Is Rockjoin com Scam or Legit? Beware of

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  • Post published:March 9, 2024
  • Post category:Reviews exploded onto the online women’s fashion scene in recent years with seemingly amazing deals on all the latest styles and trends. However, behind the flashy website and alluring prices, many dissatisfied customers allege is an elaborate scam.

In this extensive exposé, we’ll examine the warning signs, sketchy practices, and consumer complaints that reveal the sinister truth behind

The Rise of a Scam Empire

Just 12-18 months ago, didn’t even exist. Suddenly the site burst onto the scene in 2021 offering petite to plus-size women’s clothing at astoundingly low costs compared to traditional retailers.

The website showcases all the most popular fashion brands and seasonal collections. However, does not claim to be an authorized retailer for any of these companies.

Rest assured no designers are offering their newest items at 75% off retail prices months after release. So how does offer such deep discounts on coveted clothing? By selling cheap counterfeits and knockoffs.

The site and its inventory seem specifically designed to lure bargain-hunting fashionistas into believing they are scoring major deals on designer items. In reality, the clothes are poorly made fakes produced in overseas sweatshops and misrepresented on the website.

By the time duped shoppers receive their orders and realize the true quality, it’s too late. already has their money. This bait-and-switch tactic appears purposefully implemented across the thousands of items for sale.


Red Flags That is Not What it Seems

Savvy online shoppers know to watch out for certain red flags that may indicate a shady business or scam in the making. sets off every alarm with myriad warning signs throughout its operations.

No Company Information

The “About Us” page provides no history on the business, founders, or anything that lends legitimacy. There are no office locations or contact details beyond an email form. Searches uncover no record of a parent organization or incorporation papers.

Ever-Changing Domain Name

While the site is currently, the URL has changed multiple times in the last year including variations like,,, etc. This suggests constantly shifting domains to evade detection.

Stock Images and Design

Product photos appear generic, often copied from other sites. The website design itself seems templated lacking unique branding. Combined this indicates little authentic content or sincere investment in the business by its owners.

No Reviews or Social Media Presence

For a supposed fashion retailer servicing thousands of customers, has zero reviews on their website or anywhere else online. There are also no social media pages or profiles furthering suspicion it is not a legitimate company.

With these glaring problems, it becomes evident is likely a fly-by-night operation looking to scam consumers before disappearing into the night.

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How the Scam Operates works like most too-good-to-be-true online scams. The objective is to trick users into purchasing items that are not what they claim to be and obtain payment before the deception is discovered.

Their main tactics include:

  • Bait with name brand women’s clothing and accessories at impossibly discounted prices.
  • Provide convincing catalog of products using copied or forged photos.
  • Collect payment information upfront and pocket the money.
  • Ship extremely poor quality knockoffs that look nothing like advertised.
  • Offer no customer support or ability to get refunds.
  • Frequently change domain names to keep targeting more victims.

Research indicates most packages are shipped from China and usually take 3-4 weeks for delivery. This extended timeline makes it harder for customers to report issues or file claims against fraudulent charges.

By the time a victim realizes they’ve been scammed, there is little recourse to recover lost money. already has what they want and moves on to repeat the process on the next unsuspecting bargain-hunter.

Real Customer Complaints and Reviews

While displays no reviews itself, angry victims have posted their terrible experiences across discussion boards and watchdog sites. The negative feedback presents a damning picture of Rockjoin’s operations.

Here are just a few of the complaints:

  • Clothing is the worst quality imaginable – threads hanging, colors faded, sizes way off
  • Tried to return wrong item for months with zero response from customer service.
  • My package came ripped open with half the order missing. Couldn’t get any support to replace or refund.
  • Cheap polyester clothes that looked like samples. My designer items were obviously fakes.
  • I think I could have got better quality clothes at a dollar store. Total scam!

Across the board, the reviews tell the same story of people lured in by low costs only to regret it immensely when their packages arrive. Most urge others not to waste their time and money on’s counterfeit goods.

How To Spot Their Counterfeit Products tries to fool shoppers into thinking they’re ordering pricy designer brands for cheap. But little effort goes into making convincing fakes. Here are tips for identifying their cheap knockoff clothes and accessories:

Poor Quality Materials – Real luxury brands use premium textiles. Rockjoin items are made with cheap, wrinkled polyester.

Sloppy Craftsmanship – Authentic products have meticulous construction and stitching. Rockjoin goods have loose threads, uneven seams, and shoddy assembly.

Misspelled Branding – Many counterfeits have typos in brand names or logos. Check for errors.

Cheap Packaging – Real designer items arrive in high-end branded packaging. Rockjoin products ship in plastic bags.

Incorrect Sizing – Knockoffs run small so a “Large” ends up fitting like a “Small”. Try items on as soon as possible.

