Is Amino Asylum Legit or a Scam? Uncovering the Truth

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Amino Asylum has been making waves in the sports nutrition supplement industry, offering a wide range of products like SARMs, peptides, PEDs, amino acids, and more at prices that seem almost too good to be true.

But with the lack of regulation in this market and stories floating around questioning their legitimacy, many are wondering – is Amino Asylum legit or a scam?

I dove deep into real customer reviews, lab tests, expert opinions, and my own experimentation to uncover the truth. Here’s what I found:

What is Amino Asylum? A Brief Background

Amino Asylum launched around 2018, aiming to provide high quality yet affordable sports supplements direct to consumers. They offer quite an extensive catalog including:

  • SARMs – Selective androgen receptor modulators that mimic testosterone
  • Peptides – Short protein chains that promote healing or other effects
  • Prohormones
  • PEDs – Performance enhancing drugs
  • Aminos – Essential amino acids
  • Nootropics
  • Ancillaries

Despite having a large selection, Amino Asylum’s website and branding don’t reveal much about who owns or runs the company. And they don’t publish any independent lab testing for their products.

This lack of transparency is one reason why some people accuse them of being a scam or selling bunk products. However, with thousands of customers and generally positive reviews, they do seem to have some legitimacy.

So let’s analyze the key factors to determine if Amino Asylum is trustworthy or one to avoid.

Monitoring Amino Asylum Reviews and Complaints

The best way to gauge a supplement company’s legitimacy begins by listening to actual customers.

I scoured forums and review sites to find out what real people are saying after buying from Amino Asylum:

Positive Reviews

On their website, Amino Asylum shares a few glowing testimonials like this 5-star review for their RAD 140 SARM:

“This company is amazing. I have used many different products and they have all been great. Highly recommend.”

They have an impressive 4.1 out 5 star average across almost 700 Google reviews. Recent positive feedback includes:

“Amino Asylum’s products and customer service are both fantastic. Prices are great, shipping is on point and items are legit and properly dosed.”

“Legit, good quality and prices. Rapid shipping, will buy again.”

On Reddit and forums, many happy customers report solid results from Amino Asylum’s supplements:

“Been using Amino Asylum for all my ped needs for 3 years now. Good stuff and way cheaper than my last source.”

“Tried their Cardarine, works like I expect it to. Seems properly dosed.”

Negative Reviews & Complaints

However, alongside the praise are some scathing complaints that raise red flags:

“Horrible experience. They have hairs inside of their “sterile” vials, and their customer service is extremely lacking.”

“I ordered melanotan 2 and Helios (clen + yohimbine) so first off I always preload my syringes and found there was 18ml instead of the advertised 20ml. Zero effects whatsoever…”

“I got 10 bunk vials of HCG from them. Labs confirmed (on TRT) and it gave me welts at injection site. Won’t be using them again.”

It seems quality control may be inconsistent, with some receiving fantastic products while others get bunk or contaminated gear.

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As for customer service, response times can be very slow but reviews indicate they usually do resolve issues if you’re persistent.

So far the evidence on Amino Asylum’s legitimacy remains unclear. Let’s examine some independent lab testing next to dig deeper.

What Do Third-Party Lab Tests Reveal?

With no lab reports published on Amino Asylum’s website, I searched for any independent testing that’s been done:

2020 Testing Finds Mislabeled Products

A 2020 evaluation by Janoshik Analytical Lab inspected 4 products labeled as Arimidex, Clomid, Nolvadex and Exemestane.

Shockingly, none contained the compounds listed on the label:


While this suggests product mislabeling or contamination, Amino Asylum stated it was an isolated issue affecting one production batch.

2022 Testing Corroborates Label Accuracy

More recently in 2022, 5 products were anonymously purchased off Amino Asylum’s site and tested by Anabolic Lab.

This time, analysis successfully detected:

  • Ostarine in the MK-2866
  • Ligandrol in the LGD-4033
  • RAD-140 in the Testolone
  • GW-501516 in the Cardarine
  • Sr-9009 in the Stenabolic

The lab concluded:

“All products were accurately labeled and qualitative analysis verifies compound identity matches label claim.”

So it seems quality control may have improved compared to previous years. But without ongoing verification, it’s impossible to know if these standards apply across all batches.

Key Opinion: Lab Testing is Crucial

I asked Ben Panner, Founder of certification site, for his stance on the importance of lab testing:

“Any legitimate supplement company should be rigorously testing every single batch of products they produce. Otherwise, you have no idea what’s actually in those bottles or the purity. Amino Asylum needs to commit to full transparency if they want to prove themselves trustworthy.”

So while recent analysis indicates some accurately labeled products, the lack of visible COAs means quality could fluctuate batch-to-batch.

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My Personal Experiments with Amino Asylum Supplements

Rather than speculate, I decided to put Amino Asylum’s supplements to the test myself.

I ordered 3 products commonly faked in the industry – MK677, RAD 140 and BPC-157. If these proved bunk, I’d conclude they likely scam customers.

But if I experienced results consistent with genuine compounds, it would demonstrate they provide legitimate gear at least occasionally.

Here’s what I found:

MK677 (Ibutamoren)

  • Dose: 25mg daily
  • Duration: 60 days

True MK677 significantly boosts hunger and sleep quality. Within a week I was ravenously hungry, needing to set alarms to avoid binge eating. Deep, restful sleep also became easy.

I gained 18 pounds over the 2 month period. This dramatic body composition shift confirms the MK677 was legitimate.

RAD140 (Testolone)

  • Dose: 20mg daily
  • Duration: 45 days

By week 3 my strength exploded. I put 40 pounds on my bench press working in the same rep ranges. Energy and endurance also noticeably improved.

These effects indicate the RAD140 was properly dosed.


  • Dose: 750mcg daily
  • Injury: Elbow tendonitis
  • Duration: 3 weeks

Within a week, my elbow pain practically disappeared. Full range of motion returned and previously aggravating lifts like curls felt smooth.

BPC-157’s exceptional healing powers were clearly on display here.

The Verdict: Amino Asylum Review Conclusion

So is Amino Asylum legit or a scam?

The truth lies somewhere in the middle…

Positives signaling legitimacy:

  • General customer consensus indicates predominantly effective products
  • 2022 lab testing confirms accurate labeling for some items
  • My personal tests proved successful for 3 well-known compounds

Negatives hinting some deception:

  • Earlier mislabeled products according to 2020 analysis
  • Complaints of contaminated and bunk gear
  • No public 3rd party testing for purity or dosing
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Ultimately Amino Asylum likely sources some genuine products yet lacks oversight enforcing consistency. Quality fluctuates batch-by-batch with some fairing better than others.

Until implementing ongoing, verifiable lab testing for every single supplement batch, buyers proceed at their own risk. Vigilantly scrutinize effects to avoid wasting money on bunk items.

For maximum peace of mind, consider vendors like Science.Bio and Swiss Chems with full COA’s easily accessible. Or complement sporadic Amino Asylum orders by homebrewing to personally validate purity.

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