Is Itinerade Scam or Legit? Uncovering the Truth (Beware)

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Itinerade burst onto the scene in January 2024 promoting rock-bottom prices on trendy clothes. But with unbelievable deals up to 90% off, poor website design, and absolutely no company details, red flags started popping up immediately.

So I dug into this suspicious new online shop to uncover the truth behind Itinerade.

After analyzing all the evidence, there is no question Itinerade is a scam retail website out to defraud customers. This in-depth investigation will reveal the deception tactics that prove Itinerade cannot be trusted along with vital tips to avoid this shopping scam yourself.

How the Itinerade Scam Operates

Itinerade employs the standard scam formula used by countless fraudulent retail fronts before it:

Bait: Entice shoppers with unrealistic discounts up to 90% off stolen product images.

Switch: Take payment but never ship items, send cheap knock-offs, or used/damaged goods instead of advertised products.

Ditch: Block any customer complaints and disappear with the money.

This bait-switch-ditch approach allows Itinerade to continuously dupe new victims to keep the scam running.

Itinerade Scam

Uncovering Itinerade’s Deception Tactics

Analyzing the Itinerade website, business records, hosting information, and online feedback reveals the overwhelming evidence that it functions solely as a scam to defraud customers out of their money.

Deceptive Shopping Site Front

  • Website Created January 2024 – Very recently launched
  • No Company Details – Zero transparency
  • Copied Product Images – Nothing original
  • Fake Discounts Up to 90% Off – Unsustainable for any business
  • Multiple Grammar/Spelling Errors – Sloppy design

Fraudulent Business Practices

  • Customer Service Ignores Complaints – No accountability
  • No Social Media Presence – Unable to engage shoppers
  • Website Hosted in China – High risk country for scams
  • Owner Identity Hidden – Whois data unavailable

Negative Customer Experiences

  • ★☆☆☆☆ 1 Star – Extremely low rating across review sites
  • ❌ Scam Warnings – Posted on scam alert platforms
  • 🚫 Money Stolen – Customers report orders never arriving

With so many clear indicators of deception, there is no mistaking that Itinerade was set up to scam buyers out of their hard-earned money.

Real Victims, Real Stories of the Itinerade Scam

While the evidence overwhelmingly shows Itinerade functions as a scam website, seeing real shoppers recounting their raw experiences of being ripped off makes the victim impact painfully clear.

Here are just a few quotes from Itinerade buyers:

“Placed an order for a nice coat at an unbelievable price but never received it, and they ignored my repeated emails. Clear scam stay away!” – Sarah F.

“I knew the prices were too good to be true but I took the risk anyway. Of course nothing arrived and they took my $47 and disappeared. Don’t make the same mistake I did avoiding this ripoff site.” – Jacob W.

“Itinerade scammed me out of $125 and will probably just steal other people’s money too. Complete frauds using photos of clothes they don’t even sell. Wish I did more research beforehand.” – Michelle P.

These victim statements prove even savvy shoppers can get fooled. Their raw frustration serves as a sobering reminder of the financial and emotional damage retail scams like Itinerade perpetrate against real people.

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How to Identify and Avoid Itinerade Knock-Off Websites

Itinerade exhibits so many textbook scam characteristics that learning to spot them is key to avoid this predatory website and others using the same tricks.

5 Ways to Detect Itinerade Copycat Websites

  1. Ridiculously low prices (over 75% off) aim to bait customers rather than reasonably compete
  2. Recently created domains often less than 1-2 months old signal rushed scam sites
  3. No business details like address, contact number make accountability impossible
  4. Copied images and text since scammers lack original business content
  5. Poor grammar/spelling reveal lack of investment into a legitimate business

Applying these warning signs allows online shoppers to identify and steer clear of copycat scam websites seeking to duplicate Itinerade’s formula at your expense.

Protecting your hard-earned money and peace of mind depends on quickly spotting retail frauds like these by leveraging even basic scam detection skills covered above.

How Victims Can Report the Itinerade Scam

If Itinerade scammed you, don’t suffer in silence or blame yourself. Reporting them takes just 5 minutes and can help warn others while assisting authorities to pursue action against the scammers.

You should report Itinerade to the following organizations:

Better Business Bureau (BBB) – File a scam report here selecting ‘Online Purchase’ as the scam type. Provide details on the Itinerade website front, your experience, losses suffered and screenshots as evidence. This information alerts BBB’s extensive consumer protection network.

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) – Report to the FTC here choosing ‘Online Shopping’ under Scam Type. Supplying your complaint to the FTC assists with government tracking and prosecution of retail scams impacting consumers.

State Attorney General – Lookup your state AG office here to file a local fraud complaint about Itinerade’s illegal scam operating in your state. Pursuing multi-level public alerts can help shut down scam sites faster.

Reporting only takes a few minutes but impacts so much by getting Itinerade on authorities’ radar, alerting other shoppers, and reclaiming power after feeling helpless from the scam.

