5 Trending Ergonomic Keyboards Under 100 dollars

An ergonomic keyboard is a sensible investment for anyone who spends most of his or her day in front of a computer working on a thing or two. While many prefer to own quiet ergonomic keyboards, they still would prefer a fairly priced version within budget, yet promising great value – Less say below $100 in price with great features. In this article, we shall be bringing you a comprehensive list of the best Ergonomic Keyboards Under 100 dollars.

Computer keyboards are typically seen as the focal point of many people’s workspaces, and their workdays are frequently structured around their use of them. What if you had a keyboard that was built specifically for you? Studies have shown that using a standard keyboard for an extended amount of time can cause damage to the tendons and ligaments in your wrist and forearm as a result of pronation, as the keyboard’s design requires you to continuously tilt your wrists in an unnatural manner while you type on it. The symptoms of these disorders can be extremely uncomfortable and painful, but there is a way to help prevent them.

We are completely aware of which ergonomic keyboards are the best keyboards worldwide. What is the most comfortable and ergonomic keyboard to use in such a case? There is no single model that would work for everyone, and we wish we could tell you about one that would. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are all so dissimilar to one another.

A chair that you find comfortable may be uncomfortably small for someone of your precise height and build. Trying a few different models that work for us AND our budget is necessary because our hands, wrists, writing habits, desks, offices, chairs, and so many other things are different.

Due to such fact, our team has conducted extensive research to determine the best ergonomic keyboards under 100 available on the market right now! Almost all of these keyboards are around $100.

How we chose the best ergonomic keyboards under 100

To many, ergonomic keyboards are sophisticated and not user-friendly at first sight and use; however, a few days of practice can get you acclimated to most ergonomic keyboards in the market today.

A comfortable ergonomic keyboard is a first and most significant consideration when selecting a new computer keyboard. The user should be able to tell that these are made specifically for him or her. All of the characteristics listed below have something to do with ease of living.

First and foremost, you should be aware that the proper position for the keyboard is straight in front of you, preventing your elbows from being spread out and your shoulders from being tensed up.

To minimize future accidents, ergonomic keyboards are designed to require as little movement from the user’s hands. Compact keyboards are preferable to full-sized keyboards because they need less movement.

Furthermore, it is preferable to select a keyboard that can be modified in order to meet your specific requirements in terms of keyboard height.

The keyboard’s shape is the next thing to mention… Different designs for ergonomic keyboards are available. While the V-shaped and totally split keyboards are the most frequent, normal small keyboards can also be found on the market. The split keyboard has proven to be more user-friendly in certain studies; nonetheless, you should always choose the most comfortable option for you. Furthermore, split keyboards are the most beneficial for the health of the wrists and fingers.

Aside from that, ergonomic keyboards look like conventional full-sized keyboards but feature a raised section in the center that helps with typing. In this case, the hand is in a natural position, which is referred to as “tenting.”

Not to mention the decision between wireless and corded keyboards, which is a personal preference. The convenience of wireless keyboards is that they can be moved around easily and used wherever you want. However, they do require charging or battery replacements on a regular basis.

How Much Do Ergonomic Keyboards Cost? (Ergonomic Price Range)

For ergonomic keyboards, the price range might be rather wide. Some cost as little as $20, while others go for as much as $200 or more.

Despite the fact that ergonomic keyboards are available in a variety of price ranges, many higher-end ones cost at least $200, if not more. In particular, if you want to purchase a large number of keyboards for an office setting, those figures might mount up quickly.

The Microsoft Ergonomic keyboards are one of the more cheap options. While a low-end rectangular one costs $30, it may cost $50. Also, Cloud Nine keyboards and Perixx have a reasonably priced variant.

The Ergonomic keyboards are specialized keyboards, and they probably don’t sell in the same numbers as mainstream keyboards. In order to get the ones with the curved finger openings or those that split in half and fold, you’ll have to pay a little more. Because of this, buyers aren’t getting the advantage from economies of scale.

