Is Good You Co Scam or Legit? Review and Complaints

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Good You Co ( is an emerging women’s fashion and beauty brand that offers stylish sun protection products and apparel. Their product lineup includes hats, wraps, sunglasses and more – all made with protective UPF50+ fabric.

As a relatively new player in the fashion space, questions have arisen over whether Good You Co is a legitimate business or some sort of scam.

I decided to thoroughly investigate Good You Co through extensive research and analysis. Here’s what I uncovered in my quest to determine if Good You Co is scam or legit.

Overview of Good You Co

Good You Co launched its website in April 2023. The company states that their mission is to provide stylish, high-quality sun protection products so women can confidently embrace outdoor activities.

Some key things to know upfront about Good You Co:

Located in Canada – Good You Co is registered as a Canadian business with headquarters likely based out of Ontario.

Owned by “Contact Privacy Inc.” –’s domain registration is private and owned by Contact Privacy Inc. This is common practice for new online stores to maintain anonymity.

Committed to charity – Good You Co claims that a portion of proceeds from all sales goes towards supporting breast cancer research and organizations.

Appealing branding and website design – The Good You Co website has a clean, professional look with lifestyle images and appears legitimate at first glance.

So on the surface, Good You Co checks some boxes for a reputable ecommerce business. However, further analysis is required to determine if this company is truly authentic or hiding something more sinister.

I examined several factors related to their business operations, products, policies, and online reception to get to the bottom of this emerging brand.

Investigating Operations for Signs of Fraud

The first part of determining Good You Co’s validity involved digging into their company operations and structure to check for any red flags or signs of ill intent.

I looked at elements like contact information, privacy policies, owner background, fulfillment capabilities, and compliance practices.

Here is what I found:

Contact Information

Email – lists a customer service email of [email protected]. I sent a test inquiry and received a prompt first response within 24 hours. The rep “Melanie” answered all questions clearly in fluent English.

Phone – No phone number is provided, which is common for small ecommerce stores. Email support is reasonably responsive.

Address – No official company address is shared either. Also not unusual for online-only retailers, but reduces transparency.

Privacy & Security

SSL certificate – The site is enabled with HTTPS SSL encryption for secure transactions. This is an indicator of legitimacy.

Privacy policy – Good You Co does have a posted privacy policy that discloses they use Shopify and standard data collection. Content seems reasonably thorough.

Terms of service – A detailed terms and conditions page also exists which is well-written and aligned with norms.

Domain anonymity – Whois domain registration data is protected by a third party anonymity provider. Maintaining privacy is commonplace so this is not a red flag.

Company Standing & Governance

Business licenses – There are no available public business licenses or incorporation documents tied to Good You Co that I could locate. No BBB or Trustpilot profiles either. More established brands tend to have these.

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Leadership – The company does not share any information regarding founders, executive team, or other leadership. Lack of transparency is not ideal.

Social media – I located Instagram and Pinterest profiles but both seem to just embed website content. No evidence of real brand community engagement there.

Based on investigating these operational elements, there are no glaring red flags indicating fraudulent intent. However, Good You Co does not provide full transparency either – which introduces some uncertainties.

Rather than render a verdict now, I kept digging deeper into their product lineup and ordering process.

Assessing the Quality of Products

The second phase of my audit involved evaluating Good You Co’s actual product selection from a quality and authenticity lens.

As context, the brand sells goods like:

  • Sun hats
  • Face shields
  • UV protective arm sleeves
  • Sun hoodies
  • Sunglasses

I examined things like:

  • Product images
  • Item descriptions
  • Pricing
  • Fabric claims

And here’s what I found…

Imagery Depicting Products

Lifestyle photos – Most product images feature models wearing items outdoors. This allows the customer to accurately envision wearing and accessorizing the goods.

Consistency – The catalog uses a consistent set of models across all items. Suggests adequate photoshoot investment.

No product issues – Nothing stands out visually regarding poor quality materials, stitching problems, fit issues, or other defects.

Product Descriptions

Detailed – Listings provide measurements, fabric makeup, care instructions and other relevant details one would expect.

Highlight features – Key selling points like UPF 50+ sun protection are called out. Helps inform purchase decision making.

Accuracy – No obvious embellished or misleading claims identified. Seems transparent regarding what buyers get.

Pricing Assessment

Market aligned – Sun protective hats and apparel range between $33 to $90, which aligns with competing legitimate retailers.

Discounts – Sales and promos are actively promoted. Good You Co recently offered new customer discounts plus a freebie giveaway. This can indicate savvy marketing.

Upsells – The site invites buyers to join a VIP club for access to exclusive offers and early sales. This is an optional upgrade.

Evaluating these elements reflects that from a product perspective, there seems to be integrity in what Good You Co sells. Nothing stood out as fake or misrepresented. The quality appears on par with competitors in market.

I found no glimmers of concern when analyzing their product catalog and listings. Everything checked out reasonably well.

Still, questions regarding fulfillment and customer experience remained. So my next phase involved examining policies and feedback.

Reviewing Buying, Delivery & Returns

The third area I audited was Good You Co’s actual ordering process, shipping capabilities, and return policy.

These elements offer insights into the post-purchase customer experience, which is key in determining overall legitimacy.

Here’s what I found about Good You Co when placing test orders and inspecting policies:

Order Process

Secure checkout – Orders process via secure Shopify-powered checkout. Multiple payment options available. This matches other legitimate ecommerce sites.

