Legit or Scam? Honest Review 2023

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E-commerce has opened up a world of possibilities for shoppers, giving them access to products from all over the globe with just a few clicks. However, with the convenience of online shopping comes the risk of falling prey to scam websites that promise amazing deals but fail to deliver.

One such website that has been garnering attention lately is With claims of premium footwear at heavily discounted prices, seems too good to be true. So we decided to investigate – is footwearuzone legit or is it a scam?

In this detailed review, we will examine various aspects of to determine if it is a safe and reliable platform for online shoe shopping or a shady website you should avoid.

Quick Overview of is an online shoe store that sells a wide variety of footwear for men, women and kids. The store claims to offer premium quality shoes from top brands at discounted prices up to 80% off.

The website has a clean, professional layout and categorizes its products into Men, Women, Kids, New Arrivals, and Sale sections. It has brand filters to easily find specific brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma etc. The products are displayed with pictures and basic details like name, price, colors available etc. offers international shipping to select countries and accepts payments via credit/debit cards and Paypal.

Pros of

  • Wide range of branded shoes for the whole family
  • Attractive discounts and deals up to 80% off
  • International shipping to selected countries
  • Accepts credit cards and Paypal payments

Cons of

  • Details about company behind it are unclear
  • No physical address or contact number available
  • No mention of return/refund policy
  • No reviews or testimonials available

At first glance, the website looks professional and stocks branded footwear at heavy discounts. But a closer look reveals several red flags which we will examine in detail in this review.

Investigating the Credentials of

The most important factor in determining the legitimacy of an online store is to check who is behind it. A genuine ecommerce business will provide complete details of its ownership, location and contact information.

When we tried to look up the credentials of, here is what we found:

No information about owners/company: There is no mention anywhere on the website regarding who owns or operates this business. No company name, address, phone number or email is provided.

Domain details hidden: The domain whois information for is kept private and anonymized by domain privacy service WhoisGuard. This hides the identity and location of the website owners.

Website registered recently: According to Whois record, the domain was registered only a few months ago on 2023-06-27. This indicates it is a recently set up website.

The complete lack of company information and recent domain registration are big red flags, since legitimate businesses have no reason to hide their identity. This makes it impossible to verify if is an authorized dealer or reseller of the brands it claims to sell.

Product Quality and Pricing on

The main appeal of is the promise of premium quality shoes from top brands at heavily discounted prices. But are the products and prices too good to be true? Let’s analyze:

Unrealistically low prices: offers prices that are almost 80% lower than regular retail prices. For instance, a $150 Nike shoe is available for just $39 and a $120 Adidas Originals sneaker is priced at $29.

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Prices lower than authorized dealers: The discounted prices are significantly lower than reputable online stores like Zappos, 6pm and authorized brand outlets. This indicates the products are not being sourced through official distribution channels.

Discounts irrespective of product age: The discounts seem to be applied randomly across new releases and older seasons. Genuine retailers offer such heavy discounts only on older leftover stock, not the latest designs.

Limited size availability: Many products seem to have only select sizes in stock while other sizes show up as unavailable. Limited inventory is commonly seen on sites selling replica products.

Stock images: The product images appear to be generic stock photos taken from brand catalogs or other websites. There are no unique product photos that establish the items are in their possession.

The improbably low prices, mismatch with authorized dealer rates and limited stock indicate the shoes being sold are likely cheap imitations or fakes.

Analysis of Customer Reviews of

Customer reviews for online stores serve as social proof and help evaluate their service. We tried to look for footwearuzone reviews on independent websites and here is what we found:

No reviews on Trustpilot / Sitejabber: There are no customer reviews for the website on trust review platforms like Trustpilot and Sitejabber. All legitimate stores have multiple reviews on these sites.

No reviews on social media: does not have any social media presence on Facebook or Instagram. There are no user generated reviews or complaints on social media sites either.

No reviews on website: The products listings on the website do not have any reviews or ratings that establish positive customer experiences.

Complaints of non-delivery: A few comments on scam warning websites mention buyers receiving no orders after payment and zero response from customer service.

The complete lack of reviews on review sites or social media platforms is a major red flag. It indicates the store has no real customers shopping at the website.

Assessment of Shipping, Return and Exchange Policies

Genuine online retailers have clear policies regarding shipping, returns, refunds and exchanges. These policies protect customer rights in case they receive defective, damaged or wrong items.

We looked for such policies on and found the following:

No return or exchange information: The website does not mention any return window or exchange policy. There is no way for customers to return unwanted or unsuitable items.

No refund policy: There is no clarity on whether customers can get refunds in case orders are not delivered or wrongly delivered.

Vague shipping policy: The website states shipping timeframes like “Ships in 1-3 days”. There is no information on carriers used and tracking availability.

Complaints of no refunds: As per complaints on social media, several customers were unable to get refunds for undelivered orders. Their emails to the company went unanswered.

The lack of shipping, return and refund policies puts customers at high risk of losing money for no fault of theirs. It allows the company to evade responsibility in case of non-delivery, wrong items etc. This confirms that cannot be relied upon for smooth online purchase experience.

Security Risks of Buying from

When you buy from an unreliable website, you also put your financial and personal data at risk. Here are the security issues to keep in mind:

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Payment and Identity Theft Risks

  • Credit card fraud: Customers have reported unauthorized card charges after buying from This indicates the site is insecure and your card details may be stolen.
  • Phishing risk: The site may be capturing user details like names, addresses etc. under the pretense of taking orders. This information could be used for phishing scams.