As a result, we’ve reviewed various Ergonomic Keyboards Under 100 below to make your search for the best Ergonomic Keyboards Under 100 that you can buy a little bit easier. You will gain an understanding of what each of these ergonomic keyboards has to offer, how much they cost, and their advantages and disadvantages so that you will be able to make the best selection for you at the end of this article.

Adesso Tru-Form 150 3-Color Ergonomic Keyboard

The Adesso Tru-Form 150 3-Color Illuminated Ergonomic Keyboard is a keyboard designed to provide optimal comfort and extended use. This is in addition to the keyboard’s ergonomic split key zones and a gradual slope for the natural posture of hands, wrists, and forearms. You can effortlessly switch between green, blue, and red lights with a single touch of a key on this keyboard, which features eye-soothing illuminated keys for enhanced productivity in dim or dark surroundings.

The multi-functional hotkeys on the ergonomic keyboard provide quick access to your media controls, email, internet browser, and other often-used applications. The Adesso Tru-Form 150 is also equipped with membrane key switches, which produce a quieter, faster response and are more resistant to wear and tear over time. Effortless and stylish, the Adesso Tru-Form 150 combines the best in comfort, efficiency, and design.

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With an asking price of less than $100, you can obtain this comfortable ergonomic keyboard with three different backlighting settings for typing in the dark, and the large print keys make it simpler to strike exactly what you want on the keyboard. Integrated into the design are internet and multimedia features that are divided among a full set of 20 hotkeys that may be adjusted to suit your individual preferences.

Features of  Adesso Tru-Form 150 3-Color Ergonomic Keyboard

Illuminated Backlit Keys

With a single keypress, you may change the color of the backlit keyboard on the Illuminated Backlit Keyboard. Easily alter the brightness of the lights to fit your unique area and mood by selecting from red, green, or blue options. Because of the soft illumination, you may work peacefully at any time of day or night without feeling tired or fatigued. In every lighting condition, you can clearly see the correct keys. Work at your desk, in your study, or in your bedroom from twilight to dawn without causing any disruption to others with Adesso Tru-Form 150 3-Color Ergonomic Keyboard.

Internet and Multimedia Keys

Adesso’s Tru-Form 150 3-Color keyboard provides rapid access to your most frequently used Internet and multimedia capabilities, thanks to the 20 built-in hotkeys that are included with this keyboard.

105 Keys

This ergonomic keyboard under 100, provides a pleasant typing experience.

2X Size Large Print Keys

When compared to standard keyboards, which have little white lettering on black keys, large 2X bright white letters give superb contrast.

Quiet Membrane Key Switches

Membrane key switches provide a more tactile response and a quieter typing experience than mechanical key switches do. Furthermore, they have a lifespan of up to five million keystrokes.

Pros of  Adesso Tru-Form 150 3-Color Ergonomic Keyboard

  • The palm rest is fully integrated (for easy and long period typing)
  • The use of one-touch hot buttons (to instantly access the Internet, email, media player, volume control, and more.)
  • Three beautiful backlighting colors
  • The USB port (allows a simple connection to be made between the keyboard and your computer.)
  • The five million-keystroke lifecycle
  • 20 keys that can be customized in whatever way you like.
  • The convenience of single-touch hotkeys (instantaneous access to the Internet, email, media player, volume control, and many other functions.)

Cons of Adesso Tru-Form 150 Ergonomic Keyboard

  • Typing might be quite noisy at times.

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard for Business

The Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard for Business is yet another ergonomic keyboard that costs less than one hundred dollars. An analogy can be drawn between the keyboard’s split design and that of the Manta Ray. An elevated, empty space is created in the center of the keyboard by the two parts of the keyboard sweeping outwards and downwards to form a swooping pattern.

According to the manufacturer, the ergonomic part of this wireless keyboard-and-mouse combo re-imagines the design of our most-used computer peripherals to prevent or decrease the consequences of repetitive strain injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Microsoft uses a standard layout on the Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard for Business, including a soft wrist pad at the front for added comfort. When used in conjunction with the wrist pad, this logical split design helps keep your wrists, hands, and shoulders at a neutral and natural angle, which helps prevent repetitive stress injuries that regular typists are prone to developing over time.

