Lcmining Scam or Legit? Review

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  • Post published:November 13, 2023
  • Post category:Reviews is a cryptocurrency mining service that has been operational since 2017. There has been some debate online whether lcmining is a scam or a legit service. In this extensive review, we will analyze various aspects of lcmining to determine if it is trustworthy or not.

Overview of Lcmining

Lcmining is a cryptocurrency cloud mining service. Users can purchase hashpower on the site to mine cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin etc without having to set up their own mining hardware.

As per their website, lcmining has data centers in San Francisco, Moscow, Singapore and data center partnerships in Iceland and Georgia. They claim to have over 2 million users across 197 countries.

Some key things to note about lcmining:

  • Founded in 2017 – It is one of the older crypto cloud mining services in the market
  • Owned by LC Group OÜ – An Estonian company
  • Variety of mining contracts – Users can purchase contracts for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Zcash etc.
  • Dashboard and mobile apps – Allow users to monitor their mining activity and rewards.

Lcmining com

Assessing Lcmining’s Legitimacy

Next, let us look at various factors to determine if lcmining is a scam or a legit service.

Company Background and Ownership

Lcmining is owned by LC Group OÜ which is registered in Estonia with the registry code 14552802.

Searching the company on the Estonian business registry shows that LC Group OÜ was founded on 29th May 2017. This matches with the timeline when lcmining service was launched.

The business registry lists the company owners as Ivan Labutin and Mikhail Mikhailov.

So lcmining has verifiable founders and a company registration showing it is a legitimate business entity.

Terms of Service and Policies

Lcmining has a detailed terms of service and various policies like privacy policy, AML/KYC policy etc on their website.

These policies seem professionally drafted and cover key aspects like security of user funds, privacy protections, dispute resolution etc. Having clear terms indicates they are a professional company.

Key notes from their policies:

  • They store 95% of user funds in cold wallets to protect from hacking.
  • Registration requires identity verification (KYC)
  • Privacy policy does not allow selling user data
  • Refund possible within 14 days of purchase

The policies seem well-written to protect user interests.

Company Transparency

Lcmining appears to be reasonably transparent about who owns and runs the business. As we saw earlier, the founders are listed clearly.

The website has a detailed About Us page that provides information on when they started, their core team, company values etc.

They also have a contact page with address, email and phone number where users can reach out to them.

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The company seems to have an overall culture of transparency which builds trust.

User Reviews of Lcmining

Looking at user reviews on third-party sites can give us an idea of real customer experiences.

Lcmining has a Trustpilot profile with 5 reviews. It has a 3.5 out of 5 score there. Most reviews are positive and mention getting regular payouts.

There are also some negative reviews mentioning issues with withdrawals. This indicates that while most have a positive experience, some users have faced problems too.

The company seems to respond to the negative reviews requesting the users to contact them to resolve the problems.

On other forums like Reddit, most users have shared positive experiences especially with the payouts.

Considering the overall feedback, it seems most users are satisfied with lcmining’s services. The negative feedback while not ideal is limited.

Lcmining review

Registration, KYC and Security of Funds

Lcmining requires identity verification (KYC) for all users during registration. They state clear documents needed for proving identity.

This ensures only legitimate users sign up reducing fraud risks. It also adds a layer of security for user funds.

For security, they highlight that 95% of all deposits are stored in cold wallets. This protects funds from hacking attempts.

2-factor authentication is also available for users to enable for account protection.

Overall their KYC requirements and security precautions seem good for users.

Mining Infrastructure

Lcmining provides some details on their website about their mining infrastructure.

As mentioned earlier, they have data centers in four locations – San Francisco, Moscow, Singapore and Iceland/Georgia through partnerships.

They seem to have a fair amount of mining capacity considering they have been operating since 2017.

The locations mentioned are feasible mining destinations as they have low electricity costs and suitable climate.

However, some experts have questioned if lcmining has as much mining capacity as claimed. There is no way to independently verify their data centers.

While lcmining’s mining capabilities can’t be fully validated, their long operational history provides some credibility.

Payment and Payout Support

Lcmining offers payment options like credit cards, Paypal, bank transfer etc which are convenient options.

For payouts, users can withdraw to wallets, cards, coupons and through Coinbase. There is a minimum withdrawal amount of 0.0005 BTC.

As we saw in the reviews, most users have received regular mining payouts from lcmining. They seem to have a working payment system.

Lcmining also states withdrawals can take 2-6 hours to be processed which is fairly quick.

