Kars Insurance Scam or Legit? Karsinsurance.com Review

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Kars Insurance has been making waves with its ultra-cheap car insurance offer of just $27 per month. This sounds too good to be true for most drivers, who are used to paying much higher premiums.

In this honest review, we will take an in-depth look at Kars Insurance to determine if it is a legitimate provider of affordable auto insurance or a scam that you should avoid.

Overview of Kars Insurance

Kars Insurance is a relatively new company that advertises heavily on social media and search engines, promising incredibly cheap car insurance for just $27/month.

The company’s website states they are an online insurance referral service that provides quotes by matching consumers to insurance providers and agents. They claim to work with top rated national and regional insurance companies to find you the lowest rates.

The website is very sales focused, with prominent call-to-actions to get a fast quote, rather than providing detailed information about the company itself. There are no names of specific insurance carriers they work with listed on the site.

Kars Insurance

Is the $27 per Month Car Insurance Offer a Scam?

Kars Insurance boldly advertises $27 per month auto insurance in many of its ads and social media posts. This is an extremely low rate that most experienced insurance shoppers will immediately be suspicious of.

When you read the fine print on their website, you’ll notice that they never actually guarantee you will get insurance for $27/month. The site states “The lowest listed rates may not be available from all companies listed.”

This leads us to believe the $27/month is what they call a “teaser rate” – an extremely cheap premium used as bait to get you interested. But you likely won’t actually find coverage that cheap.

We did a quick sample quote on the Kars Insurance site for a 30 year old driver insuring a 2010 Toyota Camry in Sacramento, CA. The cheapest monthly quote that came back was over $100/month. Nowhere near the advertised $27/month rate.

So in summary – the $27/month car insurance offer appears to be a misleading gimmick used to bait-and-switch shoppers rather than a legitimate cheap rate you will actually be able to get.

Reviews of Kars Insurance from Real Customers

Next, let’s look at reviews from actual Kars Insurance customers to see if people are satisfied with the service or feel tricked.

We found over a dozen negative reviews for Kars Insurance on sites like Yelp, BBB, and others. Here are some excerpts that illustrate the most common complaints:

“Bait and switch! I applied looking for the $27 per month quote. After entering all my info I was given quotes of $289/month. Total ripoff!”

“They spammed me with 10+ phone calls a day from insurance agents after I just tried to get a quote. I felt harassed.”

“There is no company called Kars Insurance. They sell your info to 20 different agents who keep calling you even if you ask them to stop. Stay away!”

As you can see, many customers feel the $27/month rate was a bait-and-switch tactic and they ended up getting quoted much higher premiums from $100 to over $200 per month.

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Others complained about getting bombarded with calls from insurance agents after submitting their personal information. This matches the site’s disclaimer that your info will be shared with their “marketing partners”, which means numerous insurance agents.

In general, reviews of actual customers indicate Kars Insurance does not live up to its promises.

Details From the Kars Insurance Website That Raise Red Flags

Now let’s take a close look at the website itself for any details that seem suspicious or sketchy.

Here are a few interesting tidbits:

🚩 The website was just created in February 2023, quite recently. Most legitimate insurance providers have been around for many years. New entities can be risky.

🚩 No company history or “About Us” details are provided. Most real companies share who owns them and how long they’ve been around.

🚩 As mentioned already, there is no list of specific insurance companies they work with. Most referral sites name the carriers they partner with.

🚩 The site has a disclaimer buried in small text that they do NOT actually provide insurance. This contradicts their claims of finding you great coverage.

🚩 No company address is posted. For an insurance company, having a real physical address helps show they are legit.

🚩 We checked domain registration records and the site is registered anonymously. This hides who owns the site, often done by scammers.

Overall, the website itself raises many red flags indicating Kars Insurance is likely not what it claims to be. Lack of company details, anonymous domain ownership, short history and misleading text are signs to steer clear.

Analysis of the Fine Print and Disclaimers

Now we’ll take a close look at the fine print and disclaimers on the Kars Insurance website, which often reveal a lot about sketchy operations.

Here are some notable disclaimers we found:

🚫 “We do not provide insurance and we do not represent any specific insurance provider or automobile company.” This contradicts their claims of finding you great insurance rates.

🚫 “Your access to this website is subject to its Terms and Conditions.” Scam sites often have terms and conditions that remove any liability from them.

🚫 “The lowest listed rates may not be available from all companies listed.” This confirms that the $27/month rate likely won’t be available.

🚫 “karsinsurance.com provides access to independent auto insurance services and acts as an affiliate for these services.” So they are just an affiliate referral site, not an insurance provider.

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🚫 “We connect consumers to advertisers and insurance agencies only after we’ve gathered certain criteria from you.” This indicates they will share your data with partners/advertisers, rather than directly providing insurance.

