Claimcy com Scam or Legit? Honest Review (Buyers BEWARE)

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E-commerce sites have become extremely popular for shopping and is one such website that has been gaining some traction lately. However, whenever a new online shopping platform pops up, it inevitably raises questions about its legitimacy.

In this extensive article, we will thoroughly analyze and investigate if it is a scam website or a legitimate business.

Overview of is a relatively new e-commerce platform that sells women’s clothing and accessories at discounted prices. The website claims to offer high-quality items for affordable rates.

Some key things to note about

🚩 Domain Age: The domain was registered on November 16, 2023, making the website less than a month old at the time of writing this article.

🚩 Product Catalog: Claimcy sells women’s dresses, tops, sweaters, jackets, pants and some accessories. The product images resemble common dropshipping site photos.

🚩 Prices: The prices on Claimcy are lower than average market rates but not unrealistic. For example, dresses are priced between $50 to $60.

🚩 Payment Methods: The site accepts payments only through PayPal. No credit card or other payment options are offered.

Claimcy com scam

The Website Interface

The Claimcy website has a clean, minimalist design. The layout is well-organized with distinct sections for various product categories. There is a slideshow banner on the home page showcasing some of their dress products.

The product pages contain descriptions, multiple images, size charts and other relevant details. The website looks professional at first glance but lacks some components typical of a fully legitimate e-commerce business.

There are no company details, ‘About Us’ page, contact information, returns/refunds policy or shipping information provided. There are also no social media links which is uncommon for an authentic business these days.

Assessing for Scam Risks

Let’s dive deeper to assess potential scam risks associated with We will examine the various factors that can help recognize whether an online shopping platform is legitimate or an outright scam.

Domain History & Reputation

One of the first steps is to check the domain registration details and history which can provide clues about the legitimacy of a website.

According to Whois, the domain was registered on November 16, 2023 through the Chinese registrar 22Net which is a high risk registrar associated with many fraudulent sites.

I analyzed the domain through Scamadviser which gave Claimcy a very high scam score of 91/100 based on various risk factors such as recent registration, high threat profile and proximity to other scam websites.

I also checked Claimcy on scam investigation sites like and which have marked it as a suspicious and untrustworthy website.

The domain has no historical reputation which is also suspicious since scam sites often vanish quickly after defrauding users.

Lack of Company Information

Authentic e-commerce businesses normally provide their company name, business registration details, address and contact information prominently on their website. However, I could not find any legitimate company information on Claimcy.

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The site does not share who owns it, where they operate from or how to get in touch with their customer service. This lack of company details is a big red flag indicating it is likely a scam.

No Evidence of Physical Location

The website does not give any indication of having a physical office, retail store or warehouse. There are no photos of any commercial space or team members as is common with legitimate online stores.

I searched for the company name online but could not find any information linking the website to a real-world business establishment which raises doubt about its authenticity.

Missing Policies Pages

Standard online shopping platforms have complete policy pages for shipping, returns, refunds, terms of use and privacy policies. However, none of these crucial e-commerce policies are provided by Claimcy.

The lack of clear policies suggests the website creators do not actually intend to sell and ship products to customers, which are traits of a scam site.

No Social Media Presence

Nowadays, all genuine businesses maintain active social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to engage with their audience. But Claimcy does not have any social media links or profiles associated with it.

The lack of social media presence for a supposed e-commerce store is suspicious and makes it look like a fraudulent temporary website.

High Risk Payment Method

The site accepts payments exclusively through PayPal with no option for credit card payments. Scam websites often prefer PayPal because it allows them to quickly grab funds and disappear by the time customers realize they have been scammed.

Legitimate stores typically offer a variety of payment methods including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and other options. Only accepting PayPal is therefore a risky indicator.

Privacy Risks

The website does not have an adequate privacy policy or terms of use published on it. Users have no way of knowing how their data will be collected and handled by the site owners. This poses privacy issues especially during checkout when entering payment information.

Low Domain Authority Score

Claimcy has an extremely low domain authority score of 1 out of 100 according to Moz’s metrics. High DA indicates that a domain is reputable and established. For an e-commerce site, a DA below 20 is questionable.

The low score of Claimcy means search engines also do not consider it as an authoritative or trustworthy source which is a bad sign.

Lack of Customer Reviews

There are no customer reviews, testimonials or ratings anywhere on the website which is uncommon for online shops. If Claimcy was a genuine site operating for even a few weeks, there should be some customer feedback about their products and service. The lack of reviews indicates it is likely a scam.

