Is Scam or Legit? Beware!!

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  • Post category:Reviews is a website that claims to allow users to track USPS packages and verify delivery status. However, there have been concerning reports about whether this service is legitimate or a scam.

In this comprehensive guide, we will examine if is Scam or Legit in detail to determine if it can be trusted to track USPS packages.

By the end of this article, you will have the knowledge to decide if usps is a scam and learn about safer options for tracking your packages.

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What is is a third-party website that claims to let users track USPS packages and verify delivery status. The site states that by entering your USPS tracking number, you can check real-time updates on your package location and expected arrival.

The website has a basic interface that resembles the look and feel of an official USPS tracking page. However, USPS is not affiliated with or endorsed by the United States Postal Service in any way. is owned and operated by an unknown private entity that is not disclosed on the website. There is no formal company associated with the domain name registration.

The website domain was registered in December 2020, making it a relatively new service compared to which has been operating for decades. Features & Services offers a basic package tracking service through its website. Here are the main features advertised:

  • USPS Tracking: Enter any valid USPS tracking number to look up the status and delivery updates.
  • Tracking History: See past tracking updates and location history for a package.
  • Expected Delivery: Provides the expected delivery date for a package.
  • Real-time Alerts: Get emailed status alerts for a package when there are major updates.
  • Signature Confirmation: Displays if signature confirmation was required for delivery.
  • International Tracking: Can be used to track USPS packages sent internationally.
  • Package Progress Bar: Shows a visual progress bar with the completed transit steps for a package.
  • Multiple Tracking Numbers:Allows looking up multiple USPS tracking numbers at once.

These services are free to use on and do not require registering an account.

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Is Scam or legit? Warning Signs

While claims to offer convenient USPS tracking services, there are multiple red flags indicating users should be cautious using this website:

No Verifiable Company Information does not provide any official business registration details or company information. The website owner is anonymous, which makes it impossible to verify if it is a legitimate service. This lack of transparency is concerning.

Non-secure Website

The website does not use HTTPS encryption. This means all data transmitted is unsecured and at risk of being intercepted by third parties. Legitimate services enable HTTPS to protect user information.

Hidden Fees for Premium Services

While claims its basic services are free, there are upsell offers on the site encouraging users to pay for “premium” services. These include fax delivery receipts and API access. The fees are not disclosed upfront and hidden in the fine print.

Missing Contact Information

There are no phone numbers, email addresses, or physical addresses available for customer support. The website does not provide straightforward ways to get assistance if issues arise.

No Mobile App does not have a mobile app available in the Google Play or Apple App stores. Most delivery companies today offer apps to enhance customer experience, while appears limited to just a website.

Typos and Grammatical Errors

The website contains multiple typos, grammar errors, and awkward phrasing. This unprofessional presentation casts doubt on the service.

No Privacy Policy

Shockingly, does not have a posted privacy policy detailing how user data is handled and secured. This shows very little regard for privacy.

Negative Online Reviews

There are concerning reviews online from customers claiming did not accurately track packages and had missing delivery updates.

Lack of Customer Service

As mentioned above, does not provide any reliable way to contact them for customer service. Most legitimate businesses offer phone and/or email support. Reviews from Customers

It’s telling to look at direct reviews from those who have used for USPS tracking. Here are some excerpts from around the web:

“Complete garbage! Tracker hasn’t updated in weeks. USPS shows delivered days ago. Avoid!”

“Gave incorrect delivery estimates – very unreliable service. Couldn’t get any customer support help.”

“Package showed delivered when it actually wasn’t. Don’t waste your time here!”

“Not accurate at all for international packages. Missing a ton of the scans. Sticking with”

“Had serious security warnings on the site. Definitely do not enter personal info here.”

The majority of user experiences with seem to be overwhelmingly negative. Most report that the tracking is irregular, inaccurate, or completely fails to update. There are also mentions of security issues on the site.

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Scanning through multiple reviews, there were no positive testimonials from satisfied customers. For a supposedly legitimate service, this is highly unusual and another red flag.

Expert Analysis on Legitimacy

Evaluating all the available information on, there is strong evidence this website should be avoided due to extensive legitimacy issues.

Here are the main problems experts have identified:

  • Not Affiliated with USPS: has no official partnership, endorsement, or authorization from the US Postal Service. The USPS does not work with third-parties for package tracking.
  • Suspicious Contact Details: No verifiable company, address, or contact details available. Hidden and anonymous ownership.
  • Lack of Encryption: Non-HTTPS website displays inadequate security standards. User data is at risk.
  • Misleading Upgrades: Deceptive premium upgrade offers without disclosing pricing. A tactic often used by scam websites.
  • No Customer Support: No provided way for users to get issues resolved or questions answered. Limited functionality to just a basic website.
  • Inconsistent Tracking: Widespread complaints about inaccurate and missing package updates. Unreliable service.
  • Sharing Privacy: No privacy policy on how user data is handled. Likely selling or sharing data inappropriately.
  • Negative Reputation:Overwhelmingly bad reviews and experiences from actual users. No signs of a legitimate business.

The amount of suspicious activity and characteristics common among scam websites lead experts to warn consumers away from using for USPS tracking or services. It simply cannot be verified as a real or helpful service.

Alternatives for Tracking USPS Packages

To avoid the risks of, here are legitimate alternatives to accurately track USPS packages: Tracking

For official tracking, has the most reliable system tied directly into the postal service’s package data. Results here can be considered authoritative.

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USPS Informed Delivery

This free service from USPS emails you package tracking updates and provides delivery date estimates. Helpful for expecting shipments.


AfterShip is a popular delivery tracking app and website that aggregates data from carriers worldwide, including USPS. Provides tracking history and notifications.


ParcelApp is another well-regarded delivery tracking option with support for all major carriers. Offers multi-carrier visibility in a single dashboard.

PayPal Shipping Tracking

If a USPS package was shipped and labeled through PayPal, you can track its status directly within your PayPal account.

Carrier Website or App

For packages shipped via FedEx, UPS, DHL, or other carriers, use their official tracking tools for most reliable delivery updates.

As you can see, there are much safer alternatives to consider than questionable websites like Stick with reputable services for accurate tracking without privacy risks.

Conclusion: Is Recommended?

Based on extensive research into, we strongly advise avoiding the use of this website due to the high probability it is a scam, not an official or helpful service.

Too many indicators – hidden ownership, lack of security, no customer support, and an overwhelming amount of negative experiences – show that cannot be trusted or relied upon.

Instead, we recommend only using the authoritative website or Informed Delivery for your critical package tracking needs. Rely on secure, verified services to avoid potential fraud.

In summary, appears deceitful, and likely a scam, when evaluating the absence of legitimacy details, suspicious behavior, and universally poor reviews. Steer clear and protect yourself by using reputable USPS tracking options.

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