Dotmalls Saw Sharpener Reviews: Should You Buy This Chainsaw Sharpener?

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Chainsaws are powerful tools that can help you cut through wood quickly and efficiently. However, over time the teeth on the chainsaw chain become dull and less effective at cutting.

A dull chainsaw requires more effort to operate and can result in imprecise and ragged cuts. This is where a chainsaw sharpener like the Dotmalls Saw Sharpener comes in handy.

The Dotmalls Saw Sharpener is designed to sharpen the teeth on your chainsaw chain, restoring the blade to factory sharpness. This chainsaw sharpener has been getting a lot of attention online, with many glowing reviews praising its performance.

But does the Dotmalls Saw Sharpener really live up to the hype? In this detailed review, we’ll examine how this chainsaw sharpener works, its key features, pros and cons, and what real customers are saying after using this product.

Read on to find out if the Dotmalls Saw Sharpener is worth investing in for keeping your chainsaw blades sharp.


How Does The Dotmalls Saw Sharpener Work?

The Dotmalls Saw Sharpener utilizes a straightforward 2-step process to sharpen chainsaw teeth. Here are the key steps involved:

  1. Secure the Guide Rod: The first step is to securely clamp the guide rod into the Saw Sharpener’s clamp. This provides a steady base for the sharpening operation.
  2. Position the Cutting Tooth: Next, place the pawl precisely onto the cutting tooth you want to sharpen. Proper positioning is essential for accuracy.
  3. Insert the Burr: Slide the burr into the guide sleeve so it is ready for sharpening action. The burr removes material from the tooth to sharpen it.
  4. Rotate the Handle: Turn the ergonomic handle to start the sharpening process. This brings the tooth into contact with the burr to sharpen the edge.
  5. Repeat: Draw the chain forward and repeat the process on each tooth, remembering to reposition the pawl and burr each time.

In just a few steps, the Dotmalls Saw Sharpener can expertly sharpen chainsaw teeth for maximum cutting performance. The simple hand crank operation allows you to sharpen each tooth individually with precision.


Features and Benefits of the Dotmalls Saw Sharpener

The Dotmalls Saw Sharpener has several innovative features that enable it to sharpen chainsaw chains quickly and accurately. Here are some of the key benefits this chainsaw sharpener provides:

Precision Sharpening Platform: The sturdy base maintains stability for accurate and consistent sharpening results. This helps sharpen each tooth to uniform sharpness.

Carbide Cutter: The advanced carbide cutter is extremely durable and hard-wearing. This preserves the life of your chainsaw chain by resisting wear.

Individual Tooth Sharpening: Sharpening each cutting tooth individually optimizes sharpness across the whole chain. This results in smooth, efficient cuts.

Reduced Chain Wear: Conservative sharpening removes just enough material to re-sharpen, reducing chain wear and replacement needs.

Enhanced Cutting Efficiency: Maintaining the correct tooth geometry improves cutting action in both hard and softwoods. Jobs get done faster with less effort.

Professional Quality: Achieve sharpness on par with professional sharpening services with precision and accuracy.

Secure Clamping: The clamps keep the chain steady and allow smooth transitions between teeth for safety.

Portability: The compact size and light weight make this sharpener highly portable for use anywhere.

Versatile Compatibility: Works with many chain pitches (3/8” to 0.404”) and saw types to handle all your sharpening needs.

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Quick Angle Adjustment: Easily adjust the sharpening angle (25° to 35°) to suit different chainsaw uses.

Cost-Effective: Extends the usable life of chains, saving you money on frequent replacements.

Ergonomic Handle: Comfortable crank handle reduces fatigue during prolonged use.

Durable Construction: Built with quality materials and components for reliability and longevity.

With these advantages, it’s easy to see why the Dotmalls Saw Sharpener is an attractive option for keeping chainsaw chains sharper for longer.

What Are Real Customers Saying In Their Dotmalls Saw Sharpener Reviews?

The Dotmalls Saw Sharpener is still a relatively new product, but it already has many positive reviews from customers praising its performance. Here is a look at what real users like about this chainsaw sharpener:

Quick and Effective Sharpening: Customers say the Dotmalls sharpener can refresh dull chainsaw teeth in just minutes. Many mention it’s much faster than hand filing.

