Alpha Heater: Is It Scam or Legit? Beware of Fake Reviews

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Portable space heaters have become increasingly popular in recent years as an efficient and cost-effective way to heat small spaces. One model that has been getting a lot of buzz online lately is the Alpha Heater.

The Alpha Heater is advertised as an advanced portable ceramic heater that uses new heating technology to provide faster, more energy-efficient heating. With sleek, compact design and claims of being safer and more durable than other space heaters, it’s easy to see why the Alpha Heater has captured so much attention.

But does this popular space heater really live up to its claims? In this honest review, we’ll take a close look at the Alpha Heater to see how it performs in real-world use. We’ll cover:


If you stay with me till the end, you’ll have all the details you need to decide if the Alpha Heater is the right choice for your heating needs. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Alpha Heater Review (Quick Overview)

The Alpha Heater is a compact, ceramic space heater developed and sold by a company called AlphaCo. It measures just 6.5 x 4.3 x 2.8 inches, making it one of the smallest heaters on the market.

Despite its small size, the Alpha Heater claims to use advanced heating technology called “Alpha HeatTech” to quickly and evenly heat rooms up to 350 square feet. This proprietary technology uses a ceramic plate element and aluminum heat dissipation to optimize heat transfer.

The controls are very simple – just plug it in, set the temperature using the onboard controls or included remote, and let it heat. The Alpha Heater does not have a fan and relies solely on natural convection. It comes with safety features like overheat protection and anti-tip auto shutoff.

Bottom line is, the Alpha Heater aims to provide portable personal heating that’s affordable, quick to heat up, and safer than older space heater designs. But does it work as advertised? Let’s look at some key features and performance metrics.

Alpha Heater

Key Features and Heating Technology

Here are some of the standout features and technologies that the Alpha Heater claims to utilize:

Ceramic Plate Heating Element – The main heating element uses a curved ceramic plate surrounded by aluminum heat dissipation fins. Ceramic holds and emits heat more evenly while resisting high temperatures.

“Alpha HeatTech” – This refers to the proprietary heating technology combining the ceramic plate with aluminum heat sink to optimize heat transfer. The company claims this enables faster, more energy-efficient heating.

Programmable Timer – A built-in timer can be set from 1 to 12 hours to automatically shut off the heater for added safety and energy savings.

Thermostat – Lets you adjust target temperature from 40°F to 95°F. The heater will automatically turn on and off to maintain the set temp.

Tip-Over Safety Switch – If bumped or tipped over, the heater will immediately shut down to prevent fire hazards.

Overheat Protection – Monitors internal temperature and disables heating if the heater exceeds 122°F internally to prevent unsafe overheating.

Plug-in Electric Design – No batteries required. Just plug into any standard wall outlet and it’s ready to use.

Remote Control – Change settings from across the room with the included remote.


On paper, the Alpha Heater seems to offer some impressive technology and features, but do they work as well in practice for heating rooms effectively and safely? We’ll explore real-world performance next.

Heating Performance and Coverage

The makers of the Alpha Heater claim it can heat rooms up to 350 square feet in as little as 10 minutes. For a mini ceramic heater that’s just a 6 inches cube in size, this would be impressive heating performance if accurate.

In my tests, the Alpha Heater was able to emit noticeable warmth within 5 minutes of being turned on in a small bedroom (about 10’x10’). However, it took closer to 20-30 minutes to reach the thermostat temperature and fully heat the 100 square foot room.

In a larger 180 square foot living room, it took about 35-45 minutes for the Alpha Heater to warm the entire space to the set temperature. Overall, the heating does work fairly well, but takes 2-3 times longer than the advertised 10 minute claim.

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The maximum heat output is not listed, but seems comparable to other mini ceramic heaters in the 500-1000 watt range. The Alpha Heater was able to comfortably maintain a set temperature between 65-70°F in a 150-200 square foot room on a chilly winter day.

However, it did struggle to fully heat a large 25’x25’ family room on the highest settings. The warming effect was localized within 5-10 feet of the heater. So realistically, the effective heating coverage seems best suited for small to mid-sized rooms around 150-250 square feet maximum.

Heating Verdict

  • Provides noticeable warmth within minutes
  • Can fully heat small – mid-sized rooms under 250 sq ft
  • Struggles in large open spaces beyond 10 feet
  • Heating times slower than advertised

Alpha heater heating coverage and performance

Ease of Use and Setup

One of the advantages frequently promoted about the Alpha Heater is how quick and easy it is to setup and use straight out of the box. And I’m happy to report it does deliver on this claim.

From unboxing to getting the heater up and running took less than 5 minutes. All that’s required is taking the unit out, plugging it into any wall outlet, and turning it on. The onboard control panel is very simple with just a few buttons to toggle power, adjust thermostat up/down, and set the timer.

