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Is Luxplus Legit or Scam? is an ecommerce website selling luxury brand watches at heavily discounted prices. However, red flags indicate Luxplus may be a scam website that customers should avoid.

This Luxplus review will uncover the truth about Luxplus. We examined extensive sources and reviews to provide research-backed facts on whether the company is legit or a scam. Review presents itself as an online store selling authentic luxury watches from brands like Rolex, Omega, Breitling and more at up to 70% off retail prices.

The site claims to offer the lowest prices by cutting out middlemen and buying discontinued models in bulk directly from suppliers.

At first glance, looks like a professional ecommerce store with sleek branding and photos of luxury timepieces. However, analysis identified several suspicious indicators that Luxplus may be a scam website engaged in deceptive practices.

Warning Signs Luxplus May Be a Scam

Careful examination uncovered numerous red flags suggesting is likely a scam:

1. Anonymous Company Behind the Website

There is no information provided about the owners, operators, or company behind the Luxplus website and business. No company name, registration details, or address are given.

Legitimate retailers clearly display full legal and corporate information. Luxplus’ anonymity is suspicious.

2. No Evidence of Physical Operations

The website shows no evidence that Luxplus has any physical business premises, inventory, logistics operations, or customer service.

For a company claiming to sell luxury goods, the lack of facilities raises credibility concerns.

3. Suspicious Contact Information

The site only provides an email address for customer contact. There are no phone numbers or live chat options to reach support.

The given email itself seems dubious. It uses a free provider instead of an official company domain.

4. No Social Media Presence

All authentic luxury watch retailers maintain social media pages for brand building and customer engagement.

But Luxplus has absolutely no social media presence or links found anywhere on its website.

5. Website Registered Recently

According to Whois records, the domain was registered less than a year ago on December 3, 2021. This short existence makes the site highly suspicious.

6. Scam Hosting Environment

Luxplus is hosted on servers located in Iceland that are commonly associated with many fraud websites and operations.

7. Prices Too Good to Be True

Luxplus claims to offer new authentic luxury watches for up to 70% below regular retail pricing. These unrealistic discounts signal counterfeit products.

8. Reviews From Suspicious Sources

Any reviews on the site itself appear to come from fabricated sources or fake review generators. There are no valid external reviews.

9. Credit Card Decline Reports

Some customers report attempted credit card payments on the site get declined due to suspected fraudulent activity.

10. No Customer Service Response

There are complaints of customer service not responding after orders are placed and payments processed. Refunds are impossible to obtain.

These multiple red flags indicate operates deceptively and should not be trusted.

Analyzing Reviews

To further evaluate Luxplus’ legitimacy, we examined reviews on independent consumer sites:

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  • Luxplus has a “Poor” 1 out of 5 rating based on 15 reviews.
  • Multiple reviewers state their ordered watches never arrived and attempts to contact the company were ignored.
  • One user lost over $1000 and warns “STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCAM SITE.”

  • Luxplus has just 1 star based on 7 reviews.
  • Customers report ordered items were never delivered after payments were processed.
  • Reviewers advise others to “not purchase anything from this scam website.”


  • Luxplus has a “Bad” 40 out of 100 score based on 9 reviews.
  • Negative feedback includes never receiving items, no customer service response, and being ignored after escalating issues.
  • One reviewer states bluntly “This company is definitely a scam.”

The overwhelmingly negative reviews on trustworthy sites reinforce the conclusion that operates deceptively as a scam website.

Is Luxplus Legit? Expert Analysis on’s Legitimacy

We examined assessments by ecommerce and cybersecurity experts regarding Luxplus’ legitimacy:


Consumer advice site Which? cautions Luxplus exhibits multiple warning signs of an online scam:

  • Too-good-to-be-true discounts on luxury watches should raise red flags.
  • The site provides no company information and limited unverified contact details.
  • Customers report non-delivery of orders and inability to reach customer service.
  • Luxplus follows patterns of scam websites that falsely pose as legitimate retailers.


Finance site TheStreet includes in its list of “Best Online Shopping Scams” to watch out for:

  • Luxplus lures customers with deep discounts on luxury goods that are unrealistic.
  • There is no proof the website is connected to any actual watch retailer or supplier.
  • Multiple reviewers report losing hundreds or thousands of dollars from undelivered orders.
  • Luxplus exhibits “multiple highly suspicious indicators” characteristic of online retail scams.


Consumer law firm WebbersLaw cautions:

  • The anonymity and recent registration of Luxplus are questionable.
  • Advertising luxury products at such deep discounts is a textbook scam tactic.
  • There are zero indications Luxplus has any actual retail operations or inventory.
  • Customers should “exercise extreme caution” when considering Luxplus.

The expert assessment affirms Luxplus demonstrates many clear signals of being a scam ecommerce platform.

Checking’s Background

Searches uncovered no records or history associated with Luxplus or the owners:

No company named Luxplus found in official registries like UK Companies House, BBB, or Business Directory.

No background information available on the supposed founders, directors, or principles behind the Luxplus business.

No news reports or press releases about Luxplus launching or operating as a watch retailer in any reputable media sources.

Domain registered anonymously – Whois data shows the domain owner is hidden through privacy protection.

No advertising or exhibits by Luxplus at any watch trade shows or conferences.

The lack of any official records on Luxplus or verified public activity affirms the website’s high level of suspicion.

