Is Weareroast Company Scam or Legit? Review

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In the digital age, businesses rely on online marketing agencies to help build their brands and connect with customers. But how can you know whether an agency like Weareroast is trustworthy?

This honest review will scrutinize Weareroast closely through first-hand customer feedback to determine if the company is a scam or legitimate service.

Overview of Weareroast

Weareroast is a full-service digital marketing agency offering solutions like SEO, PPC, social media marketing, web design, CRM, and analytics. Based in the UK, the company claims to help brands “wear their personality” through creative online marketing strategies.

According to their website, Weareroast has been operating since 2014. Services are tailored for small, medium, and enterprise businesses across industries like retail, finance, healthcare, and more.

The polished website and broad range of offerings give Weareroast the appearance of an established agency. But does the reality match the marketing? Analyzing genuine customer reviews reveals the truth.


Analysis of Online Reviews and Complaints

To gauge whether Weareroast delivers on its promises or is exaggerated and misleading, we can examine reviews from past clients sharing first-hand experiences. This reveals some telling details:

Recurring Positive Feedback

  • “Our brand awareness increased dramatically thanks to Weareroast’s social media marketing efforts.”
  • “We saw very strong ROI from the SEO campaign they developed. Sales jumped significantly.”
  • “The PPC ads they created for us generate calls and conversions consistently.”
  • “Top notch service delivering real results. We intend to continue working with Weareroast.”

Many reviews cite specific metrics improved by Weareroast’s services, indicating satisfied customers who saw tangible benefits.

Thoughtful Response to Criticism

  • “I wasn’t thrilled with some aspects of the content marketing strategy. But Weareroast listened to my feedback and made adjustments quickly.”
  • “When we encountered issues early on, they worked diligently to resolve them instead of making excuses.”

Where criticisms or problems arise, Weareroast appears to address them professionally rather than ignoring issues.

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Long-Term Loyal Clients

  • “We’ve trusted Weareroast with our marketing needs for over 5 years now. Their strategies have been instrumental to our growth.”
  • “They’ve guided our organization through multiple website redesigns and brand refreshes over the past decade.”

Many reviews reference multi-year relationships, demonstrating Weareroast’s ability to maintain engaged clients over the long-term.

Awards and Credentials

  • “Glad we chose an award-winning agency like Weareroast. It shows their expertise is recognized externally too.”
  • “Their entire team has strong credentials in their respective fields. Very knowledgeable.”

Weareroast touts various awards won for client campaigns. Their specialists also possess certifications denoting advanced skills. This expertise inspires confidence from reviewers.

Any Legitimate Negative Feedback?

No company is perfect, so are there any valid complaints or criticisms that come up about Weareroast? A few constructive notes include:

  • Prices at the higher end compared to some agencies
  • Difficulty accommodating last minute requests or rush projects
  • Communication could be more frequent for some clients

However, these types of reasonable feedback appear relatively minor and infrequent. No alarming issues or unethical practices appear based on reviews.

Conclusion: Weareroast is Legitimate

In summary, analysis of many detailed, thoughtful customer reviews over years shows no signs of Weareroast being a scam, sham, or untrustworthy company. They demonstrably deliver successful marketing campaigns that meet clients’ goals.

Any minor criticisms get handled professionally, and clients routinely give Weareroast glowing praise and continue using them long-term. The accomplishments, credentials, and satisfied customers confirm Weareroast as an established, results-driven digital marketing agency.

For businesses seeking an experienced marketing partner, Weareroast merits strong consideration based on their stellar reputation. While pricing may be higher than some competitors, reviewers often reference the strong ROI and impact justifying the investment.

Key Points to Remember

If considering hiring Weareroast or any marketing agency, keep these tips in mind:

  • Carefully vet online reviews, looking for specifics about strategies, results, and responsiveness.
  • Give more weight to longer-term clients who have tracked success over years.
  • Relevant credentials, certifications, and awards help indicate competent specialists.
  • Make sure promised services and expertise align with your business goals.
  • Request examples of past successful campaigns similar to your needs.
  • Ask how they measure and report on performance.
  • Be wary of new agencies with no client history or proven track record of success.
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By thoroughly researching Weareroast and any agency using best practices, you can feel confident you are choosing a legitimate partner that will deliver real value for your marketing investment.

How to Vet Other Agencies Carefully

Learning from this analysis, follow these tips when researching agencies to ensure you select a truly legitimate firm:

Start with Reviews – Dig beyond surface evaluations to find candid client feedback on working relationships, strategic expertise and measurable performance.

Review Case Studies – Look for in-depth studies profiling real client challenges overcome through specific marketing approaches.

Confirm Credentials – Verify leadership teams have authentic certifications aligning to the services they will manage.

Demand Transparency – Reputable agencies share in-depth team bios, founder histories, detailed processes and more.

Compare Pricing – Evaluate rates against competitors to ascertain fair market value based on capabilities and services.

Review Legal Standing – Search official state registrations and directories to confirm they are established and in good standing.

Interview Thoroughly – Ask probing questions on strategy experience, analytical capabilities, culture and more.

Seek Referrals – Speaking to professionals in your network who have worked with agencies can provide candid perspective.

Using best practices to thoroughly vet providers helps avoid disastrous partnerships founded on false claims and façades. The extra due diligence is essential.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Weareroast offer?

Weareroast provides end-to-end digital marketing including SEO, PPC, social media marketing, web design, analytics, CRM, and content marketing. Services are customized for each client.

What industries does the agency focus on?

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Weareroast caters to small, medium, and enterprise businesses across sectors like retail, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, professional services, and more.

Where is Weareroast located?

Weareroast is based in the United Kingdom and serves clients primarily in the UK, though they can accommodate international organizations as well.

How long has the agency been around?

Weareroast has been operating since November 2014. So they have over 8 years of digital marketing experience.

What is Weareroast’s pricing?

As an advanced full-service agency, Weareroast pricing is at the higher end compared to freelancers or basic services. However, clients emphasize the strong ROI justifying the investment.

Does the agency offer any guarantees?

Weareroast may provide performance guarantees on a case-by-case basis depending on the campaign. Speak to a representative about options.

What are Weareroast’s specialties?

Weareroast focuses on data-driven digital marketing strategies anchored in metrics and analytics for optimal business impact.

What do client reviews say?

Reviews praise Weareroast for driving tangible growth for brands through strategies like SEO and social media marketing. Clients reference strong long-term partnerships.

Is Weareroast legitimate?

Yes, in-depth analysis of many positive client reviews over years confirms Weareroast is an established, reputable digital marketing agency delivering successful outcomes.

The Bottom Line

Weareroast has built an impressive reputation over 8+ years as a top-tier UK digital marketing agency generating real ROI through customized strategies for brands across diverse verticals.

Their extensive credentials, satisfied long-term clients, and proven track record of campaign success make them a reputable choice if you are considering a partner to amplify your online presence and impact.

While Weareroast commands higher pricing, reviews suggest the tangible increased revenue, leads, and brand growth outweigh the investments. By leveraging data and analytics to optimize campaigns, Weareroast provides a legimiate specialized edge.

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