Slash Watts Scam or Legit? Beware of Fake Reviews

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Electricity bills have been skyrocketing across the United States in recent years. High energy costs have left many households struggling to make ends meet. This has created a ripe target for scammers peddling bogus products that claim to slash electricity bills. One such product is the Slash Watts device.

Slash Watts burst onto the scene in late 2022 with bold claims that it can reduce electricity bills by up to 90%. It purports to work by “cleaning” dirty electricity and stabilizing power flow in the home.

The company behind Slash Watts has conducted an aggressive online marketing campaign, spending heavily on Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads.

At first glance, the promises made by Slash Watts seem too good to be true. And indeed, a close examination reveals this device is nothing more than a scam designed to prey on vulnerable individuals burdened with high electricity costs. In this extensive report, we will uncover the lies and deception behind the Slash Watts scam.

How the Slash Watts Scam Works

The Slash Watts scam follows a familiar pattern used by many dubious products marketed online. It starts by running eye-catching ads on social media showing images of expensive electricity bills being ripped up or sliced with scissors after using Slash Watts.

The ads claim the device will stabilize electrical current, reduce energy waste, and filter out “dirty electricity.” By stopping electrical overflow, Slash Watts can supposedly cut power bills by 50-90%. The ads highlight glowing testimonials from purportedly satisfied customers.

Clicking on an ad brings visitors to the Slash Watts sales page at This page uses more bogus claims, stock photos, and fake reviews to generate sales. The site offers Slash Watts for 50% off plus free shipping.

Those enticed into buying receive a small plastic device that plugs into an electrical outlet. But not only does Slash Watts fail to reduce energy bills, it actually poses a fire hazard due to shoddy electrical components.

how slash watts works

Inside the Slash Watts Device

Independent analyses of the Slash Watts device have revealed what is actually inside the plastic casing. The key component is an electrical capacitor which does nothing to alter electricity flow or usage in the home.

Capacitors temporarily store and release energy. They are sometimes used in household products to smooth small fluctuations in current. However, reputable electricians confirm that the capacitor inside Slash Watts is cheaply made and not rated for high voltage. It provides no measurable savings on electricity bills.

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Safety experts warn that the capacitor could overheat and cause fires or damage to electrical systems. Using Slash Watts is an unnecessary risk with no benefit for consumers.

Who is Behind the Slash Watts Scam?

The website was registered in November 2022. No company name or address is provided on the site. The site lists a dubious customer service number that goes to an offshore virtual assistant service.

Further digging found the domain is registered to an entity in Panama. This offshore registration allows the scammers to hide their identities. It also means duped customers have no recourse for receiving a worthless product.

While the people behind Slash Watts cannot be definitively identified, they certainly are experienced scammers. The sophisticated marketing campaign and professionally designed website point to an organized operation.

One clue pointing to the masterminds is the emphasis on claims about filtering dirty electricity. This hints at links to notorious serial scammer Patrick Kelly. Kelly has peddled similar bogus electricity filtration products like the Powerstick and SurgeProtector Pro. He uses networks of shell companies and offshore havens to avoid prosecution.

Fake Reviews and Testimonials

A common tactic used by Slash Watts to convince customers is posting fake reviews and testimonials. The website features these prominently.

For example, a customer named Jennifer S. is quoted saying, “I’m saving so much money with Slash Watts that I was able to book a weekend getaway!” A photo shows Jennifer next to a swimming pool with a cocktail in hand.

However, a reverse image search reveals this photo has been stolen from the website of a hotel in Key West. Jennifer S. does not exist – her photo and review have been completely fabricated.

Other supposed happy customer photos appear elsewhere online with different names attached to them. The names, locations, and photos change but the same glowing reviews remain.

Experts warn that 60-70% of online reviews and testimonials across all products and services are estimated to be fake. Slash Watts is no exception, relying on phony reviews to trick customers.

