EE Points Scam or Legit? The EE Scam Text Explained (Beware)

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EE is one of the largest mobile network providers in the UK, with over 32 million customers. The company offers various rewards programs, including EE Points, which allows customers to earn points that can be redeemed for prizes or discounts.

However, some questions have been raised on whether EE Points is a scam or legitimate rewards program. This comprehensive article will provide an in-depth look at EE Points, including how it works, its terms and conditions, scam risks, and tips to maximize value as an EE customer.

What is EE Points?

EE Points is a loyalty program that allows EE mobile customers to earn points on their monthly bills and other activities. Customers earn 1 point for every £1 spent on their EE monthly bill. Additional ways to earn points include:

  • Activating your EE account online – 250 points
  • Referring friends to EE – 250 points per referral
  • Completing your EE service review – 250 points
  • Connecting your EE account to your bank account for paperless billing – 150 points

Customers can then redeem their EE Points for a variety of rewards, including:

  • Bill credits – 1,000 points for a £1 credit
  • Accessories and devices – Range from 500 to 10,000+ points
  • Experience days and tickets – Range from 2,000 to 15,000+ points
  • Charity donations – 1,500 points per £1 donated

EE Points can be tracked and redeemed via the My EE app or website. Points expire after 2 years if not used.

EE points

How Does EE Points Work?

Here is an overview of how the EE Points program works:

Earning Points: Customers automatically earn 1 point for every £1 spent on their monthly EE bill. Points begin accumulating from your first bill. You can earn additional points through referrals, activations, reviews etc.

Tracking Points: Your points balance can be viewed in the My EE app or by logging into your account online. You’ll be able to see points earned, redeemed and expired.

Redeeming Points: Once you’ve earned enough points, you can redeem them for bill credits, accessories, experience days and other rewards. Redemptions start at 500 points.

Expiry: EE Points expire 24 months after they are earned if not used. Your points balance will indicate when points will expiry.

Losing Points: Points can only be lost if they expire or if you close your EE account. Points cannot be deducted.

No Cash Value: EE Points have no cash value and cannot be exchanged for cash. They can only be redeemed through the EE Rewards site.

So in summary, you automatically earn points that can then be tracked and redeemed for rewards. The program provides incentives to spend more monthly and engage with the EE brand.

EE Points Terms and Conditions

EE Points is free to join for EE pay monthly mobile customers. However, there are terms and conditions that govern the program:

  • Only pay monthly mobile customers can earn points. PAYG customers are excluded.
  • You must be 18 or over and a resident of the UK to join EE Points.
  • Points have no cash value and cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • Points can only be earned on eligible EE monthly bills. Other services are excluded.
  • Points expire 24 months after earned if not used.
  • EE reserves the right to remove or substitute rewards at any time.
  • Rewards are subject to availability.
  • Points balances and transactions are subject to EE’s decision in any dispute.
  • EE can suspend or close accounts if there is suspected fraud or misuse.
  • The program can be withdrawn at any time and EE holds no liability for lost points.
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So in essence, EE has full discretion over the program’s terms, conditions, and availability. Customers should read the full terms before joining.

Is EE Points a Scam? Assessing the Risks

Given the terms and conditions that favor the company, some customers have questioned whether EE Points is a scam or legitimate program. There are a few risks to consider:

Limited rewards – The rewards available in the EE Points catalog are relatively limited compared to other major loyalty programs. Rewards are also subject to availability. This makes consistently redeeming points a challenge.

Expiring points – EE Points expire after just 24 months, which is a shorter window than many programs. This means your points can be erased if you don’t actively engage with the program regularly.

No cash value – EE Points cannot be redeemed for cash or exchanged. So if you close your EE account, any unused points are voided. This restricts options to redeem points.

Changes without notice – EE reserves the right to change or remove rewards at any time without notice. Your points could lose value if popular rewards disappear.

Account termination – EE can close your Points account at any time for any reason they deem as misuse. So your points balance could be wiped out without recourse.

Incentives to overspend – Earning 1 point per £1 spent on bills incentivizes customers to overspend each month to earn more points. This could lead you to pay more than necessary.

Scam text messages – There have been reports of scam text messages being sent pretending to be from EE regarding expiring EE Points. These texts contain malicious links and are not from EE.

So while EE Points provides some benefits to engaged customers, the program does appear stacked heavily in EE’s favor. The risk of losing points due to expiring, changes, account closure, or falling for scam texts is significant. Customers have to be savvy in how they earn and redeem points to maximize value.

EE Points Scam Text Messages

Recently there have been numerous reports of scam text messages being sent to EE customers regarding their EE Points. These scam texts claim that a certain amount of EE Points are about to expire and provide a link to redeem them.