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Lack of Tags/Serial Codes – Genuine brands have serial codes and detailed washing instructions. Rockjoin tags are plain without unique IDs.

Any seasoned online shopper should be able to easily identify the obvious inconsistencies with authentic goods. But banks on deceiving newbie shoppers who don’t know what to look for in counterfeits.

Is There Any Recourse For Scammed Shoppers?

Unfortunately once consumers realize the scam and the shoddy products received, there are painfully few options to recoup any losses from

The company makes it virtually impossible to contact them directly. Emails bounce back, web forms go unanswered, and phone numbers don’t connect. Even written mailed complaints yield no response. also buried in the Terms & Conditions that all sales are final and no refunds will be provided under any circumstances. So there is essentially no way to get your money back from them directly.

At best, filing a formal complaint against the company or reporting them for fraud may impact their ability to keep scamming additional victims. But don’t expect this to help you recover individually.

Your only chance is disputing the charges with your credit card company or payment provider. Explaining how the items were grossly misrepresented can sometimes yield a refund. But there is no guarantee and outcomes depend on the specific provider’s policies.

For this reason, always use a credit card when shopping online. Debit cards and direct bank transfers offer little protection or recourse in these scenarios. Never assume an inexpensive website is automatically trustworthy, especially newer ones like

How To Avoid The Scam

Now that you know the truth about this deceptive company, here are tips to avoid becoming the next victim:

✔️ Avoid Too-Good-To-Be-True Deals – Deep discounts on premium brands should raise immediate suspicion. If the price seems unrealistic, it probably is.

✔️ Research Unknown Sites Thoroughly – Check site registration info, look for solid contact info, read third-party reviews.

✔️ Beware Pop-Up Sites – Brand new sites like with no history or reviews are high-risk.

✔️ Always Pay By Credit Card – For maximum protection, never use direct bank payments which offer no recourse for fraud.

✔️ Inspect Orders ASAP – Open packages immediately and look for signs of knockoffs so you can start the return process faster.

✔️ Avoid Shared Payment Links – Scammers send links to collect payment rather than using secure checkout on a website. Never enter info on an unknown form.

✔️ Trust Your Instincts – If something seems sketchy or too good to be true, walk away. It’s better to miss a deal than lose money.

With vigilance and caution, you can avoid falling victim to scammers and shady websites like Following these tips will steer you towards more trustworthy retailers online.

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Shop Smarter By Using Reputable Alternatives

Rather than wasting time and money on’s counterfeit clothing, shop with well-known reputable retailers for your fashion needs. Here are some top recommended alternatives:

Nordstrom – This upscale department store is renowned for excellent customer service, hassle-free returns, and free shipping/pick-up options. Shop brands like Coach, Michael Kors, Rag & Bone, Ted Baker, and more with complete confidence.

ASOS – The leading online fashion destination offers 70,000+ styles with new products added daily. Score the latest looks from hundreds of brands alongside ASOS’s own affordable house collections.

Revolve – With over 1,000 emerging and top designers, Revolve is a go-to for trendy clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories. New merchandise every day.

ModCloth – Find fabulous indie and vintage-inspired women’s clothing at affordable prices. Expect lots of retro, boho, and contemporary style staples.

Ann Taylor – For office attire and chic weekend staples, Ann Taylor is a trusted stalwart. Shop modern classics and petite sizes at 40% off or more.

Bloomingdale’s – The upscale department store delivers designer styles, exclusive brands, and exceptional service. Shop online for free shipping and in-store returns.

While these retailers may cost a bit more than’s fake bargains, the money guarantees authentic high-quality products that actually match their descriptions and pictures. Pay a little more for a lot more peace of mind.

The Bottom Line – Don’t Be Fooled By

After examining the countless red flags and overwhelmingly negative shopper experiences, the sad truth about is clear. Behind the flashy website peddling coveted brands at steep discounts, this company exists only to scam unsuspecting consumers out of their hard-earned money.

By tricking shoppers into paying for low-grade knockoffs and providing zero recourse, revealed itself as just the latest shady e-commerce scheme. Their entire business model relies on quickly deceiving bargain-seekers before word spreads or legal repercussions catch up.

While the allure of dazzling deals proves tempting, remember nothing comes without cost. When an offer seems too good to be true, it almost certainly is. Save yourself the time, money and aggravation by avoiding fly-by-night disasters like Only shop brands you know and trust sold by reputable retailers with proven customer satisfaction, reviews and support.

In closing, don’t let the next enticing discount dupe you. Protect yourself by heeding our warnings about and learning to identify the tactics scammers use to exploit the unwary. With caution and smarter decisions, you can gain style and confidence without the rip-off.

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