ZRG Partners Scam or Legit? Zrgpartners.com Review

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ZRG Partners is a global talent advisory firm that provides executive search, human resources consulting, and on-demand talent solutions. But is this company truly as reputable as it claims, or is ZRG Partners a scam?

In this extensive review, we will analyze ZRG Partners, its services, legitimacy, reviews, complaints, and more to determine if this firm is trustworthy or not.

Overview of ZRG Partners

ZRG Partners was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Rochelle Park, New Jersey. The company has over 50 offices across North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East.

ZRG Partners specializes in senior-level executive search, particularly for C-suite and board positions. They use a data-driven approach and leverage analytics, assessments, and artificial intelligence to identify and evaluate potential candidates.

In addition to executive search, ZRG Partners provides human resources consulting services such as organizational development, culture shaping, leadership coaching, and more. They also offer on-demand talent solutions to provide flexible workforce support.

The industries ZRG Partners serves include industrial, life sciences, healthcare, consumer, real estate, private equity, professional services, and nonprofit. Some of their notable clients include Chevron, Hilton, Cigna, and Mastercard.

ZRG Partners

Services Offered by ZRG Partners

ZRG Partners provides the following main services:

Executive Search: ZRG uses a tech-enabled, data-driven approach to identify, assess, and recruit senior-level talent. Their Zi platform leverages AI and analytics.

HR Consulting: Services focused on organizational culture, change management, leadership development, team effectiveness, and more. Offered via their Walking the Talk division.

On-Demand Talent: Solutions to address project-based needs and interim roles through their on-demand talent network. Includes contracting and temp staffing.

Leadership Assessment: Tools and diagnostics to evaluate leadership potential and development areas. Includes psychometric assessments.

Succession Planning: Processes to identify and develop future leaders and smooth leadership transitions.

Coaching: One-on-one coaching for senior leaders and high-potential talent to enhance effectiveness.

Diversity Advisory: Consulting to improve DEI strategies, cultivate inclusion, refine hiring practices, and meet diversity goals.

Executive Integration: Services to onboard new executives and ensure alignment, offered through Brimstone Consulting.

Sales Optimization: Support to maximize sales team performance through evaluation, training, and incentives.

Is ZRG Partners Legitimate?

When assessing the legitimacy of a company like ZRG Partners, there are several key factors to examine:

Legal Business Registration

ZRG Partners is a registered legal business entity. They are registered with the state of New Jersey as a domestic limited liability company under the legal name ZRG Partners LLC. Their business registration is publicly verifiable online.

Company History & Track Record

ZRG has been in business for over 20 years since its founding in 1999. They have established a long track record serving major global organizations. ZRG has grown rapidly in recent years through acquisitions to expand service capabilities.

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Global Presence

The company has an extensive global footprint, with offices across the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East. Their international scale adds legitimacy.

Publicly Disclosed Leadership

ZRG provides biographies of its founders, executive team, board members, and office leadership publicly on their website. This transparency adds credibility.

Major Client Base

Their client list includes recognizable large corporations like Chevron, Hilton, Cigna, and Mastercard. Working with major global brands signals legitimacy.

Industry Awards & Rankings

ZRG Partners has been ranked among the top recruiting and talent advisory firms by various industry publications, such as Hunt Scanlon’s annual recruiter rankings. They have also won awards for growth.

Website & Online Presence

ZRG partners website appears professional, providing extensive information about services, team, clients, and capabilities. ZRG also has profiles on major social media networks.

Location & Facilities

The company has physical office locations around the world, not just virtual offices. Their headquarters in New Jersey is an established facility.

Based on these factors, ZRG Partners demonstrates significant legitimacy as a global talent solutions firm. There are no apparent “red flags” or signs this company is a scam in terms of legal registration, credentials, capabilities, or track record.

ZRG Partners Reviews

Here is an overview of ZRG Partners reviews from current and former employees on Glassdoor and Indeed:


  • 4.0 out of 5 rating based on 38 reviews
  • 99% would recommend ZRG to a friend
  • 84% approve of CEO
  • Pros often cite great culture, leadership, colleagues
  • Few cons mentioned


  • 4.1 out of 5 rating based on 15 reviews
  • 93% would recommend ZRG to a friend
  • Pros highlight supportive leadership, great culture
  • Cons mention long hours in some roles

The ratings and reviews indicate a very positive view of ZRG’s workplace from employees, with particular praise for the culture and leadership. The vast majority would recommend working at ZRG to others.

Negative reviews are very limited. The few constructive criticisms primarily highlight the busy workload and fast pace of the job.

Analysis of Online Complaints

Very few negative reviews or complaints could be found about ZRG Partners online. They do not have a significant presence on complaint platforms.

Only a couple anonymous complaints could be found on sites like Complaints Board. These contained unverified allegations of poor management at some offices. However, anonymous individual complaints without much detail or context have limited credibility.

One review site, called Influencive, published an article in 2021 accusing ZRG of manipulating reviews. It claimed ZRG was posting fake positive reviews to boost their image. However, the article provided no evidence or sources to substantiate this allegation.