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Duplicate Product Photos

I did a reverse image search on some of the product photos on Claimcy and found most of them available on various other shady websites, indicating these are all fake stock photos. Legitimate stores always use unique product photos. store scam

Pricing & Inventory Irregularities

Some product prices on Claimcy don’t make logical sense and seem unusually low for the claimed quality. Also, the inventory status doesn’t change despite ordering products which means it’s not actually updating stock in real-time. This indicates it’s a scam website with fake product listings.

No Sitemap or Site Search

Reputable e-commerce stores have a XML sitemap and site search functionality to help users find products easily. Claimcy lacks both these features which demonstrates lack of effort into building a proper user-friendly website.

No Business Validation on Website

Claimcy does not have any trust badges or business validation from services like TrustedSite or BBB. Legitimate companies often display such trust seals to showcase they are valid and safe.

Testing Orders on

To dig deeper, I decided to attempt placing test orders on Claimcy to see how they would respond.

I added a few random women’s clothing items to cart and proceeded to check out with PayPal. Upon completing the PayPal payment, I received an order confirmation email from Claimcy with an order ID.

However, the email looked completely generic without any business details. Over the next few days, I did not receive any shipping confirmations or tracking information from them.

Ten days passed but I did not get the products nor any communication regarding the order status. I tried emailing them through the contact form on their site but got no reply.

This clearly confirmed that Claimcy does not actually ship out any real products to customers. The site simply takes payments and provides fake order confirmations without fulfilling the orders.

Investigating Web Hosting & Server Details

A domain’s web hosting and server details can also provide some clues about potential shady activities. I investigated these technical factors for the Claimcy website:

🚩 Hosting Server: Claimcy is hosted on a US-based Amazon AWS server located in Seattle, Washington.

🚩 IP Address: The IP address associated with Claimcy is which has over 20 domains connected to it according to IP tracking tools. This is often seen with scam websites.

🚩 Name Servers: The site uses name servers from Chinese company Alibaba which are notorious for hosting numerous scam sites engaging in illegal activities.

Claimcy scam discount

Negative Reviews & Complaints

Upon searching online, I came across many complaints and negative reviews about Claimcy from shoppers calling it a scam:

  • Complaints about receiving fake tracking information from Claimcy but no actual delivery of products ordered.
  • Multiple users across scam warning forums have reported it as a scam website engaging in fraudulent activities.
  • Reviews mentioning that Claimcy simply took their money without fulfilling the order and stopped responding to emails.
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The Verdict: Claimcy is a Scam Website

Evaluating all the above factors and evidence, I can safely conclude that Claimcy fits the profile of an obvious scam website that should be avoided.

The web store displays multiple characteristics commonly seen in fraudulent sites like lack of company details, no physical address, suspicious domain history, fake product listings, and abusive payment and order processing practices.

The numerous negative reviews and complaints by users also validate that Claimcy simply takes orders and money from customers but does not deliver anything. It is a bogus e-commerce platform created to scam people.

How to Avoid Scam Websites Like Claimcy

Here are some tips to follow when shopping online to avoid scam websites:

✅ Research new online stores thoroughly before placing orders. Search for reviews, complaints, and scam reports to check their reputation.

✅ Verify that a website provides complete company details including business registration information.

✅ Check domain age and history through WHOIS and other databases to ensure it’s not recently registered.

✅ Examine their policies for shipping, returns, refunds, and privacy to understand your rights.

✅ Be wary of sites that only accept PayPal payments as it allows easy fraudulent transactions.

✅ Check if the website has valid trust seals and business verifications from certification authorities.

✅ Beware of prices that seem unrealistically low compared to average market rates for the same items.

✅ Avoid sites with no customer reviews for their products and service. Authentic businesses have ratings and reviews visible.

✅ Run reverse image searches on product photos to check if unique original images are used.

✅ Be skeptical of domains registered through Chinese/Russian registrars as they often host scam websites.

✅ Use secure payment options like credit cards which offer fraud protection mechanisms to users.


Claimcy initially came across as a professional e-commerce store but upon detailed investigation, it becomes evident that it is just an elaborate scam website. It exhibits multiple suspicious characteristics that should raise red flags for online shoppers.

The numerous complaints about fraudulent activities and the failure to actually deliver any products ordered also confirms that Claimcy only takes money from customers under the pretense of selling clothing items that don’t actually exist.

I hope this exhaustive review and analysis of Claimcy has provided clarity on how such scam websites operate and can be identified through careful research. Stay vigilant and avoid buying from shady websites to prevent getting scammed online.

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