Germany
  • Company Number: HRB 204257

This registration confirms they are a real business entity operating for over a decade.

Blitzhandel24 also displays trust badges on their site from Trusted Shops, EHI Certifications, and Buyer Protection. These help validate the site’s security and credibility.

Product Authenticity

One concern with third-party software resellers is whether their products are genuine or pirated/cracked versions.

Blitzhandel24 asserts they only sell official licensed software. From customer reports, the products do appear to be authentic and activate successfully with manufacturer servers. The software works as expected without problems that sometimes occur with counterfeit versions.

The company also seems to have direct supply partnerships and connections with major software vendors like Microsoft, giving them reliable access to legitimate products.

Customer Experiences

Analyzing independent customer reviews can provide useful insight into a company’s reputation. Here’s an overview of what people are saying about their experiences purchasing from Blitzhandel24:

  • The majority of feedback is positive – on Trustpilot for example, Blitzhandel24 has over 1500 reviews with an “Excellent” rating.
  • Many reviews praise the quick delivery times and easy ordering process. Customers mention receiving software keys rapidly after payment.
  • There are some complaints about incorrect or invalid license keys. However, Blitzhandel24 appears very responsive to these issues and customers report they were able to get working keys after contacting support.
  • Customers mention positive experiences with Blitzhandel24’s customer service team. They helped resolve any activation or download issues encountered.
  • Various reviews mention Blitzhandel24 had the lowest prices compared to other sites for the software they purchased.
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Overall, legitimate paying customers seem very satisfied with Blitzhandel24 and recommend the service. The site has a strong reputation backed by independent reviews.

Security Features

Blitzhandel24 uses standard security technology like SSL encryption, which protects payment and checkout processes. They also offer independent verification services:

  • Trusted Shops – Provides a “seal of approval” after assessing ecommerce sites for reliability, customer service, and safe processes. Blitzhandel24 has earned their certification.
  • Buyer Protection – For additional security, Blitzhandel24 offers €2,500 of coverage via Trusted Shops’ guarantee program. This compensates buyers if issues arise.

These measures help secure any transactions completed on the site. Blitzhandel24 appears to follow best practices for an ecommerce software store.

Common Customer Questions

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions based on buyer concerns and experiences purchasing from Blitzhandel24:

Is Blitzhandel24 legit?

Available evidence – company history, customer reviews, trust certifications, and professional business operations – indicates Blitzhandel24 is a legitimate business. They are not a scam and appear to sell only genuine software.

Are the software products legal?

Blitzhandel24 states the software licenses they sell are officially licensed and legal copies. Customer reports back this up indicating the products pass authentication checks and work properly. There are no red flags to suggest they engage in piracy or illegal distribution.

Can I get a refund if the software doesn’t work?

Blitzhandel24 offers a “money-back guarantee” if a product is defective or incorrectly supplied. They provide reasonably responsive customer service from reviews, so you can likely get a full refund if software is faulty.

Is it safe to enter my payment info on their site?

The site utilizes standard SSL encryption and trusted third-party verification for financial security. Thousands of buyers have successfully purchased from their site without issue. There have been no reports of payment data compromise.

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How quickly will I receive my software?

Most customers report near-instant delivery of their product keys via email. Downloading or activating the software itself depends on your Internet connection and hardware. But delivery of the actual purchase appears very fast.

Will the software work in my country?

Blitzhandel24 states their software works worldwide and offers multilingual versions. Customers from different countries report being able to activate and use the products successfully. Restrictions seem limited to platform (Mac vs PC) and product specifics.

Is their customer service helpful?

Customer reviews praise Blitzhandel24’s customer service for resolving any activation or download issues. They appear very responsive over email and offer remote assistance via TeamViewer. Customers report positive experiences getting support.

The Verdict: Blitzhandel24 is Considered Legitimate and Trustworthy

In summary, Blitzhandel24 exhibits all signs of being a legitimate business selling authentic software:

  • They are a registered German company operating since 2011.
  • Customer feedback indicates their products are licensed and legal copies.
  • The site has earned certifications and trustmarks for safe processes.
  • They offer standard purchase protections like encrypted checkout and money-back guarantees.
  • Reviews praise their customer service and report quick delivery of software keys.

There are few red flags among 1000s of buyer experiences. Negative issues appear effectively resolved by their customer support.

While customers should still exercise reasonable caution transacting online, Blitzhandel24 seems to be a trustworthy and recommended source to purchase software from. They have earned a strong reputation over years of business.

For the reasons outlined in this investigation, Blitzhandel24 can be considered a legitimate, certified reseller of authentic software products.

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Tips for Safely Buying Software Online

While Blitzhandel24 appears reliable based on this review, here are some general tips consumers can follow for safe online software purchases:

  • Verify resellers are authorized distributors for the manufacturer if possible. Blitzhandel24 seems to have direct partnerships with major vendors.
  • Check for indications of security like SSL certificates and independent certifications like from Trusted Shops.
  • Only provide payment information on secure checkout pages. Avoid sites that ask for it via email forms.
  • Review feedback from other customers who have bought from the retailer. Look for any pattern of complaints.
  • Be cautious providing extra personal information beyond what’s required for shipping and payment purposes.
  • Make sure a refund policy is provided in case the product is faulty or incorrectly delivered.
  • Use common sense as you would with any online purchase and be wary of prices that seem too good to be true.
  • Consider using buyer protection programs or payment methods with purchase protection built in.

Following sensible precautions helps prevent problems. But overall Blitzhandel24 is regarded as a legit and trustworthy place to purchase software based on this investigation of experiences and credentials. Just be sure to use a secure device and internet connection when making any online purchases.

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