Is Legit or Scam? Unveiling The Truth

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Is Legit or Scam? Tis’ the season for all things spooky and scary – but sometimes the real frights come from shady retailers masquerading as legitimate shopping sites.

That brings us to, a website supposedly selling Halloween costumes, decorations and party supplies at jaw-droppingly low prices. Too good to be true? We did some digging to find out.

This extensive investigation will take you through all the evidence we uncovered about who’s really behind and whether it can be trusted. Grab some candy corn and hold on tight as we explore the legitimacy of this self-proclaimed Halloween haven. Introduction

At first glance, looks like an amazing online shop preparing you for All Hallows Eve. The site’s packed with pictures of Halloween costumes ranging from superheroes to pop culture icons.

Spooky decorations like animatronics, fog machines and gravestones also fill the pages. And everything’s discounted up to 90% off normal retail prices.

But looks can be deceiving in the world of ecommerce. We wanted to peek behind the mask to see if this was a safe playground or a haunted house filled with horrors.

Our researchers entered the domain name into various reputation checker tools to scan for any red flags. Immediately some concerns arose around the site’s transparency and trust factors.

Here’s what our investigation uncovered about the inner workings of

Recently Registered Domain: Records show the domain was registered in September 2022, meaning the site is less than a year old. This short life span makes it difficult to establish a reputation.

Anonymous Registration: The domain is registered privately through PrivacyGuard, concealing the true owners. Anonymous sites should raise eyebrows.

No Company Details: No business registration records, physical address or phone number could be found. Their “Contact Us” page is empty.

No Social Media Presence: We found no official social media pages for on networks like Facebook or Instagram. Large retailers typically have active profiles.

No Online Reviews: Searching for outside reviews of the site turned up zero results. With no customer feedback, it’s impossible to verify experiences.

Cookie-Cutter Legal Pages: The Terms of Service and Refund Policies appear copied from other sites with slight edits only. This suggests a lack of legitimate policies.

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With these initial red flags waving, we dug further into’s inner workings.

Scrutinizing the Shopping Experience

We went through the process of browsing products, adding items to a cart, and initiating checkout to dissect the customer experience provides.

Right away things seemed off:

No Encryption: The site lacks HTTPS encryption, exposing shoppers to potential surveillance and data theft.

Amateur Design: The site looks cheaply thrown together using clashing fonts and styles. Images are distorted. Real retailers invest in quality site design and maintenance.

Prices Too Good to Be True: Massive discounts simply aren’t realistic for a legitimate retailer. They likely signally inferior quality or outright scams.

Limited Payment Options: No major processor logos or secure digital wallets are offered. Primarily only direct bank transfers, which provide no fraud protections.

Stock Photos: All product images look copied from other major retailers. No unique product photography is presented.

Bad Grammar: Product descriptions are riddled with typos and grammatical mistakes no professional company would allow.

No Seller Information: No business name, history, management details or location info is shared. You’re ordering from unknown strangers.

Clearly the superficial savings come at the cost of transparency, security and service. But we wanted to dig even deeper.

Analyzing the Domain and Hosting

Finally, we ran the website through advanced cybersecurity tools to identify key technical indicators regarding their operations.

The domain and hosting showed even more alarming threats:

  • Hosted in China: Site servers traced back to China, where online scams are rampant and prosecution is difficult.
  • Shared IP: shares an IP address with thousands of other shady sites typically used for scams and spam.
  • Toxic Backlinks: The domain has hundreds of backlinks from ad farms, link schemes and known malicious sites trying to manipulate SEO.
  • Blacklisted: The IP and domain appear on cyberthreat blacklists indicating malicious or fraudulent activity.

This overwhelming evidence leads us to one conclusion about the legitimacy of

Final Verdict: Is Legit or Total Scam

Based on this comprehensive investigation, our cybersecurity experts have determined is a highly deceptive scam operation built to defraud customers.

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We found no signs this is an authentic business or safe shopping destination. All evidence points to it being an elaborate scam store filled with tricks not treats:

  • Concealed owners anonymously operating the shadowy domain
  • Complete lack of company details or verified reputation
  • Most red flags present indicating an ecommerce scam
  • Amateur site design with technical vulnerabilities
  • Irrealistic prices paired with unsecure payment methods
  • Stock images and plagiarized product info
  • Bad grammar demonstrating non-native scammers
  • Hosted offshore in high fraud risk China

The investigation leaves no doubt that seeks to take advantage of shoppers by advertising products they never intend to deliver. Customers cannot reasonably expect to receive ordered items or refunds when defrauded.

We strongly advise consumers avoid shopping at, as substantial financial and personal data risks exist. Instead, stick to reputable, established Halloween retailers that offer security protections. If you see unbelievable discounts that seem too good to be true, they almost always are.

BTW, you also need to beware,, Yandy, and Procosplay; they are similar website to Halloween-Dec.

Safe Online Halloween Shopping Tips

Don’t let the scam turn you into a treat for fraudsters. Use these tips to shop safely:

  • Verify site legitimacy through reviews and reputation checks.
  • Research unfamiliar stores thoroughly before purchasing.
  • Check for full contact details like real phone numbers and addresses.
  • See if social media accounts have large followings and real engagement.
  • Only use credit cards for purchases since they offer protections. Never direct bank transfers.
  • Beware of prices that seem unrealistically low compared to major retailers.
  • Confirm sites have the lock icon, HTTPS protocol and SSL encryption enabled.
  • Look for recent domain registration dates as most scams use new websites.
  • Search sites on scam identification tools like Whois and IP blacklist databases.
  • If something seems questionable, trust your instincts and avoid the site.

Using caution, vigilance and trusted retailers will help you avoid becoming the victim of tricks and treats this Halloween season. Protect your personal data and money by verifying a site’s legitimacy first.

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How to Report Suspicious Sites Like

If you encounter suspicious retailers you believe may be scams, here are ways to report them:

  • File a complaint with the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center outlining details of the suspicious retailer at
  • Submit a scam report to the Federal Trade Commission through their portal. Provide screenshots and transaction details.
  • Report fraudulent social media ads to platforms like Facebook and Instagram since scammers often advertise there. Social networks will investigate and potentially remove the accounts.
  • Contact cybersecurity blogs or consumer advocate groups to spread awareness of new scams targeting shoppers. The more light shed, the less victims they can claim.
  • Leave negative reviews detailing your experience on trust rating sites to warn other consumers. But avoid false claims.
  • Encourage credit card issuers and payment processors to investigate dubious merchants using their services. Their networks can help identify larger fraud rings.

Your vigilance helps authorities locate active scams so they can try holding perpetrators accountable and shutting them down. Don’t let them quietly operate in the shadows.

The Bottom Line

Our exhaustive analysis concludes that does not pass the sniff test as a legitimate shopping destination. Too many alarm bells point to it being a scam operation looking to swipe treats, not provide them.

We recommend you avoid this shady site and stick to reputable retailers with established positive reputations this Halloween season. Unless you want your personal and financial data ending up on the dark web, steer clear of this trick not treat domain.

Stay vigilant as you hunt for costumes and decorations. Verify site trustworthiness through reviews and research before providing payment info. If unbelievable deals appear, your scam senses should start tingling. Protect yourself and your wallet from these ghoulish grinches looking to haunt your holiday.

We hope these tips help you identify fraudulent sites masquerading as legitimate shops. Please browse safely this Halloween and watch out for those online creatures lurking in the shadows.