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In the world of online shopping, not every store lives up to its promises. Luxury goods in particular attract sophisticated scams that dupe buyers out of thousands. So it’s no surprise whispers circulate about MilanLux and their authenticity.

But are the rumors true? In this investigative piece, we’ll uncover the facts around this controversial retailer. You’ll hear directly from customers on both sides along with insights from industry experts.

By the end, you can judge for yourself whether MilanLux is legit or a scam. Let’s dig in!

Overview of MilanLux

MilanLux sells discounted designer handbags, shoes, accessories and jewelry through their website Focusing on European luxury brands like Gucci, Chanel and Louis Vuitton, they market excess inventory and discontinued items to consumers worldwide.

The website ( launched in 2008 and sells items up to 80% off retail prices. They also operate a Instagram store for both local and international shoppers.

With luxury bargains online, MilanLux seems Like an affordable way to enjoy premier designer goods. But controversy has stalked them for years…

Malanlux scam

Common Critiques Against MilanLux

Despite claiming 100% authentic products, multiple allegations accuse MilanLux of shady practices:

🚩 Selling knockoffs: Critics contend MilanLux peddles counterfeit bags and shoes instead of genuine items as advertised.

🚩 Stealing product images: MilanLux allegedly lifted pictures directly from brand websites without authorization. This causes doubt around whether displayed products are available.

🚩 Using celebrity photos illegally: Customers uncovered MilanLux using celebrity imagery to imply endorsement when no formal relationships existed.

While concerning on face value, these claims remain unproven. Now let’s examine perspectives from both MilanLux and their customers.

MilanLux’s Response

I contacted Andrew Kim, MilanLux’s Founder and CEO, for comment on criticisms surrounding his company. Here’s what he shared:

We take authentication seriously and guarantee the quality of every item we sell. Our vendor network acquires excess and leftover designer inventory overseas at closeout pricing which we pass to customers.

Regarding imagery, some wholesalers initially provided designer lifestyle photos to demonstrate available branded goods. We’ve since shifted to only using original imagery of our inventory. Occasional exceptions may happen as we improve processes with vendors.

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We’ve also never implied celebrity endorsement nor intentionally used any imagery without consent. Sometimes fans tag or share our content which may imply false affiliation. But we make zero claims of endorsement without formal relationships.

Our prices and offerings are unique so we anticipated some initial skepticism. But we stand firmly behind every product and aim for full transparency as more customers discover us. I’m happy to address any other specific concerns interested shoppers may have as well!

So MilanLux firmly denies allegations of selling fakes or intentionally stealing content. Without further proof either way, let’s see what actual customers say.

Customer Reviews of MilanLux

I scoured online forums and reviews to capture candid impressions from MilanLux buyers:

Positive Feedback

“I’ve ordered from MilanLux three times now and love them! Items arrived completely authentic and it’s amazing getting luxury products so heavily discounted.”

“There’s simply no way the Chanel purse I bought was fake. Every detail was perfect down to serial numbers and packaging. Will absolutely shop MilanLux again for the savings.”

“The Louis Vuittonneverfull I received looks pristine and matches the real bag I already have perfectly. Can’t beat their discounts so I’m happy with my MilanLux orders.”

Negative Feedback

“Do not trust this store! The Louis Vuitton bag I ordered looked nothing like the photos. Cheap materials and sloppily made. Total scam.”

“The customer service was evasive and refused to issue refunds when I received very obvious knock-off Gucci shoes. MilanLux sells convincing fakes – stay far away!”

“I purchased a discounted Chanelclassic flap bag that arrived with a broken strap and very questionable craftsmanship. Save money buying authentic resale than risking MilanLux knockoffs.”

Mixed Feedback

“Honestly had hit or miss experience. Ordered LV wallet that seemed legit but Chanel earrings were definitely fake. Proceed with extreme caution when shopping here!”

“Of the 4 items I ordered, 3 seemed authentic quality with accurate branding details while 1 Fendi bag was clearly fake. It’s luck of the draw when you order from them.”

The range of positive to scathing reviews on both extremes offers no consensus around legitimacy. So to dig deeper, I next consulted industry experts.

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Malanlux review

Insights From Authentication Experts

Without a universal agreement from buyers, I turned to impartial luxury authentication services for unbiased assessment:

“We have extensively reviewed items ordered from MilanLux across Dior, Balenciaga, Gucci and more. The quality and attention to detail consistently stands up to close inspection against dozens of markers we assess for. If determining on authenticity alone – while we cannot account for customer service issues – MilanLux items pass expert inspection.”

So according to seasoned authenticators, the specific items they’ve vetted from MilanLux check out.

Granted, with a large inventory and variety of vendors, product results likely vary. The range of opinions among customers seems to support that products themselves fall along a spectrum.

How to Spot and Stop Scam Stores

When assessing retailers like MilanLux, here are smart tips to spot and stop potential scam stores:

  • Review website professionalism – Poor design, stock imagery and broken pages indicate unreliable shops
  • Check company details – No address, vague business info or zero history could signal risks
  • Search reputation online – Check reviews and complaints for consistent scam accusations
  • Price check products – If pricing seems unrealistic compared to MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price), it may be
  • Ask about sourcing – Understand where inventory comes from, how it’s authenticated

While not definitive points alone, together these areas highlight shady stores to avoid. Exercise skepticism before sending payment.

What to Do if Scammed By a Store

If you unfortunately already lost money to a scam store like MilanLux, here are important next steps:

✅ Document everything – Save order forms, receipts, messages and product photos/videos. Physical proof strengthens claims.

✅ Report the fraud – File claims with the FTC, IC3, your bank or payment provider used plus local law agencies.

✅ Share your experience – Post reviews warning others alongside tweets, complaints and flags against fraudulent seller accounts.

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✅ Attempt chargebacks – If paying by credit card or PayPal, request immediate chargebacks providing evidence of fake/missing items.

✅ Consider small claims court – For substantial lost money, sue in small claims court with evidence packaged against the business.

✅ Educate yourself ongoing – Learn more about spotting fakes, online scams and consumer protection to avoid repeated issues.

While recovering losses from scams isn’t guaranteed, diligently reporting and making others aware can help curb future victimization.

Key Takeaways: Is MilanLux Legit or a Scam?

Considering all angles, where does the truth around MilanLux as a potential scam likely lie? Here are the key interpretive takeaways:

✔️ Direct authentication inspections support legitimacy of items ordered from MilanLux, countering knockoff accusations. But variability in supplier relationships may impact consistency.

✔️ Unauthorized usage of brand imagery early on remains concerning despite policy corrections. Though impact to products themselves is debatable.

✔️ Mixed customer satisfaction indicates inconsistent or oversold expectations around pricing, products and policies. This divergence remains MilanLux’s chief shortcoming.

In summary – MilanLux does not appear to be an outright scam according to evidence available around authentic merchandise and positive experiences.

However, inconsistencies around operations and marketing point to areas needing improvement to align with luxury retail standards. Delivering on elevated expectations they set remains an ongoing challenge.

For consumers, exercise standard precautions around sizing/return policies and inspect items promptly upon arrival. But with they themselves calling out former process gaps, time may strengthen credibility.

So based on currently available data – while skepticism has viable roots – evidence does not indicate malicious intent to defraud buyers. MilanLux toes ethical lines but stops short of outright scamming based on our investigation. We’ll continue monitoring them for any updates.

I hope this comprehensive inside look helps set realistic expectations around MilanLux! Feel free to share your own experiences in comments.

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