For example, customers have reported receiving texts such as:

“EE: The points currently in your account (5340 points) will expire within three working days, please click the link below to redeem the rewards in time!”

The text messages appear to come from a mobile number rather than EE. The links in the texts lead to phishing websites designed to steal personal information.

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These scam texts are carefully crafted to seem believable and place urgency on the victim to click the link. The goal is to trick the recipient into providing sensitive data under the guise of redeeming expiring points.

It’s important to note that EE would never send unsolicited text messages with links related to your EE Points balance and redemption. Any such texts should be considered extremely suspicious.

Here are some tips to avoid falling victim to these EE Points scam text messages:

  • Never click on links in unsolicited text messages, even if they appear to come from EE
  • Contact EE directly through official channels if you have any questions about your points balance
  • Look for signs it’s not from EE, such as a mobile number sender instead of “EE”
  • Forward scam texts to 7726 to report them
  • Monitor your EE account closely for any suspicious activity after receiving a text

Staying vigilant and not falling for scare tactics about urgent point expiration deadlines is key to avoiding having your personal data stolen through these scam texts. Report any suspicious texts you receive to help prevent others from being victimized.

EE Points Scam text

Tips to Maximize Value from EE Points

While EE Points clearly favors the company, savvy customers can still get decent value from the program by following some best practices:

Take advantage of sign-up bonuses – Grab the one-time bonuses for activating your account online and connecting your bank details. These provide an easy boost to your balance.

Redeem often – Don’t let points expire! Monitor your balance and redeem for rewards regularly before points disappear after 24 months. Set reminders if helpful.

Target discounted bills – Use your points for bill credits as often as possible. The 1,000 points for £1 credit provides the best value.

Refer friends – Earn 250 bonus points for each friend that you get to join EE and activate a plan.

Find sweet spots in the rewards – While limited, some items in the EE Points reward catalog provide decent value if you redeem when on promotion.

Don’t overspend to earn – Avoid the temptation to over-consume EE services just to earn more points. The extra costs often outweigh the value of more points.

Pool points with family – If you have family on EE, you can combine points to redeem higher value items. Make joint redemptions.

Provide feedback – Completing your EE service review earns 250 points. Provide honest feedback regularly.

Explore other opt-ins – EE may offer additional partner programs and promotions to earn extra points that boost your balance. Opt-in when advantageous.

Read the latest terms – Keep updated on the latest EE Points terms in case of changes. Stay aware of expiration policies and redemption options.

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Have backups – Consider also joining free rewards programs from other brands you regularly use as a backup if you lose EE Points access.

Track diligently – Monitor your points balance and activity regularly to ensure your points are accumulating and redeeming as expected. Flag any issues.

Beware of scam texts – Do not click on links in text messages claiming to be from EE regarding your points. These are likely phishing scams. Report them.

Common Questions about EE Points

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the EE Points program:

Are EE Points really worth it?

For savvy customers who take advantage of bonuses and discounted bills, EE Points can provide some decent value. But the program is definitely stacked more favorably towards EE. Points hold little value if your account is closed.

Can you transfer EE Points to someone else?

Unfortunately EE Points cannot be transferred to another person. They can only be earned and redeemed by the account holder.

What’s the easiest way to earn EE Points?

The monthly bill is the easiest way to earn points automatically. You get 1 point per £1 spent on your bill. No other action needed.

Do EE Points expire?

Yes, EE Points expire 24 months after they are earned if not used. So you have to redeem points before the expiration date.

Can I redeem EE Points for cash?

No, EE Points have no cash value and cannot be exchanged for cash. They can only be redeemed for discounts, accessories, experience days and charity donations.

What happens to my EE Points if I switch providers?

Unfortunately any unused EE Points are void and expired if you close your EE account. Try to redeem all points before switching.

Who is eligible to earn EE Points?

Only EE pay monthly mobile customers can earn points. PAYG and home broadband customers are excluded from EE Points.

Is EE Points Worth It? Final Verdict

In summary, EE Points offers some decent benefits and value if you are a regular EE mobile customer. However, the terms and conditions definitely favor EE, and your points are at risk of expiring or being voided if you close your account or fall for scam texts.

Savvy customers who take advantage of bonuses, discounted bills, timely redemptions, and avoid scams can squeeze solid value from the program. But less engaged customers likely won’t gain much long-term benefit once points begin expiring.

For many, earning and burning EE Points for periodic discounted bills and accessories can be rewarding. Just be mindful of the expiration policies, limited rewards, scam risks, and potential loss if you leave EE someday.

Approach with reasonable expectations, taking advantage of promotions when available. But also consider joining other free rewards programs as a backup plan.

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