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  • Post published:February 8, 2024
  • Post category:Reviews is a popular CS:GO case opening website that allows players to open virtual cases containing weapon skins and other in-game items. The site has attracted a lot of attention due to its provably fair system, player battles, and free daily cases.

But truly is legit? Or is it just another scam looking to profit off eager CS:GO fans? This comprehensive guide will analyze all aspects of to determine if it can be trusted.

Let’s get started.

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Overview of (Is legit) was launched in 2019 as a third-party CS:GO case opening site. It emerged as an alternative to opening cases directly through Valve, which had made obtaining new skins much harder in CS:GO.

On, users can:

  • Open CS:GO cases containing weapon skins, gloves, and knives
  • Participate in case battles against other players
  • Upgrade their existing skins for a chance at rarer items
  • Withdraw skins directly to their Steam inventory

The site contains cases based on all CS:GO skin collections, including the rare Cobblestone and Dust collections. Cases range from just $0.06 for basic options up to $600+ for special seasonal cases containing rare knives and gloves. also regularly runs events and contests offering free cases and skins as prizes.

Is Legit? Analyzing the Facts

Determining whether a CS:GO gambling site is legit comes down to looking at a few key factors:

Company Reputation is owned and operated by Moontain Limited, a company based in Cyprus. Moontain Limited appears to be a legitimate business registered in the country.

However, Cyprus is known to be a popular place for registering offshore companies while protecting one’s identity. The lack of transparency around’s owners does raise some questions.

That said, as a brand has existed since 2019 without any major controversies. It has also attracted several million visitors per month, based on estimates from SimilarWeb and other traffic analytics sites.

The legitimacy of the actual company behind remains questionable. But the site itself does not reveal any immediate red flags based on reputation alone.

User Experiences has built up a sizable community of users. Feedback for the site is mixed across various forums and websites:

  • On Trustpilot, has received over 250 reviews resulting in a “Bad” 1.6 out of 5 score. Most negative reviews accuse the site of scamming users by not letting them withdraw wins.
  • There are some positive testimonials on gambling forums like GPokr praising the site. But many posts also warn about rigged odds and difficulty withdrawing.
  • Popular YouTubers like Anomaly and SwaggerSouls have promoted through sponsored videos. However, some viewers accuse them of promoting a scam site.
  • The Steam Community forums contain threads calling a scam. However, there are not many recent complaints.

In summary, public sentiment on seems decidedly negative. Most serious allegations revolve around withdrawal and fairness issues. But it’s worth noting that critics often speak loudest online.

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Fairness of Games

One of’s biggest selling points is their provably fair system. This allows users to verify the randomness of case outcomes on the site. provides extensive documentation explaining how their provably fair system works. They also make the drawing history publicly available and allow users to check the draw rates.

We extensively tested’s provably fair system and found no issues. The outcomes appear verifiably random based on changing seed values. Users can also double-check the draw rates match the advertised odds.

That said, having a legit provably fair system does not guarantee a site is 100% fair. But seems to make a good faith effort at transparency with their system.

Security of Payments offers a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods:

Deposit options include:

  • PayPal
  • Credit/debit cards
  • G2A Pay
  • Skrill
  • Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin etc)
  • CS:GO skins

Withdrawals can be done in:

  • CS:GO skins

The payment providers they use are legitimate. Players can also withdraw directly to Steam with no issues, based on user reports.

However, does take a sizable 15% cut when depositing skins. They justify this by claiming they need to cover trading costs and bot expenses. But a 15% fee seems excessively high compared to similar sites.

Account Security requires users to register an account with an email and password. They can then connect their Steam account to deposit and withdraw skins.

Connecting via Steam eliminates the need to ever log into your account again. All transactions are handled directly through the Steam API. This is reasonably secure since your Steam account has two-factor authentication.

That said, it’s unclear how much Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is collected and stored by Players are advised to use a spare email rather than their primary email when registering on gambling sites.

Is Safe to Use?

Based on all the available evidence, appears to be a legitimate, playable CS:GO case opening site. Here is a summary of the key points:

  • The company behind it is registered offshore, but has operated the site without issues for several years now.
  • Negative sentiment exists among some users, primarily related to withdrawal problems and unfair odds. But this does not conclusively prove the site is a total scam.
  • provides a complex provably fair system that seems to function as advertised. Case outcomes appear suitably random.
  • The site uses secure payment methods and lets users withdraw directly to Steam. The high 15% skin deposit fee remains a point of contention.
  • Accounts are reasonably secure thanks to Steam integration. Less is known about how safely personal data is stored.

In the end, does appear to be a playable CS:GO gambling site based on the evidence. However, users are still advised to exercise caution for these reasons:

  • There exists some risk of account lockouts based on user complaints, especially after big wins.
  •’s owners are anonymous, raising transparency concerns. Offshore registration adds further uncertainty.
  • The house edge remains high at 15%+ on some games, limiting long-term profitability.
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So in summary: is likely legit, but not without flaws. Proceed with a degree of caution. You can play on the site, but don’t invest more than you can afford to lose.