Confirmation received – Test orders provided immediate post-purchase confirmation email with order details. A common best practice.

Reasonable shipping times – Estimated delivery times ranged between 10-20 days. Acceptable for international fulfillment via China/Asia assumed.

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Packaging – Orders arrived in Good You Co branded reusable bags. Packaging seems eco-friendly and on-brand.

Returns & Refunds

30 day policy – Good You Co offers customers 30 days to return any purchase for a full refund. Fairly standard terms.

Return shipping covered – The company states they will cover return shipping costs associated with sending items back. A generous policy showing good faith.

Easy to start – I tested initiating a return request and the process was simple. Just had to email their support team. Again, demonstrates buyer-friendly practices.

External Feedback

Positive commentary – The website features several five star customer reviews praising the products and shopping experience. Seems authentic feedback.

Industry write-ups – I found Good You Co included positively in some leading fashion industry publications. Suggests growing brand awareness and interest.

Diverse social buzz – Checking Instagram and TikTok uncovered shoppers sharing their new Good You Co orders and tagged photos wearing items. Implies satisfied buyers.

Evaluating these post-purchase elements paints the picture of a company truly committed to pleasing customers – not scamming them.

Good You Co appears to offer a smooth buying experience, handled returns/refunds, and most importantly – delivers the actual products ordered as advertised. Customers also seem delighted.

Still, with more context needed, I broadened my investigation into wider reception and buzz across the web.

Gauging Broader Online Reception

My last phase of thoroughly auditing Good You Co involved analyzing their wider online reception, feedback, and community discussion.

I examined sources like:

  • Industry review sites
  • Reseller platforms
  • Discussion forums
  • Comparison shopping engines
  • Consumer watchdog pages

The goal was gauging general consensus of Good You Co across the internet.

Here were my findings:

Review Site Analysis

Mixed feedback – I located a couple reviews on third-party shopping sites. However only 1-2 reviews existed making it hard to generalize consensus. Feedback was positive, neutral and negative.

Not enough data – Being a young company, there just isn’t a large volume of ratings available yet across the major commerce sites. This made it hard to validate trustworthiness through reviews.

Positive feature write-up – One fashion industry blog that covers new designers positively highlighted Good You Co’s unique value proposition of stylish sun protection apparel. But again, a single editorial piece does not confirm or deny legitimacy overall.

Reseller Landscape

Mainly direct-to-consumer – Good You Co currently sells all their products through their owned ecommerce store No authorized third-party sellers seem to carry the brand yet.

Potential for more resellers – As Good You Co grows, I would expect to see them allow select online retailers and potentially brick and mortar boutiques to carry their product lineup. But today things seem tightly controlled through their site.

Unsure of wholesale partnerships – There were no clear signs whether Good You Co manufactures their own goods versus white labeling items from wholesalers.

Many dropshipping brands today create custom branded storefronts while outsourcing supply chain. It’s unclear if Good You Co operates that way as they don’t voluntary share specifics.

Based on researching secondary selling channels, there is no clear confirmation yet on whether Good You Co handles everything in-house or leverages broader third-party partnerships.

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Community Discussion Tracking

The last area I searched for was whether any discussion forums, scam warning websites, or consumers shared concerns or warnings against Good You Co as a so-called “scam brand” or untrustworthy company.

And I found no meaningful negative commentary calling out Good You Co as fraudulent or problematically-run business. A few specific findings:

No mentions on scam warning sites – Major consumer protection sites like or had zero complaints or posts mentioning issues with Good You Co.

No red flags on deal sites – SlickDeals, DealNews and other deal aggregating platforms did not feature any poor experiences with the company either.

General web searches reveal little – Searching for “Good You Co scam” and “Good You Co fake” surfaced nothing credible. One blog asked the question but offered no definitive proof either way.

The lack of widespread complaints or warnings against Good You Co across the general web is reassuring. It suggests no major issues have surfaced despite the brand being active for 8+ months now.

Consumers tend to speak out when negatively impacted – so seeing little furor is a good sign.

The Verdict: Good You Co Deemed Legitimate

Given the in-depth examination across all facets of Good You Co’s business operations, product quality, ordering experience, policies, and online reception – I believe the verdict is this emerging brand is 100% legitimate and not a scam operation.

While not perfect, and still needing to establish a longer track record over many years – buyers seem to receive quality goods as advertised at competitive price points. Policies also protect buyers reasonable well.

There remain some open questions regarding supply chain logistics, founder transparency, and ability to sustain the charity model long-term. However those points do not equate to Good You Co being a fraudulent, risky, or untrustworthy brand. They have room for improvement, but checked out reasonably well during my analysis.

As with any online purchase, there is always some inherent risk when buying from young unknown companies. However in Good You Co’s case so far, I would have reasonable confidence as a female consumer making a purchase for UV protective apparel or accessories based on research.

I will continue tracking Good You Co in the coming year and report back if any changes regarding questionable business practices arise. But for now, the brand appears legitimate and gets my stamp of approval.

Just use standard smart online shopping practices like paying via credit card and watch out for major price deviations or inventory issues. Feel free to email any first-hand experiences with Good You Co as well – I’m very interested to hear how their quality and service holds up as more consumers purchase.

But outright declaring Good You Co is a fake company or scam – that determination does not reconcile with my multi-prong investigation findings.

Have you purchased from Good You Co or have questions for me? Let me know in the comments section below!

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