Is Agouveia Legit or a Scam? Reviews

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  • Post published:November 12, 2023
  • Post category:Reviews is an online sunglasses store that offers trendy and affordable sunglasses. At first glance, the website appears to have a good range of products at unbelievable prices. But is actually a trustworthy site to purchase from? Or is it an elaborate scam?

In this honest Agouveia review, we will take an in-depth look at to determine if it is a legit retail business or an online scam. We will examine multiple factors like domain history, website design, product quality, payment security, reviews, and more.

Let’s dive in.

Overview of sells men’s and women’s sunglasses in various styles such as aviators, wayfarers, cat eye, and more. The site claims to sell high-quality sunglasses at low prices directly from their own factory without any middlemen.

Some of the concerning factors about include:

  • No information about company address or owners
  • Unbelievably low prices for branded looking sunglasses
  • No details about product materials or manufacturing
  • Lack of reviews on the website or anywhere else online

However, the domain has been registered since 2005 which indicates it is not a fly-by-night scam site. Let’s analyze in detail to determine if it is actually a legitimate retail business or an elaborate scam.

Agouveia com

Investigating – Is it Legit?

To determine if is a trustworthy website, we need to thoroughly analyze multiple factors like domain history, website security, product quality, payment processing, customer reviews, and other details.

Domain History and Registration

The domain history and registration provide insights into how long a website has been operating. Scam websites usually have short lifespans before they are shut down, so longer domain histories indicate legitimacy.

According to Whois domain records, has been registered since May 6, 2005 – which means it has been operational for over 18 years. The domain is registered until May 6, 2024.

Long-running websites like this are less likely to be scam websites. Criminals and scammers usually create short-lived disposable websites to avoid detection.

However, the domain is registered privately through Domains By Proxy LLC which hides the owner’s identity. Private registration does not automatically mean a website is untrustworthy, but it prevents researching the owners and company history.

Overall, the long domain history of indicates it is not a fly-by-night scam operation. But the private domain ownership raises some questions about transparency.

Website Security and Encryption

Secure websites use SSL certificates to encrypt sensitive customer data during transmission. The SSL certificate verifies the website’s legitimacy and activates the padlock and https protocol. has an active SSL certificate issued by DigiCert to secure customer data transmissions. The SSL certificate verifies the website’s legitimacy and enables data encryption.

The SSL certificate does not guarantee is trustworthy, but it shows the owners have made some effort towards security and protecting customer information. Lacking SSL would be a definite red flag.

Product Quality Analysis

While the sunglasses on look high-quality in the product photos, it’s impossible to determine actual product quality without seeing the items in person.

Some concerning factors about the quality of products on

  • No product material information – No specs about lens material, frame material etc. which makes quality claims questionable.
  • Low prices – Sunglasses are priced unusually low compared to typical pricing at legitimate retailers. This raises doubts about true quality.
  • Lack of brands – No branded sunglasses from known companies. All products appear to be generic unbranded sunglasses.
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The website does claim to have its own factory that produces affordable sunglasses directly without middlemen. However, there is no evidence provided to verify this factory exists. And the complete lack of product specifications is concerning.

Without more details or reviews from past customers, there is no way to confirm if actually sells decent quality sunglasses or just low-grade products.

Payment Methods and Checkout Process

The payment method and checkout process can reveal a lot about an online store’s trustworthiness. Scam websites often only take irreversible payment methods like bank wire transfer. Whereas legitimate retailers accept multiple payment methods and have a secure checkout process. offers PayPal for payments which is reassuring. PayPal offers buyer protection for issues like non-delivery and significantly reduces payment risk.

During testing, the checkout process on functioned smoothly with no errors. Order information and personal details were secured through SSL encryption.

Accepting PayPal and having an error-free checkout process are good signs. There were no obvious vulnerabilities detected that are common with scam websites.

Customer Reviews of

Customer reviews from independent sources are one of the best ways to analyze a website’s authenticity. Scam websites typically try to eliminate or hide negative reviews to avoid detection.

Oddly enough, there are no customer reviews displayed on despite the site being active since 2005. The complete lack of reviews on their own website raises suspicion.

Searching for reviews on independent review sites like TrustPilot also returned no results. There are no “good” customer reviews on the quality of products or shopping experience from any verifiable sources.

The total absence of customer reviews anywhere for a website operating since 2005 is highly concerning. This suggests the website has deliberately eliminated negative reviews or has very few actual customers.

Agouveia review

Company Information and Contact Details

Legitimate businesses should provide accurate company information like a business address, phone number, email address, and owner/CEO details. Missing basic company details is a sign of a shady business. does not provide any identifiable company information:

  • No business address – the corporate address leads to a private residence.
  • No phone number – only email addresses are provided for contact.
  • No owner/CEO information.
  • The emails [email protected] and [email protected] did respond to queries but provided no company details.
  • Social media links go to inactive pages.

The lack of company information and details about ownership lead to serious questions about’s legitimacy. Genuine businesses are transparent about providing correct company details.

Summary of Investigation into

To conclude our extensive investigation on whether is a scam website or not, let’s summarize the key points:

✔️ Domain History – Active since 2005 which indicates legitimacy. But private Whois registration raises transparency concerns.

✔️ Website Security – Uses a valid SSL certificate to protect data. But SSL alone does not guarantee trustworthiness.

