Scam or Legit? Unveiling The Truth

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You may have recently received a parking ticket or citation from a company called and are wondering – is this website legit or a scam? This vague parking citation site has been sparking plenty of skepticism online.

In this comprehensive guide, we will dig deep into, analyze if it is a legitimate business or a scam operation, and provide tips on how to handle any questionable citations you receive.

What is is a website that issues electronic parking citations and invoices to drivers on behalf of private parking operators and property owners.

In essence, if you park on certain private lots, you may receive a ticket/bill from weeks later notifying you of a parking violation or charge.

The site provides an online portal to review and pay these citations. It is based in Hollywood, Florida and issues tickets for private parking enforcement companies across the United States.

Some key facts about

  • Claims to work with over 200 parking operators nationwide
  • Issues digital citations by mail or email based on license plate scans
  • Cites drivers who park without paying or violate other parking rules
  • Bills drivers directly instead of property owners/managers
  • Has online portal to review and pay citations

Now that we understand the business, let’s analyze the major concerns around whether this company is trustworthy or operating a scam.

Is a Legitimate Company?

On the surface, the concept of seems legitimate – they act as a service to issue tickets on behalf of parking lot owners and operators. However, many have questioned if their practices are legal, ethical and non-predatory. Here are the key factors to consider:

Legal standing for private parking citations

The core issue is whether private companies have the legal grounds to issue tickets carrying penalties and fees above the base parking rate. Unlike police and government-issued parking tickets, private citations technically have no legal standing.

Courts have ruled that private operators cannot impose fines since they are not governmental authorities. Citizens are not legally obligated to pay penalties on these tickets.

Aggressive collection tactics

Many drivers complain engages in aggressive tactics such as persistent threats to send unpaid tickets to collections or damage credit scores. They incentivize quick payment by promising reduced fees.

However, private companies cannot actually submit debts to credit bureaus or collections without a court order. The collection threats are concerning and seem legally dubious.

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Potentially predatory billing practices

Another major complaint is that people receive tickets for parking they already paid for, tickets without ever parking there, and massively inflated fines well beyond the base parking rate.

The business model seems to encourage maximizing ticket volume and relying on scare tactics to collect instead of accuracy. This signals potentially predatory billing practices.

In summary, while operates in a legal gray area, many of their practices do raise red flags. Next we will explore even more warning signs that this company is operating unethically.

Warning Signs Is a Scam

Looking closer at, there are many concerning factors indicating this company functions more like an exploitative scam rather than a reputable business:

1. Numerous consumer complaints of fraudulent billing

Online reviews are filled with alarming stories of people receiving bogus tickets:

  • Tickets for cars they have never owned or parked where cited
  • Tickets listing wrong license plate numbers
  • Tickets issued before or after vehicles were parked on the property
  • Tickets at lots they paid for parking at via apps or meters

Such complaints suggest major flaws in their license plate recording system and highly inaccurate billing practices.

2. Refusal to respond to complaints

Those contesting wrongful tickets say ignores communication attempts and refuses to overturn unjust citations. Their online dispute process seems designed to automatically reject disputes.

3. Lack of fair appeals process

The company provides no clear appeals procedure for contesting unfair or inaccurate tickets. Drivers have no ability to speak to a real person and get facts reviewed properly.

4. Missing legally required information on tickets

Authorities advise parking tickets must contain key details like precise parking location, violations, hearing/appeal instructions, applicable laws and authenticating agent signature. tickets lack much of this information.

5. Failure to properly notify drivers

Many people report receiving no ticket notice for weeks or months after the violation date, robbing them of the ability to promptly gather evidence and appeal. This violates rules on prompt notification of citations.

6. Possible privacy violations

To obtain identifying information from license plates, likely uses plate lookup services that may violate Driver’s Privacy Protection laws if driver consent wasn’t given.

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7. Class action lawsuits filed

Multiple class action lawsuits have been filed against accusing them of illegally issuing tickets and using fear tactics and harassment to extort payments.

In summary, the company exhibits many characteristics of being a predatory scam operation rather than a reputable business. Let’s explore some tips on how to handle questionable tickets from them.

How to Deal With Suspicious Citations from

If you receive a parking ticket that appears suspicious from, here are some recommended actions to take:

  • Carefully examine the ticket – Verify all details like location, time, plate number and violation stated are definitely accurate. Look for any obvious errors.
  • Consult consumer rights resources – Research laws and guidance for your state on limits for private parking operators and defending against invalid citations.
  • Dispute unverified tickets– Do not admit any details are correct. File disputes online or in writing. Request verification of alleged violation.
  • Escalate to corporate management – If disputes are denied, send a formal complaint letter to corporate leadership demanding investigation.
  • Report complaints to enforcement agencies – File official complaints with the FTC, state attorney general, and consumer protection agencies.
  • Don’t pay unspecified fines – If contesting a citation, only pay the base parking fee, not any tacked-on fines without explanation.
  • Consult consumer protection attorneys – If you are unable to get inaccurate tickets dismissed, contact a consumer lawyer to discuss liability and defense strategy.
  • Spread awareness – Report scams and unfair experiences online to warn others. Submit copies of scam tickets to watchdog sites.

The more drivers push back against unjust citations and expose unscrupulous practices, the greater pressure on shady parking enforcers like to reform their conduct.

Is a Parking Ticket Scam? The Verdict

Based on extensive research into’s business practices, analysis of consumer complaints, and their refusal to provide transparent information, we can confidently categorize this company as a scam operation.

We found no evidence that engages in good faith business practices, reasonably accurate billing, or fair resolution of driver disputes.

Their business model appears predicated on maximizing ticket volume through mass scanning of license plates, reliance on intimidation tactics, and obstruction of appeals. This generates a continual stream of erroneous citations.

Drivers receiving questionable tickets from should not hesitate to vigorously fight them through regulatory complaints and consumer rights advocates.

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Hopefully this guide provides facts to protect yourself from companies abusing private parking enforcement powers. Don’t let obscure websites like take advantage through unethical citations.

Most Common Questions About Answered

We’ll finish by answering some of the biggest questions drivers have about receiving questionable tickets from

Is allowed to issue tickets to my car?

Yes, private companies can issue parking citations to drivers, but their authority is limited. They cannot impose fines or penalties – only request the basic parking fee amount. Tickets also require certain legally mandated details.

Do I have to pay’s ticket charges?

No, you are not obligated to pay any fees above the base parking amount to a private company unless ordered by a court judgement. However, refusing payment could still result in further collection harassment from them.

Can actually hurt my credit or place tickets with collections?

No. Private companies cannot submit debts to collections or credit bureaus without a court order, no matter what their ticket threatens. Any credit harm threats are false/illegal.

What should I do if I receive a suspicious parking ticket from

Follow the tips covered earlier: dispute it, request verification, report it to authorities. Write the property owner too if you parked at a retail/business lot – they likely are unaware.

Is there anywhere to report scams?

Yes, file official complaints with the FTC, state attorneys general, and BBB to document cases of abusive practices. Also report on activist sites like The New Enforcer and HelpMeHoward.

How can I get more recourse against

Joining one of the class action lawsuits against is an option. You may also consult a consumer protection lawyer about your rights.

Should I just pay tickets to avoid hassle?

We advise drivers not to pay any questionable citations automatically since that rewards and enables their unethical practices. Only pay if evidence confirms you actually violated posted parking rules.

Hopefully this guide provided useful facts and strategies for dealing with While more drivers need to be aware of potential parking citation scams, you are now equipped to protect your rights.

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