The keys on the keyboard vary in size, with the keys closest to the split being slightly broader than the keys on the outside corners of the keyboard, which is a good thing. It’s primarily constructed of plastic and makes a clicking sound when you type.

The function switch was one of the most distinctive features of the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard for Business. This switch, which is located on the upper-right hand side of the keyboard, allows you to alter the functionality of the top row keys, thus replacing the function key on the keyboard. You can use a play/pause button and switch between active windows and increase or decrease volume to refresh the active page or navigate to the home page in a web browser. You can also use a play/pause button to switch between active windows.

Features of Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard for Business


There are three separate batteries used in the ergonomic keyboard’s three components:

  • AAA batteries in the keyboard
  • AA batteries in the mouse
  • A flat watch battery in the external Numpad

Battery replacement may be a headache when the time comes, even though Microsoft generously includes batteries with the Sculpt.

Ergonomic Upgrade

Complaints concerning previous Microsoft keyboards have been taken into consideration during the past twenty years, particularly in the seven years since Natural’s introduction. As a result of the Natural’s full Numpad, users were compelled to stretch in order to reach their mice, which was a serious ergonomic breach. A separate Numpad on the Sculpt, on the other hand, allows a mouse to be moved closer to the keyboard.

The split space key on the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard for Business really fires every time it is pressed, which is already a significant improvement over the previous model. The rest of the keys are flat and chiclet-style, similar to those found on a laptop computer. Instead of using a traditional toggle switch, they employ scissor switches, which are bouncier and more “clicky” (in terms of feel rather than sound, as the Sculpt keys are quite quiet) than the Natural. It was a brilliant design decision – the Sculpt is unquestionably fast-typist friendly, and it has a significantly improved tactile presence under the fingertips as a result.

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As an additional feature, the company opted to employ a switch on the top right corner of the device to control secondary operations (such as volume, pause/play, and so on). Users who primarily utilize the toggled function keys will not be inconvenienced, but those who must use both will find it aggravating — programmers, in particular, programmers have complained about it.

Manta Ray

During development, the board’s wing form design earned it the codename “manta ray,” which is a fitting appellation if there ever was one. The 4000 no longer has the drab matte Surface that was criticized at the time of its release. The Sculpt desktop is made of glossy black plastic, which adds an extra touch of aesthetic appeal. However, as with any glossy black plastic, fingerprints appear on it with forensic precision, so be prepared to do some polishing.

Pros of Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard for Business 

  • Designed with ergonomic comfort in mind
  • Promotes healthy posture by providing support.
  • It comes with a separate number pad with a modular layout.
  • A single USB dongle connects the complete bundle.
  • Setup is straightforward.

Cons of Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard for Business

  • When the computer is in sleep mode, it cannot be woken with the use of the keyboard.
  • No backlighting
  • The Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard for Business can be used by non-Windows users, but only as a generic keyboard.
  • USB Adapter sticks out too far

Perixx Periboard-612 Wireless Ergonomic Split Keyboard

The Perixx Periboard-612B Wireless Ergonomic Split Keyboard is one of the ergonomic keyboards under 100. The ergonomic keyboard is equipped with multimedia keys, allowing you to quickly control music and video. In addition to the split key design, the keyboard also includes an integrated number pad and four additional switchable keys for usage with Mac computers and the ability to quickly switch between connection choices at the bottom of the keyboard.

Individuals who bought and reviewed this ergonomic keyboard loved the fact that it contained seven hotkeys and shortcuts, configuration. Aside from that, users appreciated the full-size padded wrist rest and tactile, responsive keys that were included. While some individuals did not care for the arrow/home key cluster, others appreciated the fact that it allowed them to bring their mouse closer to the board.

The Ergonomic Keyboards Under 100 is still a worthy investment, even at the cost of roughly $80, but the high-quality craftsmanship associated with the brand, as well as the convenience with which it can be set up and used, more than justifies the cost. It constantly receives great ratings from hundreds of people who have reviewed it, which we believe goes a long way toward enticing people to invest their money in it.

