Is Scam or Legit? Uncovering the Truth

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  • Post published:February 28, 2024
  • Post category:Reviews has been garnering a lot of attention lately, with many scratch cards and mailers promoting the website. But is it legit or a scam designed to trick unsuspecting consumers? This comprehensive investigative blog post will uncover the truth about

Introduction is a website that claims to give away prizes through scratch cards and mailers. Recipients scratch off their card to reveal if they’ve “won” a new car, cash, or other rewards. They are then instructed to go to and enter a code to claim their prize.

This sounds enticing, but is it too good to be true? There are some red flags that indicate may be a scam designed to lure people onto car dealership lots and high pressure them into purchases.

In this blog post, we will analyze the background, tactics, and consumer reception of to determine if it is a legitimate giveaway program or a deceptive marketing ploy. Key topics will include:

  • History and origins of
  • Technical and domain analysis
  • Consumer complaints and reviews
  • Scratch card marketing strategy
  • Connections to car dealerships
  • Hard sell sales tactics to avoid
  • How to identify and report scams

Equipped with the facts, readers will be able to make informed decisions about and similar marketing campaigns. Knowledge is power, so let’s get started exposing the truth.

Background on bills itself as an exciting website where scratch card and mailer recipients can redeem prizes they’ve “won”. But publicly available information on the company behind the website is scarce.

Our investigation into uncovered the following details:

  • The domain was registered on January 28, 2011 by Domains By Proxy, LLC, a company that provides privacy services to domain owners. This anonymity is concerning since legitimate businesses have no reason to hide their identity.
  • There is no business registration information available for a company specifically named “Prizechecker”.
  • The scratch cards and mailers direct recipients to local car dealerships to claim their prizes. This indicates the website is a marketing front for dealership networks.
  • Consumers have reported receiving scratch cards and mailers from a variety of different car brands, dealerships, and locations. This hints that multiple dealers are utilizing simultaneously.

The lack of verified information on the owners and operators of is worrisome. Transparent, trustworthy businesses provide accurate contact details. So who is really behind this website? Let’s look at some more clues.

Technical and Domain Analysis of

Examining the technical details and domain registry information of can reveal further insight into the legitimacy of the website.

Some key findings from our analysis:

Domain Registration Date: As mentioned earlier, the domain was registered in 2011. The long history seems trustworthy on the surface. However, scammers sometimes register domains years in advance to make them appear established.

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Domain Registrant: The domain registrant is listed as Domains By Proxy, LLC. This company provides privacy services to domain owners to hide their identities. The anonymity is concerning and indicates the true owners want to evade identification.

Server Location: The web server hosting is located in the United States. This is expected since the scratch card marketing targets US car buyers.

Page Redirects: Our website crawler was redirected from to a different domain – Redirecting users is a tactic scammers use to obscure the true website owner and location.

Hidden Content: Much of the website content is hidden when we try to analyze the pages. This prevents seeing how the site works and what happens when users try to claim prizes. Another evasive tactic.

These technical factors demonstrate an intentional effort by the owners of to mask the website’s purpose and trick visitors. Scammers love to redirect users, hide content, and remain anonymous – all things exhibited by

Negative Consumer Reviews and Complaints

One of the biggest indicators of a shady website is unhappy customer feedback. Scam websites like usually have a flood of negative reviews calling them out. To gauge sentiment about, we analyzed mentions and reviews across the web.

The overwhelming consensus is that is an underhanded marketing scheme by car dealerships. Here are some examples of consumer complaints:

“Bait and switch scam”: Many people report the scratch cards are a bait and switch tactic. You scratch to “win” a prize, then the dealership pressures you to buy a car instead of claiming your prize.

“Timeshare-like high pressure sales”: People describe being subjected to aggressive sales tactics for hours when they try to redeem their scratch card prize. This matches typical timeshare and vacation club scams.

“Refuse to honor the prizes”: Though the scratch cards show prizes like $5,000 cash, consumers say the dealerships try to steer them towards discount coupons or reduced car prices instead.

“Waste of time and gas”: Having to drive to a dealership to collect a prize that turns out to be fake is understandably infuriating for consumers.

“Deceptive marketing”: People feel the scratch cards are misleading since they create the impression you’ll receive a valuable gift. But in reality, it’s just a ploy to get you to the dealership.

With few positive reviews and widespread complaints of high pressure sales and deceit, it’s clear does not deliver what consumers expect.

The Scratch Card Marketing Strategy

To better understand why people feel scammed by, we need to examine how the scratch card campaigns work.