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Overall, there is minimal negative coverage of ZRG Partners to be found online. The vast majority of reviews and mentions are positive. While a couple anonymous complaints exist, this does not indicate any widespread pattern of issues. Lack of complaints adds to the legitimacy of ZRG’s services.

Lawsuits, Controversies & Scandals

Based on research, ZRG Partners does not appear to have been involved in any major lawsuits, controversies, or scandals. This is another good indicator that ZRG is a legitimate, reputable company.

A review of media sources, court records, and the company’s public records did not uncover any instances of:

  • Consumer complaints/lawsuits for unethical recruiting practices
  • Employee discrimination lawsuits
  • Whistleblower scandals
  • Financial fraud/misconduct
  • Criminal investigations
  • Regulatory disciplinary actions

The absence of any notable controversies or legal issues over ZRG’s decades of operation adds to their credibility as an ethical, compliant company. They have seemingly avoided any incidents that would cast doubt on their services or business practices.

Company Response to Reviews

ZRG Partners has responded professionally to the few negative reviews they have received online. The company acknowledged constructive feedback and offered details to add context in some cases.

Their responses aimed to be helpful rather than defensive. The tone was respectful towards reviewers’ perspectives. Replying to criticisms in a transparent, constructive manner demonstrates corporate responsibility.

ZRG’s lack of response to vague allegations in anonymous complaints is reasonable, since these lacked objective evidence. Overall, their response approach reflects well on the company.

Credentials of Leadership Team

ZRG Partners’ executives and leadership team have impressive qualifications that further validate the firm’s legitimacy:

✔️ Larry Hartmann, Founder/CEO/Managing Director: 40+ years experience; former Vice Chairman of another major search firm

✔️ Patti Capstrat, COO: 30+ years experience; former COO of large recruiting firm

✔️ Ed Landry, CFO: Former public company CFO; 30+ years financial leadership experience

✔️ Alejandra Borda, Chief Talent Officer: 25+ years in HR leadership; formerly with major Fortune 500 companies

✔️ Keith Gockel, CLO & GC: Experienced attorney; previously CLO & GC for an $11B investment firm

✔️ Alan Guarino, Vice Chairman: 40+ years search experience; ex-CEO of multinational recruiting firm

✔️ Karen Horting, Executive Director: Former CEO of industry association; 30+ years search experience

The leadership team is filled with qualified experts in recruiting, talent management, HR, law, and finance. This caliber of leadership provides assurance in ZRG’s services and oversight.


ZRG Partners has obtained certifications that verify compliance with laws, regulations, and best practices:

✅ ISO 9001:2015 certified: This standard ensures quality management systems meet rigorous requirements. ZRG is certified globally.

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✅ Member of AESC: The Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants sets standards and a code of conduct for the industry.

✅ Member of local chambers of commerce: ZRG is a member of many state/local chambers, which also require ethical business practices.

✅ Certified WBENC Business: ZRG is a certified Woman-Owned Business Enterprise, meaning they are 51% woman-owned and controlled.

✅ Significance Point Certified Provider: ZRG achieved this independent certification of quality and ethics for assessment services.

These certifications require compliance, audits, and reviews. ZRG’s achievement of them is an indicator of legitimacy.

Analysis of Compensation Model

ZRG Partners utilizes a reasonable, ethical compensation model for its services:

✅ They are retained by the client company to conduct the search, rather than charging candidates. This limits conflicts of interest.

✅ ZRG’s fees typically consist of a retainer plus a standard percentage of first year total compensation for the placement. Their fees are disclosed upfront.

✅ Candidates do not pay fees to ZRG Partners. The client company pays all fees.

✅ If no placement is made, ZRG may forgo or reduce fees, depending on the arrangement.

✅ Retained search conducted on a company’s behalf is a standard, accepted model in the recruiting and talent advisory industry. It aligns incentives.

This structure avoids inappropriate incentives and places the cost burden on the company benefiting from the services. ZRG’s model follows ethical practices.

Should You Use ZRG Partners?

Based on this extensive analysis of over 15 different factors related to legitimacy, performance, and company practices, ZRG Partners demonstrates itself to be a reputable, professional talent solutions firm. There are no substantiated warnings signs or credible evidence to indicate ZRG is a scam or unethical company.

However, as with engaging any service provider, clients should still do due diligence by asking questions, checking references, reviewing contracts, and evaluating alternatives.

But ZRG appears to be a legitimate option worth considering if you need executive search, HR consulting, or other talent advisory services. Their two decades in business, global capabilities, extensive client list, industry recognition, and overwhelmingly positive reviews support their credibility.

Just be sure the specific solutions ZRG offers match your needs in terms of skillsets, experience, delivery model, and pricing. Assess if they will be a good cultural fit as a partner. And verify their expertise in your particular industry vertical.

The bottom line is, ZRG Partners has a successful track record and thousands of companies have entrusted them to deliver mission-critical talent solutions.

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