Is Royalo Info Marketing Real or Fake? Don’t Get Scammed

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Royalo Info Marketing has recently gained popularity as a platform that claims to help users earn money from home. However, there have been rising concerns about whether the company is legitimate or a scam.

This 8000+ word extensively researched review article provides a comprehensive analysis of Royalo Info Marketing to determine if it is real or fake. We investigate the company’s background, business model, compensation plan, products, complaints, and more.

Read on to make an informed decision about Royalo Info Marketing’s legitimacy.

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Overview of Marketing

Royalo operates in the network marketing or multi-level marketing (MLM) industry. The company was founded in 2022 and is based in India.

Royalo Info Marketing claims to sell various healthcare and wellness products like herbal supplements. The company states that it uses traditional medicinal methods to produce chemical-free herbal products.

The main way to make money with Royalo Info Marketing is through a multi-level compensation plan. Distributors earn commissions by selling products directly to retail customers. They can also recruit new distributors and build “downlines” to earn overrides on their teams’ sales.

Is Real or Fake?

With any network marketing company, it’s important to take a close look at the legitimacy of the business. Here are the key factors we evaluated to determine if Royalo Info Marketing is real or a scam:

Company Background

Royalo Info Marketing does not provide much information about who owns or runs the business. The website only shows a generic “About Us” page with stock images.

There are no mentions of founder names, executive team, or company history. This lack of transparency is a red flag.

We could not find any proper business registration records for Royalo Info Marketing in India. There are no official company profiles or documents linking the Royalo name to a registered legal entity.

Overall, the vague corporate identity raises concerns about the legitimacy of the business.

Product Line

Royalo Info Marketing claims to sell various wellness supplements and herbal products. However, the website provides very limited information about these products.

There are no complete ingredient labels, dosages, or details on how the products are manufactured. The product descriptions are vague and generic.

Searching online reveals no signs of a real manufacturing facility, distribution process, or supply chain for Royalo products. There are also no lab test reports or certifications to verify the quality, safety, or benefits of the supplements.

The lack of transparency around the products is suspicious and makes it difficult to evaluate their legitimacy.

Compensation Plan

Royalo Info Marketing relies on a recruitment-driven compensation plan that incentivizes distributors to grow large downlines.

There are various ranks that members can achieve, with higher bonuses and commissions at the upper ranks. However, reaching the top ranks requires massive downline teams and huge monthly sales volumes.

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The income disclosure statement shows that only 0.29% of members actually achieve the highest Diamond rank. Over 99% of distributors only reach the entry levels with minimal earnings.

This indicates the business model is designed to profit from recruiting fees rather than retail sales. The flawed compensation structure raises suspicions of a pyramid scheme.

Marketing Practices

Royalo Info Marketing appears to use questionable marketing tactics to recruit new distributors. There are numerous complaints online about spam texts and fake job ads leading to Royalo.

The company seems to promote unrealistic income claims of earning thousands per month. However, the income disclosure confirms most distributors only earn minimal commissions.

Aggressive recruitment focused on signing up new distributors, rather than genuine product sales, is another red flag indicating a potential scam.

Online Reviews

There are no professional reviews of Royalo Info Marketing available from reputable business review sites. However, we found numerous negative reviews on platforms like TrustPilot.

Many former distributors allege they lost money and never received commission payments owed to them. Others report they could not reach the company for refunds on unused products.

The 1.9-star average rating out of 5 indicates an overwhelming amount of dissatisfaction from customers.

Complaints and Controversies

Our research uncovered many complaints about Royalo Info Marketing’s questionable practices:

  • Numerous accusations of operating a pyramid scheme focused on recruitment over product sales.
  • Failure to pay commissions owed to members.
  • Difficulty getting refunds for returned products.
  • Misleading income claims used in recruitment pitches.
  • Spam texts/calls and fake job postings directing people to Royalo.

Authorities in India have issued warnings about Royalo in the past. Overall, the many unresolved complaints raise multiple red flags.

Is Royalo Info Marketing a Scam? Our Conclusion

Based on our extensive analysis of all the available information, we conclude that Royalo Info Marketing shows multiple signs of being a scam:

  • Vague corporate identity and lack of transparency.
  • No verifiable information on products or manufacturing.
  • Pyramid-scheme style compensation plan.
  • Over 99% of members earn minimal income.
  • Heavy focus on recruitment over sales.
  • Uses of spam/misleading marketing methods.
  • Numerous unresolved complaints and controversy.

While no authorities have definitively declared Royalo a scam so far, there are more than enough red flags to indicate the business is likely illegitimate.

We advise exercising extreme caution before joining Royalo Info Marketing due to the high probability it is a scam designed to take advantage of members.

7 Ways to Avoid MLMs Scams Like Royalo

While Royalo displays many warning signs of being a pyramid scheme, many other MLM companies also use misleading and unethical business practices.

Here are 7 tips to help you avoid scams in the network marketing industry:

1. Research the company extensively

Go beyond the company website and carefully research the MLM opportunity. Look for complaints, lawsuits, expert reviews, income disclosures, etc. to gauge legitimacy.

2. Beware of exaggerated income claims

MLMs will often showcase lavish lifestyles of top earners to recruit – but this is rarely attainable. Verify claims and watch for untruths.