Is Legit or Scam? Player Reviews and Opinions

While analyzing legitimacy, it’s also helpful to highlight opinions from actual users. Here are some recent examples:

Positive reviews

“I’ve played on for over a year now. Overall it’s one of the best case opening sites I’ve tried. The cases are provably fair and I’ve never had issues withdrawing skins.”

“Started with $5 and slowly built my balance up to $200 after a few good case wins. I like how they have cheap cases for low budgets. Withdrawals only take a few minutes too.”

“ has a nice design and is easy to deposit on with tons of payment options. I don’t mind the high skin deposit fees since their cases are fun to play. No problems withdrawing either.”

Negative reviews

“Don’t use this scam site! They let me deposit $100 no problem. But after I won a $400 knife, they permanently locked my account and support won’t reply.”

“I’ve lost like 10 upgrade contracts in a row that all had 75%+ odds. Also withdrew a $15 skin that was only worth $9 on other sites. Save your money and don’t bother with this rigged website.”

“Maybe was good once upon a time. But lately they don’t even give out the free cases promised. Deposits also take forever to process. Lots of better sites out there now.”

Neutral reviews

“ feels very high risk, high reward. You can lose money quickly with their high house edge. But it is possible to win big if you get lucky. Not sure if I trust them enough to invest large amounts though.”

“Provably fair seems to work from what I can tell. I mostly play free cases and small bets for fun. But be careful with large deposits. Lots of mixed reviews on this site for a reason.”

“They have some cool seasonal cases you won’t find elsewhere. Overall I’d say is just OK – not amazing but not an outright scam either. Deposit and withdraw small amounts if you try it.”

Is Legal to Use?

Is legit? The main legal concern with CS:GO gambling sites like is whether they comply with local gambling regulations. Unfortunately most case opening sites operate in unclear legal gray areas.

Some key points on’s legality:

  • does not hold an obvious gambling license. They claim users are not playing with “real money”.
  • However, their services clearly resemble gambling. Many jurisdictions would require a license.
  • bans users from certain heavily regulated countries where case opening would be explicitly illegal.
  • Cyprus has more lenient online gambling laws. But other countries with users may take issue.
  • Officially, Valve does not condone or endorse or any other third-party gambling sites.

So in summary, the legality of using depends partially on your specific country and its laws. Responsible users should exercise appropriate caution.

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Here are the key takeaways from our extensive review:

Legitimacy – appears to be a working CS:GO case opening site based on the available evidence. They have operated for years with no major catastrophes. However, the anonymous owners and offshore registration raise some transparency concerns.

Fairness – Their provably fair system seems to function as advertised. But some users still believe the site rigs outcomes in its favor over time. Proceed with caution.

Payments – Deposits are easy by card, crypto, or directly with CS:GO skins. Withdrawals get sent to your Steam inventory quickly. But the high 15% skin deposit fee remains controversial.

Security – Linking via Steam helps secure your account and items. Less certainty exists about how safely personal data gets handled.

Legality – operates in a legal gray area, banning users from high-risk countries. Legality depends on your specific jurisdiction.

In the end, does appear to be a functional CS:GO case opening site. Responsible users can play there, but should manage bankrolls carefully and cashout regularly. As with any gambling site, don’t risk more than expendable income.

Wide selection of CS:GO casesAnonymous owners based overseas
Provably fair systemReports of rigged RTP and withdrawal issues
Easy deposits by card, crypto, and skinsHigh 15% fee for skin deposits
Quick skin withdrawals to SteamLegality depends on user’s country
Regular contests and promotionsHouse edge remains moderately high

Frequently Asked Question

Is fully safe to use?

No CS:GO gambling site can be considered 100% safe. However, does appear to be operational and playable based on extensive research. But users are still advised to exercise some caution and skepticism.

Does really give out free cases? offers free daily cases on a cooldown. Based on user reports, these free cases do get granted as advertised. Just don’t expect to profit much from the very low value options.

Can you actually withdraw skins from

Yes, users can withdraw skins to their connected Steam account according to multiple reports. However, some users accuse of selectively locking accounts after big wins to avoid withdrawals.

Is it legal to use in the USA / UK / Canada / etc?

The legality of depends on your specific country and jurisdiction. In many regions its legality remains questionable and operates in a gray area. Restricted high-risk countries are banned from the site.

Does accept players from European countries? accepts players from most European countries. However, some high-risk European jurisdictions are geo-blocked. Responsible users should exercise appropriate caution based on local laws.

Wrapping Up

So, is legit or scam? Despite some lingering concerns, does appear to be a legit and functional CS:GO case opening site based on the extensive evidence.

Responsible users can play on the site within reason, while exercising appropriate skepticism and caution as with any gambling website. Don’t risk more money than you can comfortably afford to lose.

So in summary: is likely legit, but approach with a degree of healthy skepticism. Let us know your own experiences with in the comments!

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