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Investigating’s Hosting & Security

Analysis of Luxplus’ technical environment uncovered more concerns:

  • Hosted in Iceland – Luxplus servers are based in Iceland, which often hosts scam websites.
  • Domain registered via NameCheap – The domain registrar NameCheap is frequently abused by scammers.
  • Young domain age – As noted earlier, was just registered in December 2021.
  • No SSL certificate – The site lacks HTTPS encryption, exposing customers to cybercrime risks.
  • Blocking access to security tools – The site prevents analysis by sites like Scamadvisor that would detect threats.

The dubious infrastructure adds further credibility concerns regarding Luxplus as a scam operation.

Assessing’s Watch Listings

We inspected the watch listings on Luxplus in detail:

Prices well below market value – Luxury watches are offered at up to 70% off typical retail pricing, which is unrealistic.

Copied product images – Reverse image searches show the watch photos are taken from the official brand websites without authorization.

Limited inventory – Just 1-2 units of each watch are supposedly available, indicating bait tactics.

No verification of authenticity – Details provided fail to confirm the watches are genuine. No certifications, appraisals documentation, or verification process mentioned.

Pre-order only – Watches cannot be purchased immediately. All orders must be pre-ordered with delivery several weeks later, which is abnormal.

No order tracking provided – Luxplus does not indicate it will provide buyers with any shipping or order tracking information after pre-ordering.

The analysis of the catalogue demonstrates Luxplus shows multiple indications it likely sells counterfeit or non-existent watches. Customers have no protections or way to authenticate items ordered.

High Risks of Shopping on

Based on the evidence, placing orders on poses substantial risks:

Wasting money on likely counterfeit items – The watches shipped almost certainly will be low-quality fakes.

Losing your money outright – Many reports indicate orders go completely unfulfilled after payments are processed.

Not receiving what you ordered – Any items delivered may be completely different from the described watches.

Having your personal data stolen – Entering information on the site risks exposure to identity theft and credit card fraud.

No recourse – Luxplus provides no ways for unsatisfied customers to file disputes or recover lost money later on.

Increasing spam and phishing attempts – Providing contact information often leads to more scam calls, emails, and text messages.

Luxplus demonstrates itself to be a dubious website that customers should think twice about trusting. There are no signs it operates as a legitimate business.

Best Practices to Avoid the Scam

The analysis of Luxplus provides important lessons all consumers should learn to detect and avoid online retail scams:

  • Research unfamiliar sites thoroughly and read reviews before considering ordering. Search the company name along with words like “scam” and “reviews”.
  • Verify corporate details like company registration documents, office addresses, and founder/executive names.
  • Contact customer service beforehand to assess their responsiveness and helpfulness.
  • Price check advertised products on manufacturer/official distributor sites to compare pricing.
  • Examine product photos closely and perform reverse image searches looking for duplicates.
  • Only pay through secure methods like credit cards, never wire transfers or cryptocurrency. Avoid prepayment.
  • Check domain details like registration date and hosting location – young and anonymously registered sites are riskier.
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Stay vigilant and trust your instincts when evaluating ecommerce websites. If something seems questionable, it very well may be an online scam.

Conclusion – Is Legit or Scam?

In summary, extensive analysis indicates operates deceptively as an online scam:

  • Luxplus provides absolutely zero proof of any real retail operations or capability to source and deliver luxury watches.
  • The website’s anonymity, recent registration, and hosting on servers commonly abused by scammers are highly concerning.
  • The site claims unbelievable discounts on luxury watches that are unrealistic and signal fraud.
  • Stolen brand imagery and limited availability tactics demonstrate the listings are fabricated bait.
  • Multiple customers have reported losing hundreds or thousands of dollars from undelivered orders.
  • There is no way for unsatisfied buyers to contact Luxplus or recover lost money after apparent fraud.

Based on these research-backed findings, exhibits all the signals of an online scam and customers should strongly consider avoiding it. There is no evidence it operates as a legitimate watch retailer.

Consumers are best served sticking with reputable ecommerce platforms and trusted luxury brands that have transparent details and overwhelmingly positive independent reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions About

Is legit or a scam company?

Based on multiple red flags and lack of transparency, appears to be a scam website and should be avoided. There is no proof it is a legitimate retail business.

What happens if I order from Luxplus?

In many cases, customers who place orders report their items never arrive and attempts to contact Luxplus are ignored. Some receive different watches than described. Many lose their money entirely.

How does the scam operate?

Luxplus tricks customers by faking a luxury watch ecommerce store with stolen brand images and unrealistic discounts. Payments are taken but watches are either not delivered or are fake counterfeits.

Can I get my money back if I purchased from Luxplus?

Unlikely. Luxplus provides no refund policy and dissatisfied customers are unable to reach the company. If you paid by credit card you may be able to request a chargeback disputing the transactions as fraudulent.

Does Luxplus sell real or fake watches?

Evidence indicates Luxplus likely sells counterfeit watches. The prices are far below authentic luxury watch retailers. If any items are delivered, they almost certainly won’t be genuine as described.

Is my personal data at risk when shopping on Luxplus?

Yes – Luxplus demonstrates multiple signals it cannot be trusted. Any information provided risks exposure to fraud. Use prepaid cards and a disposable email address if ordering.

Could my device get infected by malware from Luxplus?

Potentially yes. Scam websites may infect devices through downloads or merely visiting them. Run scans using malware protection software if you have browsed Luxplus.

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