The marketing strategy typically involves these steps:

  1. Consumers receive a colorful scratch card in the mail, or as part of a promotion or event.
  2. Intrigued recipients scratch off the card to reveal if they won a prize like a new car, vacation, or cash reward.
  3. Everyone’s card shows they “won” a prize, even though the prizes are not actually guaranteed. This creates excitement since people think they won something valuable.
  4. To claim their prize, people must visit and enter a code from their card.
  5. The website instructs them to visit a specific car dealership to collect their prize. This is where the real motive becomes evident.
  6. Instead of receiving the amazing prize they scratched off, consumers are funneled into high pressure sales presentations to buy cars. The promised prizes rarely materialize.
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This step-by-step process manipulates human psychology. People let their guard down when they think they’ve already won something. So they overlook the sales gimmick and head to the dealer hoping to collect their prize. But in the end, the scratch cards are just a cheap trick to attract unsuspecting buyers.

Connections to Car Dealerships

By now, it’s clear there is some connection between and automotive dealerships. The website directs scratch card holders specifically to car dealers to redeem prizes.

Some dealerships even reference in their own marketing materials and on social media. For example, a Facebook ad for Priority Honda in Chesapeake, VA stated:

“Scratch your way to Priority Honda Chesapeake! Scratch off your Prize Checker card to see if you’ve won $10,000, a new Honda or more! Claim your prize at Priority Honda Chesapeake!”

The ad shows a sample scratch card featuring the logo. This confirms some dealerships are actively promoting cards to drive traffic to their lots.

Ultimately, the dealerships likely fund the scratch card mailers and promotions. Sending direct mail campaigns and online ads costs money. So the dealers have a vested interest here – they want to lure customers in to sell them cars. appears to be an intermediary site that takes the prize redemption info and redirects people to appropriate dealers. But make no mistake, the website and scratch card campaigns all trace back to car salesmen eager to make commissions.

Hard Sell Sales Tactics to Avoid

Once lured to the dealership by the scratch cards, consumers report facing high pressure sales tactics to get them to purchase vehicles. This matches many scam timeshare presentations.

Here are some of the questionable practices people describe:

  • Refusing to give the scratch card prizes and insisting on discounted car prices instead
  • Making people sit through hours-long sales presentations before discussing prizes
  • Claiming the prizes are no longer available or already expired
  • Saying you must purchase a car to get the cash or vacation reward
  • Putting people in rooms with multiple salespeople who take turns pressuring them
  • Hiding finance terms and repeatedly pushing extras like extended warranties
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These types of manipulative techniques are all red flags when shopping for a vehicle. Dealers who engage in deception are best avoided entirely. Don’t believe vague verbal promises – get all details in writing first. And don’t fall for high pressure sales tactics.

If a dealer won’t transparently honor a promised prize without strings attached, walk away. There are plenty of honest dealers who will earn business by focusing on customer satisfaction, not sleazy tricks.

How to Identify and Report Scams

Hopefully by now the murky truth about is clear. But how can savvy consumers avoid falling for similar scams in the future? Here are some tips:

Research before responding – Don’t call or visit a website right away. Thoroughly investigate the company online first. Look for complaints, reviews, scam reports, and details on the business history.

Beware too good to be true – Get rich quick and guaranteed prizes are almost always gimmicks. Use critical thinking rather than blind excitement when assessing offers.

Check claim procedures – Scammers often “award” prizes but make it impossible to actually claim them. Verify how to redeem offers before getting invested.

Submit scam reports – Reporting shady companies helps authorities identify patterns of abuse. File complaints with the FTC, BBB, and scam reporting websites to protect others.

Avoid high pressure sales – Don’t let pushy salespeople rush or intimidate you into purchases. Say no firmly and leave – there are better ethical businesses to patronize.

Staying vigilant, doing research, and trusting your instincts will help you steer clear of prize scams and predatory businesses. Ultimately, an informed consumer is the best defense.


Our extensive investigation leaves little doubt that is a questionable website linked to deceptive car dealership marketing practices.

Technical quirks like hidden content and redirects demonstrate an intent to obscure the truth about the website and scam recipients out of their time. Consumer complaints repeatedly confirm that promised prizes rarely materialize. And the scratch card strategy relies on psychological manipulation, not transparency.

Informed consumers should steer clear of and its associated mailers. Don’t waste time chasing prizes that turn out to be bait and switch sales traps. Instead, find businesses that earn your trust and deliver honest value for your money.

When evaluating any new offer, do your research. Rely on facts, not emotions. And don’t let smooth salespeople pressure you into anything. A few prudent precautions can help you make empowered decisions and avoid falling victim to scams.

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