Is Legit or a Scam? Honest Review

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As an online shopper, have you ever come across a website that seems too good to be true? Deals that are significantly lower than anywhere else, with beautiful product photos and a slick design? This is often how scam websites lure unsuspecting customers in.

One site that has been raising eyebrows is They advertise massive sales and clearance deals on popular brands from Macy’s. But is it legit or just another online shopping scam?

In this honest review, I’ll analyze every aspect of to determine if it can be trusted. I’ll look at factors like website design, company information, product offerings, payment options, customer service and reviews. My goal is to cut through any deception and give you an honest assessment of whether this site is truly legit or a scam.

At the end of this review, you’ll have a clear understanding of’s trustworthiness. So let’s get started with an overview of the site itself.

An Overview of

Here are some basic details about

  • Domain was registered on October 8, 2023 according to WhoIs records. This is a red flag as the site is very new.
  • Claims to offer up to 90% off clearance items from Macy’s. Products include clothing, shoes, accessories and more from major brands.
  • Homepage features a banner promoting a big “End of Season Sale”. Navigation includes top categories, search bar and cart/checkout links.
  • Design is sharp and professionally done, copying Macy’s own style closely. Photos look high-quality.
  • “About Us” page is generic, not providing any useful company details. Physical address is omitted.
  • Contact page only includes email form. No phone number is listed for customer support.
  • Website is using a valid HTTPS certificate, important for security during checkout.
  • Run advanced WhoIs lookups and the domain is registered privately with minimal contact data.
  • Site is optimized around target keywords “Macy’s outlet” based on domain and meta tags.

At first glance, appears to be a well-designed clone of Macy’s. But that polished look could easily be deceiving. Let’s dive deeper.

MacyOutletDay com scam

Red Flag #1: Recent Domain Registration

The domain was registered on October 8th, 2023 according to official WhoIs records. This is far too recent for me to trust the site.

Legitimate online retailers don’t build up trust and reputation overnight. Instead, shady domains are frequently registered to target holiday shopping seasons or based on current events.

For example, registering a “.com” around Black Friday paints the picture that big deals are coming. But in reality, the site just popped up out of nowhere with no brand loyalty or reviews.

This is a major red flag that the domain could be baiting shoppers rather than having their long-term interests at heart. I’d expect a Macy’s outlet site to have been active for years, not mere weeks.

Red Flag #2: Lack of Company Details

The “About Us” page is scant on specifics, only stating:

“We’re an online shopping destination offering the best deals on top brands.”

No company name, location or team members are listed. Where is this business actually based? Who owns and operates the site? These missing transparency details increase doubt.

A simple search also brings up no relevant company information online. This tells me is likely based offshore with anonymous registration – often associated with scam domains.

Legitimate retailers disclose clear contact and ownership details to build accountability. The anonymity here signals deception may be at play instead of customer trust.

Red Flag #3: Lack of Customer Support

The “Contact Us” page includes a basic email form submission but no other support options. No physical address, showrooms or call centers are noted.

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Large online retailers today offer 24/7 toll-free chat, email, calls and more. The single email contact here is very suspicious and concerning if issues ever arose.

Real companies are there for customers through multiple convenient channels. But one email suggests this may be an empty front with no genuine staff behind it.

Red Flag #4: Suspiciously Low Prices

Clothing, shoes and accessories from top brands like Michael Kors, Seven For All Mankind and more are promoted at discounts of “up to 90%”.

These offers seem too extreme to be true. Sure, outlets and seasonal sales can reach 50% off sometimes, but consistent 90% discounts on premium designer goods? Highly unlikely.

Most likely, these products are either fake knockoffs being passed off as real, very poor quality or simply don’t exist at all. Real Macy’s shoppers wouldn’t stand for it.

The lowball pricing clearly aims to lure in skeptical shoppers by tricking their mind into thinking big savings are there. This common scam tactic is a huge red flag.

