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While many computer operators and freelancers always demand an ergonomic keyboard with touchpad and a built-in mouse, a great number of them still want extra functions. They would want their ergo keyboard to come with active Backlit keys.

Ergonomic Keyboards With Backlit Keys rare type of ergonomic keyboard that includes a light beneath the keys. In low-light situations, the backlight illuminates the letters and symbols on the keys, allowing them to be clearly seen.

Touch typing is extremely prevalent these days, especially given the amount of typing we do for our jobs on a daily basis. However, not everyone enjoys its monotony, particularly if you are involved in gaming or doing a lot of IT work.

In these kinds of scenarios, an illuminated keyboard is really useful. The lighted keys are not only useful in low-light working environments, but they are also aesthetically beautiful.

Unlike a window, the light will be able to travel through the print on the keys because the print is semi-transparent. The lighting also illuminates the small space that surrounds each key, allowing the ergonomic keyboard to be seen to its full potential. Most lighted keyboards have the ability to be modified in terms of brightness, and the majority of backlights emit white light, which is the most common color.

Perixx PERIBOARD-330B, Wired Ergonomic Keyboard With Backlit Keys

The Perixx Periboard-330B, Wired Ergonomic Keyboard is one of the best ergonomic keyboards with backlit keys available on the market. In addition to having backlit keys, the Wired Ergonomic Keyboards With Backlight Keys from Perixx offer an adjustable wrist rest. When typing for very long periods of time, the enormous built-in area is really beneficial. The split keys let you keep your hands and arms in their natural positions, lowering the likelihood of discomfort when typing.

Windows like XP, Vista, 7, 8, and Windows 10 are compatible with the wired keyboard, which contains 12 advanced function keys as well as 13 hotkeys. The ABS material is also used to construct the keyboard’s keycaps.

Furthermore, the ergonomic keyboard with backlit keys provides:

  • Illuminated keys.
  • Membrane low profile keys.
  • Two additional USB ports in addition to the standard features.
  • The ergonomic keyboard is only available in a single color: black.

Features of Perixx PERIBOARD-330B, Wired Ergonomic Keyboard With Backlit Keys

  • Ergonomic Split Key Design: It is a full-size keyboard that has a curved design that divides the keys into numerous clusters to optimize the location of the left and right hands when typing and to lessen the amount of time your wrist is bent outwards while working. The PERIBOARD-330 is a set of keyboards and an attachable wrist rest raiser that adjust to three different typing angles for a more relaxed and personalized typing experience. It has 12 multimedia and hotkey functions and is compatible with Windows 8.
  • Illuminated Keys: Beautiful and customizable white backlighting makes it easier to read the keys in low-light environments; it is also appropriate for use in offices with dim lighting.
  • Slim Design: With its naturally arched keytop geometry and an included adjustable palm rest stand that encourages a neutral wrist position, this sleek design with low profile keys is ideal for people who want to type with their hands in a natural position. A height of 39 millimeters.
  • 2 Built-in USB ports: Two USB ports are included on the keyboard. 
  • 4-Way Tilt Scrolling: With the inbuilt scroll-wheel, you can easily navigate across pages and applications by scrolling up and down, left to right, and in four other directions.


  • Split-key design
  • Attachable palm raise
  • Ergonomically curved frame
  • 4d scroll navigation
  • Convenient USB ports
  • Three adjustable angles


  • The keyboard is made of materials generally considered as cheap
  • Available only in one color; black

Cloud Nine ErgoTKL Ergonomic Split Mechanical Keyboard

A mechanical keyboard with illuminated keys, the Cloud Nine ErgoTKL Ergonomic Split Mechanical Keyboard is an ergonomic keyboard with backlit keys that are designed to meet the demands of professional, creative, developing, and gaming users.

The ErgoTKL is a small, ten-keyless ergonomic keyboard that is designed to help you type naturally while avoiding wrist strain, repetitive strain injury, and other types of typing discomfort. No matter whether you’re composing an email, editing a video, sitting or standing, or dominating a game, the ErgoTKL will make it easier for you to do it in comfort and with flair.

Every one of the 89 CHERRY MX RGB keys on this ergonomic keyboard is fully backlit, providing you with a bright, illuminating experience. They’re easy to read in any situation and are ready for you to add your personal touch to them.

