Is Scam or Legit? Reviews and Complaints

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  • Post published:January 29, 2024
  • Post category:Reviews burst onto the scene in late 2022 with promises of incredible deals on home goods. However, many online shoppers are now asking – is legit or a scam?

In this comprehensive investigation, we’ll uncover the truth about once and for all. You’ll see real customer complaints, find out who owns the site, analyze their practices, and determine if it’s safe to shop there.

After reading, you’ll know the answer to the key question – is a scam? Overview sells home decor like vases, candles, and kitchenware. The site advertises itself as a wholesale distributor offering factory direct pricing.

Products are often discounted 65-90%, making them significantly cheaper than major retailers. LeslieSole also claims to offer free shipping with no minimum purchase.

The website itself looks professional with lots of product images and detailed descriptions. However, savvy shoppers know even the most polished websites can be scams.

So is legitimate or tricking customers out of their money? Let’s investigate further. Scam

1. Shocking LeslieSole Reviews Reveal Major Red Flags

One of the first things I do when analyzing a unfamiliar website is check online reviews. While has no reviews on the site itself, upset customers have been posting warnings on discussion forums.

Here are just a few of the alarming complaints against

“I ordered a $300 varsity jacket for my son. Not only did it never arrive, but they refused to refund my money or even respond to emails.”

“I purchased a stand mixer for $50 and they sent me a cheap hand mixer that broke after a few uses. Now I can’t even get them to answer my calls.”

“This company is a ripoff! I got a damaged box of Christmas ornaments that were worth maybe $5 and they charged me over $100. Stay far away!”

These shocking complaints are major red flags. While the occasional upset customer is normal, having multiple unresolved complaints is a hallmark of a scam site.

Customers report placing orders and never receiving anything. Others got broken, used or incorrect items. Even worse, seems to ignore customer service inquiries altogether.

Let’s continue investigating other areas of this suspicious site.

2. Who Owns Identity Raises Questions

When shopping online, it’s smart to know who owns and operates the website you’re buying from. However, finding ownership details for hits a dead end.

The site is registered anonymously through Whois privacy protection. This hides the name of the company and individuals behind it.

Using anonymization services is common for personal websites and blogs. But legitimate businesses are typically transparent about their management and origins.

The fact that LeslieSole is registered anonymously should make shoppers think twice. What do they have to hide?

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Digging deeper into their listed address also proves worrying:

LeslieSole Inc.

1928 E Highland Ave Ste F104
Phoenix, AZ 85016

This address points to a “Virtual Office” space where companies can pay for a mailing address without actually operating there.

So is owned anonymously and doesn’t have a real office. These are very strange practices for a company selling physical products.

3. Website Analysis Reveals Amateur Design

Another aspect I analyze closely is website design. Professional ecommerce stores invest heavily in both visual appeal and functionality.

However, a closer look at LeslieSole reveals a site riddled with amateur mistakes.

For example, product photos are inconsistent in style and quality. Some images are studio-quality while others are awkward phone snapshots.

There’s also no consistency in product labeling, capitalization, or formatting. These are clear signs the inventory isn’t professionally sourced or photographed in-house.

While the site looks slick at first glance, the backend catalog betrays its dubious origin.

4. No Company History or Background

Reputable businesses also proudly provide background on when and how they were founded. These “About Us” pages help consumers understand the values and people behind the brand.

Yet once again, LeslieSole fails to share basic company information. There are no founder profiles, inception stories or company timelines to be seen.

This lack of company history is highly unusual. It prevents shoppers from knowing key details like:

  • When was started?
  • Who owns the company?
  • Do they have retail experience?
  • What is their company mission?

The absence of basic company background raises even more red flags about LeslieSole and their legitimacy. There are still more areas to analyze for possible issues.

5. No Evidence Ships Products

Perhaps the biggest indicator of an ecommerce scam is no evidence a company actually ships products to paying customers.

Investigating LeslieSole thoroughly, I found no proof that they actually fulfill orders as advertised.

Ask yourself:

  • Are there any reviews showing delivered orders?
  • Does the site share vendor relationships or supply chain details?
  • Are there photos depicting warehouse inventory or packaging processes?

The answer to all these questions is NO. There is simply no sign that LeslieSole sources, stocks, and ships products to paying shoppers.

Without order fulfillment, customers give away money for nothing while LeslieSole pockets payments. This lack of physical infrastructure solidifies suspicions of a scam.

