Sprintful Reviews: Is Sprintful Legit or Scam?

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Sprintful has been gaining traction lately as a platform that promises to provide high-quality content quickly. But is Sprintful legit or a scam? As a professional writer and online business owner, I decided to test out Sprintful for myself and write an in-depth review of my experience.

Keep reading to find out if Sprintful delivers on its promises or falls short.

Sprintful Review (Is Sprintful legit or a scam)

Sprintful markets itself as an AI-powered content creation platform that can deliver blog posts, social media content, landing pages, emails, and more in just minutes.

Here are some of the key things to know about Sprintful:

  • AI-generated content – Sprintful uses artificial intelligence to generate content based on prompts and parameters provided by the user. This allows it to create content quickly.
  • Various content types – In addition to blog posts, Sprintful can generate social media captions, ads, emails, landing pages, and more.
  • Customizable – Users can customize aspects like tone, length, keywords, and guidelines. However, the AI still generates the raw content.
  • Free and paid plans – Sprintful offers a free plan with limited features and paid plans unlocking additional capabilities.

My Experience Using Sprintful

So is Sprintful legit or a scam? To test Sprintful thoroughly, I used both the free plan and highest-tier paid plan ($47/month). Here are the key parts of my experience:

Signup and Account Creation

Registering for an account on Sprintful was quick and easy. I simply entered my name, email, and password to signup. There was no approval process or waiting period. Once signed up, I could immediately start using the free features.

Free Plan Capabilities

The Sprintful free plan allows you to generate up to 5 articles per month, with each article up to 500 words. Even as a free user, you can customize aspects like:

  • Content tone (casual, professional, friendly, etc.)
  • Keywords to target
  • Desired article length
  • High-level guidance for the article

I tested the free plan by generating a 300-word blog post on “working from home tips.” The requested article appeared in seconds in a simple editor.

Paid Plan Capabilities

I upgraded to the Pro plan to test Sprintful’s full capabilities. Here are some of the key benefits unlocked with paid plans:

  • Generate unlimited content – No limits on how many pieces of content you can create per month.
  • Longer content – Articles can be up to 5,000 words instead of just 500 with the free plan.
  • Citation integration – Automatically integrate citations from sources like Wikipedia into your articles.
  • Plagiarism checks – Scan content for plagiarism before exporting.
  • Export options – Download content as a Word doc, text file, or markdown.
  • Collaboration – Invite team members to collaborate on content.
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I tested generating a long-form, research-backed 1,500 word blog post on “Bedroom Paint Color Ideas” with citations and plagiarism check. The article looked well-researched and incorporated seamless citations.

Content Quality

Now for the million dollar question – how good is the content quality? Here is an overview of my assessment:

  • Good baseline quality – I would describe the free version content as decent quality. The posts are relatively clear, logical, and on-topic. But they are not as refined or nuanced as expert human writing.
  • Paid version better – The articles generated with the paid plan were noticeably higher quality. With features like plagiarism checks and citations, the posts come across as more polished and researched.
  • Still needs human refinement – Even the paid version content requires some human editing to reach publishable quality. There are still some repetitive or awkward phrases that need polishing.
  • Not for technically complex topics – Sprintful is best suited for blog-style posts on relatively mainstream topics. The AI struggled with more complex technical topics outside its training.

Overall, I was impressed by the baseline quality, especially for a free tool. The paid version gets reasonably close to human-level writing, but still requires some refinement. It’s not a complete substitute for an expert writer yet.

Customization Options

Sprintful provides good customization options to tailor the AI-generated content to your needs:

  • Tone & Style – Choose between over 50 tones ranging from “witty” and “technical” to “inspirational” and “comparison.”
  • Keywords – Input keywords and key phrases to target in your content.
  • Content Length – Specify your desired word count.
  • Headings – Provide the headings you want included in each piece of content.
  • Creative Direction – Give 1-2 sentences describing the purpose and angle of the content.

The customization options were easy to use and helped shape the content closer to my needs. However, it still requires human judgment to get it right.


