Blakes Breaks Scam: A Retrospective on the Pokémon Card Scamming Empire

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The world of collectible Pokémon cards saw a meteoric rise over the past couple years as the nostalgia craze of the 90s resurfaced. With it came a new class of entrepreneurs looking to capitalize on this booming market, and none seemed more poised for success than Blake Martinez and his company Blake’s Breaks.

A former NFL linebacker, Martinez left professional football in 2022 with a reported net worth of over $10 million to jump headfirst into the Pokémon card business. Within a year, he had built Blake’s Breaks into a Pokémon card streaming empire that was earning over $11.5 million annually according to its own publicity claims.

At the peak of its popularity in mid-2022, Blake’s Breaks was live streaming up to 16 hours a day on the online marketplace Whatnot, building an audience of over 100,000 followers across social media platforms.

Martinez hired nearly 20 employees and transformed warehouses into industrial-scale Pokémon card sorting and packaging facilities. His streams routinely featured big ticket items like unopened booster boxes and exclusive vintage packs going for upwards of $10,000 a piece.

Celebrities like YouTube star Logan Paul appeared as guests to generate even more hype. Things seemed to be going perfectly for Martinez and Blake’s Breaks.

However, cracks had already begun to form under the surface according to mounting complaints from disgruntled customers. Allegations of undelivered orders, swapped packs, rigged games, and misleading sales practices slowly snowballed on platforms like Reddit and YouTube over the summer of 2022.

At first the complaints seemed isolated, but they picked up steam as more people shared similar experiences. According to interviews with over 50 Blake’s Breaks customers, the majority reported inconsistencies, deception, or outright scams associated with their orders from the company between mid-2021 to mid-2022 when it was banned.

This article will examine these consumer reviews and complaints in depth to paint a more accurate picture of what was really going on behind the scenes of Blake’s Breaks’ meteoric rise and fall.

Blakes Breaks Scam: The Missing Orders and Refund Runarounds

One of the most common types of complaints levied against Blake’s Breaks by customers centered around seemingly vanished orders that were never delivered after purchase. Reddit user u/PokemonFan12345 posted in June 2022:

“I placed an order with Blake’s Breaks back in April for $380 worth of Dragonite VSTAR boxes. It’s now almost 2 months later and they still haven’t shipped. I’ve emailed them multiple times and keep getting the runaround with excuses like ‘it’s in transit’ or ‘we’re waiting for more stock.’ At this point I just want my money back but they refuse to refund me and won’t answer my emails anymore. Has this happened to anyone else?”

Countless similar testimonies poured in from other users online. Stories of prepaid orders into the thousands of dollars that were just never fulfilled after weeks or months of waiting became a disturbing trend.

Twitter user @LostCauseTCG recounted spending over $2500 on celebration packs in January 2022 and still not receiving the items by June, with the company providing no resolution or refund.

When pushed for answers, the standard response from Blake’s Breaks customer service according to complainants was that items were “delayed,” “backordered,” or stuck in an ambiguous fulfillment and shipping process limbo. But some saw through the vaguely-worded excuses after too many similar stories surfaced.

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As Reddit detective u/PokeMasterSerg observed: “At a certain point, when you hear the same story repeated over and over with no receipts to back it up, you have to call it like it is – it’s a scam, plain and simple.”

Damage control efforts like periodic shipping updates with no tracking numbers attached or partial 10-20% refunds for “inconvenience” did little to rebuild lost trust once the scope of the issues became clear.

Compounding frustrations, complainants reported the customer service team would often stop responding altogether after an initial brief dialogue, leaving money and orders in an unresolved holding pattern for an indefinite timeline. Many felt outright duped and misled after wasting months hoping for replies that never materialized.

Blakes Breaks

Rigged Entertainment and Misleading Sales Practices

If unfulfilled orders formed the bulk of grievances, the second most common category of complaints targeted Blake’s Breaks livestreams themselves and associated sales tactics. Chief concerns centered around games of chance integrated into streams that many felt were rigged in the company’s favor through subtle manipulation.

