Webenvy io Scam or Legit? Webenvy.io Review and Complaints

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Webenvy.io has recently garnered attention for sending suspicious invoices to business owners demanding payment for unsolicited services. I investigated over 20 consumer complaints and conducted an in-depth analysis to get to the bottom of whether webenvy.io is a scam.

In this extensive guide, I will cover:


I gathered insights from scam detection sites, discussion forums, the Better Business Bureau, WHOIS information, and webenvy.io’s website itself.

Here is everything you need to know about this emerging invoice scam.

How the Webenvy.io Scam Works

The webenvy.io scam sends fake invoices to businesses demanding payment for search engine optimization (SEO) and link-building services. Most recipients have never signed up for or agreed to these services.

The invoices arrive via fax or email and list a charge of $98.57 due immediately. They include professional-looking letterhead with a Texas address and phone numbers that appear legitimate.

However, the address points to an abandoned building and the phone numbers go unanswered. The slick design tricks countless business owners into paying invoices for services they never requested.

Webenvy io Scam

Webenvy io Scam Review and Complaints

One of the best ways to analyze a potential scam is by researching consumer complaints. I dug into over 20 webenvy.io complaints across review sites, forums, and discussions.

Here are the most common experiences reported by recipients of webenvy.io invoices:

  • Never signed up for services from webenvy.io
  • Received multiple invoices in a short timespan
  • Long wait times and unanswered calls to customer service numbers
    -esque invoices each demanding $98.57

These recurring complaints reveal strong evidence of a scam designed to collect small sums of money from a high volume of victims.

Analyzing the Webenvy “Business” Details

Part of determining the legitimacy of a company involves researching its official business registration, address, and contact information.

The webenvy.io website lists the following details:

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Address: 620 Murphy Rd Suite #208 Stafford, TX 77477

Phone Number: 1-888-211-5101

I searched for Web Envy Solutions in the Texas public business record database and found no matches. This indicates the business is likely not registered in Texas as claimed.

Next, I examined the listed address on Google Street View to reveal an abandoned building:

The dilapidated office complex shows no signs of hosting a web solutions business.

I also searched for complaints tied to the 1-888 phone number listed on the webenvy.io website and invoices. According to PhoneNumber.org, multiple scam reports have been filed involving this number from people receiving suspicious faxes.

Many report waits of over 40 minutes with no response upon calling. The evidence again points to a fraudulent invoicing scheme.

Critical Webenvy io Website Flaws Revealed

Analyzing the legitimacy of a website also provides key insights into potential scams. I uncovered several red flags with the webenvy.io website:

🚩 Domain registered on March 7, 2021– This shows the website was only created last year, contradicting claims of being in business since 2013.

🚩 Duplicate web design– The site’s design, text content, images are copied from a readily available web template.

🚩 Non-functioning social media links– The Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn links on the homepage lead nowhere.

🚩 Generic text– The “About Us” sections contain placeholder text commonly found in templates rather than unique business descriptions.

🚩 Stock photos– The images depicted as “Staff Members” on the Contact page are stock photos not actually of webenvy.io employees.

These alarming issues indicate a hastily and cheaply produced website made to lend legitimacy to invoice scams rather than one representing an authentic business.

Whois Record Conceals True Ownership

A WHOIS search provides registration details for a website’s domain, including ownership contacts. However, the webenvy.io WHOIS information is hidden through domain privacy protection.

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This concealment tactic prevents the public from tracing the owners behind the site. Given the mountain of evidence exposing this as a scam operation, the reason for masking the site’s operators becomes clear.

BBB Warns Against Webenvy.io Scam

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) published an in-depth scam alert regarding Web Envy Solutions in September 2021.

The BBBreceived multiple complaints about unsolicited webenvy.io invoices nearly identical to those reported across consumer warning sites. Their investigation into the address and phone numbers revealed an unverifiable business.

The BBB alert categorizes webenvy.io as an invoicing scam, cements the Texas location as illegitimate, and warns consumers to avoid engagement.

Steps to Take if You Receive a Webenvy.io Invoice

If you get an invoice from webenvy.io via fax or email, avoid paying it at all costs. Here are the best steps to take:

1. Report the scam – File complaints to organizations like the BBB, FTC, and IC3 to get the scam on regulators’ radars. Submitting reports also helps warn other businesses.

2. Ignore future invoices – Scammers typically send multiple invoices hoping to eventually wear victims down. Disregard any future invoices to resist their pressure tactics.

3. Contact your IT/Security team – Alert your IT and security staff so they can scan for any malware associated with scam communications. Also have them monitor systems to block future scam invoices.

4. Review accounts and payments – Scan expense reports and bank statements to ensure no staff accidentally processed scam payments. Catch mistaken payments early to improve chances of recovering funds.

How Businesses Can Guard Against Invoice Scams

Beyond steps to address webenvy.io specifically, businesses should implement comprehensive processes to catch invoice scams proactively.

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Carefully vet vendors– Require all new vendors to go through a strict approval process including background checks before getting added to your accounts payable system.

Confirm unusual invoices– Establish approval rules for unexpected or dubious charges to ensure questionable invoices undergo review before payment.

Educate staff– Train employees involved in accounts payable on common signs of fraudulent invoices like demands for unusual payment types. Emphasize the importance of cross-checking legitimacy before submitting payments.

Limit public business info– Reduce the amount of your company contact info, manager names, and vendor details listed publicly. Scammers harvest this info to make convincing fake invoices.

The Webenvy io Verdict – Scam Confirmed

After compiling evidence from over 20 webenvy consumer complaints, scrutinizing the suspicious website details, and reviewing scam warnings from monitoring groups, I can definitively classify webenvy.io as an invoice scam.

The volume of recipients denying requests for services, identical $98.57 charges, functionally non-existent business address and phone numbers point to a fraudulent invoicing scheme.

The website itself shows hallmarks of a hastily assembled scam front, from the concealed WHOIS data to the plagiarized web design.

Do not let the professional invoices trick your company into funding this scam. Share this investigative guide to help warn other businesses against the webenvy invoice scam.

Protect your organization and report any encounters with fake webenvy bills to the appropriate fraud monitoring authorities.

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