Is USPS.Lose-Parcel.Com Legit? BEWARE Don’t Fall Victim

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Is USPS.Lose-Parcel.Com Legit? The internet can be a dangerous place, filled with scams and fraudulent websites looking to take advantage of unsuspecting victims. One such website,, has been raising red flags lately.

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at and investigate whether it is a legit website or a scam. Let’s dive in.

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Quick USPS.Lose-Parcel.Com Review

USPS.Lose-Parcel.Com claims to be affiliated with the United States Postal Service and states that it can help you track down and find lost packages. The site asks users to enter their USPS tracking number, after which it supposedly searches its database to locate missing parcels.

At first glance, the website looks somewhat legitimate. It uses official USPS colors and fonts and even includes what appears to be a real USPS logo in the header. However, upon closer inspection, there are several indicators that may not be what it seems.

Suspicious Contact Information

One of the first red flags of is the contact information, or lack thereof. Official USPS websites always provide multiple ways to get in touch, including phone numbers, email addresses, and physical office locations.

USPS.Lose-Parcel.Com provides none of this. The site lacks any phone number, email, or address that users can use to reach out with questions or concerns. This lack of contact information is highly unusual and suspect for any legitimate business, let alone one claiming to be affiliated with USPS.

The company details at the bottom of the page are also vague and questionable. The address given is for a virtual office in Houston, Texas not associated with USPS. Similarly, the email contact info directs to a non-USPS email address.

No Verifiable Connection to USPS

Further adding to the skepticism surrounding is the fact that it cannot be verified as an authorized or partner USPS website. There are no official announcements or press releases indicating a relationship between USPS and

Additionally, the USPS website does not link or refer traffic to at any point. If this were a legitimately affiliated domain, you would expect to see it referenced or linked to from the official USPS site. However, no such connection exists.

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You can view a full list of all official USPS domains, subsidiaries, and affiliates on Nowhere on this list is mentioned. This lack of an verifiable connection raises major doubts about the site’s validity.

Dubious Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

The privacy policy and terms of service pages on also do not inspire confidence. Both contain generic, copied language that does not specifically pertain to the site or service being offered.

For example, the privacy policy states that the site may collect billing address, payment information, and other personal financial details – none of which are applicable since does not process payments or transactions.

The terms and conditions are similarly dubious. There are references to interactive features, subscriptions, and automated communications – none of which contains. Much of the legalese seems copied from other sites and does not match the actual services provided.

Authentic organizations put effort into ensuring their legal pages are accurate and relevant. The sloppy, irrelevant terms on suggest a scam operation.

No Online Presence or Reputation

Scouring the web reveals no online presence or reputation for outside of the site itself. There are no social media pages, reviews, or references indicating other users have encountered or used the platform.

For a site claiming to help customers locate lost USPS packages, this lack of visibility and user experiences raises immediate suspicion. You would expect at least some online footprint, but has none.

Search engine results reveal no links to from any reputable sources. The domain does not appear to be referenced or recommended on any legitimate blogs, review sites, or forums.

The only information that appears in searches is warnings about the site being fraudulent. This total lack of reputation makes the website impossible to trust.

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Site Registration Details Are Hidden

Performing a WHOIS domain lookup on uncovers more sketchy indicators. All of the registration details for the domain name are blocked and kept private. This is extremely uncommon for authentic companies and websites.

The domain was registered through Domains By Proxy, LLC – a third-party service company that hides the real identity and contact info of a domain owner. This level of secrecy raises big red flags.

Additionally, the domain was just created in August 2022, which correlates with numerous online fraud reports about the site appearing around the same time.

The hidden registration details combined with the recent launch indicate is likely operated by scammers trying to remain anonymous.

What Happens When You Use USPS.Lose-Parcel.Com?

Based on all of these dubious indicators, it is highly recommended to avoid entering any information into However, to further investigate the site’s intent, we experimented with submitting fake details into the tracking form.

Upon entering a bogus USPS number, the site displays an error message saying the package cannot be found. After clicking OK, you are taken to another page claiming USPS needs the recipient’s address and other personal information to locate the missing parcel.

Once these fake details were entered, the site requested banking information, including account numbers and routing numbers. At this point, it became blatantly obvious this was a scam designed to steal financial information.

The site asks for an upfront “service fee” to begin tracking your lost package, at which point they obtain your sensitive banking details. There are also pre-checked boxes to sign up for misleading recurring subscriptions.

Overall, the entire website is clearly a scam to harvest personal and financial information from victims, with no intent of ever tracking down lost packages. Any details entered would be used for identity theft and fraudulent withdrawals.

Official USPS Guidance on Tracking Missing Packages

If you have a legitimately lost USPS package, the real USPS provides guidance on how to resolve the issue – none of which involves random third-party websites like

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According to USPS, if a package is late or lost you should confirm the shipping details and tracking number are correct. Double check the delivery address and verify the shipping label was properly affixed.

You can also use the USPS website or app to check the delivery status and view detailed tracking history. Signing up for text or email alerts can notify you of any shipment delays or exceptions as well.

If a package remains lost after 7 days from the expected delivery date, you can formally request a missing mail search by contacting USPS customer service or filing a claim online. This initiates an investigation to locate your parcel.

At no point does USPS recommend or instruct customers to disclose personal information or banking details to external sites. Never provide sensitive information to any third-party claiming to offer tracking services.

Conclusion: Avoid USPS.Lose-Parcel.Com

After closely examining the website, policies, reputation, and registration details, it is clear that is not legit. The site displays multiple indications of being a fraudulent operation intent on stealing personal and financial information.

Here are the key takeaways to summarize why cannot be trusted:

  • No verifiable connection or affiliation with USPS
  • Fake contact information and physical address
  • Copied legal policies irrelevant to services offered
  • Website registered anonymously
  • No online visibility, reputation or recommendations
  • Requests banking information and fees for fake services

To locate or track a legitimately lost USPS package, rely solely on official USPS guidance and resources. Avoid entering any details into third-party websites at all costs. Be especially wary of sites like that ask for sensitive information and payment.

Hopefully this investigation has helped protect you from potential fraud. Always exercise caution when providing personal details online, and stick to reputable companies with clear verification when using delivery tracking services. With awareness and vigilance, you can avoid becoming the victim of malicious websites like

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