Is DAZN Scam or Legit? Negative Reviews and Complaint

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DAZN is a popular sports streaming service that offers access to boxing matches, soccer games, NFL and more. However, in recent years many questions have emerged about some of DAZN’s business practices. Reports of billing issues, problems cancelling subscriptions, hidden fees, and poor customer service have led some to ask – is DAZN a scam?

In this extensive investigation, we’ll analyze DAZN’s subscription and cancellation policies, examine common DAZN complaints, review customer experiences, and provide tips for using (and cancelling) DAZN without issues. By the end, you’ll understand exactly how DAZN’s billing practices work and whether the “DAZN scam” claims hold merit.

DAZN Subscription Overview

First, let’s cover the basics. DAZN is a streaming service focused primarily on combat sports and soccer. It operates in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Switzerland and Japan.

There are two main DAZN subscription options:

  • Monthly Plan – Billed monthly, can cancel anytime
  • Annual Plan – Billed annually or monthly with 12-month commitment

Pay-Per-View (PPV) – Big events like boxing matches can be purchased individually without a base subscription.

Many customer issues arise around Pay-Per-View ordering, especially for major fights. We’ll cover this shortly.

dazn scam

Is DAZN Legit?

DAZN is a legitimate streaming service owned by DAZN Group, a large media company. It holds broadcasting rights for various leagues, teams and events.

So DAZN itself is not an outright “scam” and does offer a real service. However, many customers have accused their business practices of being misleading, predatory or even fraudulent.

Common DAZN Complaints and Issues

Now, let’s analyze the most frequent complaints about DAZN made by customers:

1. Forced into Annual Contracts and Ongoing Charges After Cancelling

This is by far the most common DAZN complaint.

Many users sign up for a monthly plan or Pay-Per-View event, believing they can cancel anytime. However, DAZN then continues billing them monthly for a full year against the customer’s wishes.

For example:

  • Customer buys access to a one-off pay-per-view fight
  • Finds out signing up enrolled them in a hidden 12-month contract
  • Tries cancelling immediately but still gets charged monthly
  • DAZN refuses to cancel subscription and issue refund

Essentially, users feel tricked into long contracts without proper consent or awareness. This underhanded practice forms the crux of the “DAZN scam” controversy.

2. Difficulty and Resistance Cancelling Accounts

Another frequent complaint about DAZN is the difficulty customers face trying to cancel automatic subscription renewals or ongoing charges.

According to reviews, DAZN customer service agents often:

  • Refuse cancellation requests
  • Claim there’s no record of a cancellation
  • State users have renewed or reactivated accounts (with no proof)
  • Quote terms & conditions instead of resolving issues
  • Fail to provide confirmation of cancellations

This compounds the forced contract and billing issues.

3. Missing Refunds and Ignored Customer Service Requests

Many DAZN users report waiting weeks or months without receiving refunds for erroneous charges or cancelled subscriptions.

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Attempts to contact DAZN frequently go ignored as well. Clients cite unreturned emails and messages as common occurrences. Most interaction happens through automated bots offering little helpful assistance.

Essentially, once DAZN has your money, getting a response or return from them becomes extremely difficult by design.

4. Unexpected Fees and Unauthorized Bank Charges

Another shared experience is surprise fees or payments taken without the account holder’s approval. This includes:

  • Bank charges after updating payment details
  • Fees taken even after closing bank accounts
  • Higher costs than advertised for Pay-Per-View events
  • Upcharges when attempting to reactivate accounts

The questionable nature of these fees suggest potential issues extending beyond user error.

5. Deceptive Marketing and Sales Tactics

Finally, various reviews call out what they perceive as intentional deception from DAZN’s marketing:

  • Advertising “cancel anytime” monthly plans that auto-enroll users in locked annual contracts
  • Failing to notify subscribers of terms like 30-day cancellation notices
  • Not gaining explicit consent for long-term billing agreements
  • Withholding full terms and conditions until after signup
  • Using sneaky descriptors like “Monthly Pass” that confuse users

This seeming attempt to misrepresent DAZN’s true subscription policies forms the basis of the fraud allegations.

Specific DAZN Customer Complaint Examples

Beyond general issues, analyzing first-hand negative experiences can illuminate DAZN’s dubious practices. Here are real-life examples from disgruntled DAZN customers:

Signed up for a PPV match, then got mystery $200 charge months later

Reddit user Jasmine shares:

“I purchased the Tommy Fury vs KSI boxing fight. They put me on an annual subscription making me pay £9.99 a month for a year which they said I could cancel within 30 days. Will be going to the watchdog website and reporting it. A one star doesn’t do this company justice, a minus five would be more fitting – daylight robbery!”

This highlights the deceptive PPV trap many fans fall into.

Attempted cancellation failed and ignored by support

From a TrustPilot review:

“I cancelled my subscription in the summer and on 10/23 I got charged over $200+ for an annual subscription…They finally offered a refund only to say I watched something when I was out the country now they cant refund me. They wont give me the legal address or any information just avoiding refunding.”

More evidence of resistance to user cancellation requests and refunds from DAZN.