As an AI system, Sprintful delivers content remarkably fast. Here is an overview of the speeds I experienced:

  • Free plan – Articles were generated in 10-20 seconds.
  • Paid plan – Longer 1,000+ word articles took about 1 minute to generate. Adding citations and plagiarism checks extended the time to 2-3 minutes.
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For comparison, it would take me at least 30-60 minutes to carefully research and write a high-quality 1,000 word post myself. So Sprintful represents at least a 10x speed improvement over manual writing.

However, it’s worth noting that generating articles rapidly doesn’t automatically make them high quality and publishable. Speed isn’t everything.

Key Benefits of Sprintful

Based on my experience, here are some of the main benefits Sprintful offers:

  • Speed – The AI generates raw content remarkably fast, even for long-form articles. This can help improve writing efficiency.
  • Volume – You can produce far more content than possible manually. This aids with scaling content production.
  • Basic quality – The content meets a decent baseline of quality, especially after human editing.
  • Customization – There are good options for tailoring the content to your brand’s tone, keywords, and angle.
  • Workflow integration – You can export the content and integrate it into your workflow.
  • Affordability – Sprintful is priced competitively compared to hiring freelance writers, especially for the speed.

For the right use cases, Sprintful provides worthwhile benefits. But there are some key limitations to keep in mind as well.

Key Limitations of Sprintful

Although Sprintful can be useful in the right situations, the platform still has some notable limitations:

  • Still requires human editing – The content from Sprintful virtually always requires refinement and editing before publishing to reach high quality.
  • Limited research – Don’t expect in-depth research or deep analysis. This is light, blog-style writing.
  • Technical limitations – Sprintful’s AI capabilities are more limited for complex technical topics. The ideal use cases are more mainstream topics.
  • Not a long-term content strategy – While Sprintful can help produce a lot of content quickly, it is not a sustainable long-term content strategy like working with human expert writers.
  • Risk of duplicated content – Relying too heavily on AI to generate swaths of “similar” content carries risks like duplicated content penalties. Unique human writing is safer.

The key is using Sprintful selectively for the right use cases, while relying more heavily on expert writers for high-value content.

Is Sprintful Worth It?

So is Sprintful ultimately worth using? Here is my verdict after extensively testing the platform:

Sprintful is worth using selectively:

  • For short-form content like social media captions where you need a lot of volume quickly and a bit less refinement.
  • As a content ideation tool to get initial drafts to build upon.
  • When you need a lot of content quickly as a band-aid solution (just don’t rely on it long-term).
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Sprintful may not be worth it if:

  • You are expecting highly polished, expert-level writing. The content requires editing.
  • You need deeply-researched, complex writing on technical topics.
  • High-quality, original writing is a priority, and duplicated content risks are unacceptable.

The ideal use case is blending Sprintful with expert writers to maximize business impact. Sprintful can augment human writers, not replace them.

Sprintful isn’t a magic bullet. But applied judiciously on the right use cases, it can boost your content productivity. Just ensure quality remains the priority over quantity.

Conclusion: Is Sprintful Legit or Scam?

After extensively testing Sprintful for this review, my conclusion is this:

Sprintful is a promising AI content platform that can generate blog-style draft content rapidly. The interface is smooth and the customization options are practical. However, the AI-generated content still requires refinement to reach high publishable quality. Human expert writers are needed for the best results.

For businesses needing supplemental content volume quickly, Sprintful can be beneficial when applied strategically to the right use cases. But quality original writing should remain the priority.

Overall, Sprintful earns a rating of 7/10 in my book. I can recommend Sprintful selectively for the right situations, but with reservations and limitations kept firmly in mind. Applied judiciously, it can provide productivity benefits.

Sprintful isn’t a perfect or complete solution, but the platform shows promise as AI content generation continues rapidly evolving. It will be exciting to see where Sprintful and similar tools go in the future as the technology improves.

But for now, the most powerful approach is likely blending AI tools like Sprintful judiciously with skilled human writers for maximum quality and impact.

Hopefully this detailed hands-on review helps you better understand Sprintful’s capabilities and decide if it is a fit for your business needs or not. Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions!

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