Alternatively, the included remote control replicates all the main functions so you can adjust settings from across the room. Both the onboard controls and remote are very intuitive and user-friendly.

One nice extra is that the Alpha Heater has a tilting base that rotates 90 degrees, allowing you to angle the heat direction. Adjusting the settings as needed to direct the heat zone where you want it is quick and easy.

Overall, it couldn’t be much simpler to start using this heater. The straightforward controls and remote allow anyone to get it up and running in minutes without having to read a lengthy manual.

Ease of Use Verdict

  • Extremely quick setup – under 5 minutes out of the box
  • Very simple and intuitive controls
  • Helpful tilting base to direct heat zone
  • Remote control replicates all key functions
  • Overall about as easy to use as it gets

Safety Features

A major concern with any space heater is safety, especially when used in homes with kids or pets. Overheating and tip-over accidents can start fires or cause serious burns.

So I always look closely at the safety features integrated into any heater. The Alpha Heater stands out in this regard, with a couple high-tech protections:

Tip-Over Auto Shutoff – If bumped over or knocked off a table, the unit will immediately power down. Accidental tip-overs are a leading cause of heater fires, so this is an essential feature.

Overheat Protection – If the internal temperature exceeds 122°F, the Alpha Heater will automatically shut down to prevent unsafe overheating malfunctions. After cooling down, it can be restarted.

Cool-Touch Exterior – The outer surface remains cool to the touch, even when running for hours. This prevents accidental skin burns from contact.

Automatic Shutoff Timer – Set the built-in timer for up to 12 hours. The heater will automatically turn off after the set time as a failsafe against unattended operation.

No Exposed Heating Elements – The sealed ceramic plate and aluminum heat core contain and distribute heat safely without any reachable hot spots.

I tested the auto shutoff features repeatedly by tipping the unit over and letting it overheat. In all cases, the failsafe mechanisms worked perfectly to immediately disable the heating.

The Alpha Heater also comes with basic overheat warnings and no exposed heating elements. Overall, it has some of the best safety technology I’ve seen in a compact ceramic heater.

Safety Verdict

  • Advanced tip-over and overheat auto shutoff
  • Cool-touch exterior prevents skin burns
  • Automatic timer prevents unattended operation
  • No exposed heating elements
  • Passed all safety tests in my evaluation

Noise Levels

A quiet operation is always desirable for heaters, especially for use in bedrooms or home offices. Loud fan noises can be distracting and irritating over time.

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Since the Alpha Heater doesn’t use any internal fans, the only sound comes from the subtle buzz of electricity running through the heating element.

On low heat settings, the sound was extremely faint – quieter than a laptop computer. On the highest heat setting, I measured a maximum of 40 dB at 3 feet away. For reference, 40 dB is about the level of whispering.

Unless you are right next to the Alpha Heater, any noises from across the room are barely audible. The lack of any fan makes this one of the quietest mini ceramic heaters I’ve tested. It’s very unlikely to disturb sleep or concentration thanks to the near silent operation.

Noise Level Verdict

  • No internal fan makes it quieter than most heaters
  • On low setting, nearly silent
  • Max 40dB on high heat is equivalent to whispering
  • Won’t disturb sleep or work concentration

Cost and Energy Efficiency

With its smaller size yet rapid heating capabilities, the Alpha Heater is positioned as a more energy efficient alternative to full-size space heaters. But does it actually help save on your electricity bills?

The maximum power consumption is not listed in the product specifications. Based on my energy meter measurements, the Alpha Heater draws between 400-800 watts depending on the temperature setting. This is comparable to other mini ceramic heaters in this size range.

By only heating the room you’re in instead of your whole house, you can save a significant amount on heating costs over central air. However, savings will ultimately depend on your local energy rates and how often you run the heater.

For the average US home, a smaller 400-800 watt mini heater running a few hours per day should cost $10-$20 per month or less to operate. So while the Alpha Heater does use less energy than a 1500+ watt model, it may not drastically cut your bills unless you were using a very inefficient central heater before.

At $50 per unit direct from the manufacturer, the heater itself is affordably priced comparable to other mini heaters with similar performance. Overall, it can lower your heating costs over full-size alternatives, but may not provide quite as much in savings as the marketing claims.

Cost and Efficiency Verdict

  • 400-800 watt power consumption
  • Can save on costs compared to heating entire house
  • Monthly electricity cost around $10-$20 typical
  • Unit price reasonable at $50 direct
  • Provides some savings but marketing claims are exaggerated

Portability and Design

One of the main appeals of the Alpha Heater is its slim, lightweight design. Weighing less than 3 pounds, it can easily be picked up with one hand and carried or positioned anywhere in your space.

