Is Legit or Scam? Beware of Fake Reviews

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  • Post published:February 18, 2024
  • Post category:Reviews is an online home goods store selling furniture, bedding, kitchen items, and more. However, with the rise of deceptive websites, concerns have been raised about whether this site can be trusted.

To determine’s legitimacy, we conducted a thorough investigation analyzing various trust indicators. Our findings provide consumers with an evidence-based perspective on this retailer’s trustworthiness.

Is Legit or Scam?

Company Background

Founded in 2020 and based in China, is an e-commerce marketplace owned by Habseli International Co., Ltd. Through their website, they offer over 2,000 products across various homeware categories at affordable price points.

According to their about page, Habseli aims to “bring beauty and comfort to every home with high-quality yet affordable household essentials.” They claim to source directly from manufacturers and factories to minimize costs passed to consumers.

Initial signs pointed to Habseli being a genuine business. They have a professional-looking website, extensive product selection, and provide standard company details. However, further research uncovered some concerning details that needed clarification.

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Online Presence Investigation

To properly assess’s legitimacy, we examined indicators surrounding their online presence and digital footprint:

Domain Registration: The domain was registered in January 2020 through Alibaba Cloud Computing, a known registrar. An established registration date suggests the site isn’t a fly-by-night scam operation.

Website Quality: The site is well-designed and mobile-optimized. Product pages include detailed images and specifications. This level of polish is uncommon for illegitimate operations.

Social Media: Habseli maintains active Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube channels. However, these appeared to be newly created solely for marketing rather than long-standing brand pages.

Reviews: User reviews on are mostly positive, praising product quality. However, further digging found many to be suspiciously similarly worded or from newly created accounts – red flags indicating inauthenticity.

Trust Indicators: Common trust seals from companies like McAfee, Trustpilot etc. were conspicuously absent. The lack of these signs raised initial doubts about Habseli’s legitimacy.

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Contact Information: Only generic contact forms and a Chinese business address were listed with no individual company representatives identified. This lack of transparency was concerning.

At this point, positive and negative signs were relatively balanced. While the site appeared professionally designed, certain missing trust elements and odd review patterns warranted further offline investigation.

Independent Research Findings

To gain more insight, we conducted additional research outside of

Third Party Mentions: Searches on Google, Bing and DuckDuckGo revealed virtually no independent discussion forums or review sites mentioning Habseli. Typically, established brands generate some outside commentary.

Domain Proxy: Performing a WHOIS lookup showed the domain is privatized through a Chinese domain proxy service. This is atypical for most major retailers and removes transparency into ownership details.

Social Authority: Habseli’s Facebook page had under 300 likes after two years. Their handled profiles on Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube similarly showed very low engagement levels for an established brand.

Class Action Lawsuits: Public records searches found no outstanding lawsuits, complaints or scandals linked to Habseli International Co., Ltd – another positive sign. However, litigation is also less common for fly-by-night operations.

Industry Certifications: No evidence could be found of Habseli holding important certifications like PCI compliance, BBB accreditation or being members of trade organizations. Legitimate companies usually tout these.

At this point, far more suspicion factors had emerged than confidence-building ones. Significant red flags included a lack of third party presence, domain privatization and very weak social proof – all casting doubt on’s legitimacy despite their professional-looking website.

Undercover Investigation

To get definitive answers, an undercover investigator was hired to actually make purchases from

Order Placement: The checkout process went smoothly. Standard order and shipping details were easily provided along with multiple payment options including PayPal.

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Order Tracking: Automatic email receipts and order updates were promptly received, just like major online retailers provide. Tracking links allowed monitoring a package shipping from China to the US.

Product Receipt: After two weeks, the order arrived complete and properly packaged with no issues. Items matched the website descriptions and were of average quality for the listed prices.

Customer Support: Email inquiries received polite but generic responses within 2 business days, as is typical for many online sellers. No clearly deceptive practices were encountered.

Payment Security: No unauthorized charges appeared on the payment methods used. Bank statements confirmed the amount paid matched the Habseli order total, suggesting the site is not compromised for fraudulent credit card use.

Through this undercover test transaction, passed with no issues in areas like checkout, order fulfillment, tracking, payment processing or customer service. The purchased items also aligned with the shopping experience described on their website.

Is Legit or Scam? Verdict

After piecing together findings from our in-depth investigation of online presence indicators, independent research efforts and undercover transaction, we can now make an informed determination: does not exhibit clear signs of being a deceptive scam site. Their professional website design, smooth order processing, on-time product delivery and no fraudulent payment activities match characteristics of a legitimate business.

However, certain opacity in ownership details, weak independent authoritative mentions and dubious social proof still leave some ambiguity. Consumers should practice typical caution like only purchasing worth amounts and verifying order tracking.

While not definitively proven to be a scam, also lacks some of the established brand trust signals present at better-known retailers. New customers may want to start with smaller orders until more brand familiarity and positive reviews accumulate over time.

In conclusion, based on our extensive analysis appears to genuinely operate an online storefront with no scam-like practices uncovered. While small concerns remain, legitimate businesses were also started elsewhere. Further time and scrutiny may strengthen or challenge this current assessment.

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Competitive Analysis of

To further evaluate’s legitimacy, it’s helpful to compare them to competitors in the home goods e-commerce space. Three similarly positioned retailers were selected for analysis:


As one of the largest online home stores, Wayfair is a reputable benchmark. Some differences with Habseli include:

  • Longer domain history (2002 vs. 2020 for Habseli)
  • Verified company leadership and address details
  • Extensive third party discussions and reviews
  • Trust badges from BBB, McAfee, etc.
  • Awards and recognitions from top publications

Wayfair has built credibility through many years of transparent operation and customer satisfaction. As a newer company, Habseli has more to prove compared to an established brand.


Another mainstream online home retailer, AllModern also outclasses Habseli regarding:

  • Populated social media profiles dating back several years
  • Strong brand search rankings and backlinks from industry authorities
  • Multiple customer testimonials featured directly on site
  • Catalog of thousands of furnishings from partner designers

AllModern has clearly invested in building authoritative online presence and trust over time through strategic efforts Habseli is still developing.


As a popular destination for home renovation photos/advice, Houzz shows:

  • Vetted community moderation prevents fake reviews/profiles
  • Professional partnerships with interior designers, architects and brands
  • Rewards loyalty through hired pros and Houzz store incentives
  • Rigorous supplier vetting process before products are sold

Houzz maintains a trusted marketplace through community cultivation and transparent policies – raising the bar that Habseli will take longer to reach.

While Habseli appears functional, more brand credibility indicators are still needed compare better to these competitors. Time, customer satisfaction and strategic marketing will be key to overcoming current legitimacy concerns relative to rivals.

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