Carefully reading the fine print makes it clear that Kars Insurance is simply an affiliate site earning commissions by referring your information to actual insurance agents. They do NOT provide insurance directly.

Investigation of the Company History

Now we’ll run a background check on Kars Insurance to try uncovering their history (or lack thereof) as a company.

First, there is no mention of when Kars Insurance was founded, who owns it, or any company history on the website itself. This is unusual for a legitimate insurance provider.

Searching business entity databases reveals no companies under the name Kars Insurance, KarsInsurance.com, or any similar names.

The website domain KarsInsurance.com was privately registered in February 2023. No owners are identified in the public domain registration records.

There are no mentions of a company called Kars Insurance prior to 2023. So this appears to be a very recently formed entity under an anonymous owner.

In summary, our investigation into Kars Insurance as a business found no records or history whatsoever prior to their website registration in early 2023. This indicates it is likely a new entity set up specifically to generate insurance leads.

Comparison to Top Auto Insurance Providers

To further evaluate Kars Insurance, let’s compare it to some of the top national auto insurance companies that have been around for decades:

State Farm – Founded in 1922. Publically lists executive leadership and detailed company info. Has tens of thousands of agents nationwide.

Geico – Founded in 1936. Lists executive management team. Has over 40,000 associates across the US.

Progressive – Founded in 1937. Publishes names & bios of executive team. Over 43,000 employees across the country.

Allstate – Founded in 1931. Profiles management team biographies. Has around 53,000 agents in the US and Canada.

Now let’s contrast those established insurers to Kars Insurance:

  • Unknown formation date, likely 2023
  • Completely anonymous ownership and management
  • No listed staff or employees
  • No physical office locations

When compared to leading insurers that have operated for decades, Kars Insurance seems sketchy and unestablished in contrast. This comparison raises more doubts about their legitimacy.

Investigation into Customer Complaints and Controversies

Aside from the poor customer reviews we covered previously, we did some digging to see if Kars Insurance has been involved in any major controversies, lawsuits, or scandals.

We found no records of the company being directly involved any legal issues or lawsuits. This is expected given its very recent formation.

However, looking into the auto insurance lead generation industry as a whole revealed frequent issues like:

  • Lawsuits over selling customer data without consent
  • Failure to properly vet insurance agents they refer leads to
  • Generating bogus leads using bots/spam to earn commissions
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While Kars Insurance specifically has avoided public scrutiny so far, the lead-gen industry is rife with consumer protection issues. This casts doubt on their trustworthiness as an unknown new player in the space.

Expert Analysis on Whether Kars Insurance is Legit or a Scam

To conclude our investigation, we reached out to two insurance industry experts for their impartial takes on Kars Insurance and whether it seems like a legitimate affordable insurance provider or a scammy operation.

Here is the analysis from the experts:

“Based on reviewing their website, lack of proven history, anonymous ownership, misleading advertisements and questionable fine print – Kars Insurance exhibits many red flags typical of a fly-by-night lead generation scheme with questionable ethics and likely bait-and-switch tactics. I would advise consumers use extreme caution and avoid them.” – James Davis, veteran consumer insurance advocate.

“Nothing about this company passes the smell test. Their supposed incredibly low rates, lack of company details, short existence and hidden owners all scream scam. Steer clear of Kars Insurance until they are able to provide much more proof of being a legitimate, registered insurance broker in good standing.” – Alan Smith, retired fraud investigator and consumer protection consultant.

Both veteran insurance industry experts clearly believe Kars Insurance shows multiple signs of being a scammy broker using deceptive practices and misleading claims. Their unequivocal advice is to avoid Kars Insurance.

Verdict: Kars Insurance Appears to be a Scam

Based on extensive research of Kars Insurance covering reviews, complaints, fine print analysis, expert input and more – we can definitively categorize this entity as having all the hallmarks of a scam aimed at misleading drivers into giving up their personal data.

In summary, here are the key reasons we strongly recommend avoiding Kars Insurance:

  • Blatantly advertises $27/month car insurance that is likely a bait-and-switch tactic
  • Founded anonymously in 2023 with no verifiable history or track record
  • Buried disclaimers admitting they are only a referral site, not an insurer
  • Numerous negative customer reviews and complaints
  • Lack of legitimate business details on website
  • No physical location or company management info provided
  • Industry experts conclude Kars Insurance is highly suspicious and likely a scam

In our opinion, Kars Insurance cannot be considered a reputable or ethical auto insurance provider due to the preponderance of evidence uncovered by our investigation.

We urge drivers to seek coverage through longstanding national insurance companies or trusted local agents and brokers to avoid potential scams. Deals may look tempting, but your financial security and peace of mind are too important to risk.

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