Chat agent admitted system automatically resubscribes cancelled users

One Redditor described their experience:

“I told her the website was showing me that it was cancelled so I don’t know how she would do that, it had options asking if I wanted to resubscribe.. But I told her to go ahead and do it on her end anyways just to be safe and see if it helped. After she did that when I refreshed my account page it now showed that I was resubscribed! When minutes before it still showed I had an inactive subscription.”

This alludes to potential automated processes designed to repeatedly renew cancelled accounts.

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DAZN took additional bank charges after closing account

A deleted Reddit user wrote:

“I cancelled my credit card because of something unrelated.. they had no banking information other than that old card and yet they’ve still gotten into my actual bank account I have no idea how, any other subscription like spotify, youtube, etc.. when I changed my card I had to re-setup all of those accounts so I could be billed properly..”

The implications of users having accounts billed even after removing payment methods raises security questions.

As demonstrated above, DAZN subscribers endure all manners of subscription and billing difficulties frequently.

Analyzing DAZN Reviews on Trustpilot

Trusted review site Trustpilot provides a snapshot into customer experiences through ratings and testimonials. As of December 2023, DAZN holds a “Bad” 1.1 out of 5 star score based on over 2,400 reviews:

  • 97% of reviewers rate DAZN with 1 star
  • Under 1% of ratings are 3 stars or higher
  • Analysis of 243 text reviews shows 192 negative vs. 51 positive

The vast majority of negative DAZN reviews revolve around forced subscription contracts, refused cancellations and billing problems.

Here is a sample of feedback from Trustpilot:

dazn scam review by customer

While some positive reviews exist praising DAZN for sports coverage and features, they represent a small minority compared to complaints.

This extremely poor reputation should give potential subscribers pause before signing up.

DAZN Customer Service Contact Options

DAZN seemingly makes contacting support difficult by lacking traditional communication channels:

  • No Phone Number – Live customer service unavailable
  • Limited Email Support – Just general inquiries, no account help
  • Automated Chat Bots – Provide generic and repetitive “support”
  • Social Media Teams – Respond publicly but avoid solving issues

This forces users to waste time pleading with bots in circles rather than connect with a human to fix problems.

How to Cancel DAZN

Hopefully by now you have a good understanding of how and why DAZN subscribers run into so many problems. But if you currently want to cancel a DAZN contract or subscription, here is a summary of your options:

  • Monthly Accounts – Can cancel anytime with no notice
  • Annual Accounts – Must give 30 days notice via DAZN account
  • Contact Support – Request cancellation if auto-pay continues
  • Dispute Charges – File complaints with your bank and payment services
  • Block Payments – Call bank/card company to halt future billing

Essentially, inform DAZN you are cancelling and stop all payment authority on your end as back up. Be persistent chasing up refunds for any unauthorized charges too.

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Unfortunately, even those proactive steps still leave some at the mercy of DAZN’s customer support.

Is DAZN Worth It? Weighing Pros vs Cons

Given its business practices, is signing up for DAZN worth the risk and potential headaches? Let’s compare some pros and cons:


  • Inexpensive monthly access to sports
  • Broadcasting rights for top events and leagues
  • HD quality streams
  • Platform flexibility -streams on all devices
  • Handy features like multi view


  • Difficulty cancelling accounts
  • Forced into unwanted annual contracts
  • Continued billing after cancellations
  • Deceptive marketing around subscriptions
  • Non-existent customer service and support

For pure sports access, DAZN offers strong value and features when functioning correctly. But that comes at the cost of account control, transparency and customer trust.

Ultimately you must decide whether access to exclusive sports justifies exposure to “gotcha” contracts and billing schemes.

Tips for Avoiding DAZN Scams and Issues

If you do choose to use DAZN, here are some tips to avoid problems:

  • Carefully document signup and account details
  • Screenshot order confirmations and cancellation emails
  • Note names of support agents you deal with
  • Review full terms before subscribing
  • Enable two-factor authentication as account security
  • Use virtual credit cards to control payments
  • Don’t just “sign up quickly” – treat registration with care
  • Cancel early even for one-off purchases to prevent billing

Staying vigilant from the start provides evidence in case you need to dispute charges later on.

Is DAZN Legit or a Scam? Final Verdict

In closing, is the “DAZN scam” real? Based on this full examination of their subscriptions, policies and track record of customer complaints – yes, aspects of DAZN’s business cross the line and demonstrate scam-adjacent behavior.

Deliberately making subscription cancellation difficult and forced annual contracts reveal a company focused on maximizing revenue over customer satisfaction.

The mountain of negative DAZN reviews around those practices makes determining their legitimacy an easy call. Trust in the brand becomes impossible when so many users share stories of being misled or even defrauded.

Now that doesn’t mean everyone ends up with issues using DAZN. But it does mean you should exercise extreme caution when signing up for any plan or pay-per-view event to avoid the common problems outlined here.

Ultimately our verdict finds truth behind the controversial DAZN scam rumors. Proceed at your own risk and stay vigilant towards protecting both your personal data and wallet.

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