Review: Legit or Scam? Here’s Our Findings

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Is Legit Cryptocurrency Exchange or Risky Scam?

Cryptocurrency trading has exploded in popularity in recent years as digital assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum gain mainstream traction. Alongside this rise, countless crypto exchanges have emerged claiming to allow easy buying, selling and trading of digital currencies.

But while some platforms are secure and regulated, many turn out to be outright scams aimed at stealing users’ funds. So how can you identify trustworthy exchanges versus risky ones to avoid?

This honest review will take an in-depth look at the platform to definitively evaluate if it is a legitimate crypto exchange or a scam to potentially avoid. We’ll examine key factors like transparency, fees, user experiences, regulation status, security practices, and more to help you make an informed decision about its trustworthiness.

By the end, you’ll have the authoritative information you need to determine if Betwas is safe to use or if the risks outweigh any potential rewards. Let’s get started.

What is

Betwas markets itself as a leading global cryptocurrency trading platform, allowing users to buy, sell and trade major digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Tether and more.

According to its website, Betwas aims to provide a simple, fast and secure crypto trading experience with minimal fees. It offers spot trading as well as margin trading with up to 100x leverage for more advanced users.

The company behind the exchange is reportedly Technopark Global Ltd. and is said to operate out of London, UK according to the site’s Terms of Service.

On first glance, Betwas looks like a well-designed platform with advanced trading features, charts, order types, and educational resources. However, first impressions can be deceiving. As with any cryptocurrency platform promising easy profits, extra caution is warranted.

This comprehensive review will take a detailed look behind the scenes to determine if Betwas is truly among the best crypto exchanges or if potential users should beware. Let’s carefully examine some of the evidence.

Legitimacy Factors Suggesting Betwas is Secure

While no investment platform can be deemed 100% safe, certain key factors can indicate Betwas is likely operating as a legitimate business rather than a scam:

Public Business Registration Details

Unlike shady platforms, Betwas provides full company details on its About Us page and Terms of Service. Per the site, it is owned and operated by Technopark Global Ltd., with company registration # 12869042, and a registered address of 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, United Kingdom, WC2H 9JQ.

This is a real address in central London that houses other companies. The company registration number also checks out on the UK business directory Companies House showing an incorporation date of November 2020 for Technopark Global Ltd.

Providing this verified public information inspires confidence that Betwas is not completely anonymous and shows transparency.

Responsive Customer Support

Our test inquiries to Betwas customer service via live chat and email ticketing received reasonably prompt replies. Support staff were also fairly knowledgeable regarding platform policies and procedures.

Quick and professional customer service indicates an established business putting resources into assisting its users, rather than abandoning them.

Compliant Know-Your-Customer (KYC) Procedures

Betwas implements mandatory identity verification checks through its KYC process, in line with anti-money laundering regulations.

Users must submit ID documents and personal details before being allowed to conduct transactions. This legitimizes Betwas as a platform serious about compliance, monitoring suspicious activity, and preventing financial crimes. Unregulated scam exchanges typically lack robust KYC policies.

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Wide Variety of Trading Pairs

Betwas offers 300+ trading pairs, allowing users to exchange between a broad selection of major cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, XRP, ADA, DOT, XLM, UNI with flexible quote currencies including USD, GBP, JPY, EUR.

This demonstrates the exchange has integrated the liquidity, technology and relationships with partners to offer legitimate trading markets, unlike fake platforms with almost no volume.

Advertising Mainstream Cryptocurrencies Only

Betwas exclusively lists well-established coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin etc. It does not engage in advertising risky altcoins, meme coins, or obscure cryptocurrencies which can signal a shady exchange looking to profit.

Focusing on the most mature crypto assets adds validity.

Reasonable Trading Fees

Trading fees on Betwas sit around 0.10% – 0.20% based on 30 day trading volume, in line with other reputable exchanges. Up to 5x fee discounts are offered for using its BTW token.

The fee structure seems fair and competitive, unlike scam platforms charging exorbitant hidden fees.

SSL Encrypted Secure Connection

The Betwas website and user accounts are protected with SSL encryption, ensuring login details and sensitive information are transmitted securely.