Features of Perixx Periboard-612 Wireless Ergonomic Split Keyboard

Comfortable Typing Experiences

The key mechanism is engineered to need a smaller activation force while yet allowing for the full travel distance to be achieved with minimal effort. This allows for a more comfortable typing experience, while the height of the keys also allows for a more tactile and responsive typing experience.

Dual Operating System

With the included key puller and four additional switchable Windows keys, you can easily switch the keyboard layout between Mac and Windows.

Ergonomic Split-Key Design

With the integrated palm rest, you may relieve median nerve pressure and reduce forearm stress when typing; Natural arm and hand position while typing reduces the risk of repetitive strain injury (RSI) and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Tactile Responsive Keys

The typing experience is more enjoyable with a long travel distance, and the likelihood of mistyping is reduced.

Wireless 2.4 GHz and Bluetooth Connection

The nano receiver may be safely placed in the container at the bottom of the keyboard, which has two connection possibilities.

Pros of Perixx Periboard-612 Wireless Ergonomic Split Keyboard

  • Available in a choice of colors
  • Comfortable typing experiences
  • Convenient multimedia keys
  • Dual-mode between 2.4GHz and Bluetooth 4.0
  • Compatible with both Mac and Windows PCs.
  • Possibility to store the USB receiver in the compartment that was added to the bottom of the keyboard.
  • The key puller that is included allows for quick and simple modification of key arrangement.
  • A reduced actuation force is implemented in the keys.

Cons of Perixx Periboard-612 Wireless Ergonomic Split Keyboard

  • The range of the USB receiver is limited.

Fellowes FEL98915 Microban Split Design Wired Keyboard

Fellowes Microban Split Design Wired Keyboard is one of several Fellowes products oriented toward business uses, and it stands out for its comfortable, ergonomic design and affordable pricing. Microban antimicrobial protection technology, which is designed to extend the life of your computer hardware by preventing harmful bacteria from accumulating and deteriorating over time, is included as an added bonus for the price of this Ergonomic Keyboards Under 100.

The Fellowes Microban Split Wired Keyboard is both long and wide, measuring 9.75 inches in length and 2.25 inches in height. Its width is a whopping 19.25 inches, and its length and height are also impressive. If required, the keyboard can be raised an extra inch by using the risers on the backside of the keyboard. It makes use of a fairly basic swoop design that we’ve come to expect from ergonomic keyboards, but it incorporates a noticeable depression in the keys that makes it easier to hold the keys when typing. As an added bonus, the keys have more space between them when compared to competing models, which is a good feature once you get used to it.

The ergonomic keyboard comes equipped with seven hotkeys for multimedia playback. These keys, which are situated along the top of the keyboard, provide features such as mute, volume up and down, sleep, email, search, and one-touch internet access. We were surprised that it did not feature hotkeys for pausing, skipping forward, or skipping backward in multimedia.

Features of Fellowes FEL98915 Microban Split Design Wired Keyboard

Ergonomic Design

The Fellowes FEL98915 is an excellent choice when it comes to ergonomic keyboards under 100. The keyboard provides support for your wrists by raising your hand to where they naturally rest. Typing over long periods of time does not cause any discomfort in the hands, wrists, or fingers. Additionally, the split keyboard’s distinctive design can assist ease pain and lessen the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.

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16-Character Buffer

Fast typists will appreciate the ergonomic keyboard’s 16-character buffer. Additional keys for Internet access and audio/video playback control are also included. As a result of its small size, the keyboard enhances the overall ergonomic design of the gadget.

USB Connectivity

USB is used to connect the Fellowes Microban Split Design keyboard to a computer. Windows 7 and Vista users don’t need any additional software to access this service. There is nothing more you need to do but connect the USB cable to your computer and type away. Windows 98SE, 2000, and ME users can get the necessary drivers from the Fellowes website, and they are free to download.


When it comes to typing, nothing beats the ease and comfort provided by an ergonomic split keyboard. The Fellowes Microban Keyboard split design model is comfortable to use, reasonably priced, and will survive for a long time, even with heavy use. Investing in an ergonomic keyboard is a smart move if you spend a lot of time in front of a computer keyboard.