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It gets better: you may modify your experience with one of 19 built-in backlighting patterns, which include solid colors, breath and wave patterns, volcanoes, and other visually stimulating light flows to make your experience even more unique!

Features of Cloud Nine ErgoTKL Ergonomic Split Mechanical Keyboard

  • Extra Keycaps: Extra black “Esc” keycap and 4x “M” keycaps for custom functions are included in the keyboard.
  • Hotkeys: Hotkeys for Cut, Copy, Paste, and Select All are dedicated to the keyboard.
  • Macros: Create and assign macros to increase productivity and efficiency in your work environment.
  • Natural Hand Separation: The ErgoTKL allows you to type comfortably since it separates your hands at a natural width from one another.
  • Plush Palm Rests: The ErgoTKL is equipped with padded (and removable) leatherette palm rests that provide the impression that your hands are floating.
  • 7° of Tenting: The ErgoTKL is designed to provide just the right amount of support to keep your wrists in their natural position.
  • 10-Key Rollover: With anti-ghosting, you can type up to ten times at the same time.


  • Ergonomic
  • RGB backlit
  • Instant conversion to a regular keyboard is made possible by magnetic snaps.
  • USB pass-through makes it simple to connect the keyboard to a computer.
  • Noticeable tactile feel with a definitive click
  • Quiet linear feel with no click


  • Split design, although it can be connected.

Logitech MX Keys Mini Wireless Illuminated Keyboard

The Logitech MX Keys Mini Wireless Illuminated Keyboard, designed specifically for creators, includes Perfect Stroke keys, which are contoured to provide excellent key stability and tactile response. Its simple form factor improves ergonomics by leveling your shoulders and letting you position your mouse closer to your keyboard, resulting in less arm reaching and better body posture, as well as less fatigue.

With a low-profile design and a 75 percent reduced footprint, the Logitech MX Keys Mini provides dedicated F-row and arrow keys. You can type with confidence thanks to the ergonomic keyboard with lighted keys.

It’s a quiet board to type on, and while it doesn’t come with a wrist rest, it’s such a low profile that it doesn’t really require one either. This device can be used wirelessly via Bluetooth and can be paired with up to three devices at the same time. It can also be used with the Logi Bolt USB receiver, which is available separately. Unluckily, while you can remap some keys, the possibilities are limited to a preset list of alternatives, and you are unable to set any macros, which may be a problem for some users.

Features of Logitech MX Keys Mini Bluetooth Backlit Ergonomic Keyboard

  • Ultra-Fluid Typing: A smooth, natural, and accurate keystroke can be made with MX Keys Mini at any speed. A reduction in noise and an improvement in responsiveness allow you to feel – but not hear – every keystroke thanks to improved key stability. Furthermore, the entire body of MX Keys Mini is held together by a single metal plate, resulting in an incredibly sturdy construction that never slides about on your desk.
  • Keys Shaped for Fingertips: Using Perfect Stroke keys, you can be sure that every keystroke will be fluid, natural, and exact. Although the keys are spherically-dished, they have rounded edges, which provide gratifying feedback no matter where you strike the key on the keyboard. Every key has been treated with a matte coating, allowing your fingers to glide softly across the surface.
  • Smarter Fn Keys: This provides you with the ability to send emojis, mute and unmute your microphone, and activate voice-to-text functionality. An emoji key is available to you, which rapidly opens your emoji window, allowing you to send your favorite emoji in a matter of seconds. A single tap on the dictation key will allow you to speak into any selected text field. A Mic Mute / Unmute key allows you to mute and unmute your microphone for faultless video calls, which is convenient.
  • Fast Charge and Fast Connect: Logitech MX Keys Mini Bluetooth Backlit Ergonomic Keyboard can last up to 10 days on a single charge – or up to 5 months with the backlight turned off – depending on how often you use it. It comes with a USB-C charging cord, which allows you to recharge the device’s battery when necessary. Additionally, you can quickly and effortlessly pair the ergonomic keyboard with up to three devices at the same time using Bluetooth Low Energy, eliminating the need to use up USB ports to connect.
  • Smart Illumination: Proximity sensors detect your hands and illuminate the keyboard as soon as your fingertips get close to the keyboard. In addition, the backlit keys automatically adjust to the surrounding lighting conditions and switch off when you move away, conserving battery life for those fleeting moments of creativity. The level of the backlighting automatically adjusts to the surrounding lighting conditions, or it can be controlled manually.
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  • Ambient light sensors that adjust backlighting brightness
  • Compatible with Logi Bolt USB Receiver
  • Caps Lock and Battery indicator lights
  • Compatible with Logitech Flow enabled mouse
  • There are three colors to choose from; black, graphite, pale gray, and rose.
  • 10 meters wireless range
  • Responsible packaging
  • Smart battery efficiency
  • Bright white backlighting.
  • USB-C rechargeable. The battery lasts ten days on a full charge, or five months with the backlight turned off.