Red Flag #5: Stolen Product Photos

A quick Google Image search reveals many of’s product photos are directly pilfered from Macy’s own website. Others match stock images or retailer sites.

This suggests the photos are not of the actual inventory being sold. Why use stolen pics otherwise? It’s quite possible no products even exist or will match these shots.

Legitimate vendors always source unique product photography to prove their items are in stock and ready to ship as promised. Photo theft is a dishonest tactic.

Red Flag #6: No Reviews or Testimonials

The lack of reviews or social proof on is incredibly suspicious. Even newly launched brands and unknown sellers gather some testimonials over time.

Both Trustpilot and Facebook reveal this site has no verified user comments, ratings or mentions on any platform. No videos or articles promote it either.

Online retail has moved to a “social” model where buyers seek others opinions before deciding whether to trust a website with personal info and money. This empty database damages trust significantly.

Real companies encourage customer feedback to build confidence in their service through the opinions of past shoppers. But this site provides zero confidence as it stands.

Red Flag #7: Questionable Payment Options

While major credit cards like Visa, Mastercard and American Express are accepted, other payment options raise eyebrows:

  • Western Union and MoneyGram wire transfers being offered are common scam red flags as they lack buyer protection.
  • Cryptocurrency payments like Bitcoin put customer funds directly into scammers’ hands without a middleman for chargebacks or disputes.
  • Other suspicious options like “cash on delivery” where a random person shows up aren’t shown by trusted online retailers.

Legitimate online shops stick to fully secure payment processors, especially for new customers. These sketchy options are meant to bypass protections and oversight.

A balanced analysis of all these red flags indicates is highly likely to be a fake and deceptive shopping website. Let’s summarize the key takeaways:

  • Suspiciously new domain registration warns there is zero history or trust built up over time.
  • Scant company details showcase a lack of transparency into ownership or true operations.
  • Limited customer support suggests no genuine infrastructure to handle issues.
  • Prices and photographs appear fabricated to lure in shoppers with too-good-to-be-true discounts.
  • Absence of user reviews online leaves the site untested and unsupported.
  • Questionable payment types aim to bypass oversight and remove buyer safeguards.
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The risks far outweigh any potential rewards from shopping on It screams “scam site” with all the classic warning signs. Avoid it entirely for your online protection and wallets’ security.

While investigating shops like this is useful, reading hundreds of negative reviews could be draining. So let’s take our discussion in a more positive direction now.

Alternative Options for Real Macy’s Deals

If you’re seeking actual discounts from Macy’s but lost faith in, don’t despair! There are much better options to consider:

  1. Shop official Macy’s outlet stores in person. These discount store locations actually sell genuine overstock and clearance Macy’s apparel, home goods and more. Check their website for nearby addresses.
  2. Browse clearance sales on The official site runs promotions throughout the year on out-of-season, discontinued and damaged inventory. They also offer coupon codes, rebates and rewards programs for extra savings legally.
  3. Check for manufacturers’ rebates. Many clothing and accessory brands run rebates directly through their websites. You can submit receipts for Macy’s purchases and get money back that way too.
  4. Subscribe to Macy’s emails. Signing up provides early access to coupon codes for upcoming promotions. This is the best way to get insider knowledge on coming deals before others.
  1. Watch for seasonal final clearance events. Around specific holidays like Memorial Day, Labor Day, Presidents’ Day and July 4th, Macy’s slashes prices even deeper to purge stock quickly. You can save 60-80% on much of the store during these brief windows. Following deal newsletters is key to catching them.
  2. Check discount sites like eBay. Sellers frequently resell authentic Macy’s overstocks or open-box returns on eBay at a lower cost than retail. Just be sure the listings have many reviews to prove legitimacy.
  3. Use cash-back rebate tools like Rakuten. Link your Macy’s account and receive a percentage of purchases back in the form of cash rewards each quarter. This is essentially earning a discount without extra effort.
  4. See what Nordstrom Rack has available. As the off-price sister store to Nordstrom, Rack often stocks top brands from Macy’s at markdowns up to 60% less than dept stores. Selections vary but it’s worth a peek.
  5. Buy closeout liquidation pallets. Some resellers purchase complete returns pallets from Macy’s and resell the entire unsorted lot of inventory online for one low price. It takes work to sort but can yield deep discounts on random finds.
  6. Look for physical coupons inside stores. Macy’s drops printable paper coupons and one-day sale fliers in-aisles regularly. Since most people overlook them, these can provide special promo codes not found online. Always check!

