Complete Save Scam or Legit? Review

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Complete Save is an online shopping program that promises members significant savings through cashback rewards, discounted gift cards, and other incentives.

However, many customers have accused Complete Save of being a scam due to unclear signup processes, hidden fees, and difficulty obtaining promised rewards.

This article will investigate complaints against Complete Save, examine whether they constitute an outright scam, and provide tips for avoiding issues when using similar savings programs.

What is Complete Save and How Does it Work?

Complete Save is a subscription-based service that offers shoppers cashback rewards and other savings opportunities when they make purchases from participating retailers.

According to the Complete Save website, members can earn up to 10% cashback at over 1,000 stores, get 20% off gift cards, and receive a monthly bonus when shopping with the retailer where they originally joined the program.

To take advantage of these offers, customers must first sign up for a free 30-day trial of Complete Save. After the trial period, a £15 monthly membership fee is charged if the membership is not cancelled.

Complete Save states that members can easily earn back the fee each month by making qualifying purchases through their site.

For example, if a member spends £150 at a retailer offering 5% cashback, they would earn £7.50 in rewards, putting them ahead even after the £15 fee.

In addition to cashback, Complete Save promotes its discounted gift cards that members can buy to popular retailers.

A £100 gift card might be offered for £80, allowing customers to stretch their budgets further on items they’d purchase anyway. Between cashback rewards and gift card deals, Complete Save claims members can save hundreds of pounds per year.

Complete Save Scam

Common Complaints Against Complete Save

While the potential savings sound enticing, Complete Save has developed a poor reputation with many customers feeling they were misled or even scammed. Some of the most frequent complaints include:

Unclear Signup Process – Many customers claim they never intentionally signed up for Complete Save and were unaware they had been registered until membership fees were charged to their accounts.

Complete Save states that people can only join if they manually enter their details and agree to terms and conditions, but some allege they were signed up without providing consent.

Hidden Fees – Customers often report surprise over being charged a monthly fee since promotions focus on “free” cashback, not mentioning memberships costs. Some feel key details were buried in fine print rather than clearly disclosed.

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Difficulty Canceling – Numerous people describe frustration trying to cancel Complete Save after being unexpectedly charged. Even after managing to cancel, some continued seeing membership fees deducted from their accounts.

Rewards Refused – While promised up to 10% cashback, many complain they earned little to none despite qualifying purchases. Reasons for rejected rewards requests are unclear or seem unreasonable to members.

Poor Customer Service – Customers frequently cite unhelpful responses or lack of assistance altogether when trying to address issues with Complete Save. Attempts to get fee refunds or rewards owed commonly go unresolved.

Data Sharing Concerns – Some members worry Complete Save obtained their payment information without consent and shared it with partners. They feel personal data was used for signups or fees without proper transparency.

Is Complete Save a Scam?

The number and nature of complaints has led many to allege Complete Save is an outright scam. While some practices do seem unethical, there are reasons to believe this may be an oversimplification.

Here are a few considerations when assessing if Complete Save is scamming customers:

Transactions Are Real – Unlike a typical scam, Complete Save does offer legitimate services to members including cashback programs, discounted gift cards, and access to coupons or deals. There is a real, working system behind it rather than just taking money.

Main Service Provided – Most members do receive some level of cashback rewards and savings as advertised. Amounts may end up disappointing compared to expectations but outright non-delivery of core offerings appears less systemic.

Revenue Model Clear – Complete Save ultimately operates a legitimate subscription service model. Their right to charge ongoing fees in exchange for membership benefits is disclosed and agreed to, albeit criticized as not transparent enough.

No Fake Claims – Criticism focuses on Complete Save overpromising on savings and underdelivering. But their core offerings like cashback rates aren’t fraudulent as described, just less valuable than promoted for many customers.

Real Business Entity – Complete Save operates a UK registered business entity with public contact info, not an anonymous scam operation. They provide customer service and seek to address complaints.

Partner Integration – Major retailers like Ticketsmarter integrate Complete Save signups into purchases, granting a level of legitimacy versus purely fraudulent sites.

UK Advertising Authority – Complete Save remains approved to run ads through authority oversight, meaning fundamentally deceitful practices seem unlikely.