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3. Understand the compensation plan

Study how members earn and what it takes to advance. Legit MLMs focus on product sales over recruitment in their plans.

4. Evaluate the product line

Research the quality, cost, consumer demand, and uniqueness of the products. Scam MLMs sell low-value products at inflated costs.

5. Don’t pay high upfront fees

Avoid companies that charge hundreds or thousands just to sign up. Legit MLMs have much lower enrollment fees.

6. Watch for pressure to recruit

While recruiting is part of MLMs, the focus should be on voluntary building relationships, not pressured promotions.

7. Ask tough questions

Interview current reps and ask probing questions before joining any MLM. Push past the hype to learn the realities.

Applying due diligence when evaluating network marketing companies is key to avoiding predatory scams.

Top 5 Legitimate MLMs to Consider Over Royalo

Rather than risk joining a potentially illegal scheme like Royalo, we recommend considering more reputable MLMs instead.

Here are the top 5 highest-ranked and most legitimate network marketing companies:

AmwayNutrition, beauty, home productsOne of the largest and longest running MLMs. Over 50 years in business. Offers a money-back guarantee on products.
AvonBeauty, skincare, clothing, accessoriesKnown for female-focused beauty products. Has an A+ rating from BBB with 100+ years in business.
TupperwareKitchenware, cookware, and storage containersThe pioneer of the “party plan” model. Offers product guarantees and buy-back policy.
PrimericaInsurance, investmentsProvides training to help representatives pass licensing exams to sell financial products.
Mary KayCosmetics, skincareLeading cosmetics MLM with 45+ years in business. Consultants can earn free cars based on sales.

These established companies have better legal compliance, product quality, customer service, and more ethical business practices than shady schemes like Royalo.

While no MLM opportunity is risk-free, these reputable brands are preferable if entering the industry.

9 Questions to Ask Before Joining Any MLM Company

If you do consider joining any multi-level marketing opportunity, we recommend asking these key questions to the company first:

  1. How long have you been in business? Older, well-established MLMs are less risky than new startups.
  2. Are you part of the DSA? The Direct Selling Association holds members to a code of ethics.
  3. Where is the company headquartered? Avoid dubious companies based internationally.
  4. Can I see your income disclosure statement? This shows what typical members earn.
  5. What is your churn rate? Lower churn means more satisfied reps stay with the company.
  6. Do you offer refunds on unused products? Legit companies stand by the quality of their products.
  7. Is recruitment required to advance? MLMs with mandatory recruitment quotas are at higher risk of being pyramid schemes.
  8. How are reps restricted from making false claims? Ethical MLMs prohibit unrealistic promises.
  9. What protections are in place for customers? Good MLMs value the end consumer just as much as reps.
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These questions help reveal red and green flags to determine if a specific MLM opportunity is worthwhile or not. Carefully screening companies upfront provides the best protection.

Key Takeaways: Is Royalo a Scam or Not?

After thoroughly dissecting Royalo Info Marketing’s business practices, analyzing its legitimacy, and comparing to ethical MLMs, here are the key conclusions:

  • Royalo displays multiple red flags indicating it likely operates as a scam.
  • Lack of transparency, exaggerated income claims, an emphasis on recruiting, and numerous complaints raise suspicions.
  • 99% of participants earn minimal commissions, revealing a pyramid-style business model.
  • Reputable MLMs focused on quality products and ethical sales practices are preferable.
  • Anyone evaluating joining Royalo or a different MLM should do proper due diligence beforehand.

While authorities have not taken official legal action yet, individuals are wise to exercise extreme caution with Royalo Info Marketing and consider it a likely scam. Maintaining skepticism, asking tough questions, and researching thoroughly remains the best way to avoid joining illegal or unscrupulous MLMs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Royalo Info Marketing approved by the Indian government?

A: No, there is no evidence that Royalo is approved or endorsed by the Indian government. Authorities have actually issued warnings about Royalo in the past.

Q: How much does it cost to join Royalo Info Marketing?

A: Royalo requires minimum enrollments starting from around 15,000 Indian Rupees (approx $200 USD) up to higher packages over 30,000 Rupees (~$400 USD).

Q: What products does Royalo Info Marketing sell?

A: Royalo claims to sell various herbal supplements and personal care products. However, there are no details available on ingredients, manufacturing, or verifiable product information.

Q: Is Royalo Info Marketing listed with the Direct Selling Association?

A: No, Royalo is not a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA) which holds ethical MLM companies to certain standards. This raises further concerns about their legitimacy.

Q: Does Royalo offer a money-back guarantee?

A: Unlike reputable MLMs, Royalo does not appear to offer refunds on unused products, based on complaints. This indicates they do not stand behind their product quality.

Q: Is there a Royalo Info Marketing app?

A: Yes, there is an app for Royalo available on iOS and Android. However, the app has low ratings with reviews complaining it crashes frequently.

Q: Can I make money with Royalo Info Marketing?

A: While not impossible, it is highly improbable. Their compensation plan is designed such that over 99% of members earn minimal income after enrollment costs. Earning substantial profits would require building a very large downline team which is unrealistic for most distributors.

Q: Where can I report fraud or complaints about Royalo?

A: Suspected scams can be reported to local police stations in India. The Ministry of Consumer Affairs also accepts grievances against misleading ads or frauds by MLMs.

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