Taking advantage of legitimate sales tactics this way ensures that if great Macy’s deals are found, shoppers can feel secure they are getting real products as described from a trusted retailer. Quality, return policies and buyer protections still apply.

There’s no need to risk dealing with a sketchy, unproven site when so many safer options exist. With diligent bargain hunting, all the discounts can be had without compromising on trust or safety too.

How to Avoid Falling Prey to Scam Websites

Now that we’ve established is highly likely a fake shopping scam, let’s discuss how to protect yourself from such deceptive sites going forward. Here are my top tips:

  • Verify domains are long established, not popped up days ago, before shopping. Whois data reveals all.
  • Review company info – if basics like address, phone number or team are lacking, avoid the site out of caution.
  • Check for social proof in reviews on Trustpilot, Facebook and elsewhere. Lack of any opinions raises a red flag.
  • Price discrepancies of 50%+ should trigger doubts. Scams rely on deals “too good to be true” but quality always declines with extreme markdowns.
  • Search stolen photos online or upload to TinEye and Google Images to discover replication of banners and product listings.
  • Look out for limited payment options beyond credit cards which bypass verification processes. Many scams accept sketchy methods.
  • Watch for poor English errors in writing that don’t match a major company’s tone. Translated web pages could mean an offshore base is illegitimate.
  • Consider searching the domain name plus words like “review”, “scam” or “complaint” to find reports from others.
  • If deals seem “too good to be true”, compared to retailers, they likely are not the real thing and too risky to proceed with purchases.
  • When in doubt, search if anyone in the site’s contact us page or company name pops up on scam databases like FTC reports.
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By paying close attention to these signs ahead of checkout, you empower yourself to avoid ever becoming victim to a fake online shopping scam that steals your money and personal information. Overall diligence is key to safer web browsing.

What To Do If You’ve Been Scammed

Unfortunately, some may only realize a site was fake after handing over funds or data already. But don’t lose hope – here’s how to proceed:

  • Immediately contact payment providers like credit cards or banks to dispute charges. Be sure to explain the transaction involved a fraudulent site.
  • Change passwords on all accounts where the same login was used to access the scam website, just in case.
  • Install identity protection software to monitor if your information is being misused elsewhere now.
  • File an FTC complaint describing the situation so authorities can investigate and take action on the scammers network if possible.
  • Post a clear warning of the scam on social media to alert others, including links showing their fake site and practices exposed if safe to share publicly.
  • Consider investing in an identity theft protection service for ongoing monitoring and alerts about your personal data. Many offer all-clear money back guarantees too if nothing arises.

Taking prompt action helps regain control of finances and information while also stopping others from becoming victims as well. Remember scammers rely on silence, so speaking up provides an important community service too.

Wrapping Up

In closing, the evidence conclusively proves is absolutely not a legitimate website and exists only to defraud innocent shoppers. All qualities of a sophisticated scam ring through loud and clear.

The best ways to ensure safe bargain hunting was also discussed, offering ample safer alternatives for actual Macy’s deals without compromising on quality purchasing experiences. Diligence is key to protecting hard earned money from deceptive operations online.

I hope this in-depth review provided useful insights, lessons and tips so no one falls prey to this same or similar shopping scams down the line. Please share it widely so others can apply these learnings and spot scam websites too. Stay safe out there!

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