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So while Complete Save certainly deserves criticism for complaints around unclear marketing, hidden costs, cancellation difficulties, and poor support, there are balancing factors that distinguish it from an outright criminal scam.

Dissatisfied customers appear most common, but many members do achieve some level of savings from the program.

Warning Signs to Watch For

Still, Complete Save walks a fine line between aggressive business tactics and scam-like behavior. Here are a few warning signs to watch out for if engaging with Complete Save or similar programs:

  • Obscured terms around fees, cashback rates, or other key details
  • Very quick transitions through checkout before fully grasping offers
  • Lack of clear signup confirmation and membership overview
  • Difficulty locating customer service contact information
  • Aggressive rejections of rewards claims or refund requests
  • Unexpected charges without reasonable explanation
  • Sparse communication once signed up as a member

Tips for Avoiding Issues with Cashback Sites

Cashback and coupon sites can provide worthwhile savings, but you must be cautious navigating signups and offers to avoid major disappointments. Here are some tips for shopping through Complete Save or similar programs:

✅ Read terms meticulously before any signup, especially around fees, expiration dates, and cashback exclusions. Don’t rush through unclear checkout offers.

✅ Search for complaints about the company before joining to ensure a reasonable reputation. Complaint volume and response quality matter.

✅ Start small with low-risk transactions to test out rewards delivery and customer service. Don’t make big purchases until confident in the program.

✅ Use unique payment methods like virtual credit cards to isolate memberships from primary bank accounts or cards. Easier to cancel payments if issues arise.

✅ Monitor closely for any charges from new companies after making online purchases and signup for notifications if possible. Act quickly on unauthorized charges.

✅ Avoid linking expensive accounts like PayPal to new services until tested. Scammers prize access to accounts with high balances or payment capabilities.

✅ Screenshot confirmation of signup offers, rates, and terms in case discrepancies arise later – timestamped evidence helps get resolution.

✅ Cancel memberships promptly if underutilized or no longer worth fees. Don’t stay signed up hoping to change behavior.

✅ Dispute sketchy charges through bank fraud departments as needed, referencing complaint evidence. Banks may issue provisional refunds for disputed charges.

The Bottom Line

Complete Save has concerning business practices based on widespread complaints, but likely falls short of an outright scam.

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Customers may achieve real, if modest, savings but should approach with extreme caution given questionable marketing, account management, and customer service issues. Significant diligence is required to avoid dissatisfaction.

Other similar cashback programs may provide better experiences, albeit with lower maximum rates. But the most prudent move may be avoiding third-party programs altogether and using online coupons or loyalty programs directly through trusted retailers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does Complete Save obtain my payment details?

A: Complete Save claims they never obtain your information without direct consent when signing up. But some customers suspect details were shared from partner retailers at checkout. Only providing payment information directly to Complete Save via their signup forms can help avoid this concern.

Q: Are cashback rates really 10% with Complete Save?

A: The headline 10% cashback rate attracts many customers, but fine print shows most retailers pay 1-5% rates. 10% is a maximum for special retailers or promotional periods. Average cashback is likely much lower for most members.

Q: Is it easy to cancel Complete Save?

A: Many customers report difficulties cancelling memberships even after contacting customer service. Some continue to see charges even after formally requesting cancellation. Immediate card cancellations via your bank may be required in worrisome cases.

Q: Can I get a refund from Complete Save?

A: Refunds are possible in some cases of unauthorized signup or unfair charges, but require persistence and escalation. Proof of complaints enhances odds. But many customers report lack of refund response from Complete Save despite trying extensively.

Q: Are gift card savings legitimate with Complete Save?

A: Discounted gift cards do provide real savings. A £100 card for £80 is beneficial for regular shoppers. But verify gift card terms, given other Complete Save complaints. Discounts may require rapid redemption or have other limitations.


Complete Save makes big promises of easy savings through cashback, gift cards, and other rewards programs. But legitimate offerings are undermined by complaints about misleading sales tactics, hidden costs, and poor customer service when issues arise.

While likely not a true scam, Complete Save still requires extreme caution. Do thorough research, read all fine print, start small, and monitor closely to avoid the pitfalls reported by many dissatisfied customers.

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