One issue reported by some users are high withdrawal fees charged by lcmining. This needs improvement from the company.

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Responsiveness to User Issues

Going through various user complaints on forums and review sites, lcmining appears moderately responsive in resolving problems faced by customers.

They seem to reply to most negative reviews requesting users to contact them. There are some posts where users mentioned issues getting fixed after contacting lcmining support.

However, some users have also complained about delayed or lack of response from lcmining to their issues. There are certainly some gaps in their customer service.

While their support response is not the best, it is also not completely absent or ignored altogether. But there is scope for improvement in responsiveness.

Summary of Legitimacy Factors

Looking at various criteria around lcmining’s ownership, policies, infrastructure, user reviews and more – it appears more likely to be a legit company than an outright scam.

It has several positive legitimacy signals like:

  • Verifiable company ownership and registration since 2017
  • Professional terms of service and privacy policies
  • Reasonable transparency about the business
  • Mostly positive user experiences especially with payouts
  • Feasible mining locations and capacities
  • Policies for securing user funds in cold storage

There are also some issues reported by users and areas of concern:

  • Cannot independently validate their mining data centers
  • Limited social media presence makes it hard to connect
  • Withdrawal fees are higher than some competitors
  • Customer support and response time needs improvement

On the whole, while lcmining is not perfect and has scope to improve, it comes across as more legitimate than fraudulent based on the analysis. However, users need to exercise precautions as with any cloud mining provider.

Is Lcmining Profitable for Users?

Apart from assessing legitimacy, an important criteria for users is whether lcmining mining contracts are profitable. Let’s evaluate this aspect.

Contract Pricing

Lcmining has a wide range of mining contracts to choose from starting at just $10. This provides easy entry for users.

The pricing seems competitively set when compared to other popular cloud mining companies.

Contracts for certain currencies like Bitcoin are pricier as they are more profitable to mine currently.

They offer discounted deals from time to time making contracts more affordable.

Mining Reward Rates

Lcmining provides estimates of the mining output users can expect for each contract. This gives users clarity on potential mining rewards.

The projected revenue seems realistic when compared to mining calculators. It matches the cryptocurrency mining difficulty and hashrate.

For lower priced contracts, the mining yield may be small. Higher priced contracts naturally give better rewards.

Historical data shows some fluctuation in rewards which is expected as mining difficulty changes. But overall users have reported getting consistent mining output.

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Factors Impacting Profitability

When considering profitability of lcmining contracts, users have to account for:

  • Contract duration – Shorter duration contracts have lower total rewards
  • Cryptocurrency prices – Rewards have to exceed contract cost
  • Mining difficulty – Rising difficulty can reduce rewards over time
  • Withdrawal and transfer fees – Reduces net mining income

To maximize profitability, users should:

  • Choose longer duration contracts
  • Select cryptocurrencies with good growth and upside potential
  • Target contracts with high hashrate for better efficiency
  • Use referral codes to get discounts on purchases

User Reviews on Profitability

Here are some key points that emerge from user reviews:

  • Many highlight getting good returns especially early in their contract term.
  • Withdrawal fees and transfers fees do eat into profits considerably.
  • Users feel profits reduces in later months as mining difficulty increases.
  • Some users report reaching break-even in 7-10 months on their contracts.

Overall lcmining contracts seem to provide decent rewards in the initial months at least as per most users. But profits are not guaranteed and depend on multiple factors.

Recommendations for Using Lcmining

Here are some recommendations for those looking to use lcmining’s services:

  • Start with smaller duration contracts to test out the service.
  • Monitor your dashboards regularly to keep track of mining output and rewards.
  • Only reinvest rewards once initial capital is recovered.
  • Compare lcmining contracts with other cloud mining providers before purchasing.
  • Withdraw frequently to your personal wallet to accumulate mining income.
  • Enable 2FA for account security and use strong passwords.
  • Research the cryptocurrency market conditions before investing in contracts.


To conclude, lcmining appears to be more of a legitimate company than an outright scam. It has several positive legitimacy signals. However, users should exercise reasonable precautions when using its services.

While mining can be profitable especially early on, it comes with risks of reduced rewards over time. Users need to monitor contracts closely rather than expect guaranteed profits forever.

Lcmining seems reasonably well established and transparent. But as with any cryptocurrency service, users should be cautious and use discretion before investing funds or providing personal information.

Hope this detailed review helps provide clarity on whether lcmining is worth using and things to keep in mind while mining with them! Let us know your experiences with lcmining in the comments.

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