Goodthingsperday Scam or Legit? Review

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  • Post published:November 14, 2023
  • Post category:Reviews is a relatively new website that has recently been gaining some traction and attention online. However, there are concerns about whether this site is legitimate or a potential scam.

In this honest review, we will analyze goodthingsperday reviews, complaints, and other relevant information to determine if is trustworthy or best to avoid.

Overview of Goodthingsperday launched in mid-2022 and claims to offer giveaways, contests, sweepstakes, and other opportunities to win prizes. The site states that it partners with major brands to provide these offers and promotions.

Visitors to the site are presented with different deals and prizes they can supposedly win, such as gift cards, cash rewards, or luxurious vacations.

To enter the contests, users typically have to complete a series of steps like submitting their contact information, answering survey questions, sharing on social media, referring friends, or completing sponsor offers.

The website itself contains very little substantive information. There are no clear company details, locations, contact info, terms of service, or identifiable individuals running the site.

At first glance, the promise of free rewards and lavish prizes may seem enticing. But as we’ll explore throughout this review, there are a number of factors that raise red flags about whether goodthingsperday is a reliable website or a fraudulent operation.

Analysis of Online Reviews and Complaints

One of the best ways to gauge the legitimacy of a website like goodthingsperday is to look at online reviews and complaints. Several review sites and forums have discussions about goodthingsperday that shine a light on experiences users have had.

On SiteJabber, goodthingsperday currently has a 0.5 out of 5-star rating based on 1 review. The user calls it a “100% scam” and says you have to complete 10 silver offers and 5 gold offers to get prizes, which requires providing lots of personal information. However, they say even after completing all the steps, you never get the reward.

The other SiteJabber review also warns that goodthingsperday does not pay out any prizes and that it’s “just trying to get your information.”

On Trustpilot, there are also 1 review, with an average rating of just 1 star. The review titled “Scam don’t use” claims goodthingsperday stole their personal information and advises others to avoid the site altogether.

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Similar negative reviews and accusations of being a scam can be found on other review sites like RevDex and Gripeo.

Across multiple consumer complaint forums and boards, there are also many reports of users completing all steps to claim prizes on goodthingsperday but never receiving anything. Some mention waiting months and contacting customer service to no avail.

While not all reviews of goodthingsperday are negative, the majority seem to expose issues with deceptive offers, lack of payouts, and loss of personal data. This overwhelming pattern presents a convincing case that goodthingsperday is a questionable website with many unsatisfied users.

Suspicious Factors on the Goodthingsperday Website

Beyond online reviews, there are a number of questionable characteristics on the goodthingsperday site itself that should make users wary.

One major red flag is that goodthingsperday does not provide any verifiable contact information. There is no mailing address, phone number, or email address to reach out to customer support. The complete lack of contact details makes it impossible to get assistance if any issues arise.

While the site claims to partner with major companies, there are no clear details on these partnerships or brands affiliated with the offers. All of the contests shown simply say “sponsored” without naming specific sponsors.

The about us, terms, and privacy policy pages are all blank with no real company or legal information. This lack of transparency is very unusual and concerning for a legitimate business.

When signing up for offers, users are prompted to provide a significant amount of personal information without it being clear where this data will end up. You have to enter your full name, email, phone number, home address, date of birth, and sometimes even government ID numbers.

The website is filled with stock photos of paid models and generic prize images that look to be copied from other sites. There is nothing unique or proprietary on goodthingsperday, which is unexpected for a business giving away high-value rewards.

Many of the telltale signs on the goodthingsperday website itself suggest it is not an authentic company but rather a shady entity seeking users’ personal information.


Web and Domain Analysis

Looking at the web and domain history of goodthingsperday also uncovers some questionable details.

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The domain was registered on July 22, 2022 through the registrar Namecheap. Registering through Namecheap allows site owners to remain anonymous and avoid providing verified contact information. This adds to the lack of transparency.

Archived snapshots of the site using Wayback Machine indicate goodthingsperday was inactive with placeholder template text for the first few weeks after launching.

It did not start showing the current prize offers until mid-to-late August 2022. This delayed progress is unusual and raises suspicions about the intent behind the site.

While the domain has only existed for several months, it is registered until July 2024. Registering domains long-term is often a tactic used by scam websites to try and appear more legitimate.

Goodthingsperday uses Cloudflare services to mask the true host server and location of the website. This obfuscation technique is commonly implemented on fraudulent and misleading sites.

There are no indications that goodthingsperday has a substantial social media presence or established web authority. All factors considered, the brief history and obscured operations of the site align with those of an untrustworthy scam website more than a valid consumer platform.

Affiliate Marketing Scam Patterns

Many of the questionable characteristics and activity seen on goodthingsperday mirror a common scam technique known as affiliate marketing fraud.

Affiliate programs allow websites to earn commissions by promoting products or services. Some use this model legitimately, but scammers also take advantage of it.

Here’s how the typical affiliate scam works:

  • A website promises “free” prizes like gift cards to entice visitors.
  • To get the prize, users have to sign up for sponsor offers by providing personal information and completing purchases.
  • The website earns affiliate commissions on any offer sign-ups, but users receive nothing.
  • Once they acquire enough user data, the scammers sell or exploit it and move on to a new scam site.

This cycle aligns very closely with the types of contests shown on goodthingsperday and the user reports of completing offers but never getting rewards.

Since goodthingsperday fits much of the profile of an affiliate marketing scam, it raises major doubts about the legitimacy of the website and its supposed giveaways.

Lack of Proof of Winners

Giveaway scams often promote big prizes but cannot provide any verifiable proof that real winners even exist.

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Goodthingsperday displays images of large checks, big brand logos, and people winning prizes. However, all of these appear to be generic stock photos.

The website does not share any confirmed winner testimonials, redemption stories, or evidence of actual users receiving prizes. There are no social media posts, news reports, or other sources substantiating the prizes being real.

Considering how easy it would be to fabricate contest photos and details, this complete lack of proof makes the giveaways highly questionable. For a company genuinely giving away such lavish prizes, it is strange that there is zero evidence of any winners provided.

Final Verdict: Goodthingsperday Appears to be a Scam

In summary, goodthingsperday shows multiple signs of being a fraudulent website:

  • Overwhelmingly negative reviews accusing it of being a scam
  • Lack of responsive contact information or transparency
  • Dubious claims without proof of prizes or sponsors
  • Missing terms, policies, and legal documentation
  • Pattern of collecting data without providing rewards
  • Anonymous domain registration and hosting
  • Brief questionable history and minimal web presence

Based on these and other red flags, appears to be a scam operation using deceptive contests, giveaways, and sweepstakes to gather users’ personal information while never providing actual prizes.

The complete lack of proof that anyone has won advertised rewards paired with the large amount of complaints reporting no payouts makes goodthingsperday seem highly untrustworthy.

Until substantially more evidence emerges that real people have received prizes, it is best to consider goodthingsperday a fraudulent scheme and avoid providing any sensitive information or completing dubious offer requirements.

For consumers looking for legitimate giveaways and sweepstakes, it is always important to research carefully, read the fine print, and focus on reputable established brands. If something looks too good to be true online, it very well may be.

Stay vigilant, and steer clear of questionable websites like goodthingsperday that show multiple indicators of being scams in order to protect your personal data and avoid disappointment.

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