This verifies user data is not at risk of interception and demonstrates security best practices.

These legitimacy factors suggest Betwas exhibits transparency, compliance, security, fair pricing, and overall professionalism of a legitimate trading business. While not proof on their own, they indicate that Betwas strives to operate as a reputable and regulated platform users can potentially trust.

Warning Signs Indicating Betwas May Be High Risk

However, looking deeper, several concerning red flags emerge indicating Betwas may be too risky to rely on without much caution:

No Proof of Regulation or Licenses

Despite claims to the contrary, Betwas does not appear to hold any verifiable regulatory licenses or registrations with major financial authorities.

It states on the homepage it is “Licensed and secured for trading cryptocurrency” but provides no specifics or documentation. There are no license numbers, certifications or regulatory details on the site at all.

All legitimate regulated exchanges clearly showcase their registration status and license numbers from respected governing bodies like the FCA in the UK, CySEC in Cyprus, or ASIC in Australia. Betwas does not.

This raises suspicions that Betwas may be operating illegally without oversight and fails to meet security and consumer protection standards enforced by regulators. An unlicensed exchange carries significantly higher risk.

Vague Language Regarding Security Practices

While Betwas states user assets are kept in “cold storage” for protection, it does not specify what percentage of holdings this covers. No details are provided regarding its custodial procedures, insurance policies, penetrative testing or other security protocols.

This lack of technical transparency is worrisome for any platform handling millions in customer funds. Without insight into its systems, users cannot independently verify their assets would be fully protected.

Zero Evidence of Independent Audits

Nowhere does Betwas provide any records, reports or evidence that independent third-party auditors have evaluated its security, practices, or user asset reserves to ensure they are solvent and upholding obligations.

Reputable exchanges undergo routine external audits by firms like Chainalysis to prove balances and maintain accountability. Betwas offers no such proof.

Anonymous Team Behind Platform

The Betwas website lists no team members, founders, executives or leadership profiles to discern who owns or operates the exchange.

A nameless team inspires little confidence in who is behind the platform and avoids accountability for any issues.

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No Insurance Protection on User Funds

Betwas does not appear to offer any sort of insurance on user deposits in the case of losses due to hacks, theft or platform failure.

This leaves users completely unprotected financially in the worst case scenarios. Top exchanges insure user assets to build trust.

Lack of Transparency Around Order Execution

There are no details provided about whether Betwas offers direct peer-to-peer exchange or aggregates outside liquidity. This can determine fair pricing and order execution.

Without clarity, users have no idea if they are truly trading on a public blockchain or just against the exchange’s internal holdings at prices they dictate.

Excessive Leverage Offered

Betwas allows up to 100x leverage on crypto trading, which is an alarmingly high amount with huge downside risks.

Even minor price fluctuations can lead to complete account liquidations and losses when leverage is so extreme. Many regulated platforms cap leverage between 2-5x for safety.

No Mobile Trading Apps

Betwas only offers a web-based trading platform. There are no mobile apps for either iOS or Android devices.

Having to rely on only a desktop site makes trading on the go impossible, less convenient and outdated compared to other exchanges with robust mobile offerings.

Minimal Social Media Presence

Betwas has a limited social media footprint, with low follower counts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.

For a supposedly major global exchange, its small social media reach and minimal community engagement seems suspicious.

Conflicting Address Information

While Betwas claims to operate from London, UK, some site pages and documents list an address in Estonia instead.

This contradiction reveals inconsistencies and doubts around where the platform is truly located and established.

These negative indicators strongly suggest Betwas is likely operating without required licenses as an unregulated offshore cryptocurrency exchange with heightened risks for traders.

Site Reviews and User Experiences

Looking at independent consumer sites reveals mixed Betwas reviews, further casting uncertainty on its operations and practices:

Trustpilot – Betwas has a Trustscore of just 1.3 out of 10 based on 54 reviews. An overwhelming 91% rate the exchange as Bad or Poor, calling it a scam and warning users to avoid depositing any funds. Only 2% leave positive feedback.

SiteJabber – A similar 1.5/5 star rating based on 26 Betwas reviews. 92% are negative citing account freezing, lack of withdrawals and inability to access funds as major issues.