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Just like the Esaver Watt Scam and Elon Musk Energy Saving Device Scam

One of the many fake celebrity endorsements used in Esaver Watt's marketing.


Aggressive Marketing Tactics

The marketing strategy used by Slash Watts relies on aggressive social media advertising paired with a network of fake review websites.

Facebook users have reported being bombarded with Slash Watts ads in late 2022. The sophisticated targeting focuses on users who have posted about high electricity bills, green living, or money struggles.

Google search results for terms like “lower electricity bill” are inundated with Slash Watts ads. Critics say Google is not doing enough to vet advertisers on its platform.

Clicking a link from one of these ads inevitably brings users to a quasi-journalistic website endorsing Slash Watts. Sites like and purport to provide unbiased reviews but actually contain affiliate links earning revenue if users purchase.

These affiliate marketers operate a global industry generating over $12 billion annually. They employ underhanded techniques like publishing biased reviews and spinning false claims to earn commissions. Slash Watts exemplifies abuse of affiliate marketing for illegal scams.

Hallmarks of a Scam

Looking at the complete picture reveals how Slash Watts exhibits all the typical hallmarks of a scam:

🚩 Unsubstantiated claims – Outrageous promises of 50-90% savings are not backed by any proof. Electricians confirm the claims are impossible.

🚩 Fake reviews – Reviews and testimonials are completely fabricated. Stolen photos and stock images are used.

🚩 No company information – No business name, address, or ownership details are provided. Offshore domain registration hides identities.

🚩 Aggressive marketing – Heavy spending on social media ads and affiliates pushes a dubious product.

🚩 Worthless product – Analysis shows the device has no effect on electricity usage or savings.

🚩 Safety risks – Poorly made electrical components present a fire and electrocution hazard.

🚩 Refund difficulties – Victims report it is nearly impossible to get money back once the scam is realized.

Every key indicator points to Slash Watts being a dishonest scheme meant to defraud consumers.

Harm Caused to Victims

Thus far, the Slash Watts scam has swindled untold thousands of customers out of $89.99 per device, not counting shipping fees. With the company’s huge ad budget, the number of victims will likely reach into the tens of thousands.

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For struggling families who have sunk their hard-earned money into Slash Watts, the financial hit of almost $100 can be devastating. Even more upsetting is realizing they have been scammed while still stuck with high electricity costs.

Safety is another major concern. The electrical issues with the cheap capacitors in Slash Watts can lead to fires, equipment damage, and electrocutions. Using the device is an unacceptable hazard.

On top of monetary losses and safety risks, victims describe feelings of anger and humiliation from being manipulated. The trauma of scams can cause both financial and psychological harms.

Avoiding Electricity Scams

The Slash Watts scam reveals how important it is for consumers to be vigilant against shady online products promising outrageous benefits. Here are some tips to avoid electricity bill scams:

βœ… Research companies – Thoroughly investigate any company before making purchases. Check for a verifiable address, business registration, and contact info.

βœ… Beware of “miracle cures” – Claims that seem too good to be true always are. Massive savings from a cheap, simple device are not realistic.

βœ… Seek professional opinion – Consult qualified electricians about any product making improbable claims about altering your home electricity.

βœ… Read objective reviews – Ignore reviews on a seller’s website, Amazon, or sketchy blogs. Find reviews from quality consumer sites that are not incentivized.

βœ… Avoid social media ads – Don’t trust ads on Facebook or Instagram which often promote shady products and services. Disable ad personalization in settings.

βœ… Check refund policy – Only buy from companies with a satisfaction guarantee allowing returns of faulty or scam products.

βœ… Use payment protections – Never pay risky sellers directly by cash, wire transfer, or cryptocurrency. Use credit cards which offer chargeback refunds for fraud.

With energy costs high worldwide, we can expect to see more scammers like Slash Watts peddling fake electricity savings gadgets and services. Be vigilant and do your homework before buying any product making bold claims. Protect yourself from being the victim of a dangerous and costly electricity scam.

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