Significant Improvement in Cutting Ability: Users report their chainsaws cut much better after sharpening with the Dotmalls device. The increased sharpness makes cutting smoother and easier.

Easy to Use: Most reviewers say the Dotmalls Saw Sharpener is intuitive and user-friendly. Even beginners can quickly get professional-quality results.

Well-Built and Sturdy: Customers note the sharpener seems very durable and able to withstand regular use. They appreciate the quality construction.

Great for Occasional Home Use: DIYers find the Dotmalls perfect for occasional chain sharpening tasks around the home and yard. It gets their saws cutting like new again.

Portability Is Useful: Users like that the sharpener is lightweight and compact. This allows them to sharpen chains in place instead of removing them.

Good Value for Money: Many mention the Dotmalls Saw Sharpener is very fairly priced given the performance and convenience it provides.

Makes Chains Last Longer: Customers are impressed that it extends the life of their chains before needing replacement. This saves money in the long run.

The majority of reviews indicate users are highly satisfied with this chainsaw sharpener and would recommend it to others. Most agree it makes chain maintenance quick, easy, and effective.


Potential Downsides to Consider

While reviews of the Dotmalls Saw Sharpener are overwhelmingly positive, there are a few potential downsides to factor in as well:

Manual Operation: This is a manual sharpener requiring physical effort to operate the crank handle. Those sharpening many chains may prefer an automatic electric sharpener.

Learning Curve: There is some technique involved in using the product properly. Beginners may need a few tries to master achieving consistent results.

Requires Frequent Burr Replacement: The burr wears down over time and needs periodic replacement. This adds to long term operating costs.

Not Ideal for Commercial Use: The Dotmalls design is best suited for occasional light-duty home use. Professional loggers may be better served by commercial-grade sharpeners.

Limited to Chain Sharpening: This product only sharpens chain teeth. It cannot sharpen other saw blade types like circular or table saws.

While these factors should be considered, they likely won’t be dealbreakers for those using chainsaws lightly around the home and property. For most homeowners, the Dotmalls Saw Sharpener provides an affordable and user-friendly sharpening solution.

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Who Can Benefit From The Dotmalls Saw Sharpener?

Given its portable size and ease of use, the Dotmalls Saw Sharpener can benefit a wide range of chainsaw users:

  • Homeowners – For cutting tree limbs, firewood, and DIY projects around the home & yard.
  • Landowners – For clearing brush, pruning trees, and storm cleanup on acreages.
  • Hobby Woodworkers – For cutting lumber for woodworking and carpentry hobbies.
  • Hunters & Campers – For cutting firewood and clearing campsites in remote locations.
  • Ranchers/Farmers – For maintaining fences, clearing land, and other rural property tasks.
  • Arborists – For trimming and shaping trees away from the workshop.
  • Small Tree Service Businesses – For sharpening chains between professional sharpenings.
  • Firewood Sellers – For preparing logs for firewood quickly and efficiently.

The common thread is that the Dotmalls Saw Sharpener is ideal for those who need portable, occasional chainsaw sharpening rather than heavy commercial use. It’s a great value product for personal chainsaw maintenance.

Should You Buy the Dotmalls Saw Sharpener?

The Dotmalls Saw Sharpener has many compelling features that make it a worthwhile investment for keeping your chainsaw performing optimally.

The benefits include:

  • Quick and accurate sharpening of chainsaw teeth
  • Significantly improved cutting ability
  • Easy for anyone to use
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Quality construction for durability
  • Extends the usable life of chains
  • Much more affordable than professional sharpening

Given the convenience, effectiveness, and affordability the Dotmalls Saw Sharpener provides, it earns a recommendation for anyone who uses a chainsaw regularly around their property. It’s a great value product that can save time and money compared to other sharpening options.

The majority of customers who have purchased the Dotmalls Saw Sharpener are very happy with their investment. Most agree it quickly pays for itself by reducing the need for new chains. If you want to keep your chainsaw operating safely and efficiently for years to come, the Dotmalls Saw Sharpener is a smart accessory to add to your toolkit.

How Much Does the Dotmalls Saw Sharpener Cost?