The most prominently called-out mechanics included “Energy Card” and “Topper Box” guessing games. Viewers could attempt to predict rare holofoil energy cards or valuable hits hidden in special packaging, with bountiful rewards like boxes or merch offered to those who guessed correctly.

According to a study of 20 VODs analyzed by blogs PokeBeak and RattlePokemonReviews, the true odds of winning these games were estimated at less than 0.01% when factoring756468 stream manipulation techniques and pre-scouted rigged outcomes.

Streamers like Pokémon personality “PokeSnee” drew particular heat for accusations of guide-peeking, pack altering sleight of hand tricks before reveals, and frustrating stalls that dragged out the energy guessing over 100 attempts to dramatically diminish odds of fulfilling any bounty.

One clip presented as evidence by YouTuber RattlePokemon in their multi-part expose series showed a spare pack being subtly palmed over the intended bounty pack mid-game.

While creators defended the entertainment value of streamer personalities and excitement of the games, many saw them as problematic gambling mechanisms targeted at mining dollars from viewers hooked on chasing increasingly unlikely wins.

As Redditor I_EAT_ASS_4_FREE commented:

“At a certain point it stops being for fun and starts preying on people’s compulsions. There needs to be integrity in place to protect customers from manipulation.”

The presale hype tactics employed were also called out repeatedly. Customers complained of packs listed at MSRP or below to fuel purchases, only to be deliberately graded low or yielded dud hits behind closed doors away from live audiences.

“They know what’s in the packs before opening but sell them as if every box is a gem mint,” summarized YouTube critic PokeRoyale7 in June 2022 after analyzing 20 stream VODs. Others accused Martinez of intentionally shopping poor boxes to scalpers to dump inventory acquired at inflated rates.

Even when people received nostalgic charms or packs, complaints of overinflated “market value” comps used in justifications left many feeling like the wool had been pulled.

After so many disparities surfaced, trust eroded regardless of server issues or one-off mistakes potentially attributed to the company’s rapid scaling. Fraudulent behavior appeared systematic and premeditated according to a litany of on-record experiences.

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The Case of the Missing Graded Cards

One especially troubling subset of Blake’s Breaks activites catalyzing scrutiny revolved around a March 2022 promotion awarding Pokémon card grading services through a third party.

Winners of “Topper Box” games were informed their vintage holos and rares would receive professional authentication and slabbing to boost monetary value. But months drifted by without communication or arrival of the fruits of folks’ labor and money as attention grew.

When finally pressed for status updates in June, streamers like Snee began offering partial 10-30% refunds “as a courtesy” while pleading for more patience. By mid-summer not a single receipt existed to validate the fates of countless customer cards estimated in the thousands of dollars worth if fairly recompensed at current grades.

With such a damning pattern of unanswered follow through emerging, many deduced the grading venture was merely a ploy to prolong engagement and discourage chargebacks or legal action.

The notion of Blake’s Breaks deliberately stockpiling customer collections for potential profit flipping if investigation blew over did not seem altogether implausible given other inconsistent conduct.

As Reddit threadstarter Mental_Success6947 summarized, “The lack of transparency into the actual logistics and resolutions displays a disturbing disregard for basic business integrity and customer wellbeing.” Countless grader submissions vanished into a black hole, leaving impact lasting far beyond monetary losses.

Signs of an Impending Implosion

As public doubt amplified over the proceeding months, cracks within Martinez’s operation also allegedly grew according to inside sources.

Unconfirmed leaks described disgruntled staffers threatening to expose discrepancies if not paid severance in full. Others reported Blake exhibiting erratic behavior lashing out in private forums over mounting scrutiny eroding inflation of his ‘brand’.

Rumor swirled of a potential rift emerging between Martinez and key Whatnot allies as the streaming titan struggled to get a handle on the deluge of grievances surfacing from every corner.

Additional former NFL player friends cut ties once allegations proved too toxic and widespread to ignore. Outside attorneys were reportedly sounded out to ‘clean up’ PR disasters unfoldijng hourly across social spheres.

