Beware of Sending Scam Medical Bills

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In today’s complex healthcare billing system, errors and suspicious medical bills are unfortunately common. Many patients have reported receiving questionable bills from, sparking concerns that this site may be sending scam medical bills.

In this article, we’ll investigate PayYourBill.APSMedBill to determine if it is a legitimate medical billing service or scam operation.

What is PayYourBill.APSMedBill? is a medical billing website operated by APS Medical Billing, a company based in Toledo, Ohio. The site allows patients to pay medical bills online that APS Medical Billing sends on behalf of various healthcare providers and facilities.

At first glance, the website appears to be a standard medical billing portal. However, without verifiable details on APS Medical Billing’s business practices, the legitimacy of bills sent through PayYourBill.APSMedBill is uncertain.

Beware of Sending Scam Medical Bills


When analyzing an unfamiliar medical billing website, scrutinizing its web presence can reveal potential red flags. We will examine several key factors about

Domain History

The domain was registered in 2000, indicating a long-standing online presence. Extended domain history suggests more legitimacy.

Contact Information

No phone number or email address are provided on the site itself. The only contact is a generic online contact form. Lack of direct contact details is concerning.

Company Details

No information about APS Medical Billing’s business operations, history, leadership or location is provided on the site. Omitting company details is questionable.

Online Reputation

There are no reviews for the website itself. However, research reveals many complaints about questionable billing by APS Medical Billing. Poor reputation is a warning sign.

Privacy Policy

No Privacy Policy or Terms of Use are present. Ethical billing sites clearly explain how they handle user data. Missing policies suggests lack of transparency.

Based on analyzing these website factors, PayYourBill.APSMedBill exhibits several attributes common of scam websites. Further scrutiny of APS Medical Billing’s practices is prudent.

Questionable Practices in APS Medical Billing Complaints

While the website itself is suspicious, examining specific complaints about APS Medical Billing reveals more reasons for concern. Some common issues reported include:

Errors and Misrepresentations

Many complaints allege APS Medical Billing sent bills with procedure codes entered incorrectly, misrepresenting services rendered.

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Lack of Explanation

Consumers report receiving collections notices or bills from APS Medical Billing with no explanation of charges for unclear services from unfamiliar providers.

Insurance Denials

Bills sent to insurance companies are frequently denied, though no reason is provided. Consumers say this never happens with other providers.

Failure to Correct Issues

Despite repeatedly contacting APS Medical Billing about errors and denials, consumers say problems never get resolved and incorrect bills persist.

Aggressive Collections

Rather than clarifying confusing bills, APS Medical Billing quickly sends accounts to aggressive third-party collections, harming consumer credit.

These reported billing issues fit the pattern of suspicious medical billing scams. But further context is needed to confirm if APS Medical Billing is illegitimate.

Understanding Medical Billing Fraud Red Flags

While complaints reveal APS Medical Billing’s practices as questionable, it is important to understand common signs of fraudulent medical billing to put these issues in perspective. Be wary of medical bills that exhibit these red flags:

  • No Relationship – You receive a bill for a doctor or facility you’ve never visited. This is the clearest sign of medical billing fraud.
  • Lack of Detail – Bills lack specifics on dates of service, procedures performed, service providers, diagnosis codes, etc. Vague bills make verification impossible.
  • Coding Errors – Billing codes on your statement don’t match the treatment you received, inflating costs.
  • Coverage Denials – Your insurer denies claims that normally would be covered, suggesting fraudulent billing practices.
  • Multiple Bills – You receive multiple separate bills for services that should be bundled, indicating attempts to artificially inflate costs.
  • Aggressive Collection – Bills quickly go to collections before you have time to address discrepancies, jeopardizing your credit.
  • No Paper Trail – You lack receipts, insurer records or other documentation for billed services, prohibiting verification.

The complaints about APS Medical Billing check many of these warning sign boxes, signaling their bills may indeed be illegitimate or fraudulent.

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Expert Medical Billing Fraud Insights

Reviewing expert perspectives on medical billing scams can provide further demonstration that APS Medical Billing’s practices are highly questionable.

According to healthcare fraud attorneys:

“Unexpected medical bills from unfamiliar providers filled with errors are a common sign you may be victim of a billing scam or fraud ring. These operations bank on confusing patients so they blindly pay the dubious bills.”

Per healthcare consumer advocates:

“When a medical bill arrives with no documentation, lacks crucial details, seems exaggerated, or gets aggressively sent to collections, treat it with suspicion. Get documentation before paying.”

Medical billing compliance consultants advise:

“Unsolicited, opaque medical bills that insurance rejects require thorough scrutiny. Check for explanations of denial reasons, coding inconsistencies and fraud red flags before attempting payments.”