  • It does not come with a Logi Bolt USB Receiver
  • There are no keys that can be programmed to perform macros.

Cloud Nine C989M Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard

The Cloud Nine C989M Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard is the world’s first split RGB full-sized keyboard with genuine Cherry MX keys to hit the shelves. Designed with the finest ergonomic standards and quality in mind, the keyboard is a pleasure to use.

This ergonomic keyboard, which is also known as the Cloud Nine ErgoFS Ergonomic Split Mechanical Keyboard, achieves a rare combination between ergonomics, gaming functionality, and familiarity with the user. This keyboard is a fantastic choice if you want an ergonomic keyboard with mechanical tactile feedback that doesn’t push the key layout into the realm of the bizarre. It sports a split layout that can be adjusted and Cherry MX mechanical switches.

Full-sized split RGB ergonomic keyboard with adjustable 9″ braided cable that connects both sides of the keyboard, allowing you to choose the separation between either side of the keyboard.

The Cloud Nine C989M is particularly versatile in its universal usability, accommodating people of various heights, from short to tall. Several types of keyboards, including ergonomic keyboards, have a positive slope of 5-10 degrees from either the front or the back of the keyboard. These types of keyboards place a great deal of strain on the wrists, resulting in pain and, in some cases, RSI, arthritis, and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Its slope starts at 0 degrees on the external angles and gradually climbs to 14 degrees in the middle, creating the most important wrist posture slope.

Using this keyboard, you will be able to type with maximum comfort and speed. Thanks to its split design, you’ll be able to rip through emails, code, or your favorite game while maintaining a smile on your face and complete comfort in your hands.

Features of Cloud Nine ErgoFS Ergonomic Split Mechanical Keyboard

  • Crisp Mechanical Keystrokes: The C989 is equipped with just 100 percent Cherry mechanical switches, which provide an extremely gratifying keypress and a blissful typing experience.
  • Fully Illuminated: All 115 keys are fully backlit, making them easy to see and use in any lighting condition or situation. You can personalize your experience by choosing from 15 distinct backlight patterns, which include solid colors, breath, wave, volcano, and other visually stimulating light flow patterns.
  • Natural Hand Separation: This keyboard allows you to type comfortably since it separates your hands at a natural width away from one another.
  • Smart Wheel: The ergonomic keyboard is equipped with a multi-function smart wheel that allows you to control your PC. You may use the smart wheel to manage the keyboard backlight’s brightness, the volume of your music or video, swiftly switch between Windows applications, and browse through online pages or documents, among other functions.
  • 7° of Tenting: The Cloud Nine C989M Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard is designed to provide just the right amount of support to keep your hands at a natural angle while you type or work.
  • Work or Gaming Keyboard: This PC keyboard is capable of handling any task, whether you’re at the office getting work done or at home playing a first-person shooter game. The full number keypad, 10x programmable macro keys, and USB pass-through are among the many pro-level features. It is also available in black.


  • The keys of the keyboard have an awesome feel to them, and the overall craftsmanship is excellent.
  • The backlighting options are the icing on the cake, and they are excellent.
  • It offers greater flexibility in how each side is positioned in relation to the comfort of the user’s wrist.
  • RGB MX Brown, RGB MX Blue, and RGB MX Red are available three color options.


  • The cost appears to be excessive for many.
  • There is no method to rotate the full keyboard from front to back.

DELUX GM902 Ergonomic Split Keyboard

The Delux GM902 is a rechargeable Ergonomic Keyboard with Backlit Keys that may be used on a computer. The ergonomic keyboard was designed for persons who spend a significant amount of time in front of a computer. The keyboard has been engineered in such a way that it can provide you with the greatest amount of comfort. You can connect the ergonomic keyboard to your PC wirelessly using either Bluetooth or 2.4G technology to do so. In addition to having 108 keys, it also features scissor switches and is incredibly sturdy.

