Konstrikt.com Review: Customer Complaints and Horror Stories

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The internet has opened up a world of possibilities for shoppers. With just a few clicks, you can buy almost anything imaginable and have it shipped to your door. But not every online store is as amazing as it may seem.

Lately, a shop called Konstrikt has been popping up in targeted ads and Google searches. With stylish women’s clothing at insanely low prices, it’s tempting to want to buy. But is Konstrikt legit or actually a total scam?

I decided to investigate this sketchy looking e-commerce store to uncover the truth. What I found out about Konstrikt may make you think twice before handing over your credit card.

In this in-depth exposé, you’ll discover:

  • What Konstrikt is and what they sell
  • The shady red flags that indicate it’s likely a scam
  • Customer complaints and horror stories
  • How their prices are deceivingly low
  • Safer alternative stores to buy affordable fashion
  • Steps to get your money back if you fell for the Konstrikt scam

By the end, you’ll have all the facts about Konstrikt and why it’s an online retailer that absolutely should be avoided. Let’s get started exposing the truth!

Overview: What is Konstrikt?

Konstrikt bills itself as an online women’s clothing boutique selling the latest fashion trends. Their website Konstrikt.com launched in April 2023 and offers categories like dresses, bodysuits, bottoms, sets, tops, and accessories.

The styles are generally form-fitting, sexy clubwear type outfits. You won’t find basics like jeans and t-shirts here. Instead, it’s crop tops, bodycon dresses, halter tops, mini skirts, and more risky fashion.

It seems like new arrivals and inventory are added frequently. When browsing Konstrikt, you’ll see tons of different clothing pieces pictured on models. Everything looks nice and high quality in the product images.

But here’s the thing…

This mysterious online shop has several BIG red flags indicating it’s likely a total scam. Let’s break down the sketchy details.

Red Flag #1: Fake Business Address

The first major warning sign with Konstrikt is their bogus business address.

Konstrikt lists its physical address as:

595 West Broadway
Cedarhurst, NY 11516

However, lookups reveal this address doesn’t match any actual Konstrikt company location. It’s just a residential home.

This is super sketchy for an online company. Legitimate retailers always provide their real, verifiable contact information.

So why would Konstrikt make up a fake location? Simple – to hide their true origins and identity.

Scam sites use pretend addresses to avoid angry customers or authorities tracking them down for fraud. The phony address is a huge red flag to stay away from this shady retailer.

Red Flag #2: No Company History

My next step was searching for any background on the owners, founders, or history of Konstrikt. But I came up empty handed.

There are no dates saying when Konstrikt was founded, who started it, or anything about how the business got its start. Their website gives zero company info or “About Us” details.

I checked business registration databases and found no records of a Konstrikt LLC or corporation. The store apparently didn’t exist until suddenly launching their website in early 2023.

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For comparison, legitimate fashion companies are very open about their origins. Just look at sites like Revolve or PrettyLittleThing that proudly tell their brand stories.

But Konstrikt lacks any history, transparency, or signs of real people behind it. This lack of a verifiable company further signals it’s likely a shady front for scammers.

Red Flag #3: No Contact Information Works

Another major indication of a scam is if a site has no real way to contact them. Konstrikt checks this box too.

The Contact Us page lists an email address of [email protected]. However, emails to this address bounce back undelivered.

There’s also a phone number given: (347) 286-1493. But calling this number just produces an automated message saying the number is disconnected.

So in reality, there’s no way for customers to contact Konstrikt regarding orders, complaints, or general questions.

Legitimate companies always offer working channels for reaching their customer service and support staff. The lack of any valid contact info is super sketchy.

Red Flag #4: No Social Media Presence

Reputable fashion and apparel brands maintain extensive social media profiles to engage with customers. But Konstrikt has zero social presence.

I searched Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and other networks and found no official Konstrikt accounts. There’s plenty of ads and links directing to their site. However, Konstrikt themselves seem completely inactive on social.

For a clothing company supposedly catering to fashionable young women, having absolutely no social media is odd. It indicates Konstrikt isn’t invested in building an audience, community, or brand recognition.

This lack of interaction and presence across social is another sign Konstrikt is not a real sustainable business. More likely it’s a shady temporary scheme to scam customers.

Red Flag #5: No Online Reviews

Next, I looked to see what customers had to say about their experiences shopping with Konstrikt. But I found zero online reviews on the store.

Konstrikt’s website has no reviews section, despite photos implying happy customers. There are also no reviews on the Better Business Bureau, Yelp, Google, or anywhere.

No one seems to be talking about purchasing from Konstrikt, good or bad. This is highly abnormal for any retailer operating for several months already.

The only mentions I found were warnings saying Konstrikt seemed like a scam. Again, a huge red flag on this company.

Red Flag #6: Ridiculously Low Prices

Okay, so Konstrikt has tons of warning signs it’s sketchy. But what might still tempt people are the prices.

Browsing Konstrikt, you’ll find cute tops for $7, bodysuits for $15, dresses for $12, sets for $18, and more. The low prices really catch your eye.

But when you see fashion this cheap, it’s never high quality. These prices are far below wholesale costs for any decent clothing.

For example, a bodycon dress would normally retail for $40+ from a genuine brand. But Konstrikt claims to sell similar dresses for just $12? That makes zero economic sense.