These expert insights corroborate that APS Medical Billing’s reported practices bear many characteristics of fraudulent medical billing operations.

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Investigating Suspicious Medical Bills: Best Practices

If you receive a questionable medical bill from an unfamiliar company like APS Medical Billing, it is wise to be proactive in determining its legitimacy before taking any action. Here are some tips for investigating suspicious medical bills:

Contact your healthcare providers – Verify with your doctor, hospital, lab, etc. that they sent the bill for recognized services.

Check your insurer’s records – Contact your health insurance to check if the claim appears in your records, matches your treatment, and was denied for unusual reasons.

Review the bill meticulously – Check for billing codes that misrepresent your diagnosis and treatment, duplicated charges for the same service, and other errors.

Request documentation – Ask the billing provider for documentation like receipts and insurance records proving the billed services match those you received.

Search for company reviews – Look up the billing company online for complaints revealing shady practices. Avoid unknown providers with many negative reviews.

Consult experts – Discuss any confusing or suspicious bills with health advocates or medical billing attorneys before paying.

Report suspicious billsFile complaints with consumer protection agencies and your insurer’s fraud department for investigation.

With proactive verification and expert consultation, illegitimate bills from entities like APS Medical Billing can be identified and contested to prevent victimization.

Protecting Yourself: Medical Billing Fraud Prevention Tips

While remaining vigilant by investigating questionable bills is crucial, you can also take proactive steps to minimize risks of medical billing fraud:

  • Review all medical statements closely as soon as you receive them. Report any errors immediately.
  • Maintain thorough personal records of medical visits, charges, insurance coverage, payments, bills, and correspondence.
  • Do not pay any suspicious or confusing medical bills until fully vetted. Seek expert help if unsure.
  • Monitor your credit reports and insurer records for signs of fraudulent accounts and activities.
  • Educate yourself on common medical billing scams and fraud prevention best practices.
  • Choose healthcare providers carefully, ensuring they use reputable billing services with satisfactory reviews.
  • Do not submit insurance or payment information to unfamiliar medical companies contacting you unsolicited.
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Staying informed and proactive are your best defenses against predatory medical billing fraud targeting consumers through scam tactics like those reportedly used by APS Medical Billing.

Reporting Potential Medical Billing Fraud

If you believe you have received fraudulent bills from APS Medical Billing or another suspicious medical billing company, you can file complaints to aid investigations:

Report it to your state attorney general’s office, which often has dedicated healthcare fraud reporting.

Submit a complaint with the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center at, under the medical fraud category.

File a report with the National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association’s Fraud Reporting Portal.

Notify your health insurer’s Special Investigations Unit or fraud reporting contact.

Report fraudulent bills to the Better Business Bureau so the company’s rating reflects complaints.

Leave negative reviews documenting your experience with the billing company on review sites to warn others.

Reporting scam medical billing helps authorities build cases against illegal operations and protects other consumers from victimization through awareness.

Recovering from Medical Billing Fraud

If you discover you already paid a fraudulent medical bill, take action to recoup losses:

  • Call your bank/credit card company to dispute the charges as fraudulent and have them reversed.
  • Place fraud alerts on your credit reports in case scammers open more accounts.
  • Contact the billing provider demanding a refund in writing through certified mail. File complaints if refused.
  • Consult an attorney to send the billing company a formal demand letter requiring proof of billing legitimacy or refund.
  • Report identity theft if the scam involved personal information misuse. Freeze your credit reports to prevent further fraud.
  • Monitor your credit and insurance records to quickly spot and report any future scam bills.

Moving quickly to notify relevant institutions of fraud can help you recover losses, prevent additional victimization, and gather evidence to hold scammers accountable.

Is PayYourBill.APSMedBill Sending Scam Bills? Our Verdict.

Based on analysis of their website, negative reputation, questionable billing practices, expert perspectives, abundant red flags, and consumer investigation best practices, PayYourBill.APSMedBill operated by APS Medical Billing exhibits hallmarks of an illegitimate scheme sending scam medical bills that should be handled with extreme caution.

If you receive suspicious medical bills, diligently vet them for fraud indicators, consult professionals, report concerns, and work to prevent personal financial loss or identity theft victimization. Avoid blindly providing payment or personal information to unfamiliar medical billing companies exhibiting scam warning signs.

Arm yourself with knowledge of common medical billing fraud tactics so you can identify and combat scam attempts. Use caution when managing healthcare expenses, and thoroughly scrutinize every medical statement and collection notice to protect yourself against predatory operations like PayYourBill.APSMedBill that place unsuspecting patients and their financial security at risk.