Is Trendgram Scam or Legit? Review (2024)

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Wondering if, the Instagram growth service promising real followers, is legit or a scam?

With so many shady social media growth companies out there, it’s smart to do your research before handing over your hard-earned money.

In this in-depth 2024 review, I’ll uncover everything you need to know about Trendgram:


Let’s dive in…

Overview: What is

Trendgram Scam

Trendgram is an AI-powered Instagram growth service that promises real, targeted followers.

Founded in 2023, they claim to get clients 3,000-10,000 new Instagram followers per month through:

  • Organic promotion to niche audiences
  • An influencer network
  • Proprietary targeting algorithm

Unlike bot or fake follower services, Trendgram says they only deliver real, engaged users interested in your brand.

With packages starting at $59/month, they seem cheaper than social media agencies or influencer promotions.

But are the claims legit? Or is Trendgram a scam?

Keep reading to find out…

How Does Trendgram Work?

Trendgram works by targeting your posts and profile to users most likely to follow you.

They find potential new followers using:

  • Interest & demographic data
  • An influencer network
  • Predictive analytics

Once target users are identified, Trendgram will then:

  1. Promote your posts to targeted users through their network, getting your content in front of likely new followers.
  2. Users that engage with your promoted posts are prompted to check out your profile and give you a follow.

This results in targeted, organic growth from users interested in your brand.

Trendgram io review

No bots or fake profiles are used in this process according to Trendgram.

You also stay completely in control of your account as they never ask for your login details.

Now let’s explore the specific Trendgram features and benefits…

Trendgram Features & Benefits

Detailed Targeting Options

Trendgram allows you to target potential followers by:

  • Gender
  • Age Range
  • Location
  • Interests & behaviors
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For example, you can target 18-35 year old females interested in makeup and living in New York.

This helps you attract laser-targeted, relevant followers.

AI-Powered Growth

At the core of Trendgram is advanced AI analytics that learn and optimize your growth strategy over time.

So the more data they collect, the better your results as their algorithm constantly improves who they target.

100% Organic Growth

Trendgram guarantees all their growth is organic through promotions to targeted users. No bots, fake accounts or shady tactics.

This results in authentic followers genuinely interested in your brand.

Detailed Analytics

An analytics dashboard tracks your Trendgram growth day-by-day so you can monitor your progress. Metrics include:

  • Followers gained
  • Content engagement
  • Audience demographics

Giving you data to refine your strategy.

Fast Results

Trendgram promises new followers delivered quickly, typically within days of signing up.

How fast depends on your plan, but clients report rapid growth in followers and engagement.

What Do Trendgram’s Plans & Pricing Look Like?

Trendgram offers three paid plans depending on your growth goals:


  • $59 per month
  • 800-1,500 followers per month


  • $79 per month
  • 2,000-3,500 followers per month


  • $199 per month
  • 3,500-5,000+ followers per month

All contracts are month-to-month with a 7-day free trial available.

The more expensive Turbo plan includes perks like a dedicated account manager and priority support.

So while not the cheapest service out there, Trendgram offers flexible pricing suitable for different growth needs and budgets.

What Are People Saying in Trendgram Reviews?

Trendgram proudly displays over 27,500 positive reviews on their website from Instagram accounts they’ve grown.

The average rating is an impressive 4.8/5 stars. Clients report fast, targeted growth in engaged followers from the service.

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Positive feedback includes:

“My follower count skyrocketed and the daily updates keep me informed. It’s like having a personal Instagram growth assistant!” – Sarah Williams

“Signing up with TrendGram was the best decision I made for my brand. The results speak for themselves.” Olivia Walker

Actual customers do seem very satisfied with their Trendgram experience.

But are there any negative Trendgram reviews or complaints?

Trendgram Complaints: Are There Any Red Flags?

Searching online, I found little in the way of negative Trendgram reviews or complaints.

A few things that may raise eyebrows:

  • Some review sites Unable to verify if Trendgram testimonials are real clients.
  • A few queries about inconsistent follower delivery speeds.
  • Questions over longer-term retention of followers.

However, no major red flags or alarms in terms of shady business tactics or unhappy customers.

Most critique seems to be around managing expectations properly:

  • Timeframes to expect growth
  • Retention rates long-term

Otherwise, feedback around the service seems very positive judging by multiple review sites like Yelp, SiteJabber and more.

What Is Trendgram’s Reputation? Can They Be Trusted?

With social media growth services, reputation and trust are make-or-break.

No one wants to hand control of their account to an untrustworthy company.

So what’s the word on the street about Trendgram?

Searching independent review sites and forums, the consensus seems to be:

  • Most reviewers rate Trendgram as LEGIT
  • Theydelivers on promises of real, targeted growth
  • Positive feedback from actual paying clients

When checking various reputation markers:

Company fully discloses ownership

Contact info available

SSL secured website

There’s no major causes for concern compared to shadier growth services I’ve reviewed.

Trendgram seems reasonably transparent and trustworthy. But let’s recap the pros and cons:

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Trendgram Pros & Cons

Pros 👍 Cons 👎
Seems effective for growing followers Can’t 100% verify all reviews real clients
Happy client testimonials Specific follower delivery speeds vary
Very positive reviews Unsure on long-term follower retention rates
100% organic growth process Packages less flexible than some competitors
Detailed targeting options
Full transparent ownership


The pros seem to heavily outweigh the cons – mainly minor concerns around guarantees and managing exceptions.

The core organic growth process checks out from the research conducted.

But what’s my final verdict?

Verdict: Is Trendgram Legit Or a Scam?

In my opinion, the evidence points to Trendgram being a LEGIT service for buying real Instagram followers.

Compared to bot/fake follower sites or shadier growth services:

  • Happy clients with strong reviews
  • Reasonable and transparent business practices
  • Seems effective for real, organic growth

I wouldn’t have major qualms recommending Trendgram if you want to accelerate Instagram follower growth.

Just be aware that exact timeframes and retention may vary depending on your account. But the core process seems sound.

So in summary:

  • Trendgram seems LEGIT for buying real Instagram followers 👍
  • Takes the effort out of growth
  • Leverages an influencer network & AI
  • Can drive targeted, organic growth long-term

Hopefully this complete review helped determine if Trendgram is right for your Instagram account!

Disclosure: This review of Trendgram is based on online research and not a paid sponsorship. I strive to provide transparent, unbiased analysis.

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