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Delux demonstrates that working on a computer can be more comfortable. Your wrists and palms will thank you for using the GM902 keyboard, which has an ergonomic design and integrated support made of soft, pleasant-to-touch synthetic leather. Forget about pain and fatigue! Furthermore, the keys offer a great tactile feel and are easy on the fingertips, which makes working even more pleasant and efficient.

Functional keys make it even easier to operate the keyboard because they are located in convenient locations. You can, for example, use them to navigate between windows, mute the speakers, and alter the brightness of your computer screen.

Additionally, the keyboard is equipped with scissor switches, which respond swiftly to each press and are exceptionally quiet when in operation. Not only do they deliver dependable performance, but they also provide the level of comfort you desire!

Features of DELUX GM902 Ergonomic Split Keyboard

  • Adjustable Palm Lift: Allowing you to alter the slope of the keyboard while maintaining a natural and comfortable wrist position whether you are seated or standing.
  • Comfortable Scissor-Switch Keys: Every keystroke is quiet and quick to rebound thanks to the scissor-switch structure, which provides a speedy and precise typing experience while keeping noise to a minimum.
  • Easy Connect with 3 Devices: Connect the keyboard to a computer via a USB dongle, BT1 or BT2, and have it operate three devices? It’s not a problem. With a single keypress, you may freely move between three devices, from your desktop to your laptop, from your Mac to your cellphone, which is quite useful.
  • Pillowed Wrist Rest: The Ergonomic Keyboard is designed with three layers of comfort in mind: 1. soft synthetic leather that is both durable and skin-friendly; 2. high-density foam that provides support and a firm feel; 3. This keyboard contains memory foam that is both pleasant and supportive. Support your hand in the most comfortable way possible, with less wrist bending.
  • Rechargeable and Eco-friendly: With a built-in 280mAh lithium battery, this ergonomic keyboard can be fueled by the provided Type C charging cable, eliminating the need to purchase batteries. It is also environmentally beneficial, as it can work for up to 200 hours in auto-sleep mode.


  • Affordable
  • Available in 2 colors; black and white
  • Built-in pillowed wrist rest
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Ergonomic
  • Fully backlit
  • Multi-device connection capability


  • Most computer users do not universally adore scissor switches and low-profile keycaps.

Ergonomic Keyboards With Backlit Keys Vs. Standard Ergonomic Keyboard: What’s the Difference?

The only difference between Ergonomic Keyboards With Backlit Keys and a standard ergonomic keyboard is that ergonomic keyboards with backlit keys will illuminate the keys when you are working in the dark. Despite the fact that keyboards are available in a variety of sizes, combinations, and designs, none of these characteristics dictate whether or not they have a backlight built into them. Depending on the configuration, backlights can be added to both membrane and mechanical keyboards.

Additionally, both desktop and laptop keyboards include built-in backlights for increased visibility. The presence or absence of a backlight has no effect on the overall manufacturing quality of a keyboard. Different keyboard layouts and construction types (such as mechanical keyboards) are available to accommodate different applications or occupations.

Because of the large amount of typing we do for our work, touch typing has become incredibly popular in recent years. Those who work in information technology or who play video games, on the other hand, may not like the monotony. A lit keyboard can be extremely useful in such situations. It is not only convenient to have lit keys in low-light circumstances, but they are also visually appealing. Because typing in an incorrect position or with the incorrect keyboard is detrimental to your health, you should always utilize Ergonomic Keyboards With Backlit Keys whenever possible.

While there are backlights that generate a variety of colors, they are mostly seen on gaming laptops and other similar devices. We’ve compiled a selection of the best ergonomic keyboards with backlit keys to assist you in undoing the damage you’ve been doing to your body for the past several years. Please have a look at our comments on each keyboard in the section below and let us know your ideas!

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When used with creative tools such as video editing software, ergonomic keyboards with backlit keys provide a more natural typing experience. Backlights can be used to draw attention to keyboard shortcuts in the same way PC gamers use them to draw attention to their computer gaming controls. Because the creative industries require a quick turnaround, having a well-organized, illuminated keyboard is beneficial to the productivity of the creative professional.

We hope this list has been of great assistance in your search for the best backlit ergonomic keyboard. You can also check out our top 5 trending lists of Quiet Ergonomic Keyboards in case you want to broaden your search. Take your time and make no mistakes while you make your choice of selection.