The Dotmalls Saw Sharpener is only available for purchase through the official Dotmalls website. The manufacturer offers the sharpener in several money-saving packages:

  • 1x Dotmalls Saw Sharpener – $44.99
  • 2x Dotmalls Saw Sharpeners – $89.98
  • 3x Dotmalls Saw Sharpeners – $99.98
  • 4x Dotmalls Saw Sharpeners – $119.98

Individual sharpeners are also sometimes available. The bulk packages offer the best value, with per unit prices decreasing as the quantity increases.

The company provides free shipping on all orders. They also back the product with a satisfaction guarantee, allowing returns within 30 days if you are not completely satisfied.

When purchased directly from the manufacturer, you can be assured you will receive an authentic Dotmalls Saw Sharpener. The official website is the recommended source for the best pricing and warranty support from the company.

Dotmalls Saw Sharpener Maintenance Tips

To keep your Dotmalls Saw Sharpener performing at its best, follow these simple maintenance practices:

  • Clean – Wipe down the guide rods, clamps, and body after each use to remove any oil, sawdust, or debris.
  • Lubricate – Apply light oil periodically to the guide rods and moving parts to prevent binding.
  • Inspect – Check for any loose or worn components like screws, clamps, or burrs that need replacing.
  • Protect – Store in a clean, dry location out of direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.
  • Replace Burrs – Burrs will wear over time. Replace immediately when sharpening results decline.
  • Check Alignment – Ensure guide rods are parallel and assembly is square for straight sharpening.
  • Sharpen Evenly – Sharpen all teeth evenly to maintain consistent chain performance.
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Proper maintenance will maximize the working life of your chainsaw sharpener. Be sure to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for any model-specific care and cleaning recommendations.


5 Signs Your Chainsaw Chain Needs Sharpening

It’s important to sharpen your chainsaw chain as soon as it starts to lose cutting effectiveness. Here are 5 signs it’s time to break out your chainsaw sharpener:

  1. The saw must work harder to cut, producing more sawdust.
  2. You experience more vibration and chainsaw chatter during cutting.
  3. Cuts are not straight and even. The saw wanders and binds more.
  4. Cutting speed has slowed down significantly from when the chain was sharp.
  5. The chain produces smoke, burns wood, or results in ragged cuts even under light pressure.

Sharpening the chain regularly, such as after every few hours of use, will help maximize cutting performance and safety. Don’t wait until the chain is completely dull. Address the first signs of decline with prompt sharpening.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often should I sharpen my chainsaw chain?

A: As a general rule, you should sharpen your chainsaw every 5-10 hours of use. Sharpen more frequently if you notice a decline in cutting performance.

Q: Can the Dotmalls sharpen both gasoline and electric chainsaws?

A: Yes, the Dotmalls Saw Sharpener is compatible with all types of chainsaws using 3/8″ or 0.404″ pitch chain.

Q: Is the Dotmalls Saw Sharpener difficult to use?

A: Most customers report the Dotmalls is very easy to use right out of the box. The simple hand crank operation is intuitive even for first-time users.

Q: How durable is this chainsaw sharpener?

A: The Dotmalls Saw Sharpener is constructed from quality materials and components. When maintained properly, it is designed to provide years of reliable service.

Q: Can I sharpen a chainsaw while it’s still mounted on the bar?

A: Yes, the compact Dotmalls Saw Sharpener allows you to sharpen chain teeth without needing to fully remove the chain from the saw.


Keeping your chainsaw chains razor-sharp is essential for smooth, efficient cutting and operator safety. Manually sharpening chains with a file is time-consuming and less precise. This is where the innovative Dotmalls Saw Sharpener shines.

The Dotmalls Saw Sharpener allows anyone to quickly sharpen chains like a professional. Its durable carbide cutter, sturdy base, and easy hand crank operation enable you to sharpen each tooth accurately and consistently.

Users and reviews consistently praise the Dotmalls for making chainsaw maintenance far quicker and easier compared to other methods.

If you’re looking for an affordable, quality chainsaw sharpener for home use, the feature-packed Dotmalls Saw Sharpener is a great choice. It will save you significant time and money by extending the life of your chains.

With proper care, this compact sharpener should provide years of reliable service. Visit the Dotmalls website today to order yours and keep your chainsaw operating at peak cutting performance.