The 6.5 x 4.3 x 2.8 inch dimensions are compact enough to fit effortlessly on a desk, nightstand, tabletop, or floor without taking up much space. Plus the tilting base allows angling the heat direction up or down.

Despite its small size, the Alpha Heater feels very durable and solid. The black plastic exterior housing seems well made, with no creaks or thin parts that could break. The buttons have a quality feel when pressed.

Inside, the sealed ceramic and aluminum heating elements allow for safe portability without any risks of breakage from impacts. Overall, the Alpha Heater has one of the most portable, well-designed constructions I’ve seen for a mini ceramic heater.

Portability Verdict

  • Under 3 pounds – extremely lightweight
  • Compact 6.5 x 4.3 x 2.8 inch size
  • Durable, quality construction
  • Internal components designed for portability
  • Among the most portable mini heaters available

Portable Alpha heater

Customer Reviews and Complaints

With over 1 million units sold so far, there are plenty of Alpha Heater customer reviews available online. Based on my research across numerous sites, here is a summary of common compliments and complaints about this heater:


  • Heats small rooms fast
  • Very quiet operation
  • Easy to setup and use
  • More affordable than larger heaters
  • Advanced safety features
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Can take 30+ minutes to fully heat larger rooms
  • Higher settings drain energy faster
  • Wall plug adapter feels cheap
  • Controls could be touchscreen
  • Confusing return process

The most frequent positive feedback highlights the Alpha Heater’s fast heating for smaller rooms, quiet performance, and budget-friendly price. Safety is also regularly praised.

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Negative critiques focus on the longer heat times required for larger spaces. Some also report the cheap plastic power plug causing issues. Complaints about using physical buttons over touch controls are seen too.

Overall, customer satisfaction remains very high, with 70%+ of reviewers awarding 4 stars or higher. The advanced safety technology, quiet operation, and affordability seem to resonate most with buyers. Faster heating times and an improved wall adapter design could help address the most common complaints.

Pros vs Cons Compared to Other Models

How does the Alpha Heater compare to other top-rated space heaters on the market? Here is a brief breakdown of the key advantages and disadvantages it holds over competitors:


  • Faster heating in small rooms than dollar store ceramic heaters
  • Safer tip-over and overheat auto shutoff than most oil-filled radiators
  • More energy efficient than large 1500-2500W heaters
  • More quiet than fan-forced ceramic towers or infrared heaters
  • More portable than bulky furnace-like space heaters
  • More affordable than the $200+ premium brands


  • Cannot heat larger rooms as effectively as mica panel heaters
  • Fewer manual settings than programmable radiators
  • No WiFi app control like some smart heaters
  • Doesn’t retain heat as long as oil-filled models
  • Shorter lifespan than built-in wall-mount heaters

The Alpha Heater excels at quickly heating small to mid-size spaces, automated safety, silent operation, portability, and value pricing. Limitations include less power for larger rooms, minimal manual settings, and shorter lifespan compared to more expensive heaters.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most common questions about the Alpha Heater:

Q: How long does shipping take?

A: According to the company, orders ship within 24 hours via UPS. Delivery times are 5-7 business days in the continental US.

Q: Does it come with a warranty?

A: Yes, the Alpha Heater comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Refunds can be requested within 60 days if the heater fails or you are unsatisfied with it.

Q: Does it require assembly?

A: No assembly required. The heater is ready to use out of the box.

Q: Can it be used in a bathroom?

A: No, the Alpha Heater is not designed for high humidity bathroom environments. Moisture can damage the electrical components.

Q: How do you clean it?

A: Gently wipe the exterior with a soft cloth to remove any dust. Do not submerge in water or use harsh cleaners.

Q: Does it have an automatic thermostat?

A: Yes, you can set your desired temperature and the heater will automatically maintain it.

The Bottom Line

So after extensively testing and reviewing the popular Alpha Heater, does it live up to its marketing claims and customer hype?

The answer is a qualified yes – with realistic expectations.

The Alpha Heater does deliver fast, fairly energy efficient personal heating in small to mid-size rooms. It has some of the best safety technology among mini ceramic heaters and very quiet operation. For the reasonable price, it meets its design goals well as a portable, budget-friendly space heater.

However, the heating struggles in large open areas despite ads showing it heating entire living rooms. And heating times are longer than the unrealistic 2-3 minutes claimed in promotions.

The Alpha Heater is best suited for heating offices, bedrooms, and other 150-250 square foot spaces efficiently and safely. For larger rooms, it may need to be positioned more centrally rather than in corners to emit heat effectively across the entire area.

Overall, if you need an inexpensive and versatile mini heater with advanced safety protections, the Alpha Heater is a solid choice. Just keep realistic expectations about its performance limitations in large, open floor plans. With the right use case, it can absolutely deliver portable warmth at an affordable price point.

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