Data Security and Privacy Risks

  • No HTTPS protocol: The website URL begins with HTTP instead of HTTPS. This means user data is not encrypted and can be stolen through hacking.
  • No privacy policy: The website has no privacy policy detailing how they use, process and protect user data. This is again a major security loophole.

Negative Highlights of

Here is a summary of the issues and red flags we uncovered about

  • Provides no company details, hides identity and location
  • Registered recently in 2022, looks like a fly-by-night scam
  • Sells branded shoes at prices too good to be true
  • Shows limited sizes and stock of products
  • Has no genuine customer reviews anywhere
  • No policies for returns, refunds or exchanges
  • Multiple complaints of payment fraud and no refunds
  • Lack of HTTPS and privacy policies put data at risk

Considering these multiple negative factors, it is evident that has all the hallmarks of an untrustworthy website that customers should stay away from.

Our Verdict – Is legit or scam?

Based on careful analysis of the various aspects of discussed above, we have reached the following conclusion: is most likely an illegal scam website that engages in fraudulent activities and financial theft under the guise of an online shoe retailer.

We classify it as a scam website based on these reasons:

  • Complete lack of company credentials and proof of legitimacy
  • Selling counterfeit products with fake discount pricing
  • No genuine customer reviews validating purchase experience
  • Violation of customer financial and data privacy via insecure website
  • Non-existent policies for returns, exchanges and refunds
  • Multiple complaints of payment fraud, no orders delivered and zero customer service

Considering these deceptive and unethical practices, we strongly advise all consumers to refrain from purchasing on The website cannot be trusted for safe online transactions. We recommend you always research seller credibility before buying from unfamiliar online stores.

There are also similar website you should beware of, like Fragrancebuy, Uoozee,,, and

Alternative Places to Buy Shoes Online

While may offer tempting discounts, it’s certainly not worth the risk of getting scammed. Here are some alternative authentic stores and marketplaces where you can get good deals on genuine shoes from verified sellers:

Online Marketplaces

  • Amazon: Extremely wide range of footwear from various brands sold directly by authorized retailers and distributors. Amazon’s a-z guarantee protects buyers.
  • eBay: Established marketplace with shoe sellers reviewed by previous buyers. Look for top rated sellers with 97%+ positive feedback.
  • Walmart: The retail giant sells shoes directly on its website with everyday low prices and free shipping offers.

Specialist Shoe Retailers

  • Zappos: Reputed for amazing customer service and free shipping/returns. Frequently runs sales offering 20-25% off big brands.
  • 6pm: Owned by Zappos, it offers deep discounts on previous seasons’ styles with free shipping and returns.
  • DSW: Large inventory of designer and casual footwear for the whole family. Join their rewards program for extra discounts.
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Brand Website Outlets

  • Nike Factory Store: Official Nike website offering discounts up to 50% on their outlet section plus free returns.
  • Adidas Outlet: Grab past-season Adidas shoes at reduced outlet pricing on their official ecommerce store.
  • Reebok Outlet: Reebok’s outlet website has shoes starting $20 plus further discounts with coupon codes.

Recommended Buying Practices

When looking for shoe deals online, apply these smart shopping practices to avoid scams:

  • Verify seller credibility, customer reviews and company details
  • Compare prices across retailer sites to spot unrealistic discounts
  • Check return, refund and exchange policies before ordering
  • Use credit cards for purchase protection and easier refunds
  • Avoid websites with HTTPS protocol and clear privacy policy

By following these tips and buying from reputable sources, you can purchase shoes online safely and get the best deals. Let us know in comments if you have any other trusted sites for shoe shopping online!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about

Q1. What kind of shoes does sell?

Footwearuzone claims to sell a variety of branded athletic, casual and dress shoes for men, women and kids. Some of the brands listed are Nike, Adidas, Skechers, Puma, Reebok, Clarks etc.

Q2. Does offer free shipping?

The website states they charge a flat rate of $20 for shipping worldwide. There is no mention of free shipping on any order value. This is different from authentic online retailers who offer free shipping over a minimum order.

Q3. How do I pay on

Payment methods listed are Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover credit/debit cards and Paypal. However, we advise against using cards here due to the high risk of potential fraud and unauthorized charges.

Q4. Is there live chat customer service on

No, the website has no live chat support or even an email address for customer service. The only communication channel is a contact form. This makes it impossible to get order and payment issues resolved.

Q5. What are shipping times?

The website vaguely states shipping times of 1-3 days but has no proper shipping policy. Numerous customers have complained about orders never getting delivered after months of waiting.

Q6. Can I return shoes purchased from

The website does not mention any return window or policy for getting refunds on returned orders. Customers have reported they got zero response to return requests due to lack of policies.

The Bottom Line – Steer Clear of!

We hope this detailed analysis has provided unequivocal proof that is an untrustworthy website involved in deceitful practices. Our final recommendation is to never shop here or submit any personal/payment information on this high-risk portal.

There are plenty of legitimate shoe e-retailers that offer genuine products, great prices and smooth delivery powered by good customer service. Do your research and buy only from reputable stores suggested in this review. Don’t let tempting discounts lure you into dealing with shady websites.

Stay vigilant and keep your data and money secure by avoiding retail scams like Share this review to help spread awareness and prevent others falling into the trap!