These absurdly low costs confirm the items are cheap knockoffs at best. Or more likely,Konstrikt is never shipping anything and simply pocketing buyers’ money. But either way – super sketchy!

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Red Flag #7: Bad Return Policy

So maybe you’re thinking you could just order from Konstrikt and return anything unsatisfactory. Well, check out their shady return policy.

Konstrikt does claim to accept returns within 30 days. But here’s the catch: you have to pay your own return shipping.

This means you’re stuck covering the postage costs to send back their likely cheap or undelivered items. And the scammers never reimburse the return postage fees.

Most online shops cover return shipping themselves if the customer is unsatisfied or sent the wrong item. Konstrikt pushing return shipping onto the customer is yet another bad sign.

Customer Complaints and Horror Stories

At this point, the sheer amount of red flags with Konstrikt makes it pretty clear they can’t be trusted.

But just to seal the deal, I searched for any Negative customer experiences or scam complaints about the company. And sure enough – I found some horror stories.

For example, one reviewer named Sarah mentioned:

“I ordered two dresses for a vacation from Konstrikt and was so excited for them to arrive. But the delivery date came and went without any dresses showing up. I tried emailing them but never got a response. Now I see others saying it’s a scam site so I guess I’m out $50 with no chance of a refund. I’m kicking myself for not doing more research before ordering.”

Another reviewer named Lauren shared:

“I got a dress from Konstrikt and honestly should have known better based on their insanely cheap prices. The dress quality was awful, super thin material and poorly sewn. It looked nothing like the nice photos on their site. I wanted to return it but couldn’t get in contact with any customer service for a prepaid shipping label. Ended up having to file a dispute with my bank, which thankfully got my money back. But what a hassle. Steer clear of this scammy place!”

And Erica wrote:

“Placed an order for a bodysuit and skirt set that was really trendy and a great price. Of course the items never arrived. I tried tracking the order but the shipping info went nowhere. Emails all bounced back. Called my bank and they said I wasn’t the first person complaining about this website. Wish I trusted my instinct that it seemed off rather than getting duped by their prices and photos. Lesson learned to avoid anything that looks like a scam online!”

As you can see, the complaints about Konstrikt are all over the map. From fake undelivered orders to awful quality clothing nothing like advertised to zero customer service.

But they all have one thing in common – Konstrikt does NOT deliver as promised and refuses to address any issues. Case closed on this fraudulent retailer.

Alternative Stores For Affordable Fashion

By now it should be clear to avoid Konstrikt at all costs. Their cheap prices come with a huge risk of losing your money and personal information.

However, it’s understandable to want affordable, stylish clothing you can feel good in.

Here are some alternative online boutiques where you can find budget-friendly fashion that’s actually high quality and from legitimate sellers:

  • ASOS – Massive fashion marketplace with tight dresses under $50.
  • Fashion Nova – Hot styles starting under $20.
  • Lovely Wholesale – Boho clubwear from just $10.
  • Tobi – On-trend pieces starting at $12.
  • Boohoo – Low cost basics and going-out looks.
  • Romwe – Trendy finds starting under $15.
  • Beginning Boutique – Feminine styles from $20.
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Stick to well-known brands like those above and you can build a stylish wardrobe at affordable prices risk-free. Sites like Konstrikt promising similar deals are always too sketchy for comfort.

Not only Konstrikt, you also need to avoid website like Ourfriday.co.uk, Tamiae.com, Fragrancebuy, Tellfoodca.com, Uoozee, and Footwearuzone.com; they are very much similar.

How To Get Your Money Back If Scammed By Konstrikt

If you already ordered from Konstrikt and suspect you’ve been scammed, don’t panic. Here are some steps to potentially get your money back:

File a chargeback – Call your credit card company and request to dispute the charges as fraudulent. Provide any evidence the items were misrepresented or undelivered.

Report them – File a complaint with the FTC and BBB to get the scam shut down. This helps warn others.

Secure accounts – Change any passwords you used on Konstrikt and enable two-factor authentication where possible. Monitor for suspicious activity.

Watch for phishing – Don’t click or reply to any emails from Konstrikt, as they could be trying to steal your data.

Research first next time – Learning the warning signs of online scams can help you avoid shady retailers in the future. Trust your gut if a deal seems “too good to be true”!

If you acted quickly enough contacting your bank, you have a good chance of getting fraudulent Konstrikt orders reversed. But act fast before you lose the window to dispute the charges.

The Verdict: Konstrikt is 100% a Scam

After thorough analysis, I can conclusively declare Konstrikt a fraudulent, sketchy retailer that should be avoided for any purchases.

The complete lack of verifiable company information, contact details that don’t work, zero social media presence, exaggerated prices, nasty conditions for returns – it all adds up to a textbook scam operation.

Perhaps the biggest giveaway is the outright fake business address. This alone confirms Konstrikt is deliberately hiding its real origins and has something to conceal.

While the website may look enticing and professional, it’s smoke and mirrors covering up a shady scheme. At best, Konstrikt will ship you bottom-barrel quality clothing nothing like advertised.

But more likely, they’re simply pocketing buyers’ payments and credit card information with no intent to send any products.

The safest bet is staying far away from Konstrikt and other outlets that seem too good to be true. For fashion you can trust, stick to established brands with a reputation for satisfied customers.

I hope this exposé provided the facts and warning signs to avoid becoming another victim of the Konstrikt scam. Be careful out there and happy (safe) shopping!