Hoooyi Reviews: Legit or Scam? Uncovering the Truth

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The internet has opened a world of convenient online shopping for clothing and apparel. But with so many ecommerce stores popping up, how do you know which ones are trustworthy?

One website that’s been gaining buzz lately is Hoooyi, a retailer offering stylish men’s fashion essentials at wallet-friendly prices. Their collection of shirts, tees, jackets and more cater to the modern male aesthetic.

However, I noticed very mixed Hoooyi reviews online. Some men swear by their cool looks and affordable costs. But others blast questionable quality and sketchy business practices.

So are they a reliable place to upgrade your wardrobe? Or just another fast fashion scam? I decided to investigate this brand thoroughly to uncover the truth.

Below I reveal my full analysis of Hoooyi based on research and real customer experiences. You’ll learn:


Let’s dig into the good, bad and ugly when it comes to this ecommerce fashion brand…

Hoooyi Reviews – What Does Hoooyi Sell?

Hoooyi is an online men’s fashion brand that sells trendy and stylish clothing for the modern man. Their product categories include:

  • Tops (tees, shirts, hoodies, sweaters)
  • Bottoms (shorts, joggers, pants)
  • Outerwear (jackets, coats)
  • Swimwear

The styles skew towards casual streetwear and going-out looks. You’ll find graphic tees, bomber jackets, cargo joggers, floral shirts and more in their mix.

Their product photography shows the pieces looking current and well-made on trendy models. At first glance, you’d expect Hoooyi’s clothes to be at least decent quality.

However, many customer reviews tell a different tale, which we’ll get into shortly…

Hoooyi Pricing and Costs

One thing that attracts shoppers to Hoooyi is their affordable pricing compared to typical men’s fashion brands:

  • Tees and shirts from $12
  • Pants and joggers around $20
  • Hoodies and jackets from $25
  • Swim trunks around $15

These costs are budget-friendly, especially for shoppers used to pricier mall brands. Even lower pricing tiers like H&M tend to charge more.

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However, Hoooyi does not offer free shipping. You pay a flat rate of around $8-$12 for shipping to the US.

They do occasionally run sales and promos advertising up to 50% off. But some reviewers complain these discounts are simply inflated fake retail prices.

One advantage is Hoooyi accepts PayPal at checkout. So buyers have some level of fraud protection via PayPal’s policies.

But are these tempting low costs really worth it? Let’s see what actual customers say…

Hoooyi Reviews – What Buyers Are Saying

Hoooyi claims to have happy customers who love their fashion finds and prices. However, looking at third party review sites tells a much different story.

On platforms like Trustpilot and SiteJabber, the brand has an abysmal 1.5-2 stars out of 5. Reviewers overwhelmingly blast the poor quality, sizing, and lack of customer service.

Here are some examples of negative Hoooyi reviews:

“Cheaply made clothes that fall apart after one wash. And their sizing chart is totally off – ordered a large and it fit like a small. Wouldn’t recommend.”

“I purchased 2 shirts, both were poor quality and badly stitched. When I asked for a refund, they told me I had to pay for return shipping back to China which would cost more than the shirts!”

“Horrible customer service! I emailed them 5 times about an issue with my order and they never responded. This company just takes your money and doesn’t care about customers.”

“Hoooyi is a total scam. They said they shipped my order but I never got any package. When I asked where my clothes were they stopped responding. Stay far away!”

Concerning complaints about questionable product quality, incorrect sizing, unresponsive customer service and incorrect/missing orders dominate the negative reviews.

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There are a few positive testimonials mentioning fast shipping and good prices. But the overwhelming consensus is to avoid this brand. Too many customers share nightmare experiences.

Now let’s examine if Hoooyi is even a legitimate company…

Is Hoooyi Legit or a Scam Brand?

With so many sketchy sites online nowadays, I had to dig into whether Hoooyi is a real company or some overseas scam operation.

Here’s what I found out:

Website OriginHoooyi.com website is registered in Beijing, China and has a Chinese domain name. This indicates the company is likely based in China.

Lack of Company Info – No “About Us” page or company history is provided. The site gives zero background on who owns or runs Hoooyi.

No Physical Address – They do not list a business address or contact details beyond an email form.

Short Domain History – Hoooyi.com was registered in 2020. The domain is only a few years old, which is risky for an apparel brand.

No Social Media Presence – Unlike most clothing brands, they have no official social media accounts. Their Instagram page just leads back to the site.

Reviews Mention Scam – As covered above, many negative reviews explicitly state Hoooyi is a scam website.

Taken together, these multiple red flags strongly indicate Hoooyi is likely not a legitimate retail company. They exhibit multiple signs of being an untrustworthy ‘pop-up’ web store front commonly used in clothing scams.

The lack of company details, contact info, fraud accusations and Chinese domain all suggest buyer beware with this brand.

Hoooyi Pros and Cons

Before we get to better men’s fashion alternatives, here’s a quick pros vs cons rundown for Hoooyi:

Hoooyi Pros

  • Affordable pricing for men’s styles
  • Website offers broad product selection
  • PayPal checkout available

Hoooyi Cons

  • Lower quality clothing materials
  • Many complaints of incorrect sizing
  • Non-existent customer service
  • Numerous reviews cite scam concerns
  • Website registered in China with no company details
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For many male shoppers, the temptation of current styles at budget costs is what attracts them to Hoooyi. But clearly there are far more concerns than advantages once you dig deeper.

5 Better Men’s Fashion Brands

Rather than risk your money on a questionable website like Hoooyi, you’re better off shopping at an established men’s fashion retailer.

Here are 5 alternatives where you can find affordable styles with less headaches:

ASOS – Trendy men’s and women’s clothes that won’t break the bank.

H&M – Reliable fast fashion brand with a menswear focus.

Zara – Hit modern styles and quality basics for good value.

Uniqlo – Affordable casualwear and smart basics for men.

Everlane – Quality essentials and wardrobe staples on a budget.

Stick to well known brands like those above and you can upgrade your style securely.

The Verdict: Is Hoooyi Legit or Scam?

To conclude, I cannot currently recommend shopping at Hoooyi based on the potential risks uncovered. Numerous negative reviews, scam accusations, and sketchy website details outweigh their affordable pricing.

While their men’s clothing may look trendy online, actual customer experiences reveal disappointed unmet expectations, incorrect orders and virtually zero support.

For stylish additions to your wardrobe, you’re smarter sticking with reputable men’s fashion retailers where you can shop with confidence. Brand image and saved dollars mean little if the clothes fall apart after one wear.

Hopefully these Hoooyi reviews provided helpful insider facts before you consider purchasing. Always trust your instincts – if an unknown website seems too good to be true, it almost always is.

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