Can Credit Card Chargebacks Recover Lost Money from Itinerade?

If you paid by credit card, performing a chargeback against Itinerade could potentially claw back your lost funds by disputing the charges as fraudulent with your card issuer.

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How the credit card chargeback process works:

Call card issuer – Contact your credit card company. Alert them you were scammed and wish to dispute the charges. Provide the Itinerade website details and explain you never received the promised products.

Complete paperwork – Your bank will email or mail you a chargeback dispute form. Fill out the paperwork recounting the Itinerade scam situation in detail.

Include the dates of the orders, what items you never received, and confirmation that your complaint to the merchant was ignored. Provide copies of all related emails, photos, transaction records that support proving the scam.

Reversal decision – The bank will contact Itinerade to request evidence that you received the items you were charged for. Since Itinerade cannot provide proof of shipping non-existent products, the bank can rule in your favor and issue a credit restoring your lost funds.

Note: Chargeback window is usually 90-120 days from the original transaction date. Claims initiated outside that timeframe typically get denied. So act fast after getting scammed!

While credit card chargebacks don’t always succeed, they offer the best shot at getting money back from retail scams without costly legal processes. Worse case the chargeback gets denied after proving an unsuccessful process.

But there are no guarantees when recovering stolen funds from fly-by-night scam websites, so avoiding them altogether remains the wisest long term solution.

Top Tips to Avoid Retail Scams Like Itinerade

While chargebacks provide hope after getting scammed, savvy and cautious shopping practices remain the ideal protection before disasters strike. Here are 8 essential tips for evading retail scams:

1. Verify Business Legitimacy

Thoroughly research unknown sites before purchasing to confirm legitimacy. Check website age at New domains signal risky sites.

Search the company name adding words like “scam”, “fake” or “fraud”. Scam sites get exposed online extremely fast.  Validate contact info like address & phone number are real, not fakes briefly created to enable a scam then abandoned.

2. Analyze Pricing Carefully

If the prices, discounts or deals sound too good to be true, they almost universally are. Match prices against other major trusted retailers selling the identical items. Massive unexplainable differences reveal scams.

Understand that real businesses must price products to actually profit, not lose extreme amounts while claiming to remain afloat.

3. Research Company Reputation

Verify major consumer protection sites like or TrustPilot for reviews and complaints reflecting company legitimacy and fair business practices over sufficient operating history.

Search scam detection platforms like analyzing website factors revealing deceitful conduct.

Check scam warning boards to see if other shoppers posted negative experiences. Look for actual social media presence with real community engagement, not fake ghost accounts.

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4. Inspect Website Design Elements

Analyze site speed, layout, navigation functionality for glitches exposing rushed construction common of pop-up scams.

Review grammar, spelling and product descriptions. Sloppy language exposes foreign scammers lacking fluency running retail shams filled with errors. Verify consistent company branding throughout site, social platforms and policies for professional coherence.

5. Closely Examine Product Photos

Reverse image search any product photos using Google Images. Identical copies lifted from authorized retailers reveal knockoff site resellers.

View video reviews showing authentic first-hand customer usage and experience. Stock photos fail to prove real inventory. Require high resolution images proving products unambiguously match descriptions provided.

6. Only Use Secure Checkout

Only enter personal and payment data through encrypted HTTPS checkout, never unsecured HTTP pages vulnerable to theft.

Use intermediary payment platforms like PayPal supplying additional fraud protection and improved ability recovering lost funds if scammed.

Never rely on anonymous transfers like bank wires, gift cards, cryptocurrency lacking support pursuing refunds post-deception.

7. Preserve Records

Screenshot all aspects of transactions: product pages, order confirmations, policies in effect at time of purchase. Save item photos, website claims, delivery timelines promised, and communication records. Download complete copies of receipts, cancellation attempts, service messages as undeniable proof.

8. Leverage Credit Card Chargebacks

Chargebacks won through credit card providers offer protection and potential reimbursement if scammed for unauthorized charges. Responsibly reporting scams strengthens cases for enhanced monitoring and fraud prevention.

Staying vigilant against shopping scams requires proactively verifying legitimacy, understanding deception tactics, and wisely leveraging defensive financial resources.

Practicing these research and safety steps makes avoiding retail scams like Itinerade well within reach.

Scam Prevention Starts with Media Literacy

Swindlers succeed by manipulating human psychology and emotions like greed, fear, or desperation. Building knowledge to counter manipulation remains fundamental to protect yourself.

Pursue a lifelong, proactive journey understanding scams permeating society, the motivations behind them, and ethical resistance principles.

The more mentally equipped we become at identifying and rejecting scams’ psychological hooks, the more empowered we all are at routing them from impacting lives moving forward.

Place a personal priority on continually developing this intuitive scam awareness to allow reason and wisdom to prevail guiding decisions that open the door to victimization.

Forewarned is forearmed in the unrelenting battle against retail fraudsters like Itinerade. May this exposé provide ammunition protecting your interests ahead.

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