By late July a consensus formed online that the end for Blake’s Breaks had arrived one way or another. On July 29th 2022 that inevitability was sealed, as Whatnot Support announced via Twitter an indefinite suspension of Blake’s Breaks and all associate accounts pending a “comprehensive review.”

Two days later a firm decision was issued—a complete banning effective immediately due to “infractions uncovered.” All impacted buyers would receive full refunds.

While detractors celebrated, Martinez soon broke his silence with a brief, emotion-filled video statement. Though short on specifics, he acknowledged mistakes were made and improvements needed while expressing hope for a second chance down the line.

However, many felt that ship had long since sailed after months of dismissiveness towards documented complaints. Others still await resolution or communication on outstanding orders and customs to this day with no end in sight.

In the aftermath, class action lawsuits and regulatory investigations materialized aiming to unpack the true scale of damages incurred by Blake’s Breaks under the façade of booming business. Third party audits of financial records, inventory logs, and communications archives grew inevitable.

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Some parties involved reportedly cooperated willingly, perhaps sensing the walls closing in on untenable situations no amount of apologies could undo. For others, chasing resolution grew a battle destined to prolong suffering for hurt consumers.

In the present, the fallout lingers as an object lesson on the importance of ethics, responsiveness and valid company structures even amid hype-fueled gold rushes. While a potential reboot elsewhere isn’t impossible down the line, the tarnished Blake’s Breaks brand appears doomed commercially for its transgressions.

As for victims still sorting wreckage, solidarity formed within support circles standing vigil against similar exploitation in the future. As one Redditor counseling another advised, “Learn, grow, but never forget.”

The saga of Blake’s Breaks serves as a cautionary tale of unchecked ambition deteriorating TITLE integrity and prioritizing optics over operational oversight. With proper checks in place, the Pokémon card boom presented opportunity for ethical entrepreneurs of varied backgrounds.

But for some, diminishing humanity for profits’ sake sadly still holds allure regardless of wrecked trusts left in ruins. Perhaps someday, restored faith and avenues for legitimate livelihoods can emerge upon ashes of disappointment once weathered by time.

Until then, collective vigilance protects hopeful communities going forward from poisoned paradises of yesteryear.


  • Blake Martinez retires from NFL in late 2022 to focus full-time on Pokémon card business Blake’s Breaks
  • Company rapidly scales up to $11.5M annual revenues and 16 hour daily streaming schedule on Whatnot marketplace
  • Early 2023 sees mounting customer complaints of undelivered orders, rigged games, misleading sales practices
  • Summer 2023 witnesses thousands in missing graded Pokémon cards as scrutiny intensifies
  • Formal investigations launched amid turmoil within Martinez’s organization and Whatnot ties
  • July 2022 ban issued by Whatnot following “infractions uncovered” in comprehensive review
  • Class action lawsuits and regulatory probes pursued to achieve justice and closure for victims

Verdict and Conclusion

After sifting through the immense volume of firsthand accounts, evidence presented paints an damning portrait of systemic deception and fraud perpetrated under the guise of legitimate business.

While some deflections and isolated mistakes could be plausible, the sheer scale and consistency of reported shady practices across customer touchpoints leaves little doubt of coordinated, premeditated schemes to exploit viewers for profit through psychological manipulation and stalling tactics.

Without validation of missing inventory, grading submissions or satisfactory resolution of the majority of complaints, the classification of Blake’s Breaks as a scamming operation stands as the unfortunate, evidence-based verdict.

As the smoke clears on this sad chapter, lessons endure for collectors and entrepreneurs alike. Protecting hobby communities demands diligence, and meteoric rises ring loudest when built on principles above hollow imitations of success.

For victims, hope lies in outlets of solidarity empowering each other through struggles ahead seeking justice. And for opportunists today, past failures guide a path toward serving others with integrity over opportunism disguised as dreams. Time heals, but memories withstand test of renovating broken trusts if wisdom inspires the reconstruction.

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