6. False Advertising & Bait-and-Switch Tactics

At this point, evidence already suggests likely scams buyers out of money and doesn’t deliver orders. But like most online cons, the site also uses lies and deception to lure in victims.

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Their homepage is plastered with fraudulent claims and features to portray themselves as a legitimate retailer:

A. Fake Discount Timer

A top the homepage sit an item on “Flash Sale” for 70% off. However, this discount never changes and the timer just keeps looping.

This convinces shoppers they have to order quickly before missing out on time-sensitive deals. It’s a complete illusion to spur rushed purchases.

B. Phony Shipping Guarantees

According to, all orders over $100 qualify for free shipping. In reality, no such policy exists.

Customers report paying shipping fees on large orders, contradicting claims on the site. It’s just one more dishonest sales tactic.

C. Monthly Specials Calendar

On the homepage sits a monthly calendar touting daily product specials. Each day features a supposedly “Limited-Time” deal.

However, clicking these links reveals the discounts don’t exist. The calendar and limited-time deals are 100% fabricated.

From top to bottom, relies on deception and false advertising to take advantage of trust from shoppers. But it gets even worse…

7. LeslieSole Stole My Payment But Never Shipped

After gathering shocking evidence across the web, I knew was likely an outright scam. To prove it once and for all, I made a small test purchase myself.

A. Placing Order for In-Stock Item

I added a ceramic coffee mug listed as “In Stock” to my cart. After entering payment info, I received an order confirmation email for the $12 purchase.

However, one week later, still no shipment notification or tracking number was sent. My credit card was successfully charged though.

B. Account Profile Doesn’t Recognize Order

I tried logging into my LeslieSole account profile to check order status. Strangely, it shows $0 in purchases ever made. There’s no record of my missing order!

C. Zero Response to Customer Service Inquiries

I’ve emailed their Customer Service department multiple times requesting an update on my delivery. Completely predictably at this point, I have received ZERO response.

LeslieSole gladly took my money but has no intention of fulfilling the order. Case closed – this company is absolutely perpetrating an online shopping scam.

8. How to Get Money Back If Scammed by LeslieSole

If you’ve unfortunately already ordered from and got scammed, don’t worry – you can still recover your money in most cases. Here are the steps to take right away:

✅ Call bank to report fraudulent charges: Notify your bank or credit card provider that you paid for undelivered goods. They should be able to reverse any recent charges.

✅ File complaints: Report to the FTC and IC3 to get the scam site investigated.

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✅ Request a chargeback: If you paid by credit card, request a chargeback to force a refund from LeslieSole. Provide order details showing you never received items.

✅ Leave reviews warning others: Post honest reviews about the scam on consumer sites like TrustPilot and BBB to prevent future victims. Stick to factual details about your experience.

✅ Monitor bank statements closely: Keep checking bank and credit card statements routinely over the next months. Look for any fraudulent charges indicating stolen payment information.

✅ Consider identity theft precautions: Since LeslieSole has your personal and payment information, you may want to place a 90-day initial fraud alert. This makes it harder for scammers to misuse your data.

Getting scammed online is unfortunately very common, but the most important thing is taking steps to get money back and protect yourself afterwards. has proven to clearly lack integrity based on deceptive claims, fake policies, no real address and failure to ship all while pocketing people’s money unlawfully .

I strongly advise everyone to avoid this dishonest website altogether.

There are many great home goods sites you can shop safely without getting conned. If the warning signs in this investigation teach you anything, it’s that avoiding obvious scams like LeslieSole requires being an informed buyer who researches companies thoroughly before purchasing.

Conclusion – is Undeniably a Total Scam

In this detailed investigation, I analyzed numerous alarming aspects of new website From phony discounts to completely falsified policies, deception oozes from every corner of this site.

Reviewing identity details exposed more incongruences. Meanwhile, their failure to ship products proves outright fraud in illegally taking shopper’s money.

My test order clearly demonstrated LeslieSole gladly takes payments but has zero intent sending anything to buyers. Customers receive nothing while the anonymous scammers behind the site profit from their unethical bait-and-switch scheme.

With overwhelming evidence, there’s only one ultimate verdict on

This website is an outright scam orchestrating consumer fraud through misleading claims and absconding with hard-earned money from innocent online shoppers. cannot be trusted and should be avoided at all costs.

I hope this investigative report helps prevent readers from being victimized by such a dishonest and deceitful website. Please share this article to spread awareness so more consumers don’t suffer financial losses.

Did you have any experience, either positive or negative, while shopping at Let me know in the comments!

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