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✔️ Products – No details about materials or manufacturing provided. Quality claims remain unverified.

✔️ Payment Methods – Uses PayPal which offers buyer protection. Checkout process functions correctly.

✔️ Reviews – Absolutely no independent customer reviews available anywhere online. Highly suspicious.

✔️ Company Details – Complete lack of business address, phone number, owner information or transparency about operations.

Based on these troubling factors, especially the utter lack of transparency and no independent reviews, appears to be a scam website that should be avoided.

There is no concrete proof it is a scam, but the multitude of red flags and missing expected details means cannot be considered a trustworthy sunglasses retailer.

Tips to Avoid Online Shopping Scams

To avoid getting scammed by websites like, here are some tips when shopping online:

✅ Research before buying – Search for website reviews, look for warning signs, and ask on forums if unsure.

✅ Check contact details – Legitimate businesses display valid contact info. Avoid those that hide company details.

✅ Beware unbelievable prices – Extremely low prices are a tactic scammers use to lure victims.

✅ Read return policies – Scam sites typically have no return policy or place the burden on customers.

✅ Use safe payment methods – Stick to secure payments like credit card or PayPal that offer buyer protection. Avoid irreversible payments like bank wire transfer.

✅ Check domain details – Scam websites tend to have recently registered domains and short lifespans.

✅ Verify guarantees – If an online retailer claims satisfaction guarantees or other benefits, double check that those policies actually exist.

Protect yourself by being an informed shopper who does their due diligence before making purchases online. Remember, if something seems too good to be true online – it very likely is.

Scam Website Warning Signs to Watch Out For

Here are some common scam website traits to be aware of when shopping online:

🚩 No customer reviews – Lack of reviews on their site or anywhere else is a major red flag.

🚩 Too good to be true pricing – Ridiculously low prices for expensive products is a manipulation tactic.

🚩 Poor privacy and security – No SSL, unsecured checkout process, etc.

🚩 Makes excuses – Scam sites make dubious claims like “our reviews were deleted” or “products are so cheap because…”

🚩 High pressure tactics – Aggressive demands to purchase now or risk losing a deal.

🚩 Grammatical errors – Bad grammar and misspellings indicate possible foreign scammers.

🚩 No returns allowed – Forcing customers to keep unwanted items is a scam tactic.

🚩 Newly registered domain – Recently created websites should raise suspicion. Check the domain registration date.

🚩 Only irreversible payment – Scam sites may only accept wire transfers, cryptocurrency, gift cards etc. that offer no buyer protection.

Stay vigilant and recognize these warning signs before entering payment information on unfamiliar websites. Your best protection is awareness and always paying with secure methods like credit card or PayPal.

How to Report Suspected Scam Websites

If you come across a website you suspect to be a scam, reporting it can help prevent others from being victimized. Here are some ways to report scam sites:

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✔️ Contact IC3 – File a complaint with the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center at They provide a single place to report cybercrimes.

✔️ Notify hosting provider – If you can identify the web hosting provider, contact them to potentially have the scam website shut down.

✔️ Report to consumer agencies – File a scam report with organizations like or the FTC Consumer Information site.

✔️ Inform your bank – Notify your bank or payment provider like PayPal about the scam attempt.

✔️ Post warnings – Comment warnings about the scam website on consumer forums, site review pages, Reddit, etc. to spread awareness.

✔️ Warn search engines – You can report dangerous websites to Google, Bing, and other search engines.

The more people who report malicious websites, the quicker they can be shut down to prevent further victims. Report scams whenever possible.

Investing in Website Security to Avoid Scams

For businesses looking to build trust with customers, properly securing your website is crucial. Here are some website security essentials:

✔️ SSL certificate – Install SSL to enable https encrypted connections and activate trust seals.

✔️ Security plugin – WordPress sites should use a security plugin like WordFence to protect against threats.

✔️ Site backups – Create regular backups of your site to quickly restore after any malware attacks.

✔️ Limit admin access – Only allow essential personnel admin access and use strong passwords.

✔️ Update software – Maintain updated software like CMS, plugins, themes and PHP version to close vulnerabilities.

✔️ Monitor traffic – Use website traffic tools to detect bot attacks, malware redirects etc.

✔️ Avoid free web hosting – Freemium hosts overload servers which puts sites at greater risk.

✔️ Website security monitoring – Services like SiteLock provide malware detection and other website security benefits.

Proactively monitoring for threats and having a website recovery plan is crucial to maintaining security. Invest in essential website security practices.

The Bottom Line – Is Legit or a Total Scam?

In the vast online world filled with hundreds of competing sunglasses websites, how do you identify the trustworthy retailers from sophisticated scammers? In-depth investigation and awareness of common scam techniques is key.

Based on this extensive analysis of – the lack of transparency, no customer reviews, dubious quality claims, and missing company details – the verdict is clear. exhibits multiple red flags that identify it as an online scam to avoid.

While nothing conclusively proves it to be a scam, the shortage of expected details and the abundance of suspicious signs means cannot be recommended as a safe sunglasses retailer.

There are many better alternatives to source affordable quality sunglasses online from reputable stores. Check review sites, analyze websites carefully, and buy only from trusted brands to protect your money and information. Stay vigilant!

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