ForexPeaceArmy – Displays a red warning message at the top saying “We do not recommend Betwas” after compiling many complaints around withdrawn funds disappearing, non-existent customer service and other problems.

On the other hand, a handful of positive reviews do exist on lesser-known consumer sites like ReviewsXP and Cryptowisser. However, these reviews follow nearly identical templated formats, raising suspicions of fake astroturfing campaigns by platform affiliates to boost ratings.

The accounts leaving positive reviews are also newly created with minimal other activity.

Across major independent review platforms, the overwhelming consensus by actual users is that Betwas exhibits scam-like behaviors in blocking accounts, refusing withdrawals and vanishing with deposited funds. The barrage of negative experiences should set off alarm bells for anyone considering using this platform.

Is Betwas Legitimate? Final Verdict

After thoroughly examining all the available data, Betwas fails to instill confidence as a legitimate, regulated and secure cryptocurrency trading platform due to:

  • No verifiable regulatory licenses or registrations
  • Vague language around security of user assets
  • Zero audits from independent firms
  • Anonymous team and ownership
  • No insurance protection on deposits
  • Allowing risky 100x margin trading
  • Conflicting business address information
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These transparency and policy issues combined with overwhelmingly negative user experiences point to Betwas being an untrustworthy operation.

The lack of basic legitimacy factors means the platform cannot be safely recommended for crypto trading or investment until more positive evidence emerges. Users face substantial risks of frozen accounts, disappearing funds, lack of recourse and little protections or oversight.

Verdict: Based on currently available information, Betwas appears likely to be a risky scam operation rather than a legitimate regulated cryptocurrency exchange. The potential downsides greatly outweigh any rewards at this time.

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How to Stay Safe and Avoid Potential Betwas Scams

Since cryptocurrency platforms carry inherent risks even when properly regulated, here are some best practices to protect yourself and trade securely:

  • Stick to well-established exchanges like Coinbase, Kraken and Binance with solid reputations. Avoid lesser known platforms.
  • Check for verifiable regulatory licenses and registrations in reputable jurisdictions.
  • Review independent third-party audit reports to confirm asset reserves match liabilities.
  • Research the team behind the exchange and their backgrounds. Anonymous teams are a red flag.
  • Only deposit small test amounts initially to assess withdrawal functionality and support responsiveness.
  • Enable strong two-factor authentication on your account to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Closely monitor account activity and transaction logs for any suspicious behavior.
  • Be wary of exchanges offering extreme margin leverage above 5x, which carries significant downside risks.
  • Avoid platforms pushing obscure cryptocurrencies without clear utility.
  • Don’t trust exchange reviews and ratings at face value. Check for signs of fake reviews.
  • Report any scams to authorities like the SEC, CFTC, FCA and state regulators to hold them accountable.

Following security best practices, conducting thorough due diligence, and using trusted regulated platforms can help avoid the serious risks posed by unregulated exchanges like Betwas. Protect yourself and your hard-earned funds by trading crypto safely.


Choosing a secure cryptocurrency exchange is crucial for safely buying, selling and trading digital assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and altcoins. But many hyped platforms turn out to be outright scams operated by anonymous teams with no regard for consumer protections.

This investigative guide has taken an in-depth look at Betwas to determine if it is a legitimate trading site and whether it merits your trust. After extensive analysis, too many red flags like no regulatory status, negative user experiences, lack of transparency and company details leads to the verdict that Betwas is likely an untrustworthy or even fraudulent platform.

While not definitive proof, the available evidence suggests users face substantial risks of loss by trusting Betwas with their sensitive personal data, identity documents and hard-earned money. Far too many signs point to an unregulated scam operation rather than a reputable business.

Until Betwas can provide further transparency, audits, registrations, and improved policies to build trust, the platform cannot be recommended. For now, users are best served sticking to time-tested exchanges like Coinbase, Gemini and Kraken with established security track records.

With cryptocurrency still in its infancy, always exercise caution when exploring new platforms and err on the side of safety when it comes to your funds. Avoid traps by doing your due diligence, following security best practices and watching for major red flags as outlined in this guide. Stay vigilant and trade carefully.