Microban Technology

In addition to the above-mentioned features, antimicrobial protection (Microban) is incorporated into the keyboard itself, and it works to prevent the formation of bacteria, mold, and mildew on the keyboard.

Pros of Fellowes FEL98915 Microban Split Design Wired Keyboard

  • A 16-character buffer for those who type quickly.
  • Antimicrobial protection provided by Microban helps to keep the product cleaner.
  • Provides additional comfort by conforming to natural arm and hand positions.
  • 7 extra hot buttons are included for multimedia management and one-touch Internet access.
  • Plug-and-play compatibility with Windows Operating Systems

Cons of Fellowes FEL98915 Microban Split Design Wired Keyboard

  • Big and obnoxious
  • There is no backlighting.
  • Wrist support made of plastic

Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard

Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard is another ergonomic keyboard under 100. The keyboard appears to be extremely similar to the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard in appearance.

On the Surface Ergonomic Keyboard, Microsoft has made the adjustment to close the gap at the right-center position, just above the space bar. Though it has the added benefit of being made of Alcantara fabric, a unique Italian material that is a blend of polyester and polyurethane with a suede-like feel to it, the Surface also has the advantage of being lightweight. In addition to being comfortable to the touch, it is also easy to clean and maintain because it is made of Alcantara fabric, which is incorporated into the wrist pad.

The numeric pad is also devoid of the distinction. And, of course, it has dedicated Fn keys, which is probably preferable for the majority of users. In order to create the sloped, ergonomic design, tactile materials of high quality were used. These materials are intuitive to type on and strangely satisfying to the touch.

In addition to the Surface Pro 4, the Surface Book, and the Surface Studio, the Surface Ergonomic Keyboard is also compatible with previous-generation Surface devices from Microsoft. Bluetooth 4.0 or 4.1 is used for the connection. Two AAA batteries are required, which will last the user for up to a year if used properly.

Features of Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard

Cushioned Palm Rest

Dual-cushioned Alcantara palm rests on the Surface Ergonomic Keyboard are made from an ultra-durable version of the Italian-only proprietary material that has unmatched aesthetic, sensory, and technical attributes.


Function keys on the Surface Ergonomic Keyboard can be used to pause multimedia, skip forward or backward in multimedia, increase or decrease volume, mute volume, increase or decrease brightness, and a variety of additional functions. It’s as though Microsoft considered every possible way their consumers would use keyboards and made an effort to accommodate those considerations.

Quiet Typing

An improved typing experience is made possible by a combination of important characteristics, including sound, rigidity, and textural variation. Consistent action can be achieved thanks to a precise feedback mechanism and return force.

Split Design

The slight adjustments to the keytop geometry, split space bar, and naturally arched design reduce wrist and hand strain while also improving your typing form, allowing you to increase your word per minute (WPM).

Pros of Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard

  • High-quality, comfortable ergonomic design
  • The process of installation is simple.
  • The battery life is excellent.
  • Wireless and simple to maintain

Cons of Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard (3RA-00022)

  • No backlit
  • Not for mechanical switch fans

Wrapping Up

Long periods of typing may cause stiffness and soreness in your hands, wrists, and arms; however, using ergonomic keyboards under 100 can assist in alleviating this discomfort by positioning your body in a more neutral typing position.

But the real question is: how much money are you willing to part with in exchange for your wrists no longer hurting you? In exchange for a more natural hand position for a task that you perform for eight hours or more every day, what amount of money are you willing to give up for this comfort? The ergonomic keyboard may make your shoulder not ache any longer.

When looking for the best ergonomic keyboards under 100 for your computer, it’s important to read reviews, examine product characteristics, and become familiar with the many types and configurations available. Marathon typing sessions can be transformed into a more pleasant and enjoyable experience with the use of an ergonomic keyboard. We hope that our selection of the top Ergonomic Keyboards Under 100 will be of assistance to you in narrowing down your search for the best Ergonomic Keyboards Under 100 on the market.